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Alien Portals

In my last column, you may recall the remarkable story that Mary from Illinois had shared with me about the tall, hooded figure that two of her friends saw briefly materialize beside her. I emailed her soon after our meeting, asking for more information about that experience, which reminded her of another significant incident a couple of years earlier. Here is that very fascinating, very articulate response that soon followed:

“Here’s what I know about the lights which appeared just before the ‘door’ slid open in the living room, revealing a tall, hooded being. According to Bill (pseudonym used here), there were tiny, twinkling balls of light which appeared a little out of focus and were spread out over the ceiling above the area where the opening occurred. These tiny balls of light were initially preceded by a smoky substance. As I mentioned at Carlos’ place, this opening appeared right beside me and I didn’t see it. I only saw Bill and Nancy’s expressions as they saw it and their excited exclamations. Later, I read in Michio Kaku’s book Hyperspace that if an interdimensional portal (wormhole) were to open in space, it would appear not to exist when viewed from the side and could only be seen when viewed head-on or possibly from behind. This explains why only Bill and Nancy could see the opening and I could not. Bill and Nancy also mentioned a telepathic exchange between the two of them which occurred instantaneously upon seeing the portal open and before they could even react with facial expressions and yells of surprise. I thought it odd at the time that they would experience a telepathic exchange with each other instead of with the being.

“Interestingly, a portal had opened in exactly this same spot in 1994, two years before the incident with Bill and Nancy, which I saw from the opposite side (front and rear were reversed). It is a rather long story so please forgive me if I ramble at times.

“My husband Bob, and older son Rob and I were gathered in the living room, along with Toby the cockatoo and Nicki the Brittany spaniel. Bob was sewing a pre-drilled wooden ruler to a silk, hand-knotted Pakistani rug for eventual hanging. Rob and Bob were talking and I was playing with Toby. Suddenly, all the lights went out. At first I didn’t think much about it; it seemed just a minor inconvenience.

“Rob went to the front window to see if other neighbors’ lights were also out and I went to look for candles in the dining room. I could find no candles and Rob said our house was the only one without lights. Just at that moment the stillness came and the feeling of minor inconvenience was replaced with abject terror for all of us, animals included. Bob threw down the rug, raced to the bedroom and slammed the door shut. Nicki followed behind him and ducked under the roll top desk in the library. Rob ran downstairs and slammed his bedroom door. So much for the brave males in the family! That left Toby and me feeling stranded and terrified. I was shaking so badly that I could hardly put him back in his cage. I stumbled down the hallway to get his cover from the linen closet which I managed to throw over his cage before running off to bed myself.

“My memory ended after entering the bedroom, then resumed to find Rob and me back in the living room. We were facing the front window and watching as a large, yellow light surrounded by tiny yellow lights raced toward us. I tried to yell to Rob but at first could not speak. I tried to think of one short word to convey my plight as I was being drawn toward the oncoming assemblage of lights. I croaked out the word abduction, which I almost never use (although it did seem appropriate in this case), but Rob looked zoned out, staring straight ahead. At that point my memory ended.

“The next thing I remember was finding myself back in the living room without Rob. I suddenly sensed my younger son Ian was in distress and crying out mentally for my help (Ian was in graduate school at the University of Illinois at the time). His voice seemed to come from a portal which opened in the living room in the same place as it would later for Bill and Nancy, but facing the opposite direction (west, in this case). I instinctively tried to move through the opening to reach Ian when a being in the opening took my hand in his. The hand was cool and soft and directed and communicated to me that I was not allowed to enter. Try as I might, I could not pass through. In my desperation my consciousness tried to go through to Ian and was blocked, as if by a wall. The being communicated that I could not help Ian; it was for his own good. I was crying and missed Ian so much.

