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Discover the connection between UFO visitors and shamanic lore! Brent Raynes' stunning book—intro. by Brad Steiger.

Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors

“Anyone back here?”

It was Saturday evening, October 30. I had been invited by Dr. Edward Carlos of Sewanee, Tennessee, to attend a small private gathering of about a dozen people at a beautiful, secluded location deep in the country, at his 70’ X 64’ modern metal barn, with 20 foot floor to ceiling height, from which he created what he has come to call IONA: Art Sanctuary, which he also has nicknamed the “Building That Encounters Built.”

The name "Iona" is derived from a tiny isle named Iona, located in the Inner Hebrides, off the west mainland of Scotland. Dr. Carlos has visited there several times over the years and has had some truly incredible, transformational mystical experiences there that forced him to confront unresolved, repressed UFO encounter memories that went all the way back into his childhood.

Everyone present seemed to have been touched in some way or form by anomalous events in their lives. For example, Mary and Dr. Carlos had been good friends since the early 1990’s. She also remembers encounters and interactions with “craft” and “beings” going back to early childhood. I was mesmerized by her many remarkable stories.

Mary had traveled all the way from Illinois with her friend Sue (also an “experiencer”) to visit Dr. Carlos. Dr. Carlos had introduced us a few years earlier via email, and we had exchanged a few emails and a brief phone call, but I had never met Mary before.

Mary and I were standing off to ourselves when, as Mary was explaining to me how when she was about age 10 or 11 her encounters temporarily stopped, I was startled to hear what I thought was a male voice behind me say “right.” I even pulled a curtain to a nearby room off to the side and asked, “Anyone back here?” There was no one there. Everyone was out at a distance from us, in the opposite direction from which I had perceived the sound. “What are you looking for?” Mary asked. I explained what had happened. Later I played back my digital recorder that I had been carrying and there it was. It was the word “right,” and just that one word. It also sounded to me at the time like it may have come out of a speaker, and I thought at the time that it was a male voice, but as I listened to the voice I had recorded it sounded more female. Listening to the other voices I had recorded, that were conversing in the background, it seemed to stand out. I couldn’t identify it with any of the other voices at that time that were talking.

Weird things have been happening lately, what with the paranormal investigations and the evp (electronic voice phenomena) studies and experiments I have been involved with.

Did Mary think I was weird? Nope. In fact, Mary thought that it was quite possible that there is a great deal of paranormal and inter-dimensional stuff going on in these situations. She even recalled a time back around 1996, when she was a part of a support group program for UFO abductees. The meeting had broken up, but Mary and three others were still hanging around talking. A man suddenly and excitedly exclaimed, “Did you see that!? Did you guys see that!?” At the time, Mary was facing a woman who was just across from her, saw her look up and her jaws drop, just before the man yelled out what he did. “Yes, I saw it!” Mary recalls the woman replied.

“They started comparing notes,” Mary remembered. “It turned out that there was an opening right beside me, like a double door kind of opened up in the air, and this being, kind of like a brown hooded being was standing there, and then the doors closed. But before this opening appeared there were like little sparkly lights over that area and smoky stuff, and then all of a sudden the air opened up and there he was.”

Mary was no stranger to things strange. It would take a whole separate article to just touch upon her many, many strange life experiences. Perhaps in the next issue those are waters we can delve into some.

In the meantime, it seems as though members of the paranormal team that I am involved with have been having increased episodes of hearing “voices,” “footsteps,” and even seeing some apparitions. At a recent get together Gina Oldham announced that her husband Bret had been developing clairaudience. In fact, they were in a store a few weeks back when a “voice” began speaking to Bret, but he had to ignore it as he didn’t want the other people in the store thinking that he was suffering mental problems.


At a spirit box session on the evening of October 23, once again at the home of Sandy Nichols in Thompson Station, Bret and Sandy were trying to engage John Keel again on the subject of Mothman. I decided to ask Keel about those weird radio signals that he had written about that sounded like a speeded up phonograph record (see my September column) to EVPs, but before I could even say EVP or phonograph record, a fast, high-pitched voice said “EVP”! Then within about six seconds after I asked “Was this what we call an EVP”, there was a loud, clear high-pitched and fast speaking voice that said “EVP!” [Nothing like having a real-life example to go by] Bret asked, “John, can you tell us how you are able to talk to us? Are you using a device?” A voice interjected “implant.” A few seconds later a loud and distinct male voice said “implant” again. Bret also asked about how Keel was communicating through “radio waves” and pretty soon we heard “light waves,” and about four seconds after that “light speed.”

Bret had speculated months earlier that perhaps UFO “aliens” were listening in to the spirit box sessions through abductee “implants.” Was this confirmation or alien deception?

