Andros & Atlantis Search Update—Back to Andros and Bimini

By Dr. Greg Little

This coming June, we will be making our fourth trip to Andros and our second one to Bimini as part of the “A.R.E.s Search For Atlantis” project. This time, however, the trip will be made with a production crew from The Learning Channel, which is producing a documentary on the Search For Atlantis. The documentary will be first shown in January 2004 on a new series called “Mysterious World.” While at Andros and Bimini, the crew is also filming for a show on the Bermuda Triangle.

Our plans at Andros include returning to the recently discovered underwater stone platform to obtain more measurements and film. As we have carefully studied the underwater video and photos over the past month, portions of the structure certainly look manmade. We plan on looking closely at some of the rectangular blocks and the seams between the stones. In addition, before the trip we found out about another underwater site at Andros, which seems quite promising. It is about a quarter mile from the large platform and may be associated with it. We also now have good information on possible underwater structures at Costa Maya, Belize, and near Cozumel. When time permits, all of these sites will be investigated.

At Bimini, our goal is to fully investigate the 200-foot circle, which seems, visually at least, to be anomalous. Our “guess” is that something lies in the water that caused the circle to form. That something, is probably a crashed plane. The area of the circle has several crashed planes in it as well as other wreckage, and some of these have formations of sand built up around them. In addition, we plan to film and investigate another set of stones at Bimini, which bear an uncanny resemblance to the “Road.” These stones seem to have escaped previous researchers and it is possible that storms in the past year uncovered them. Next month we’ll provide details, but the Ancient Mysteries’ website ( will have monthly updates.

Andros Press Release: Underwater Stone Platform Discovered


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