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Discover the connection between UFO visitors and shamanic lore! Brent Raynes' stunning book—intro. by Brad Steiger.

Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors

Right: I was 4 years old when I saw my first UFO. Grandfather saw it come in the house and heard me screaming "I'd seen the devil!" Grandmother said it was a Star Person. Grandfather walked me out to the field and I saw it burned and a silver rod on the middle of the circle. Many tried to remove it and can't. I call it the "Egyptian Rod" and "Thunderbeing."

Left: We watched it for 15 minutes over the sky of Antonito, Colorado 14 miles from our home. It sprayed a white silver stain on the left. First a red ball came out of it then went back in and then repeated itself on the left.

Right: Sighting 3:00 AM Alamosa, Colorado 1994. UFO mothership about one block long, dome like. The wheel turned round and round flashing red, blue, yellow lights. Three men in the dome--all bald headed--one looked human, the other 2 sitting looked oriental--but may have been on a computer--but had long fingers and white coats like a lab persons. It moved very slowly, watched it for 20-30 minutes. It was beautiful. I was heated by the light. Next day the UFO sighting over the valley was on the front page of the newspaper.

Above: 2-11-08 in Tijeras, New Mexico.

Above: Some of Sister Wolf's drawings and descriptions of her sightings.

Sister Wolf and the Star People

“Sister Wolf or Little Butterfly, a translation of her Apache name, is a great healer, mystic, artist, and storyteller. Sherry and I value her friendship very much. She is family, our Sister Wolf. I am adopted Wolf Clan Seneca. Sherry is Swedish-Italian-Belle Island Chippewa from Michigan. Sherry’s tribal name is Butterfly.

“As Sister Wolf said, I first met her and some members of her family at a gathering of the Plains Indians in Oklahoma. I was honored to be a keynote speaker. My topic was the return of Medicine Power. I was especially honored when the tribal representatives who organized the gathering told me that there would be only Native speakers at the event. Not a single Anglo. I, the keynote speaker, was considered as a tribal member and a Medicine teacher. Sherry, as had I, been told more than once that we of Scandinavian ancestry were considered by tribal members as the ‘Indians of Europe.’ And I guess there is probably a great deal of truth in that observation.

“Sister Wolf has contributed to our book on Angels that will soon be released, comparing totem guides to angelic beings. She also contributes much to our life, as well, since we communicate at least three or four times a week. She is truly a rare jewel, and she possesses wisdom which those of us of the Spirit Way must strive earnestly to preserve.”

Brad Steiger, personal email statement dated April 17, 2008


Priscilla Garduno Wolf, 64, lives quietly among the hills of Tijeras, New Mexico, outside of Albuquerque. An Apache medicine woman, a seer, an artist and an accomplished author, Sister Wolf (as she told my wife Joan and I to call her) has an incredible life story to share. In addition, since age four, she has been a UFO contactee!

In The Beginning….

“It was the summer of 1948,” she recalled. “I was about four years old, living in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. Our home was in a small Mormon town. I had been playing in the front room next to a window facing east. Suddenly I noticed a bright silver object over the corner of our field. A man in a silver suit was standing on the ground with a rod, checking the land. And suddenly he turned around and faced me, and a bright light like lightning went straight toward my face. He put the rod into the ground and vanished into the object, and flew away. It scared me so bad I run into the kitchen where my mother, grandmother and aunt were at having coffee. ‘I seen the Devil!’ I said. I had been raised Catholic and so everything unknown was the Devil. Grandfather came in to see what happened to me. He didn’t seem too surprised. He walked me to the field east of our home. There was a burned circle. Nothing ever grew there again. The silver rod was still there.”

Sister Wolf remembered that as the being stood on the ground (quote) “he turned real quickly to face me, which I was about a half a block away from him, near the farm house, and he just lifted the rod and lightning went out of it. So my grandfather called it a thunder being, but grandmother said no, it was a Star Person that had blessed me. The lightning just went straight and hit me right in the forehead, and it shocked me. It was like an electrical shock and I just took off running.”

I asked her what the UFO looked like. She said, “It was round, probably like you would see a bowl, like a breakfast bowl. You just flip it over, and it was all silver. It had no windows. The man disappeared into it and it just disappeared. It went real fast up into the sky and disappeared.”

