An Interview with Uri Geller

by Brent Raynes

URI GELLER, no doubt known by millions worldwide on account of his highly publicized public feats of spoon bending (called psychokinesis by researchers of psychic phenomena), has been tested and validated by more scientists than any other psychic on record. In the Spring 2000 (#50) Alternate Perceptions I interviewed one of those scientists: Eldon Byrd, a former U.S. Naval scientist. Now we interview the man himself: the legendary Uri Geller! In addition, Uri admits (in this interview, in fact) that his mysterious abilities (psychokinesis and mind reading) may have a UFO/extraterrestrial connection. For more information pertaining to Uri Geller and his various articles, books, public appearances, and other information, visit his website:

Editor: The abduction phenomenon was very prevalent back in the late 1980s and early 90s. I’ve been asking people in the research field what their impressions were as to what was happening.

Uri Geller: I am a great believer in UFOs. There is no doubt in my mind that aliens do exist. Extraterrestrials are real. Now whether they are among us that I don’t know, but I want to believe that landings did occur on our planet–maybe even 5000 years ago. Maybe we are star children. Now consider that the abduction (experience) is very difficult to decipher. The people who claim that they have been abducted...there’s not enough tangible proof. But it is not unlikely. It is possible. I’m very, very open-minded, and whenever I get emails about people who claim that they were abducted, I always take them seriously.

Editor: Okay. Earl Neff, a UFO researcher in Ohio - I know that you had met him years ago.

Uri Geller: Yes.

Editor: He was telling me that he was like an amateur magician and he had experienced enough with you that he knew that you were authentic. He also had something that he shared with me in a letter that I would like to read to you.

Uri Geller: Okay.

Editor: Here it is:

“Uri had been doing a radio show at W–. That night, when only the night watchman and an all night disc jockey were in the building, a loud noise was heard. It was later traced to a heavy clock on the wall having fallen due to the strong nail holding it having bent. When Uri returned they told him about this and another story I will share with you. He said, ‘This is what frightens me. I do not understand the power I have that causes these things to happen after I leave.

“It was after Uri left the first time that ___ ___ (name withheld but on file) and a couple other men there were having a snack in their little kitchen. It was a Sunday night, as I recall, and no snow was falling nor was there a wind stirring. There was a light fall of snow on the ground, however. Also I should mention it was a cold winter evening. It was still light enough out to see the big radio towers. All at once one of the men noticed a most unusual thing occurring. It was like a time lapse effect . One of the towers started to come down. No it did not fall to the side. It seemed to collapse slowly...perhaps crumple would be a better way of describing it.”

I was wondering if you remembered that and if that kind of a thing seemed to happen on other occasions too?

Uri Geller: No. First of all, it is very difficult for me to remember. This sounds like a major event and I’m surprised that I can’t remember it. But I can remember on many, many occasions when strange and bizarre phenomena would occur when I am being filmed for television or (interviewed for) radio. But they’re never negative. They’re always bewildering, strange, mysterious, but they would never hurt anyone.

There were also reports when I was on television that UFOs were seen. I really don’t know how to validate those reports. But I can tell you that bizarre things happened in my life, if not throughout my life. It is possible–I can’t prove it–but it is possible that maybe my abilities do emanate not from me but from some higher source. Maybe it is an extraterrestrial source in nature. I don’t know, and I am still on a journey to discover where my abilities come from.

Editor: Right. When you were 4 years old you do have a memory of being struck by a beam from a UFO.

Uri Geller: Absolutely, I do. That part I would never ever forget. You can read my biography, my autobiography. It’s all in there. I was hit by a beam–almost like a laser beam in a way–that came out from a ball of light in a Arabic garden, when I was about 4 _ or 5, in Tel Aviv. It actually had a force, and it knocked me down into the grass. I laid there for about 10-15-maybe even 20 minutes. When I ran home to tell my mother she didn’t believe me. She said I was making it up, and I wasn’t.

That’s very vivid in my mind.

Editor: Right, and you have since had many other personal UFO sightings?

Uri Geller: Many, many, many. There was a book written about me by Dr. Andrija Puharich, which I urge you to read if you haven’t. All of those stories in the book are real. Maybe his interpretation was quite far out and that damaged my credibility, but we had seen UFOs in the Sinai Desert. I’ve seen lights, I’ve photographed UFOs. I’ve never seen an alien, but I have on many, many occasions seen craft in the sky that I certainly could not put down to some man-made object. It must have been extraterrestrial in source and nature because they were traveling so fast, zig-zagging in the sky. That is impossible to do with our current technology.

Editor: Yes. I have read the book that Dr. Puharich wrote, called Uri, and he describes a lot of the UFO activity and also, of course, the voice coming out of the tape recorder.

Uri Geller: All of that happened! All of that happened! There were a series of instances where I suspected Puharich of tricking me, of planting a secret tape recorder within a tape recorder, but it wasn’t. It was real!

Editor: So you believe that the voices were actually an authentic paranormal or some sort of projected...

Uri Geller: Yes. I believe today that the voices were either some kind of paranormal effect–maybe even our minds created them–but tangibly. But I gravitate more to the theory that indeed they were some sort of an outside intelligence trying to communicate with us. Actually, not trying but communicating with us. My puzzlement – my surprise is that they ceased. They stopped. For years and years, I have tried on many occasions to put on a tape recorder, stick in a new tape, and wait for something, but it never happens.

Editor: That’s interesting. How about animals. I noticed in reading a book here by Jonathan Margolis (1) that at an early age you liked feral cats. You were able to feed them. They would purr, and you just had like a telepathic or empathic connection.

Uri Geller: Actually it’s really bizarre that you’re bringing this up because like 50 minutes ago I’m walking in the streets of London and I looked at my son - we were walking with our family - and I told him I just felt a telepathic message from my dog John John - who was about 36 miles away from me, in our little village. That he wants to go out for a walk. I actually said it as a joke. But it’s funny that you’re bringing this up.

I do believe that animals are extremely telepathic. They’re very intuitive and very sensitive. And when you read in Margolis’s book also, notice that when I was tested by the American Defense Department at the Lawrence Livermore radiation lab, some of the scientists saw some very bizarre birds appear in their bedrooms.

Editor: Right, I remember that. They were like some kind of apparitions of bird-like forms or something.

Uri Geller: I can’t remember the exact words that Margolis used, but it was (something) outside of me–nothing to do with me. It had to do with the tests that they were conducting at that time with myself. It was highly classified. It was a very, very top secret installation, which I can’t talk about. But for those credible, quite prestigious scientists to see such a phenomena is just mind blowing.

Editor: Right. Someone suspected that it might have been holographic experiments connected with SRI (Stanford Research Institute), but then they denied it. That was another thing I wondered about - imitating reality. It seemed like in the book that Puharich wrote there was an incident where you experienced something one way and someone else experienced certain life events another way.

Uri Geller: Yeah, but you see the thing is I don’t know what that was. What Puharich wrote was true. Absolutely accurate. Which is why some people (said he was) mad–that he was crazy–but he wasn’t. Every word in that book is true, except the interpretation. I don’t know what the real interpretation is. There is no doubt in my mind that the SRI top secret work was going on, which I to this day cannot talk about. As a matter of fact, I met Russell Targ not long ago. Russell came to my house, and there are certain things that we did that we simply cannot reveal.


1. Uri Geller: Magician or Mystic? 1998.

Editor’s Note: The call letters of the Ohio radio station and the name of the witness at the station, as described to Uri Geller in this interview, are withheld from public disclosure as per the wishes of the late Earl Neff.