X-Sightings: Recent UFO and Paranormal Reports

Compiled by Brent Raynes

Mothman in Middle Tennessee?

July 20, 2005 - approx. 10:30 p.m. - Near Thompsons Station, Tennessee. Noted abductee Sandy Nichols states that he was driving west on Bethesda-Arno road. He was only going about 40 MPH on this country road when, rounding a curve, he first saw “the creature” initially an estimated 300 foot distance. Sandy recalled: “The creature was standing a foot or two off the side of the road on the south side. In back of him was the back side of a 7 _ foot tall road sign. The sign was attached to a grated metal pole, and the sign itself was triangular and 3 _ feet in width from point to point, and attached some 3 _ feet up the pole from the ground. The top of the creature’s head was several inches above the sign, though his feet were on the ground. This would have put the creature nearly eight feet tall. The creature’s body was covering about 1/5 of the triangular sign. The head of the creature was human in shape but with a peculiar triangular appearance as well. The head seemed a tad bit too large for the rest of the body. The neck was normal in appearance and attached to narrow shoulders. The chest appearance was normal, though narrower than one would have imagined. The chest area tapered down to a very thin looking waist. The legs of the creature were long and slender, almost skinny, especially their thigh area extending down to the knees. Both arms were long and thin and connected to hands with long, slender fingers, four or five, I am not sure. The face of the creature was shrouded in a shadow like appearance. I could discern no facial features. The creature’s arms were outstretched, and attached to the wrist of both arms was dark webbing that extended downward and attached at the knees, and also was attached to the torso of the body directly at the underarm and extending downward to the knees. The webbing was solid in structure, with a slight tapering that came to a point mid way to the knees, and then continued to taper as above to the knees. From the shoulders down to the feet, with the exception of the arms and webbing, the color of the creature was bright, reflective red. The color reminded me of paintings that depict the Devil with the ever present pitchfork, though I had absolutely no gut feeling that this creature was either the Devil or any other type of religious portrayed demon. My gut feeling told me that this was some type of unknown species that modern day science insists does not exist. The duration of my sighting was a brightly lit 7 to 8 seconds and at one point not more than 7 feet from the open window of my car and as I passed the creature. Never once did the creature move or make any type of hostile gesture toward me.”

After driving down the road about a 100 yards, Sandy came to a complete stop, turned around there in the middle of the road and headed back. He didn’t see the strange apparition any more. He even retraced the trip several times afterwards, but has yet again to see “the creature” looking thing. He noted: “I have traveled down this road numerous times day and night, and have never once mistaken a tree limb, brush, road signs, or the rarity of nighttime walkers for a creature such as I witnessed.”

Submitted by Sandy Nichols

Barbell-shaped UFO over Carter County, Tennessee

August 31, 2005 - 10 p.m. - Carter County, Tennessee. Two persons who were outside stargazing observed a noiseless barbell-shaped object flying in a slow and straight path across the sky toward the southeast. Illuminated by the city lights of Elizabethton, the surface appeared as a gunmetal gray in color, while the shape consisted of two large round structures connected by a small tube- like form that made up about a third of the object’s overall length. The barbell-shaped object also had four lights. Two steady white lights on the forward spherical structure and two red lights on the rear one, with one red light blinking and the other remaining steady.

Source: http://www.ufocasebook.com/091205.html

Source: Kim Shaffer, Appalachian UFO Research Center, website: www.auforc.com

Special thanks to Kelly for bring this to my attention!

Oval UFO over New York

September 1, 2005 - approx. 2:30-2:45 a.m. - Shirley, New York. A married couple were sitting in the hot tub in their backyard. From this vantage point they have a clear view of the sky. “The sky was just clearing from being cloudy grey looking clouds,” they reported. “We were looking up toward the sky. An object moving very, very slow was moving south to north over the William Floyd Parkway area. It was oval with red lights all around it. In the front there was a bright beam of light just cutting through the clouds. So bright that there is no way this was a plane or helicopter! Also it was quiet! No noise. I live near a small airport about a couple of miles away and you would hear all the planes in the sky. There was no other objects in the sky except for this one. It was so bright that it was no way one of our aircraft. Our planes or aircraft would be loud, and the lights were like so bright, crisp and clear! The object moved so slow no plane could do this without stalling! It moved through the clouds and was cutting through the dense clouds just like a knife through butter. It went behind the trees and then gone! No noise or lights! Just like vanished! We were both convinced that this was a UFO.”

