My Brother is a Hairy Man

By Ida M. Kannenberg and Lee Trippett

2009, 263 pages, $14.99 • ISBN: 978-1-905747-36-8


Reviewed by Brent Raynes

What happens when a veteran Bigfoot hunter and a UFO contactee/psychic communicator team up to explore and comprehend the perplexing reports of Bigfoot? Well, in this particular instance, these two determined and pioneering researchers have delved deeply and with a very open mind into one of the most complex and controversial enigmas known to modern mankind, and they have emerged with a treasure trove of thought-provoking insights and information. The authors share within the captivating pages of this incredible and factual book the physical and psychic answers that they have amassed in the course of their mind-boggling journey. There are also some great photographs, including ancient Native American petroglyphs of strange looking beings, two legged and winged. There are also some other neat photos of interesting places and interesting objects, like alleged inscribed gold tablets obtained from a cave on the Utah-Arizona border, pictures and drawings of one of the famous and ancient miniature gold airplanes of Columbia, written about extensively and originally by the late Ivan Sanderson.

A lot of strange and interesting ground is covered in this book. A Native medicine woman shared sometime back with Ida as to how Bigfoot has long been known by her people and interacted with them as well, even helped injured hunters, and Ida’s alien contacts reveal how man and Bigfoot were both long ago genetically engineered by beings from the Arcturus star system. We read how Bigfoot even selected the title for this book, My Brother is a Hairy Man, which comes from Genesis 27:11. They know our Bible! Ida’s contacts either connect a lot of dots for us or else her right brain hemisphere is on creative overdrive.

Either way, if Bigfoot is of interest to you, and a possible UFO connection (with paranormal components as well) then this book needs to be part of your library. It just may contain key pieces of the Bigfoot puzzle that we are missing.


Reality UFO Series, Volume 2—The Evidence is Here

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

Reality Entertainment • Website: •DVD, 180 minutes

Leading UFO researchers Dr. Richard Boyland and Keith Basterfield describe some interesting UFO case studies. Dr. Boyland talks about the Star Kids, presumably genetically altered humans in our very midst, while Mr. Basterfield delves into the UFO and paranormal connection. Freddy Silva talks about his investigations into the crop circle phenomenon. He seemed very laid back but very insightful, interesting, and passionate about this subject, and I think that field is lucky to have him as a spokesperson.


Magic: History/Theory/Practice

Dr. Ernst Schertel

COTUM: Catalog of the Universal Mind

PO Box 8755 • Boise, ID 83707

2009, 137 pages, $18.95 • ISBN: 978-0-578-02457-8

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

What makes this occult treatise different from others is that not long after it was published back in 1923, the author, Dr. Ernst Schertel, sent a signed copy to Adolf Hitler. Years later, the book was found in a previously missing section of Hitler’s library. It was reportedly worn and heavily-marked by Hitler. As J.H. Kelly explains in the Introduction, he has high-lighted those sections (a total of 66), and he states that he believes that this “gives us a new look into the mind of one of the most notorious leaders to ever exist.”

However, that may not be a major selling point for a lot of people, but if you happen to be interested in old writings on the occult (it also has an eye catching color cover illustration from 1483 by Michael Pacher, “Saint Wolfgang and the Devil”) then this book may be of interest to you.

Some of the passages highlighted by Hitler included:

“What we call our ‘soul’ is the sum of all world energies.”

“Service makes great, but dominance makes greater.”

“False images are necessary for the recognition of truth.”

“Satan is the beginning…”