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Sister Wolf and the Star People—Part 2

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Cloud Shamans

“My grandfather Antonio Trujillo, whose family came from Madrid, Spain to New Mexico and to southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley, was Catholic. He was a Penitente, who are also called Los Hermanos. The Penitente Brotherhood claim this order goes back to the Dark Ages of Rome, around the 4th Century. My grandfather Antonio was a Cloud Shaman, who were people with supernatural power. It was said that anyone who has a deep religious and spiritual cultivation could develop some kind of supernatural power.”

“Cloud Shamans turn into clouds, into a mist, and ride clouds, and in seconds can appear anywhere they like.”

“Grandfather had a stroke and was laying on the livingroom sofa. He reached out his left hand and arm toward the south window and said, ‘Wait! Lawrence and Henry! They are here for me.’ Henry and Lawrence were old friends who were also cloud shamans. I looked out the window, on our five acre land, and on the south side was a pure white cloud just laying there waiting for grandfather. It was noon and I never had seen anything like it before. Grandpa quit talking on the 25th of December 1961. I was only seventeen when he passed away on December 29.”

“Grandfather carried a symbol of a Penitente, a silver cross with Jesus on it and a skull under his feet. Only a thousand were claimed to have been made. It protects you from evil and witchcraft, and also gives you power beyond your means. They were made either in Spain or Italy.”

“Grandfather has appeared to me on clouds, as in human form. Cloud Shamans never leave this world though the body dies, but they can continue as before.”

“He used to say that just a few miles from where we lived there were gates to other worlds where he could actually walk and disappear and be gone for two or three months. He would travel all over and come back. He would travel to other parts of the world and then come back home.”

I asked about “other worlds,” to which Sister Wolf replied: “I don’t know. Before he died he must have. I wrote about him in FATE magazine, December 1999. Right before he died he told me that there were other worlds and that he had been to them and when he died he said ‘it’s just my body dying, but I will come back to see you in the same body form.’ And he would visit me, and he still does. He appeared to me shortly after he died. He showed me that there were other worlds. It was amazing the things that he talked to me about. It was spaceships that would take him anywhere he wanted to go. He wasn’t the only one. We heard about a lot of the old people there, the Indian people that were actually getting in ships they called traveling vessels.”

“Did he associate these clouds with being sort of like UFOs?” I asked. Sister Wolf replied: “Yes. The clouds were the form that he used to say on the other side were the spacecraft.”

Again Sister Wolf recalled: “And when he died there was the most beautiful white cloud that covered five acres of our land. It was a fluffy white, a white I had never seen in my life, and he told me, ‘They have come for me. It’s my time to go.’ I looked out to see who he was talking to because he said, ‘Don’t you see them? They’re right here at the window.’ But I couldn’t see anybody. He said there were two of them. Two men who had come for him. I looked outside and I called my grandmother and I said ‘Grandma, look outside in the field.’ I said ‘There’s a white cloud, a fluffy white like I had never seen in my life. It was huge. It was just laying on top of the field. It was just laying there on the ground.”

“Cloud Shamans can vanish into a cloud or appear out of a cloud, like my friend (I will call her Nancy) who appeared to me at age six and stayed by my side.”

Growing up for Sister Wolf wasn’t easy. “I wasn’t thrilled to go to my first year of school,” she stated. “Especially since that school only taught English and I spoke only Spanish at home. I had no friends at school. It was a white Mormon town, very prejudiced, and is yet to date. My only friends were my relatives and family. Time with them was my joy.”

“I was walking home sad because in art class I had painted my horse purple. It was a spirit horse. I knew horses and their colors (I had one of my own, named Smoky). There was laughing and teasing from other children because of my art.”

On the way home that day noticed “a beautiful white fluffy cloud, laying there (“…on five acres”) It was different from our white clouds, so it attracted my attention. I walked up to our home and I kept my eye on the strange cloud. Never seen nothing like it.” Then something came out of the “cloud.” “As I stood there watching, I noticed a small looking shadow walking out of the cloud, walking towards me. As it materialized, it turned into a girl my age, six. She continued walking toward me. She was white in complexion, had blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a beautiful blue nylon dress with many ruffles on it.”