After asking “John Keel” questions for a few minutes, Bret decided to give Keel a rest and open the session up to some other spirit. Interestingly, I don’t think it was quite twenty seconds when “Brent, John Keel” was coming through the speakers.

As I announced in my last column, we lost a very dear friend and colleague, Dr. Berthold Schwarz, who passed away on September 16th. Well, as you may have been expecting, I think that he may have touched base with us. At one point, on October 16th, as we had heard his name over the radio, I said “Bert,” and within a second a voice, that sounded to me like it could have been his voice, said “Yes Brent.” I asked “What was the name of the book where you put my chapter in your book? What was the name of the book?” A couple seconds later it sounds like a deep male voice may have said “book,” and then three seconds later “Ah, chapter” (the voice resembling the one that said “Yes Brent,” but a little fainter), and then unfortunately we encounter a distorted patch of audio…but it nonetheless sounds like “UFO Dynamics,” which is the correct answer. At another point, as I’m trying to talk to Dr. Bert, a male voice says, “Brent Raynes.” I asked Bert what it was like “on the other side” and a second later we heard “better,” and then two seconds later another “better.”

Bret sent me an audio file from his recorder, which he stated came out of the section where I was asking for a name of the magazine, and in this file I heard a voice say the words “ufo fantasy.” I called Bret up rather excited, as this sounded very familiar and, sure enough, I located an email from 2003 (one of the last written communications I got from John Keel) wherein he summed up the UFO “can of worms” in those very words. “What used to be called demonic possession is now called ufology by the victims,” he wrote. “Since they are unread and seeking something to give them a personal identity to downplay the obvious, they resort to the ufo fantasy.” (I added the italics)

You never know what sort of responses you’re going to get. For example, that same evening I asked: “Some people feel that some of the aliens are the Jinn. Are some Jinn actually the aliens or are they perceived as alien?” A young sounding male voice, within some four seconds, responds with, “You’re an alien spirit too.” On the recording, you can then hear Gina telling Bret exactly what the voice had just said.

Judging from the tone, I felt like the answer was a smart ass one. Although as I told Bret in a phone conversation shortly afterwards, perhaps indeed we all are “alien” in a sense. We seem to share this earth, although in separate states it would seem, and if there is anything to the legends and lore of the Watchers, Fallen Angels, the Jinn, how we were created by a divine presence from above also, then maybe we do share a heritage and we may all be alienated souls of varying degrees and forms, banished from our original Eden’s or estates.

Phyllis’s Demon

On Friday evening, October 29th, I had been invited to do a book signing at the legendary and reportedly haunted Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, Alabama. I shared a table on the first floor, near the main entrance, with another local author, Phyllis White. Phyllis authored a novel about the supernatural, entitled Led by the Spirit, but as we made small talk I soon discovered that the story behind the story itself was quite compelling and certainly deserved some immediate attention. I asked Phyllis if she’d grant me an interview and she agreed.

To begin with, I asked Phyllis to tell our readers a little about herself. “I am an artist and write and native of Lauderdale County, Alabama,” she explained. “I am also the mother of three grown up children. I am single and planning to take an early retirement in a few months to paint and write. I’ve worked for the City of Florence for the past 30 years, and though I like my work, I’m ready to pursue more exciting things. I love creating, whether it be with the brush or the written word. I’ve co-authored two books, written short stories and created my own comic strip. In 2008, I released my first novel, titled Led by the Spirit.

“Led by the Spirit is a book I never thought I would have written, because the story is so far fetched from my own life. It is based on some tales I had heard about persons becoming obsessed with ghosts and also taken from some real life stories I had been told by women who had been sexually abused as children. I spent many years fighting the sale of obscene material in our community. I started a group called ‘Citizens Against Pornography.’ As chairman of that group, I spoke at various places, churches, etc., and usually afterwards women would come up to me and tell me their own sad stories of abuse.

“A few years ago, I was told a story of a woman who had become obsessed and ‘romantically involved’ with a ghost. I decided to write a story based on this obsession, trying to imagine what would lead a person to this behavior and obsession.

