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Robbert van den Broeke's "UFO" Photos:

An Interview with Nancy Talbott

by Brent Raynes

Nancy Talbott is an internationally recognized and respected authority on the “crop circle” phenomenon. She is the president of BLT Research Team Inc. (, an organization that is composed of several hundred trained field volunteers in the United States, Canada, and Europe who collect plant and soil samples at crop circle sites for later scientific analysis.

Brent Raynes: Nancy, I wanted to review with you some of the things that were recently posted on your website regarding the "UFO" photographs of Robbert v/d Broeke and how this recent report may represent changes, or an evolution in your thought patterns, and perhaps also those of the Dutch medium Robbert van den Broeke regarding the origin of at least some crop circles.

I guess that it was really the events of this past summer that brought the idea that UFOs might be involved in the circle phenomenon to the forefront? You have written about the first time this idea that UFOs might be involved in the circle phenomenon occurred to the two of you back in 2001 ( You both had previously thought there was no relationship at all between UFOs and the circles but, after seeing those three brilliant light tubes hit the bean-field right behind Robbert's home—and finding the new circle exactly where the light tubes had impacted the field--you both began to wonder if there might be a UFO connection?

Nancy Talbott: We were leaning on the fence that separates his backyard from that field. Because the new crop circle was so close to the fence we could easily see it, and we were just standing there looking at it. I had thought privately to myself, after the circle had formed and at least partly because there had been such force involved (it’s very, very difficult to explain to anybody who wasn’t there), that a UFO might have been the cause of this particular crop circle. The energy was unbelievably forceful and it was also incredibly precise. The impression that both Robbert and I had was that these tubes of light were exactly placed, you know, with millimeter or nanometer kind of precision. This was our sense of it, though we can’t prove it, of course. We were left both with the feeling of having witnessed total precision and enormous power, and neither one of us had ever seen anything like that before.

I didn’t tell Robbert that I was wondering if a UFO had been involved. I'm not terribly well-informed about UFOs and I don't think Robbert knew very much about them at that time either. We both knew kind of the popular lore, and I guess the concept of the power that is thought in some cases to be inherent in UFOs may be what prompted my considering the idea that maybe this crop circle had been caused by a UFO. When Robbert and I went out of the house immediately after the light tubes had disappeared and looked up at the sky, there was nothing up there. We didn’t see anything. But on the night following the incident, when we were standing at the fence, Robbert was apparently thinking UFOs too.

He said it first. He asked me: “Do you think that this one (meaning the crop circle) was UFO related?” And of course, since I had been thinking the same thing, it hit me as curious that we both came up with the same idea independently. Generally speaking we were both certain that the standard, sort of fear-based model of UFOs (which seems to permeate the UFO literature) had absolutely nothing to do with the circle phenomenon at all. Not just in Holland, but the circles in other counties around the world.

Brent Raynes: Right. Now when you saw these tubes of light, I’m just wondering--since you emphasize this sense of power--was there any vibration, or a shift like in the atmosphere or anything?

Nancy Talbott: I don't know how to explain why we sensed this enormous discharge of energy. There was no smell of ozone or anything like that, for instance. The hair on my arms and the back of my neck, etc., no EM effect that I had noticed, or that Robbert observed either. No sound at all. But those tubes of light shot down BAM! They were entirely tubular, like columns, the same width all the way down. This was not a lightning strike. It was a very controlled tube-shape which, from my vantage point in the upstairs bedroom, looked to be about a foot and a half in diameter perhaps--straight down, all the way from as high as I could see in the sky (through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors on the balcony) down to the ground. Exactly the same dimension the whole way down.

Robbert, who was downstairs in the kitchen (where tall windows look out toward the back garden also), was sitting at the table facing out those windows and he could see higher up in the sky than I could. So he saw more of the tubes, a greater length of them than I could, and he also reported them as perfectly symmetrical the whole way down. From his perspective they looked a little bit narrower, not quite as wide, as they did from mine apparently.

Brent Raynes: And all three of them appeared to be in right about the same place?

Nancy Talbott: Yup. I mean, they were very quick. They came right away. Like VUMP. Then a brief second or so, and VUMP, another one, and then another brief pause and WHAM, there came the third. Robbert didn’t see the third one because after the second one he had jumped up from his chair, wondering if I was seeing the same thing, and started to run up the stairs to get me, yelling my name. So he was halfway between the kitchen and upstairs when the third one came down. So he saw just the first two.

Brent Raynes: Then afterwards there was a circle in the bean field?