Suddenly Psychic…

“Within a week, I could see the dead walk among the living. Grandmother said it was Sky Bird, and I had been blessed by a Star God. I call him Rod, my spiritual guide.”

“I had grown up with stories of the Star People,” Sister Wolf told me. “My grandmother had talked about UFOs and Star People and how for thousands of years they had been around. But to me they were just stories until that happened.”

On another occasion, speaking of the lightning like light, Sister Wolf described it as a “flash of white light different than our sunlight.” She added, “I learned right away so much, that it was a gift. I could see the dead, play with energy balls, soul travel, and project myself from one place to another. Family had seen me at their home, though I never left mine.”

Sister Wolf also has had “dream visions” that “come true.” One of her earliest occurred when she was only six years old. “It was late at night when I dreamed that our neighbor’s granddaughter had died and she was laying in a wood coffin by the fireplace,” she recalled. “I seen Della and her daughter Cristina walking toward our house crying. I woke up and woke up my grandmother. ‘Grandma!’ I said. ‘There’s someone coming to our home crying. Their baby girl has died.’ Grandma got mad at me and sent me back to bed. About six in the morning Della and Cristina showed up crying. They told grandma in Spanish their little girl had died and they needed her to go to say a blessing for the burial. We left and when we got there, just like the dream, the baby was in a small wood coffin by the fireplace.”

Family Stories

Sister Wolf recalled the ancient stories handed down to her about the Star People and Sky Birds. “Before many articles and books were written about the paranormal in Colorado Valley, there were many stories told by our grandfathers about the Sky Birds. They were stories of our people. It was told they came as colorful birds, blinding to the sunlight, moved at a high speed and vanished. They were Star People, also known as Gods. It was said that the people of the land before white men came knew about the Sky Birds.”

“One story I remember well as a child. There was an old medicine man who had lost his power to heal, and the Chief had died. There was a sacred place below the mountains. No one was allowed to go there. One day the medicine man invited the people to follow him there. He told them, he was like the Sky Gods, but more powerful because the Star People came with the Sky Birds. Out of their stomachs came the Star People. When it was time to leave they would return to the sacred grounds and stand in a circle and the Sky Bird would come and swallow them and the bird would vanish. So the people of the Valley followed him to the land below but refused to walk on the sacred grounds. The medicine man walked to the middle of the circle and stood there. He sang his songs and prayed to the spirits to give him strength. The people watched from far away. He did not vanish! Then he left the circle and joined them. The old medicine man lived a long time.”

Meeting Brad Steiger

“I collected so many books, met so many people, and attended college and sought people who were a lot like me, that were gifted, because grandmother said I was just gifted by the Star People. I met Brad Steiger in 1964. Brad is a very interesting person. He had this questionnaire. I have always thought that he was a Star Person. That’s weird to think that way, but anybody who could ask the right questions or have the answers that he had, I just knew that there was something special about this man.”

Sister Wolf recalled the Oklahoma gathering that Brad described in his statement at the beginning of this article. She says this was the second time she had attended one of Brad’s talks. “It was amazing the connection with him and the Indian people,” she told me. “Grandmother called him ‘the man who would open doors for us,’ that spoke the truth. It just seemed like he connected a lot with the Indian people and he had such a respect for our people. He still does.”

Other UFO Encounters

Around 3 a.m. one morning in 1994, Sister Wolf was visiting with her brother in Colorado when she had an incredible UFO encounter. “I woke up to see lights flashing all over my brother’s farm,” she recalled. “Since he lived outside of Alamosa, I thought we had a fire. I didn’t hear the dogs bark. That was strange. I thought it was fire engine lights or police cars with flashing lights. I looked outside my window facing west toward Monta Vista. There was no sound. Suddenly I saw movement from above. It was moving slowly. It was the biggest UFO I ever have seen, and it was going west. As I watched the object it became transparent. Inside I could see three men, bald headed, dressed in white lab jackets or coats in a dome like room. The object descended close to the ground, just over the electric poles.”

“The bottom was flat and round like a coin. The tall man in the middle looked like a medical doctor. The two on the sides were human like with slanted eyes and on their hands I only could see three big fingers. This was about 100 yards from me. They were busy like on a computer. I didn’t see the computer but it seemed they were on a round control board.”