“Many people call them imaginary people, but what they don’t know in my ways they are spirits or other human beings that connect with each other in life all over the earth. It’s easier to call them names so people don’t fear them. In my Catholic religion they claim we all are born with an angel. We call them Spirits of the Family. Nancy appeared with a golden glow around her, which matched her gold hair. Grandmother called her a Star Child.”

“Grandfather had built me a tree house where there were many tall trees. Grandmother had given me some old white curtains and some plastic dishes and old silverware. I pretended the tree house was my castle and I was a rich little girl like my friend Nancy.”

“Nancy loved to read to me. I thought she was so smart. She was my best friend. Nancy never complained about my tree house. She thought it was neat and fun to play in.”

There’s more to this story, but I’ll have to return to it another time. Now I need to fast forward to an important point. Sister Wolf recalled: “It was 1999, when many things happened to many people. I was living in Alburquerque, New Mexico working at an art gallery. A Southern Artist, my age, came in, and we both just stood there! Like we had seen our lost best friend. ‘I know you!’ we both said, but where did we meet? She was my friend Nancy, but now I knew her real name. It was Sandy. We talked about soul travel. Her home was like she told me and showed me during our time together. We both dressed alike at age six. She was an artist who loved the Apache and married one. Since she was little she knew she would come to New Mexico and seek what she dreamed about. God, our great Creator in heaven, knew that we both would share a path together. We are still friends forever.”

Sandy had come from a wealthy area of Louisiana.

“My great-grandfather Jose Garduno from Ocate, New Mexico, also Spanish and Apache, was a Shaman of supernatural powers who walked on air and also healed by herbs and prayer. He also was from the Penitente order. Once a little girl was walking by his home and she had bad headaches. He called her to come in their home and gave her a tea to drink. She never had headaches again. Her parents were real upset, I heard, and told her never to go there again, explaining ‘that man is evil. He has the devil in him. He walks on air.’ But he wasn’t evil. He was a medicine man. People fear what they don’t understand. I always tell people that when Jesus came to earth he was gifted and used his powers. They killed a good man because they feared what they didn’t understand. My father George Gardunio was also a Penitente, in the San Luis Valley. Do they exist yet? Yes, they do!”

Sister Wolf stated that her great-grandfather lived in Cimarron, New Mexico, which was a small town near Taos. “My dad died just two years ago,” she noted. “He was 93. He said his grandfather used to lay down and then his body would lift up in the air and lay down straight, especially when he was real relaxed. But then he could actually walk on air too.”

Her great-grandfather was not the only Shaman in the family who could float. “My Aunt Candelaria used to float on air by night because she was born with no legs,” Sister Wolf added. “She was also a medicine woman who was gifted because of the way she was born. Some kind of believe that if you are born different than normal then you are blessed by the Gods. My Apache grandmother ‘Little Woman’ claimed that the Gods and Star People came from the Universe and the Sky Birds of many colors and shapes, and the people were just like us, but more beautiful and intelligent.”

Healings, Gold Dust, and Sacred Seashells

Sister Wolf gave me a very interesting description of the being that appeared to her and what happened while she was in the hospital back in 2005 (described in the last issue).

“It was a difficult time for me,” she stated. “Several nurses and ambulance people didn’t think I’d ever walk, but I never lost faith though I questioned God. That week day night at 10 p.m. I was in so much pain that I didn’t have no feelings in my left leg. I had nurses turn me from one side to the other every two hours. Some nurses are not that great. A male nurse came in and flipped me so hard I cried and screamed in pain and told all to get out of there as I asked God why me, and that if I can’t walk let me die. I was crying and praying when I noticed a bright light coming in my room from the glass door in my room. I figured a car had stopped on the side of the building and had their brights on. Suddenly I noticed a cloud formation appearing next to my bed. I stared in disbelief. It formed into a divine being in a white robe. I could see his bare feet and his hands. Wavy hair, long to his shoulders. I couldn’t see his face as it was covered with like the brightest sunlight. He was sitting on an invisible seat it seemed, very close to my bed on my left side. In his right hand he held the most beautiful seashell. It had a five finger imprint on the bottom. The shell was rainbow colors with small holes around it. With his left hand he dipped into it and sprinkled gold dust from my head to my feet, never saying a word. Then he vanished. The pain was gone. I got up and went to the bathroom and came back to bed. Within seconds I was able to walk and feel my leg. I told the nurses and rehab people about my vision. The seashell came to me after I left home, by a friend. The gold was used by my grandmother and it was known that gold dust heals a person. So I was healed by an Angel? Jesus? Or a guide?”

