2007 Progress in the ARE's Search For Atlantis Project

by Dr. Greg Little

Note: This report, abbreviated as it is, is being posted because several individuals and groups were promised that we would issue some sort of summary after the March 2007 exploration of the Bahamas. Because of the finds that were made, little information can be given.

In March 2007 Dr. Lora Little and I spent one grueling week investigating several remote islands of the Bahamas for underwater archaeological ruins. Despite heavy winds creating ocean size waves, we still expored by boat. We spent time conducting an aerial survey and visited areas on the Great Bahama Bank by boat that were 15 miles offshore. We utilized a remote underwater camera searching many underwater areas for perhaps a dozen hours and also used side scan sonar as well as making land surveys of several small islands exploring caves and land. By agreement, we have decided to not release the most intriguing results. In brief, we found a lot of hard "things" (many underwater), however, some of these are so interesting and unexpected that we are now planning on an immediate return for an extended exploration. We are now working with officials who are gathering information that will help clarify the finds. When this information is gathered on our next trip, we will make a report to the ARE, which will be released in the Ancient Mysteries publication. In addition, we will make a 2-hour presentation of the finds at the November Ancient Mysteries Conference in Virginia Beach. It will be a most interesting conference with plenty of visuals of the new finds.

Meanwhile, a second ARE team will soon complete a huge side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profiling project off Bimini. Interest in these projects is building among ARE membership and others, especially with the release and numerous showings of the Sci-Fi documentary, in which our group clearly proved that the Bimini Road was an ancient harbor. That documentary, produced by NBC News, has now been shown over a dozen times including 6 showings on MSNBC.

If the major finds from this past exploration prove to be what they appear to be, we anticipate that it will be extremely important archaeologically.

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