“It moved slowly. I watched it for 20 or 30 minutes, but when I looked at my clock it was 4 a.m..”

Did Sister Wolf experience a “missing time” episode? “I don’t think it took one hour to pass me by,” she noted. “They could of picked me up and healed me. I think the light has something to do with it. Every time I see them I have missing time.”

Sister Wolf also noted that the underside of the enormous craft had what looked like “all Egyptian signs in the metal.” Her brother got up around 4 a.m. and asked her what she was doing up. He asked her if she was sick or something, as she had recently had a hysterectomy and had her gall bladder removed, along with seven tumors. The surgery left an unsightly scar across her stomach, from one hip to the other. “It was awful,” she said. “It scarred my body for life and that’s what was depressing me. I would look in the mirror and I would cry.” She was visiting her brother as she had suffered a mild nervous breakdown over it.

She told her brother about the UFO (which was gone at that point). Sister Wolf clearly remembers his reaction “He said, ‘I think you’re crazy,’ because I had had a slight nervous breakdown, and I said, ‘No, no. I know what I have seen.’ I felt really bad because his wife got up to see what the commotion was about. The next day I got real sad and thought, ‘Well, they’re going to think I’m crazy for sure.” But in the newspaper that day, Alamosa’s Valley Courier, on the front page described how UFOs had been seen by over 200 people. Even by the cops. I was so happy!”

UFO Healings

“After that sighting the whole cut there was nothing. If I show you now, you would say that I never had that surgery. But they did X-rays and you can see the cuts on the insides.”

“I don’t fear them,” she adds, referring to the UFOs. “They’re just part of my life.”

“People talk about abductions and all of that and how they’re tortured. The times I’ve seen UFOs I heal and I get more power. I don’t recall being tortured or anything like that. I just feel like my healing power and everything gets better. I do things that would amaze you, that would take a person with a lot of education to do.”

Sister Wolf describes herself as a happy person. “I’ve had eleven surgeries,” she said. “I’m a miracle. I’ve been healed of so many things that it may sound crazy and it makes you wonder why. But every time I have seen a UFO I have been healed just by seeing them. All of a sudden I’m healed. Like nothing ever happened to me. I’m dying and then I wake up the next morning and there’s nothing wrong with me. I’ve survived cancer, and I have my guides (my grandmother called them Star People) that appear to me. They’ll tell me to get up and walk, there’s nothing wrong with me. Within the week the doctors check me and there isn’t anything wrong with me.”

Sister Wolf recalled one time how she had suffered a severe back injury and how “the bones came out of my wrist,” following a fall down some stairs. She had had three surgeries within a short period of time. This was back in 2005. “Then they told me that I would never walk,” she recalled. Apparently on one side she had no feelings. “Then this man appeared to me out of nowhere. Told me that there was nothing wrong with me. About ten or fifteen minutes after he appeared to me I got up and used the bathroom. It shocked the doctors, nurses, and everybody. I was totally healed.”

“I do believe there are other worlds, because I have died and they brought me back to life,” Sister Wolf added. “I have seen other worlds.”

In August 1972, Sister Wolf witnessed another spectacular UFO event, this time in the company of her mother and daughter Lori. “We watched it for 15 minutes over the sky of Antonito, Colorado, 14 miles from our home,” she stated. She described it as a “beautiful sight.” “A silver disk like that sprayed what resembled a white silver foam that made like a stairways on the left first and a red ball came out of it, then it went back in and then repeated itself on the right side. Must have picked up something.” (See Sister Wolf’s artistic rendering of this event also)

“The UFO at Antonito was an amazing sight,” Sister Wolf added. “It was low. I’d say it was 14 miles from us. Over 300 people had seen it. It was the talk of the small towns at the time.” She also mentioned that a Mr. Gurale of Antonito (now deceased), who was a medicine man and part Native American and Spanish (like her own family), claimed to “ride UFOs.”

—To be continued—

In the next installment, you’ll learn about Sister Wolf’s grandfather who was a “cloud shaman” (a UFO enshrouded in a cloud like display), another relative who could “walk on air,” and other amazing, thought-provoking stories.