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2002-2009 Search For Atlantis & Bermuda Triangle Reports

Links to research reports, video files, expedition photos, and press releases.

Published in Alternate Perceptions Magazine-online

2011 Bahamas Expedition/Bermuda Triangle Planes

Gold coins found at Bimini

What archaeological ruins are really near Bimini?

Bimini & Atlantis-why do scientists lie?

The marble columns at Bimini

Dr Ray Brown's Atlantean Crystal

Final 2010 Search For Atlantis Update by Dr. Greg Little

2010 Bimini Expedition by Dr. Greg Little

First Bermuda Triangle "Disappeared" Plane Found—Reported to have vanished in 1968 by Dr. Greg Little

Brief Photographic Report on July/August 2009 Andros/Bimini Expedition By Dr. Greg Little

Exploration of the Bimini Underwater Rectangles Yields Stunning Finds May 2009 Expedition Summary

Gene Shinn's Bimini Flim-Flam Scam by Dr. Greg Little

Bimini & Andros Report (Jan.-Feb. 2009) by Dr. Greg Little

Report on January/February 2009 Bimini & Andros Expedition—Bermuda Triangle Mystery Also Explored—More Planes Found

Report on the search for Florida's pyramids

Underwater pyramids and search for Atlantis update

Underwater stone wall found near Andros

2007 Search For Atlantis Project: Bimini Discoveries include marble temple ruins and rectangular building foundations in 100-feet of water

2007 Search For Atlantis Project: Bermuda Triangle Yields Secrets (2007)

2007 Progress in the ARE's Search For Atlantis Project by Dr. Greg Little

June 2006 Bimini Expedition

Underwater Stone Formation at Bimini, Bahamas Reveals Its Secrets 2006

The Ancient Bimini Harbor: Uncovering the Great Bimini Hoax 2005

2006 Hi-Tech Expedition At "Cyprus Atlantis" Concluded: Alleged "Stone Walls and Manmade Structures" Are A Huge Mud Pile—But It's Still Atlantis (Or Maybe Eden) by Dr. Greg Little

Preliminary Report on May 2005 Bimini-Andros Expeditions: Uncovering the Great Bimini Hoax and Pseudoscience Perpetrated by Skeptics

More Adventures With Bimini Beachrock: Remarkable Blunders in a Purported Scholarly Report Debunking the Bimini Stones 2005

Atlantis Research Hits Bottom: So-called "Cyprus Atlantis" is volcanic mud

2004 Progress In The ARE's Search For Atlantis

Report on the 2004 A.R.E. Piedras Negras' Expedition

Isla Cerritos—Skeptics' Beachrock Theory Sunk! 2000-Year Old Maya Breakwater Made From Cut Beachrock

Search For Atlantis Update: June 2004 Andros Report

September 2004 Atlantis Claims-Roundup

University of Leiden Physics Staffmember Analyzes the Andros Platform and the Bimini Road: Both formations likely manmade; identifies 7 toolmarks at ancient Peruvian sites identical to one on Andros Platform.

Progress Being Made on Locating the Three Hall of Records

The A.R.E.'s Search for Atlantis: Update on the Underwater Stone Platform at Andros Island

A.R.E.'s Search for Atlantis Project—June 2003 Andros-Bimini Update

Underwater Stone Platform Discovered in Andros Island, Bahamas--Atlantis Rediscovered?

Two Enigmas of Andros Island Solved—Rebikoff's "e" Is Natural—Another Genuine Mystery Emerges: The Andros Anomaly

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Native American Mounds & Earthworks — by Dr. Greg Little