Source: National UFO Reporting Center. Website: www.ufocenter.om.

Former US Airman sees Oval UFO over Michigan

September 3, 2005 - 12:45 p.m. - Kent City, Michigan. Former 27-year-old airman with the U.S. Air Force claimed that he happened to look overhead and saw a “white oval shaped unidentified craft” flying from the northeast to the southwest. “I saw it expand and contract slightly a few times,” the man reported. “It was moving about as fast as a commercial airliner, as far as I could tell. Maybe a little faster. I could tell it was about as high as the clouds because it seemed to pass through a couple. There was no contrail and no sound. Also from the distance that I estimated it to be from me, it must have been about the same length as a commercial airliner. Maybe more, and also it looked maybe 30% to 50% wider. As I was watching it in clear view it suddenly disappeared. I watched it cover about 40% of the sky. The sighting lasted about a total of 4 minutes.”

Source: National UFO Reporting Center. Website: www.ufocenter.com.

Rectangular UFO over Greene County, Tennessee

September 5, 2005 - 9:40 p.m. - Greene County, Tennessee. Three witnesses, all life long amateur astronomers, consisting of a man, his wife, and a college friend, reportedly observed a large dark rectangular shaped object hovering near Interstate 81. There was a small area of greenish blue luminescence from each corner of the underside of the object. One of the witnesses first spotted this object while scanning low on the horizon to the south with binoculars. The object, described as nearly rectangular and very thin and flat, took up about 1/4 of the viewing field in the binoculars. It was felt that the object was hundreds of feet across, and during the observation it would occasionally wobble and rotate slowly. When it was the wife’s turn to look at the object through the binoculars she noticed the lights on each corner become brighter, and then the object vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared.

Source: www.auforc.com

Triangular UFO over Kentucky

September 7, 2005 - 12:15 a.m. - Minnie, Kentucky. A Charles Castle reported: “Dad was outside smoking and he hollered at me to come look. The object was triangular-shaped and seemed to have red, white and maybe yellowish lights along its V-shape. It was moving slowly and lower than any airplane. And the sound it made was nothing like any airplane. It was a very low humming noise. We watched as it went around Slone Mountain.” Then it disappeared from sight.

Source: UFO ROUNDUP, Vol. 10, No. 37, 09-14-05. Website: www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/

Little Man Floats up into the air, witnessed by crowd in Northern Thailand

September 8, 2005 - Village of Ban Sop Huai Hai, Chiang Mai province, in northern Thailand. Reportedly a “crowd of people” observed a “small-statured alien in the ride paddies at the edge of the village. The alien was there for an hour, and most of the people saw him. The entity was first seen on this rice farm by four or five of the workers.” Eventually a UFO appeared high in the sky above and the small entity “floated up and disappeared in the air.” (Event reported by Ruxo Zheng and Terry W. Colvin)

Source: Same as above.

Mexico: Chupacabras Allegedly Reappears in Neuvo Leon

Six goats were found dead last night in Rancho El Cadillo in the municipality of Juarez, state of Nuevo Leon (Mexico).

The report came from Mr. Jesus Gel Gonzalez, the ranch’s owner, at 10:03 p.m. Thursday night, when he advised the municipal police that six of his animals had been found dead from very strange wounds to their bodies. Police officers and Dr. Oscar Sanchez, director of the department of health for Juarez, reported to the scene and found the carcasses of six goats presenting very deep wounds on their necks. The injuries appeared to be the bite of some predatory animal, although what most surprised the officials was the fact that there wasn’t a drop of blood to be found in any of the bodies.

The rancher stated having seen a creature standing 1.20 meters tall, grey in color and with a 4- meter wingspan, whom he suspects is the culprit in the goat slayings. He added that this is not the first time that animals have been killed in such a way on his property, and that even some of his dogs have disappeared.

Policemen reporting to the scene found some prints resembling large, four-fingered claws, but were unable to determine the type of beast they corresponded to. Dr. Sanchez said that these deaths are not normal, given that a predator such as a puma or coyote would have ripped into the goats’ abdomen to feed on their organs. The creature responsible for the goat deaths only sucked their blood, but what type of animal could have caused this remains a mystery.

Source: Mundo Misterioso

Date: September 22, 2005.

Credit and Translation (c). Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Website: www.inexplicata.us

Special thanks again to Sandy Nichols of the Alien Research Group for keeping me advised of the latest UFO reports from a variety of sites. Sandy’s website is: www.alienresearchgroup.com.