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The Melodies of Nature

Tom Hendrix, the author of the incredible book, If The Legends Fade, is of Euchee Indian ancestry. His book is the inspiring story of his great-great grandmother named Te-lah-nay. Tom talks widely about this special Euchee woman, and often David Walton will accompany him and play his flute. David has a very special musical gift that Tom and many others recognize and appreciate. Also his music comes to him in a very unique manner.

David is greatly inspired by nature and he hears melodies in trees and water. David explained to me,“You’ve got my flute CD. It is entitled Beauty of the Earth. The songs on there, like the song Oh Sacred Tree, I was sitting under a 3,000 year old Redwood tree meditating, when all of a sudden I heard this melody coming from the tree. It felt like a gift from the tree. I just pulled out my flute and started playing it. The same thing with the song for Tom’s great-great grandmother Te-lah-nay, and that was way back in 1975, and I had only been playing flute for a year and I was at a place on Cypress Creek, and I was meditating there for a number of hours, just listening to the water flowing when all of a sudden the melody just came up out of the water. As clear as a bell, and I knew that it was Native American. And the interesting thing about that song was that I never performed it in public until I met Tom, 27 years later.”

“The title cut, Beauty of the Earth, came to me in the mountains of Oregon. I was sitting under an ancient oak tree, looking out over the forest of a beautiful hidden canyon. All of those songs on the CD (except Amazing Grace) were inspired by nature.”

“All of my life I’ve loved going to quiet places in forests and by rivers or in the mountains to just sit quietly and listen and observe the natural world. Many times when my mind becomes still I hear melodies coming to me from trees, birds, and water flowing.”

David initially began playing guitar, back in 1971, and then in 1974, while at a blue grass festival in East Tennessee he met a woman who had a bamboo flute, and he immediately knew that he wanted to become a flute player.

I asked David if he had any Native American ancestry. “My great-great grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee,” he stated. “I’m a white person with Native American heritage. But I’ve always felt an affinity with the Native American view of living in harmony with the natural world. Even as a kid I was always in the woods and by the river. I was in love with nature and I’ve spent my life exploring and experiencing the beauty of Mother Earth and sharing these experiences with others through my music.”

Interestingly, Cypress Creek runs into the Tennessee River. To the Euchee it was The Singing River and a young woman lived within it and sang beautiful songs to them. The Pascagoula River, that runs through Mississippi and Louisiana, is also called a Singing River. There’s an account of this in Great Southern Mysteries by E. Randall Floyd (1989). This story goes that a “mermaid-like sea-goddess” lived in the Pascagoula River and would produce beautiful music for the Biloxi Indian tribe that lived on the river banks.

If anyone would like to order one of David’s CD’s they’re really wonderful! David played his flute at our daughter’s wedding back in August. He now sells them for only $15.00 each. This is a real bargain! Simply send check or money order to: David Walton, P.O. Box 1, Sheffield, AL 35660. Again the title of the CD is Beauty of the Earth.