April 2010 • Issue 147_

Reality Checking with Brent Raynes— Close Encounters, Astral Aliens, UFOs and Bigfoots, and Interdimensional Fog—Part 3

Archaeotrek with Dr. Greg Little—Winterville, Mississippi Mounds

Classic Mysteries: UFO Investigation at Seaside, CA: Lights in the Sky By Paul Dale Roberts

An Interview with Judy Carroll: An Australian “Contactee” by Brent Raynes

Encounters with the Unknown—The Mermaid of Cornwall By Paul Dale Roberts

Why Do Ufologists Ignore the Most Scientific Field Study of UFOs Ever Conducted? by Dr. Greg Little

An Interview with Hector Jusino: An Alien Nightmare, a Spiritual Quest, and a Search for Elusive Answers by Brent Raynes

Book Reviews— by Brent Raynes

The Naub-Cow-Zo-Win Discs: An Ancient Bible of the Algonquin People By Dennis M. Morrison

BadlandsRadio with Captain Jack

MS Word ownload article:

Archetype Rippling: Secondary Effects as Wvidence of Inter-dimensional Travel (WORD file) by Alexander Zikas