I questioned Sister Wolf about how she first described to me being told by the entity to get up and then she later gave me this detailed account in which she stated the being was “never saying a word.” She explained in an email: “I did go through my journal and you were right. Before he vanished (there was) mind to mind. I felt he said get up, there’s nothing wrong with you, and I did get up and went to the bathroom.”

I questioned also Sister Wolf about the gold dust. “Legend story from my Apache grandmother ‘Little Woman,’” she began. “It was many years ago, before White men came to our land. People were healed by the gold dust. They claimed God gave them a healing resource. It was on the land of Arizona. Every race in the world had their secrets to life. The story went that a doctor (a white man) visited a small tribe of Indians. They appreciated his medicine to cure people so the Chief gave him his daughter for his wife. The men took him to the Mountain of gold, and blind folded him on his horse. He felt the coldness and damp of a cave and echo of the horse hooves. When they stopped they took his blind fold off and in surprise, he claimed, the walls were covered with gold as the ground was. The sun shined through a hole in the mountain, allowing sun to come through. He was given enough gold to fill his back packs and they left. He was once more blind folded, so he could not see the path to that area. He was told to leave and start his practice elsewhere, and he came to Taos, New Mexico. He had made the Chief a promise never to speak about the gold, but two best friends from back east came to visit and were told the story. Soon all three were headed back to Arizona territory but once they arrived close to that mountain of gold from no where Indians surrounded them. They were found lost with their eyes burned and tongues cut out. They claimed the land was full of Indian spirits that guarded the Indian Gold. It was used to heal people. Grandmother used gold dust to heal. I remember my Uncle Fred brought a rock of gold, fools gold, and she would use the dust to heal. Grandmother said the Indian women sang their songs and the men closed the doors to the mountain of gold never to be found, because it came from Great Spirit.”

Skin Walkers

“I don’t mind talking about skin walkers,” Sister Wolf noted. “I have seen them twice in my life. It’s just people with amazing powers that have learned the old ways and are more in tune with nature and God’s power.”

A couple years ago she had her most recent encounter. “It was August 2006,” she wrote. “I was very tired from my road trip from New Mexico. It was around 10 p.m. …..I had laid down to rest in the master bedroom when I felt something under the bed. It felt like a cat. …I looked down and could see nothing…. But what I didn’t know (was) that something horrible had followed my sister home from her hospital stay that week. She had not told me because she wanted to see what I would pick up from my stay at her home since I could see the dead since I was a small child.

“Must be my imagination, I thought. I’m just tired. I turned toward the east side of the bed facing the wall. There it was again! Rubbing against the bed, yet I could see nothing! I got up and walked toward the front room. ‘Steve, Steve,’ I said in a low voice, so as not to wake up my sister. ‘There’s a ghost in the room.’ He ignored me. He was too busy watching boxing on TV, and laying on the sofa. So I walked back. I left the bedside lamp on and went back to bed. I took a sleeping pill, so by now I was half awake and half asleep. Suddenly I felt like it was on my bed. I felt this impression on the bed next to me. I jumped out of bed and looked around, even under the bed. Nothing was there!”

“I walked into the front room and woke Steve up and told him about a ghost cat in her room. ‘Change beds with me.’ ‘Okay,’ he said.

“No sooner had I laid down to sleep, with the hall light on, and here it comes towards me! I noticed a dark shadow crawling toward me. I felt the presence getting closer and I knew it was evil! I knew right then there was a ghost in her home, something unknown to me in the form of a cat. In a flash it was on the other side of the coffee table, rubbing against it. I could see the body was long and tall as the coffee table. And suddenly it lifted its head to stare at me. It was a black cat about five feet long and had a human face. I knew I was in for a battle of my life! It was evil! I had no protection around me. By protection, I mean a cross or my medicine bag.”