“I am a Christian and believe that once you die, you either go to heaven or hell, as stated in the Bible. The Bible speaks of a rich man and Lazarus, the beggar, who sat outside the gates and begged for many years. They both died and Lazarus went to heaven. The rich man went to hell, and in his torment in hell he begged to go back and warn his brothers, but he wasn’t allowed to do that. God told him they had the prophets to warn them. So Jesus Christ is the only person who ever returned from the grave. The Bible also tells us that Satan led one-third of the angels astray and they were eventually cast out of heaven down to the earth. The Bible also says Satan is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, yet he is very sly, cunning, and devious in his deceptions. I believe there are spirits “haunting” houses, etc., but I believe these spirits are demonic spirits. They may seem very innocent, yet their ultimate goal is to deceive people, lead them astray, and ultimately to death if possible. I don’t think they are allowed to kill anyone themselves, but they can entice, influence, and lead humans or even possess them and cause humans to do their dirty work…sex crimes, serial killings, murder, etc. So when I decided to write the book Led I decided I would incorporate what I believe is happening. How many people are subtly deceived and led away from God by seducing spirits. The story of the main character, Desiree, is the story of extreme deception and manipulation by a demonic spirit, when her father’s demon is passed on to her through a generational curse. It’s a novel like no other you have ever read.

“I created the cover of the book myself and the spirit depicted on the cover is patterned after a spirit whose presence in my own house has been an irritation for the past 30 years. A demon spirit is unable to possess a Christian, yet they can harass you. But this will have to be another book. Ha, ha! The spirit in my own house has been unable to faze me, so the only way he has been able to bother me is through my children. He came to me in a dream, a dark figure in a navy blue hood, and told me he would kill my son. Within weeks, my son was almost killed by another boy who tried to strangle him to death. His face was purple for weeks after that incident. My son became ill with an incurable kidney disease, and an incurable thyroid disease, and it has gone on and on. We are overcoming it all through prayer. The devil is powerless over prayer. But I drew a picture of the spirit I saw and incorporated the personality of this demon in my book.

“It is a very ‘enlightening’ book and many people describe it as a book that ‘made me think,’ and that was my purpose in writing Led. I am hoping to write a sequel to Led in the near future, and also some Christian, more positive books.”

I asked Phyllis to share any of her real-life paranormal experiences that had occurred at her home. “Many years ago, when my oldest son was about nine years old, my family and I had been gone to a church picnic for the afternoon,” she recalled. “My son had not gone with us, but had gone home with a friend. We were running late getting back from the picnic and I had worried that my son may have gotten home before us and was home alone. When we pulled into the driveway, I was the first to jump out of the car and go into the house, calling to my son to see if he was home. I called to him as soon as I opened the door and he answered me, saying, ‘I’m in here.’ His voice came from his bedroom. I was walking toward his room and talking to him as I walked down the hall, and he was answering me. Yet, when I got to his room, he wasn’t there. So I asked, ‘Where did you go?’ He answered, ‘I’m in here.’ The voice came from the bathroom across the hall. I saw the door opened and proceeded to walk to the bathroom. But when I got there, he wasn’t there either. By this time, I thought he was playing a trick on me because he always enjoyed a game of hide and seek. I said, ‘Stop hiding from me and come out,’ and began looking for him, but he was nowhere to be found. I finally realized, almost frantic, that he wasn’t home. My son came home an hour later. He had not been at home when we arrived. But someone or something used his voice to trick me. That was when I realized we were not alone in our home.”

As often happens, I was at the right place but it was the wrong time. Whereas the next night (Oct. 30) I was in Sewanee, Tennessee, Phyllis returned to the Sweetwater Mansion for another book signing. This time she believes she observed some sort of strange spirit manifestation!

“Cynthia was taking the tours through one after another and it was pretty busy,” she recalled. “After one of her tours, everyone had left the house and I was sitting alone at the table. I heard a loud crack come from the room on the right behind the table. It sounded like someone had thrown a rock against the window, but I thought if they had thrown a rock that hard the window would have broken. So I got up and went to the door and looked around the room and saw nothing, or nothing outside the window. I was about to turn around and go back to the table when an aqua-blue (almost neon) light come out of the upper edge of the ceiling and flashed all the way across the room (about 20 foot) and landed against the top of the door, facing on the opposite wall. It was narrow at its origin and larger at the end, where it landed. It happened so fast, I couldn’t have caught it even if I had had my camera. It was so large that it couldn’t be explained away as a camera flash or any other light that was there. It seemed to me that the noise was made almost just to get my attention. Maybe it wanted me to see it. But it was pretty amazing.

“I was trying to explain to Cynthia what it looked like and she handed me a picture made in the 1930s of a ‘ghost’ at Sweetwater, and it was the exact same thing I saw, same shape and everything. Of course, the old picture was black and white, so I don’t know if it was blue. But it was an interesting evening.”

I asked Phyllis how it differed from say a flashlight beam, as she had described it going some 20 feet, being narrow at the beginning and wider at the end. “No, it was nothing like a flashlight,” she explained. “It came out of a wall/ceiling 12 feet high, no openings for a flashlight to shine through. The point where the light landed was not round as a flashlight beam, but curved upward. I drew a rough picture of it.”

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