Nancy Talbott: It was actually an ellipse with a long pathway going off the northern end and another pathway which crossed the first from east to west, like the capital letter "T." But the tubes of light did not move around to create the actual design in the field. They all appeared to go down in exactly the same place, which would have been more or less in the center of the ellipse, we figured.

Brent Raynes: And previously, in the daytime, you had seen the field and there was nothing there.

Nancy Talbott: We had been in that field because I had been conducting a geomagnetic survey on behalf of Dr. William Roll that year, and Robbert and I had carried his magnetometer equipment to a number of fields where crop circles had occurred in the past, as well as visiting a few fields where there were crop circles that year. The idea had been to try to document any geomagnetic anomalies in the areas where we knew crop circles had appeared in the past or where they were present that particular summer. But we got no aberrations whatsoever. We got exactly the same basic values everywhere, including the field right out behind the house where that night the new circle appeared.

Brent Raynes: How long had it been dark before this happened?

Nancy Talbott: I think it was around 3 o’clock in the morning (it’s been awhile since I wrote that report and I'm not sure). If I remember correctly, we had been out all afternoon and early evening taking the magnetometer readings. Remember, Holland is quite far north and in the summer it’s not dark until 10 or 10:30pm. So we had come back in and I was tired because we had been lugging this equipment and climbing up over barbed wire fences and dikes, and I’m getting too old for this kind of stuff. And we had been unable to document any variations from normal anywhere (except when we were underneath the huge electric transmission lines which cross some of the fields), and I was getting pretty cross. Robbert wanted, after we'd been in the house for awhile, to go back out into some of the circles that were present that year, because at that stage he had already begun to get very strange photographs, particularly in crop circles. And so he liked to go into the circles with a camera and take pictures, to see what he would get.

So Robbert wanted to go back out and asked if we could? But I was so annoyed at the lack of results after two weeks of dragging this equipment around, and I was tired, and I said something like “No, I’m sick and tired of this phenomenon” and “it’s too hard to study” and “why can’t it be more direct?” (We both laugh)

Well, now I say "be careful what you ask for." Right after asking why the circle phenomenon couldn't be "more direct" I went upstairs to bed. I hadn’t been upstairs for more than 5 or 10 minutes when this whole thing then happened—the tubes of light shooting down to the field right in back of the house. I didn’t even have to get out of bed the next morning to see the new circle through the open balcony doors. All I had to do was to lift up my head and there it was.

Brent Raynes: It sounds like a cause and effect thing.

Nancy Talbott: Well, at the beginning, when things like this would happen, I chalked it up to coincidence. I thought that it was an amazing coincidence but I thought that it had to be a coincidence. But, in more recent years, as I have kept going back to see Robbert and we have continued to have amazing experiences….well, I'm not so sure coincidence is the right interpretation anymore. In fact, over the last couple of years the photographs Robbert takes have more and more often seemed to directly reflect something that he and I were at that moment talking about--or to be responding to a question I’ve just asked, or to something that Robbert has just said. I'm talking about photographs he has taken, using my camera and with me standing right there watching him, which regularly now will contain images that appear to mirror back or reflect the conversation that we’ve just had, as if on purpose.

Brent Raynes: Right. I was just reading one account of where you were both talking about the blue and aquamarine colors you like.

Nancy Talbott: That incident completely flabbergasted me because we were just sitting in the car at Robbert's "special" field, talking. He had been telling me about these "energies" he perceives, that he regularly becomes aware of, just before something strange occurs. Sometimes he will "see" something in his "mind's eye" and at other times he actually perceives something visually, at which times he gets a very strong "knowing" (I don’t know what other way to say it) that this energetic presence is suddenly there. He apparently perceives these "energies" as slightly different, one from the other--he doesn’t always experience them as exactly the same "energy." He has described one of these as a "UFO" energy which, in the early years, he only experienced very occasionally. In more recent years he has reported feeling this energy more frequently.

There’s another kind of "energy" which also appears around him that he calls the "Mary" energy (he means, here, the Virgin Mary). Although Robbert is not religious in the formal sense (he is not a church-goer), his concept of the Virgin Mary reflects the gentleness and sweetness generally associated with her, a soft and very loving feeling. This energy he calls the "Mary" energy because that is as close as he can get to describing how this particular "energy" feels to him.

And it turns out that when the "Mary" energy is present he often sees a lovely blue color in his "mind’s eye," but I gather sometimes also visually. He will actually see this color of blue, and he’s very fond of it.

On this particular night out at the "special" field I guess I had asked him to talk to me a little bit about these energies and how he can differentiate between them, because I don’t quite understand. He was trying to describe this "Mary" energy and the blue color and how much he liked it and, I don’t know what prompted it exactly, but I was suddenly reminded of this lovely aquamarine color we had first seen in a photograph he had taken the year before. On that night a square or rectangular (you can’t see the whole object in the photos so I don’t exactly know what it’s overall shape is), object made up of many, many, tiny little white and aquamarine light balls had appeared in the photos. It was the first time we had seen that kind of photo anomaly and I had been struck by the color. I just thought it was lovely.

So the two of us were sitting there just talking about these colors and then Robbert began to feel this energy thing happening again. We got out of the car, and he asked if he could use my camera. I keep the camera in my possession entirely until he asks if he can use it and I also keep it set in "auto," so that it focuses by itself, the flash will go off by itself, etc. I do that because Robbert is not very technically-inclined. Then when he asks for it I just hand it to him and then stand near him, watching as closely as I can, while he then takes the photographs. So this same scenario is what occurred on this particular night.

I handed the camera to him and he started taking pictures. And we were both just blown away when, immediately, in shot after shot after shot there were these big, brilliant, white roundish lights surrounded by a clear aquamarine ring, around which there was this soft lovely blue color. Exactly the colors, you see, that we had just been talking about.

Brent Raynes: That would definitely have to have a pretty profound effect on you.

Nancy Talbott: I was floored. I couldn’t escape the feeling that not only was something conscious present and listening to us, it was deliberately reflecting back these precise colors so that we would be aware not only of its presence, but the fact that it understood our conversation.

If this had been the first time that anything like that had ever happened I’m sure I would have chalked it up to coincidence. But this is one of many, many, many incidents like this now. In the last couple of years there have been multiple times when something that we’ve been talking about, or something I've asked about, has ‘BAM! appeared immediately in Robbert's photographs (photos taken within seconds of our conversations)—images that reflect precisely what we've just been talking about.. So it has gotten to the point, now, where it is very difficult for me to simply think "coincidence."

Brent Raynes: Right, and you’ve now got so many other people, each with their own camera, who have witnessed similar events. It doesn't happen just with Robbert's camera. It occurs with your camera and with multiple other people’s cameras also. You had Dr. William Roll, the noted American parapsychologist, with you in the fields in October 2008?

Nancy Talbott: Yes, Dr. Roll and I have known each other for awhile now. I have kept him informed about Robbert and the growing list of strange events which occur around him, because this is of interest to Dr. Roll. He’s one of the professionals (his expertise is in parapsychology, with a particular interest in RSPK) I'm in touch with about Robbert's case and it is a great help to have someone with his training to talk to about Robbert. I had hoped many times that Dr. Roll could meet Robbert, but we just didn’t have the money to arrange it.

But in 2008 there was a parapsychological conference at the University of Utrecht and Dr. Roll had been invited to participate, so he was coming to Holland anyway. I was able to arrange it so that he came a little bit earlier than he needed to for the conference and thus he was able to spend some time with Robbert and me in Hoeven. And so he did meet, and was able to observe, Robbert firsthand. And, as I thought would probably happen, he also got to witness some of these incredibly strange events himself.

During the two days and nights that Dr. Roll was with us Robbert used Dr. Roll’s camera almost exclusively. And to my surprise (and to Robbert's also) not only did UFO-type images appear on Dr. Roll's camera, but also a number of faces of people we believe are deceased. Completely different, individual, adult male faces appeared repeatedly (these images will be included in the next BLT report which discusses the ongoing appearance of images of people on cameras used by Robbert).

There were also many wildly anomalous "light phenomena" images taken by Robbert with Dr. Roll's camera (some of which were included in the "Light Phenomena" photos report posted last year: Dr. Roll was able, firsthand, to watch Robbert and to see exactly what he was (and wasn't) doing. The camera was kept in Dr. Roll’s possession, in "auto" mode, until Robbert would ask if he could use it; then Dr. Roll would hand it to Robbert and stand by, watching, as Robbert took the photos. Dr. Roll and I repeatedly saw the new anomalous images on the camera immediately after Robbert would take them while we were still all out in the fields, and Roll stated that he saw no indication on Robbert's part of fakery of any kind. When I asked him what he thought was going on, he replied "it must be some sort of RSPK effect."

Brent Raynes: Right, and then that last night Dr. Roll was with you, after you dropped him off at his hotel for the night, and you asked Robbert to show you a particular field where Robbert had a year or two before encountered a landed craft….a field you'd never visited before, the one where Robbert saw the two very tall humanoid beings, except they had only one eye?

Nancy Talbott: That was a very strange thing, yes.

Brent Raynes: You told me that at first Robbert thought he had "dreamed" the whole thing, but that when he and his father went to the field the next day they found a big flattened circle right where Robbert had had this experience, and also several large flattened areas in the grass which looked like footprints, too?

Nancy Talbott: That’s correct.

Brent Raynes: And you guys got some really interesting images…..a lighted ring which looked like it was over the car, a ring of lights, very bright, a classic flying saucer.

Nancy Talbott: Robbert had told me about this incident on the phone. I think it happened back in 2006. Robbert sleeps a lot of the day and gets up quite late and is up all night-- this has been his habit for years and years. Often he goes out on his motorbike (or, in earlier years on his bicycle) to the fields, and he spends time out there. It is what he wants to do. In this case, he was in an area farther from his home than he usually goes. It’s not entirely remote. There is a town not too far away, but in the particular area where this incident occurred there is nothing right there except fields and cows.

Robbert was driving along on his bike and saw what he described as a huge disk apparently lighted up above his head over the trees (this particular road has trees along the sides of it). Then he saw what looked like multiple smaller disks, like a tail, coming along behind the big disc. This whole thing was lit up and up over his head, maybe a hundred and fifty feet above the trees, and was just sort of keeping pace with him on his motorbike. Now you and I might completely freak at such a thing, but Robbert has experienced so many utterly strange events for so many years that he didn’t.

He saw this object then pull ahead in front of him and go down into a field where the trees had stopped and there was just some open field; and it appeared, when it was down in the field, (an area where there are no streetlights or houses or anything) that it was now just one big disc. Robbert says there was a moon, but apparently it wasn’t terribly bright, and the object was sitting in this field maybe 50 feet or so back from the road. He couldn’t see all of the little discs that had appeared to be behind it originally. He stopped his bike in the center of the road which (remember this is a European road, and they're not real wide like ours are here in the states) put him only 50-60 ft. away from the landed object.

Robbert just stopped his bike right in the middle of the road, opposite the landed craft which looked to him like a solid object. He saw a door open, I think it was a ramp in this case, that appeared to come down, and two very tall but basically humanoid shapes came down this gangplank or whatever. One of them stood at the bottom while the other started to walk toward him. He couldn’t clearly see arms. He thought there was a cape of some kind that they were wearing around their shoulders. He wasn’t sure about that, but he could see feet and the movement of legs. When the one that was walking toward him got closer and more in the moon light he saw that it had just one eye, in the center of its forehead.

Brent Raynes: A Cyclops then.

Nancy Talbott: Yes. He said the eye was very large, and soft, and brown, exactly like a cow’s eye. There are, in fact, cows in the field right down from his house, so he’s quite familiar with what they look like. Robbert emphasized his impression that the soft, gentle aspectg one sees in a cow’s eye is exactly what he saw in this being, and he said that he was struck with a sense that these were very ancient creatures and very wise, and he felt no threat whatsoever. The most startling thing about them was their height. His father figured out the next day that they were probably in the range of 16 to 18 feet tall. Robbert is six feet, but still that’s a lot bigger.

Brent Raynes: How tall?

Nancy Talbott: 16 to 18 feet is what his father figured.

Brent Raynes: Wow! That is tall!

Nancy Talbott: Tall enough so that if you’re out in the middle of someplace all by yourself in the pitch black dark you just might have a little reservation there. But Robbert was apparently perfectly okay until, all of a sudden, this being that had been coming from the door to the road was suddenly right at the edge of the road, no more than 6 feet, maybe 8 at the most, away from where Robbert was. Suddenly it was there you see. He didn’t see it get from the one place to the other, it was just suddenly almost upon him. And although it still didn’t seem in any way threatening, it simply startled him half to death.

He was so startled that he got the bike going right away and took off as fast as he could.

He looked back in the rearview mirror as he sped away and saw the being turn around and go back with the other creature and up the ramp, which then closed, and the whole thing then rose up quickly in the air and disappeared.

When he got home that night it was fairly late. He normally will wake his parents up and tell them if something unusual has happened, and I don’t know why exactly he didn’t that night, but he didn’t. He went right to bed.

Apparently when he awoke in the morning, he was convinced that it had all been a dream, that it had not been real. He did tell his parents, and his father has been pretty good about trying to document things and follow up on things. So he convinced Robbert to get in the car and take him to where all of this had happened in the "dream." The father took his camera like he always does (in case it wasn't a dream) and they got to the field and there, right where Robbert thought this had all happened, was a large, I think it was something in the neighborhood of 50 to 60 feet in diameter, flat circle in the field, which was all just in grasses, maybe a foot tall. So there was a very clear, large circular impression in the grasses and then there were these marks that came from the edge of the circle out to the road, spaced quite far apart, that looked like huge footprints--right where Robbert thought this whole thing had taken place. Robbert then pointed out on the trees, which were behind the field, the height to which he thought the beings had reached, and the father did a little math and came up with 16 to 18 feet tall.

When Robbert saw the circle in the field and the footprints he said he knew that it had been real and wasn’t a dream, although it still seemed utterly remarkable to him.

I wasn’t in Holland when all of this happened, and the next year when I was there for some reason I didn’t ask to see this place. It just didn’t occur to me. So I had never actually seen the location in which this event occurred. I don’t know why it came into my head to ask about this place after we had dropped Dr. Roll at his hotel, but it just occurred to me that night that I wanted to see the field where all of this stuff had happened.

So Robbert took me there at around 11:30pm, and we parked the car, just as you see in those pictures ( I was very careful to document where I parked the car in relationship to the field. Robbert and I got out and he asked for my camera and the pictures you see in the report are some (there were quite a few more) of that lighted ring, with balls of light, object, which then appeared on the camera, over and over again.

There is a series of other equally weird, or maybe even weirder images which I haven’t included there, but will eventually post in another report. These other photos were not of lighted objects in the air--they were on the ground, down in the field, and they appeared on the camera after the images of the lighted ring had stopped appearing. To me they look like, for all the world, they look like brilliant blue and then yellow and then green (the three colors that I remember), like great big helium balloons, in brilliant colors, in that field. I’ve never seen anything like them at all really anywhere, and I was right there watching--and there was nothing in that field that looked like that. I didn’t see anything with my eyes, and Robbert says he didn't either. But those are some of the images that appeared on the camera that night at that location.

Brent Raynes: Now on July 11, 2009 began a new series of remarkable UFO images on cameras being used by Robbert. In fact, the very first one I believe that Robbert took was of a friend who was out in a crop circle at a place called Standdaarbuiten? And this crop circle was actually one of three different formations which had appeared in this exact field where, back in 2003, Robbert had been deposited by a big glowing ball of light he encountered on a road nearer his home?

Nancy Talbott: That event in 2003 was the first time that Robbert had ever been to Standdaarbuiten (it’s a little distance away from his home in Hoeven). In 2003 he was still using his bicycle and he'd been out in a fairly rural area near Hoeven when this huge ball of light suddenly appeared down at the end of the road. No houses, no farm buildings, nothing. Not even a ditch that he could have dived into. He sat on the bike watching this ball of light and suddenly he got it in his head that “maybe I’ll take a picture,” because he had a camera around his neck. He started to raise the camera up to take a photo when BAM! the ball of light was suddenly right there, all around him, and he was being lifted up off of his bicycle. He could feel the bike fall away to the ground. Then he lost consciousness.

When he awoke he was lying on this embankment next to the highway that runs along next to this field in Standdaarbuiten. When he looked off to his left, away from the highway, looking for a place to go to that was safer than where he was, he saw a crop circle down in this field—the same field where subsequently a large number of circles have appeared, and particularly this past summer. Many of the UFO photos that are in this report were taken by Robbert in the circles at Standdaarbuiten, using cameras belonging to many of the visitors who came to see the circles.

Brent Raynes: Right, and in fact it says here that Robbert used five different cameras belonging to five differenet people, not counting your own camera?

Nancy Talbott: Yes, and also not counting the "UFO" photos that appeared on Dr. Roll's camera the year before.

Brent Raynes: These photos look really close, very clear. Some of them look like the objects are glowing, luminous, sometimes not quite solid looking, sometimes they look very solid and like they’re just hovering over somebody’s head, you know.

Nancy Talbott: In 2008 Robbert took several other "UFO" photos. That was the first year in which he had taken what you would call "UFO" photos with my camera. He has many others taken with his own camera, going back several years….but the UFO theme generally has only emerged on Robbert's photos recently. I thought it was pretty curious that most of the 2008 "UFO" images he took with my camera and with Dr. Roll's looked like one or another of the Billy Meier-type UFOs, in particular the one Meier called the "beamship." I knew who Billy Meier was, but I was not really familiar with his photos and so I went online and started looking, and sure enough, several of the Billy Meier images look a lot like some of Robbert’s "UFO" photos. In particular the photos he took this year which look like "beamships," except that they’re made up of light balls. Many of Robbert's "UFO" photos look kind of like one or another of Meier's photos, at least the photos that I have seen. What do you make of that?