“My heart beat faster and hard. I had taken a sleeping pill, so I was tired, and I tried hard to stay awake. I told the Cat Man to go to Hell! And leave here in God’s name. It did a horrible noise and vanished. Whatever it was, it was gone that second, but not for long! I was in for a battle, live or die! And it wasn’t over. It was here to stay! Or take over someone’s body. A soul taker! I fell asleep and no sooner than I did in a dream state, my second world, I was in a dark wooded area. I built a glass cage around me and no sooner I did a bunch of wild dogs attacked and a small brown cat, with such anger and force as it attacked and struck the glass cage, over and over! Seemed like forever a dream attack! First it attacked my body form, then my spirit form, testing my power! The dogs vanished but not the cat. It grew and changed colors to a gray color like a dog of anger, so much hate around it. And finally it broke the cage. I hollered ‘MOM! MOM!’ and I woke up. I felt a weird fear of the unknown. I got up so shaken by my ordeal and put all the lights on and got my cross and chain and put it around my neck, got my medicine bag and my grandfather’s silver cross with the skull on it to protect me from evil. Whatever was in this home was not afraid of the light! It was powerful!”

“I fell back to sleep. Just two hours of good sleep. My sister got up and was shocked. All the lights were on and I was still asleep. I woke up and told her about my experience. She said she knew it was there. It had followed her home from the hospital. She showed me and Steve how it crawled and would move its head. I did a blessing of her home inside and out. She just wanted to know what I would pick up. Sometimes I feel my gift is a blessing and sometimes I feel it’s from hell!”

“Next day we visited my father at the Monta Vista Nursing home and we told him about my encounter. He said it was evil! It might have been a brujo, or a Shaman with power who had died at the hospital and he didn’t want to die so his spirit changed to a cat. What happened was my sister was leaving the hospital and when she opened the door it followed her home. Due to I am a medicine woman by gift, he wanted my body, or to steal my soul to continue. They do exist.”

The World Explorer magazine (Vol. 4, No. 9, 2008) has an excellent article in it by Christopher O’Brien, entitled “The San Luis Valley: America’s Most Anomalous Region?” The article even has a map of the valley showing sites of UFO encounters, black triangle reports, Bigfoot sightings, and suspected “portals.” Sister Wolf agrees with many of O’Brien’s findings. “San Luis Valley is one port to other worlds,” she told me. “Grandpa called it the gates to other worlds and the door opens up once a year to travel back and forth to different dimensions.”

Bone Whistles

In my telephone conversation with Sister Wolf, I was describing to her about my work and my studies concerning the Peruvian whistling vessels. “My dad had some that his grandfather had made out of elk bone and deer bone,” she said, referring to bone whistles. “They would whistle. It would bring like their spiritual energy flow up more in their body where they could totally do things that you wouldn’t believe.”

“I think that the bone whistles were more powerful than any other ones,” she added.

Pipes and Spirit

“I know that a lot of the medicine people have told me that the spirits bring them their pipes,” Sister Wolf explained. “They come from the spiritual world. They’re totally brought in from another world. I know that I have a couple of friends whose pipes are totally different.”

“I was presented one by a man from Florida who claimed that three spirits came to him. He made pipes here in New Mexico. He sold them. He was told that there was a medicine woman that lived up on the hill from him and his wife told him ‘You’re crazy! The animals talk to you!’ He was married to a white woman. He told me, ‘Yeah, the animals talk to me and told me that up the hill there is an old medicine woman, living on top of the hill, and they said that I have to ‘make her a pipe and present it to her.’ His wife was so afraid the day he took it to me that I would get him arrested, that I would react like ‘Are you crazy?’ And he went to me and he said, ‘I have brought you a gift,’ and he had it wrapped up in a red cloth. He said ‘the spirits of the animals surrounded my house and they told me to make you one, that you were a medicine woman.’ He asked me if I was and I said, ‘Yes, I come from a line of medicine people on both sides, men and women.’”

“One of my other Apache medicine men who lives up here in the mountains tells me that they have bad medicine and that I should get rid of them, that it came with bad medicine because it wasn’t made by the Apaches. I said, ‘I don’t believe that. My grandmother always said that we are all one.’ I said, ‘I don’t know what you believe in but my grandmother was Apache and my grandfather was from Spain. He was Spanish, and he was a medicine man too, but he must have learned a lot of her ways. After 54 years of marriage I’m sure he learned a lot. She always told me that we are all one in the eyes of our Creator, so I choose not to discriminate.”

Two New Books

Sister Wolf has two new books just out (go to:;; and ). They are entitled God’s Gospel Singers and Wolf Ghost Stories. Look for these titles under the name Priscilla Garduno Wolf.


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