“I remember nothing after that until I awoke at 5 o’clock in the morning. Although it was a day off for me, I decided to check on [computer function related to her work, editor]…As I typed on the keyboard, I noticed a strange green hue surrounding the keys. At first I didn’t think much about it but eventually had to acknowledge to myself that this wasn’t normal. I lifted my hand, which had been held that night by the being, and saw bright green streamers emanating from my fingertips. After Bob and Rob woke up, we briefly talked about the lights out and stillness from the night before. We never again discussed this after that morning. Ian died later in 2006 of pancreatic cancer.”

This intriguing incident of an alien abduction orchestrated by means of a “portal” reminded me of the case from New York that Phil Imbrogno had investigated some years back, of a family who had repeated “abductions” by beings who reportedly would emerge from a rotating “black hole” in their home. I wrote about this case in my column as well, back in the December 2009, No. 143, issue of this magazine.

Those mysterious EVPs again

The last time my wife Joan saw her mother alive (she passed away back in August 2009) she remembers her telling her she loved her and her mom saying, “I love you too darling.” On Saturday evening, September 18th, during a spirit box session at the home of Sandy Nichols of Thompson Station, Joan asked to speak with her deceased mother, sister, and brother, and got several impressive interactive responses. Just a few nights ago, on November 25th, I was making some audio files of those interactive moments for Joan’s nephew in South Carolina when I came upon another section of audio about 14 minutes from the audio that I had earlier identified. The session was about to end and Joan was telling her mom bye and that she loved her, whereupon there was an immediate response back saying “I love you too darling”! I am going to tell you that my wife shed a few tears after I played that for her. It was the confirmation she had been hoping for!

It wasn’t very loud, but we could definitely hear it. “Yes, the ‘I love you too darling’ was definitely there,” our friend Bret Oldham of Halo Paranormal agreed. “That must have been very emotional for Joan and awesome to hear that. Wow!”

Wow indeed. The following Sunday (11-28) we were on our way to Alabama to do some Christmas shopping. “She knew what I needed to hear,” Joan exclaimed as she gazed out the car window. “She’s still the ultimate mom. It amazes me.”

Also recently while transcribing portions of my recorded conversation with Mary at Sewanee on October 30th, I came upon more possible EVP-type anomalies. In one I was telling Mary about the spirit box and how I had heard my first and last name spoken, and immediately you hear what sounds like both my first and last name being whispered, and then my first name spoken aloud, like someone shouting it from a distance. “Seemed like he was showing you that it can be done even without the spirit box,” Bret commented in an email, after giving this audio a listen. “Yes, they see us and hear us and probably much better than we do them. Kind of an invasion of privacy if you ask me. LOL! Guess that’s how the universe works.”

Bret and his wife Gina recently posted a great spirit box video featuring some of their best audio files. Give it a listen! Go to:

People have reported hearing apparent spirit voices through many different mediums of communication. Telephones, walkie-talkies, and even baby monitors! Recently a lady over in Fayetteville, TN shared this story: “My mom passed in January [2010] and in February I saw the outline of her going across the hallway to my dad’s room. I have a baby monitor hooked up so I can hear my dad at night since we sleep upstairs and I have heard my mom talking to him. Then in the morning he would say, ‘Your mom visited me last night.’ I’d tell him, ‘I heard her talking to you!’” Her father is 89.

During my three hour presentation the morning of November 13th, at the ARE’s UFO Conference “Visitors From Hidden Realms” (great title, eh?!) at Virginia Beach, Virginia, I played around 20 of these audio files for my audience. Most everyone seemed quite interested in this phenomenon. A DVD of my talk should soon be available through the ARE. Also a radio interview with me and Art Ray of Reflections: The Wisdom of Edgar Cayce should be available by December 19th, at In addition, an interview with me and author/publisher Bob Teets is posted at:

Dr. Schwarz

I recently mentioned the passing of a dear friend and colleague, psychiatrist and paranormal researcher/investigator Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz. The Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies has an excellent interview that was done with him not long ago and that is posted on their website. To read this interview you can go to their site, where you can scroll down through a list of interviews, and click that of the good doctor. It’s located at: