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A Ghostly or Angelic Visitation?

On the morning of March 19th, Tennessee abductee Sandy Nichols of Thompson Station, had a very strange experience. “My friend Janice (Edwards) down in Little Rock (Arkansas) had an aunt,” Sandy explained. “She was very close to this aunt, who was in her 80s, and who was the last remaining sibling of her dad’s family. She lived in a little south Arkansas.” Sandy recalled how Janice had gone to visit her aunt, who was sick, and so Sandy told Janice he wouldn’t call and disturb her during that time, and to call him when it was where she could.

“So I didn’t hear from her for a couple of days,” Sandy said. “I sleep on the couch a lot – in a little den area. The couch is against like this half wall, and on the other side of the half wall is the kitchen. So you’ve got the couch and then there’s a coffee table and then if you keep on going down there’s a little open space and like a double window that looks out on to the front porch. To the left of this open space you’ve got the left side of the house which is the wall for the garage, on the other side of that wall, and on that wall, inside this little den/livingroom area is a fireplace to the left–a little small gas burning fireplace–and that’s about centered up on the wall in this den area. Then there’s a little gap there, and then that’s where the TV is, which is in a wood cabinet, and the TV is kind of sitting at an angle so that we can watch it while sitting on the couch.

“Now being an abductee I’m very conscious of time and I’m always looking at the time. So I laid down on the couch, I pulled the blanket over me, laid my head down on the pillow, and then I look at the clock, which is sitting on the other side of the room–in big bright letters–and the clock said 1:55. Then I know what time it is and I close my eyes. Then at exactly 2:20 I wake up, and the reason I know it is exactly 2:20 is because the way I am sleeping on the couch my back is to the back of the couch and as I open my eyes I am looking straight at the double window looking over the porch, and just to the right of the double window is the table where the little lamp is and the clock. So it’s just straight on in my vision.”

“So after I see the time I just notice, for whatever reason, I kind of look–I don’t know why–I guess just normal looking around–I look over toward the fireplace, and right past the fireplace, between the fireplace and the TV–which is an area only about wide enough for a person basically to stand–I saw this figure. It was very humanoid in shape. I could not see the face, but I had the distinct impression that it was a female figure. I could see long hair. This thing was in like a white robe or a white gown–something like that. It went all the way down to her ankle, and it was a very flowing type of gown, and she had her right arm up, kind of bent a bit, kind of like in an L shape. Her left arm was down to her left side, but out from her body. And with her right arm being up I could tell this gown had this real, like a sleeve...that came down halfway between her elbow and her wrist, but it hung down real low–at least half way from her armpit down to her waist. So it was a very flowy, open robe. It reminded me of robes like priests wear sometimes in their services....where sleeves open probably four feet wide.”

“Anyway this figure was floating above the ground–just a couple of inches away from the wall, between the fireplace and the TV, floating probably a foot off of the ground. This figure was kind of tall too, from what I could best guess. At least I would say in the neighborhood of five and a half feet tall. And with her arm being up and her other arm being down she was moving her arms, both of them, up and down, but only like an inch or two at the max. The main thing that was moving was the hand. She was kind of up and down with the hand. ...Like a little rocking motion.”

“I didn’t see any wings or anything, but it was almost like someone would do if you’re trying to balance yourself. But instead of your arms being straight out in a T one is down and away from your body on the left and the other one is up like in an L pattern. It would be almost like you’re balancing, but I know she wasn’t trying to balance herself. She was just kind of moving her arms. But mainly kind of her hands in a very fluid motion. I did not feel threatened, intimidated or anything. I did not feel any fear whatsoever from this.”

“This apparition–this being, this woman, whatever–started floating toward me, and as she floated from the wall over to the coffee table–and the coffee table was between myself and her–and as she comes over to the coffee table she literally starts to rise up in the air to where–and it’s not real fast–it’s a gradual rise up to where when she gets to the coffee table itself she is now floating about a foot above the coffee table, where she was floating a foot above the floor. Now she’s floating about a foot above the coffee table and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Am I seeing things? Am I really seeing what I’m seeing?’ Because it’s dark in the room, I don’t believe there was much of a moon out, the eve lights were out–so there wasn’t a whole lot of light shining in, except for residual light from say down the street shining through the blinds or something, but very little light.”

“My wife had gotten up and walked through the room and I could still see her in shadow form. Well I knew this was not shadow form because of the color of the gown. It was like she had her own little mild light glow around her. So I said ‘I’m going to close my eyes for a few seconds and see if this is just my imagination or whatever,’ so I closed my eyes, for about 5 seconds and opened them, and it was not only still there, it had actually had moved down from the coffee table probably a good two feet to where it was now hovering a foot above the coffee table and about three feet above the floor. Because it was at the very end of the coffee table and where it was it was right at my head, and the whole time it was moving it was very slow moving, very graceful moving, and the arms, the whole time, were still going up and down. Just very slight movement.”

“Then it started moving backwards and it didn’t go back down the coffee table, it moved backwards from where it was, and as it moved backwards it also, once it got past the coffee table, it dropped lower, and then it went back to the exact same spot where I had seen it before. Then it just plain disappeared. It just wasn’t there anymore.”

“It’s kind of weird with these things when you don’t see them anymore. They don’t disappear. They don’t fade out. They just aren’t there anymore.”

“I eventually went back to sleep, and then the next morning Sherry got up to go into work and I woke up off the couch, and I told her what I saw. ...Then around 4 o’clock that afternoon I felt like I needed to call Janice, and so I called her. I had gotten an email from Janice and she had said that her aunt had passed away. So I knew that her aunt had passed away.”

“I wasn’t going to call Janice because I figured she would be busy doing preps to bury her aunt... Then about 4 o’clock I just said I need to call her, so I called her and I got her and I had told her that I was sorry her aunt had passed away and all of this stuff, and we talked about that for a little while... Then I decided, ‘Let’s change the subject,’ so I said, ‘Oh, by the way, let me tell you something.’ So I told Janice the story and told her about closing my eyes after seeing the clock at 1:55 and then opening my eyes at 2:20, and when I said those times Janice said, ‘What? What time were they again?’ She was very startled when I gave her that time, and according to Janice her aunt passed away at either 2 o’clock or 2:05. So we’re saying, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I had never met this aunt, didn’t know what she looked like or anything like that, but Janice had talked to the aunt and told the aunt about me because Janice and I are really close buddies, and Janice had told the aunt quite a bit about me. So we speculated–we don’t know if this is what happened–but the figure that I saw I looked at it as either a ghost or some kind of angelic type figure because of the way it was moving, the white little outfit it had on, the glow, and stuff like that. We also speculated that maybe since we knew the time she passed away and we knew the time I went to sleep that maybe it was her aunt–for whatever reason–came to check me out, to make sure that I was a good person. Because Janice was very close to this aunt.”

“This actually is not the first time that something strange had happened associated with Janice.”

Nearly a month after Sandy had told me this incredible story, he introduced me to Janice on June 24th, during a visit she made to Tennessee. I then got to hear first-hand, in Janice’s own words, some of the other “strange” things that had happened in connection with Janice and her family. One in particular also seemed to give credence to a life-after-death perspective.

Case of the Floating Green Scarf!

“My husband didn’t know this person...though he knows my good friend, Rita Mary,” Janice began. “This lady who passed away over in Fort Smith, Arkansas was her aunt. My friend Rita Mary and I had driven to Fort Smith, when this aunt passed away, and the family was all gathered at the funeral home. They had her dressed in this lovely green knit suit and a pretty greenish looking scarf and everything. I hadn’t talked to my husband telling him about how they had dressed her or anything for the funeral preparation, and when I get back home he says to me, ‘You know, I was sitting in the den and I looked up (there’s some windows at the back of our den, in our livingroom, with the little post in between)–and he says, ‘All of a sudden, I just saw this green scarf floating in the livingroom, on the other side of that opening between the den and the livingroom.’ And I just kind of passed it off. I said, ‘Well that’s interesting that you saw that,’ and that’s not unusual for him to have things to happen in our house. (She laughs) Because he’s pretty sensitive to things like that around him.

“Well, it wasn’t until about two days later–I mean, the lady has already been buried and I’m back home, and the son of the lady who died and another friend came over to visit, and I said, “Danny, tell Nelson and Jay about your experience the other night with the scarf,”and he said, “Oh yeah, I was sitting in here and there was this green scarf just floating over there on the other side of that opening,’and all of a sudden Jay, the son of this deceased woman and I–automatically it clicked between the two of us what this green scarf was that Danny had seen. (It) was an image of his mother’s scarf–was floating there–and for whatever reason–I don’t have a clue why these kinds of things happen like that, except maybe aunt Wilma wanted to come check (me)out because I had come to the family’s aid at that particular time. And at this other instance that Sandy told you about I had gone to that family’s aid, at the time of my aunt’s passing.”

“I don’t know what it really means, except that it was a confirmation to the son and I that there really is life on the other side and they’re letting us know by going to someone else who had no clue about who they were or anything about them. ...As with Sandy, because Sandy had no idea. He was in Tennessee and I was in south Arkansas, in El Dorado, with my cousins and my aunt’s family. So I’m really not sure why these (things) occur, except like I said unless it’s because they’re just wanting to let me know that there really is–and others around me to know that there really is life existing after ones earthly life.”