Brent Raynes: Well, you know, I’ve got to admit that I’ve always been really skeptical of the Billy Meier pictures, but I try not to come at any final conclusion about it. I know people who jump right on it and say it’s authentic, and then there are those who are just completely divided.

Nancy Talbott: But I mean do you see the similarity?

Brent Raynes: Oh yeah. I do. What I’m wondering is what does Robbert think about it?

Nancy Talbott: As far as I know he was not familiar with the Meier photos. I don't think he knew about them specifically until I showed him. Some people can't believe this….particularly people who are adept at computers. But these people need to know that Robbert didn’t have a computer (or access to one) until July, 2006. Secondly, he doesn’t know a whole lot about how to use one even now. And thirdly, and this is perhaps most important, he’s not all that interested in what most other people have done or are doing. Also probably relevant is the fact that Robbert doesn't read English or German.

It’s not that he doesn’t think that what other are people doing is, or isn't, important. It’s more that what goes on in his own life keeps him so busy, and is so compelling to him, that his attention really is focused on these events that occur to him and his family. He’s aware of other UFO-related events and material, at least peripherally, but it doesn't seem to be a major focus of his. I really don't think he would have known a "beamship" from a battleship.

Some of my colleagues emailed me some of the Meier images when I returned from Holland in 2008, and I thought, “Oh my God, they look like the same thing.” Except that, in Robbert’s pictures, the "UFOs" are often translucent, or made up of light balls, instead of being hard-bodied and silvery like in the Meier shots. I had not known the Meier case all that well previously, but I’ve done some reading about it since. But I don't think Robbert knows about Meier's photos in detail, even now. He's almost certainly seen some of them but, like I said before, his attention is most often commandeered by the events going on right around him and his own family.

Brent Raynes: I know that I had seen video of a supposed Meier craft and the way that it bobbed around just made me think of some object that was suspended on a string. It was very light and it was sort of just bouncing around, and people would explain that that was because of anti-gravity or something, and that’s the way that it affects the craft’s movements or whatever. So as far that Billy Meier film that I had seen it didn’t impress me. But then again, there are a lot of pictures that he has.

Nancy Talbott: Remember that in Robbert’s case the UFO images that I show in this report, none of these were visible to the eye, except one that was reportedly actually seen by one of the individuals (Peter Vanlaerhoven, of the DCCA) present, just prior to Robbert taking the actual photo. But neither Robbert nor myself (because I was there during all of this) nor any of the other people around when Robbert's "UFO" photos were taken…none of us except for Peter saw anything. Robbert can feel this energy "presence," where it is and when it is, and he can feel the direction it's coming from. He will turn around and aim the camera in whatever direction he feels the energy moving to. But he doesn’t always see anything at all with his eyes. Sometimes he does see things with his eyes and other times he doesn’t.

Brent Raynes: Well, certainly as far as something that we’d recognize as a UFO, those Billy Meier UFO shapes have almost become like a regular archetype that a lot of people would identify with.

Nancy Talbott: Whether that particular picture is real or not, that’s a UFO?

Brent Raynes: Yes, in a lot of people’s minds that would represent a craft.

Nancy Talbott: Robbert seems to think that when these "UFO" photos started to appear (in the past it has mostly been what I would call light phenomena) there was probably a particular reason for this. [He also, for years, has been taking photographs of people who have died, and that is going to be covered in the next BLT report.] The "UFO" images are a relatively new aspect to Robbert’s situation and so I’ve asked him "why UFO pictures?" And what he has said is that, at the moment the best he "knows" or feels, is that these "UFO" images are emanating from a "cosmic" energy, totally external to him (he has been saying this for years). He feels certain that this is not coming from his subconscious or his unconscious mind, but that the energy source is absolutely outside of himself. [Of course, how would he know if in fact this "energy" was coming from his sub- or unconscious self?]

But Robbert is positive that this is an external energy source. He calls it a "cosmic" energy that is being projected through him as a medium (he is considered to be a gifted medium in Holland and regularly conducts both "healings" and "readings" for his many clients). These energies are being projected through him to, in the case of the "UFO" photos, the cameras--any camera he happens to have in his hands when the energy is present. And Robbert thinks that the images which then appear can most likely be of anything, whatever this cosmic energy source desires.

Brent Raynes: And all of these energies, the UFO, the Mary, the crop circle energies, they are always a very positive energy that he associates with love, right?

Nancy Talbott: Correct. He is absolutely certain that the energies are associated with a spiritual source, a positive spiritual source, which has an interest in benefiting mankind as opposed to something else. Remember, his native language is Dutch. English is not his first language. So trying to get him to give me a better idea of exactly what he means in English is not as easy as people might think it would be. But what he always says, when we are talking about this…he always comes down to expressing this energy, this presence, as "love." When he tells me this there is a sweetness in his tone of voice…and if you happen to be there when he is saying this, you can see it. You can see it all over his body and his face that he is telling you, as best he can, what his experience actually is. He experiences this as a loving presence.

Brent Raynes: Has he had any experiences or encounters with any presence or being that felt bad to him?

Nancy Talbott: Yes, he has. He went through a very terrible time a couple of years ago when he encountered (I have not pushed him in great detail about this) an experience that was totally traumatic; he was almost incapacitated for awhile by it. He has recovered now and he feels that he’s strong enough to deal with that type of energy if he should encounter it again, but it was very dicey going there for awhile. Whatever it was, it was so traumatic that he was truly terrified. He told me once afterwards that he was afraid that he was going to lose his soul and I suspect it took enormous self-discipline and very careful steps for him to recover a sense of balance and capability in all of this. But he has shown me, in a couple of situations since, a strength that I had never seen in him before, and I think that he probably is strengthened enormously since that event.

He does run into unpleasant things occasionally. Particularly when clients will sometimes ask him to come to their homes because they feel something awful present, something like that, and he told me that a couple of times he has encountered very bad things, but they don’t overwhelm him anymore. He’s learned whatever it is that you have to do.

Brent Raynes: Right. Many psychics and shamans have various techniques for grounding themselves and for protecting themselves from the dark side.

Nancy Talbott: Well it sounds like that’s what he’s trying to tell me. For awhile I just didn’t want to reintroduce the trauma that I knew he had experienced, and then, frankly, so many others things have been going on that I have just not thought to go back to that time. It probably wouldn’t bother him so much now to ask more detailed questions than I did back then.

My whole interest in Robbert began simply because of my research into the crop circle phenomenon, the BLT effort to understand better what is going on by studying the physical evidence that is left in the fields (i.e., the plants and soils in the crop circle situations). That’s what I started out to do. It’s what I wanted to do. I had no real interest in pursuing this more metaphysical approach at all.

But then a crop circle enthusiast in Amsterdam who had heard about a young boy in Hoeven around whom crop circles were occurring—this Robbert van den Broeke who seemed to somehow know when and where new circles would occur—contacted me about a specific incident.. I had not paid serious attention to my Amsterdam contact's early reports about Robbert. But then I got this call, I think that this was in 1989, about how a huge glowing ball of light had appeared at this young boy’s balcony.

Robbert has a small balcony off his bedroom and one night his younger sister, Madelon, and he had seen a big rotating ball of light suddenly appear immediately outside the French-style doors that open onto it. When the light-ball had gone, not only were there burn marks on the overhanging eaves, but also on the outsides of the doors….and there was also a pile of white powder lying on the balcony floor. Mr. v/d Broeke, a bank manager in the largest bank in Holland and a very solidly middle-class person, wanted to get a scientific analysis carried out on this white powder apparently left by the light-ball.

This was my first direct contact with the family. The Amsterdam fieldworker forwarded the samples and our BLT consultants carried out a chemical analysis and then sent me the results. I sent the report (the material was found to be a very pure magnesium carbonate; see Part 1: to the fieldworker and to Robbert's father and the following year, when I was in Amsterdam to present a crop circle lecture, Robbert and his family came to meet me.

That was my first actual contact with Robbert. Robbert's parents asked if I could stay with them for a few days before going off to my next lecture and, since I did have the time, I decided to do it. On my second night in their home a truly phenomenal display of light balls and light streaks and flashes, with associated EM physical effects, occurred while Mr. and Mrs. v/d Broeke and I were talking in their living room late that night. It was quite an introduction to what is certainly the most complex, compelling case I have yet run across.

Because I and my colleagues (the BLT Team) thought it made sense to study further the only person in the world we've heard about who knows when and where new crop circles are occurring, as they actually happen. I have now been staying with the family for 2-3 weeks nearly every summer. Originally I thought that, if we could get a handle on some of the other events going on around Robbert, we might have a better opportunity of identifying the physical energies we suspected were behind the circle phenomenon itself. But I didn't have a clue about what was to unfold.

Brent Raynes: Right, and even as, over the years, different parts of it were unfolding, it really didn’t quite get your full attention till more recently? Because it was just something that you didn’t connect with it. Like something I read in your latest report about how at one time Robbert told you he had felt that he was up in a UFO and saw a crop circle being made down below?

Nancy Talbott: Yup. And I remember he told me about a "presence," standing next to him. He had no description of it…just an awareness of a presence that was telling him to look down and watch. Now he had said things like that from time to time--relatively rarely. But occasionally there would be some reference to something that most people would equate with UFOs and I guess that because this didn’t fit in with my preconceived ideas…and, maybe because there is so much stuff going on with him and only a very small bit of it seems to have anything to do with UFOs, I just didn’t pay much attention to it.

And then, after awhile, it just sort of was in my face and I just couldn't not pay attention any longer. So I began to modify my original ideas because that’s where the evidence, like it or not, was going.

I don’t know ultimately what it all means, but one thing I know for sure is that Robbert is not faking anything. I’m not the only person who knows this. But I am the only English-speaking witness to, and representative of, Robbert and these incredible events the two of us have experienced. Of course now, as the reports I'm putting out get more and more difficult to fathom, I get attacked just like Robbert does (some wag recently called me his "assistant"). But anybody who has spent any time with Robbert, or been around him, knows what I’m reporting is true, and there are many Dutch people who know what I’m saying is absolutely accurate.

Robbert is not doing anything (particularly anything with computers) to produce these thousands of weird photographs. Not only did he not have a computer until 2006 (and yet took several thousand strange photos in the years before) he has only the most basic competence on computers even now, as is the case with cameras, or with anything technical. He simply perceives or becomes aware of this energetic presence. He apparently allows it to do its thing, so to speak, and then he takes the camera and points it in whatever direction he perceives that energy to be, and click, click, click. That's it. It doesn’t make any different whether the camera is film or digital or who owns it or who is watching, if it’s happening then it is happening. And the images are always there.

Occasionally he will actually see anomalous things with his eyes, a series of things. Occasionally someone else who is present will also. I’ve seen a few things (mostly flashes of light or light balls) with my eyes, but usually the strange lights and other objects appear only on the camera.

I don’t know if you looked at Part 5 of the "UFO" Photos report? Have you seen those amazing hearts?

Brent Raynes: Yeah, and then I saw how, further on in that report, you report how he felt the presence that caused the hearts was love…and I wondered how maybe that was the message there?

Nancy Talbott: Those photos were taken the last night that I was with him this last year, in 2009. We had gone to the Zavenbergen field and I was silently feeling gratitude to whatever this is for these amazing insights, these incredible experiences I've had all of these years. And then Robbert took my camera and started to take pictures and what appeared, of course, were those hearts. Those brilliant, brilliant, glowing hearts…and we’re out in the middle of a totally black field in an area where there are no houses, no streetlights, nothing. Neither one of us saw a thing with our eyes and those hearts are so bright that when I looked at the images in Photoshop Elements when I got home and tried to brighten them to see if I could see anything else, I could see nothing else in the photos at all. There is nothing else in those images except for the hearts.

If you take any normal photograph and put it in Photoshop Elements and try to change the contrast or the brightness, you will see other details. But there's nothing else in those heart photos except for the hearts, until after the "light ship" thing appeared, and then in the last four hearts all have what looked like little UFOs inside the hearts. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. I couldn’t have imagined that if I had tried.

When Robbert and I scrolled back through the photos he saw the "UFOs" before I did. He was very startled and cried out, “Look, Look, Look! There’re UFOs in the hearts.” I looked and I saw them, and thought, “What in the world?” And I asked him, “What does that mean, Robbert?” And immediately, without a second's hesitation, he answered: “We come with love.”

Now I don’t know…and I think that other people need to interpret these things as they see fit, but I think that the symbol of a heart is pretty universal.

Brent Raynes: Again it appears to be an interactive process.

Nancy Talbott: It appears that way to me also, and all I’m hoping is that Robbert’s intuition is correct insofar as this certainty that this energy represents a loving, positive source. It seems more likely to me that he is correct than that he is not. I don’t see any evidence to the contrary. But it’s also terribly strange and a little hard to know exactly what to think.

Brent Raynes: I also recall that, toward the conclusion of Part 5, Robbert comments that people have been sleeping and that this presence wants us to, I guess, like awaken from our slumber and to really know more of what is going on?

Nancy Talbott: He surprises me every once in awhile with the stuff he says. He said, very clearly and in very good English, “People must grow up.” This is not the kind of thing that I’ve ever heard him say before. “People have got to grow up. Take responsibility for their lives. Take responsibility for recognizing reality.” Sometimes he says these things and he sounds like a college professor…and the rest of the time his English is nowhere near like that. But this seems to be the message that he’s getting and the one he feels it is important to pass on.