Brief Photographic Report on July/August 2009 Andros/Bimini Expedition

by Dr. Greg Little

Six of us went on an extended journey around Bimini, Andros, and the Great Bahama Bank in July/August 2009. We used a drop-videocamera to film some of the rectangular structures in 90-feet of water several miles off North Bimini. In addition, we looked at several shipwreck sites near Bimini and examined several underwater sites with plane and ship wreckage off Andros and on the Great Bahama Bank. We also camped on Williams Island, off West Andros, and examined several planes that had crashed on the island, at what was once a major drug portal. One of the planes we found there, oddly, remains registered in Virginia Beach, VA. Below are a few photos from the expedition. The initial photos are close-ups of the rectangular structures and the others are of underwater wreckage, planes, and shots of the boat. All photos 2009, reproduction & reposting or redistributed prohibited without permission.