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Crystal-Composed UFO?

Here’s one of those UFO stories that’s way stranger than most! On a clear blue, sunny July Sunday in 1985, around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a pilot flying a camouflaged Grumman Yankee TR-2 (N1650R) airplane was making his approach to the Port Columbus International airport of Columbus, Ohio, when he saw something unusual in the sky. It was like a second sun, a bright sphere of light, located on the back side of a large cumulous cloud. It was at about 4,000 feet and some five miles North-northwest of the airport. Nothing was on radar in that area, except his plane.

Coming within some 200 yards of the brilliant orb, it was now hundreds of times larger than the real sun itself, which was still clearly visible above. Trained by the U.S. Navy in radar operations, the pilot was quite mystified why only his plane was showing up on the ground radar. Curious and taking stock of the anomalous situation, the pilot decided to overcome his fear and fly in for a closer look. Squinting through his sun glasses, he began to initiate a slow left turn toward the brilliant orb. Then, about half way through the turn, it was as though the bright light had been switched off, and in its place appeared a “huge medium grey sphere.” What was really strange was that the sphere was, in the words of the pilot himself, “made up of millions of clearly visible, perfectly flawless identical pentagon shaped translucent/opaque crystals about 6 inches long, with pointed ends, and all spaced identically about one foot apart and NOT moving.”

A very curious sight indeed! Seeing that the huge object was not actually solid, but composed of these thousands of evenly spaced crystals, he decided to make contact with his left wing, figuring that he could dislodge many crystals that might fall to the ground and could be later analyzed in a lab. If things went badly he still had his parachute, he decided. So he did it, and when his left wing sliced into the crystals the sound was comparable to that of an “intense hale storm on tin roof.”

“The hundreds of contacted crystals broke cleanly over the leading edge of my wing (strange but no fragments) and I could clearly see that the severed surfaces were of a light smooth frosty texture,” the pilot noted. “At this time, I could see approximately 40 to 50 feet deep into the crystals (UFO) where it became totally dense and black with nothing but the crystals. I also noticed that those crystals my wing did NOT contact were NOT effected by the turbulence of my wing. They never moved or even quavered. Another observation that was ‘not possible.’ ...The sound and the drag created by my wings collision with the crystals was consistent with the solid weight of ice (or the like) and caused my aircraft to cartwheel, which caused a 60 degree CCW roll. I remember this because I became instantly concerned about gyro damage and then just as instantly realized how insignificant that was considering what had just happened.”

Afterwards the pilot carefully examined the wing for fragments imbedded in it, but found none, though the leading edge of the wing was missing paint and fiberglass. “I didn’t think until much later that there might have been microscopic evidence in the fiberglass,” the pilot added. “I’ve been kicking myself for that ever since then. The good news is that the wing was repaired and repainted so it is possible that microscopic fragments still exist imbedded underneath the new paint. I recently checked the ‘N’ number and the plane is still flying and in California. I’m seriously thinking about buying it back for this reason.”

Source: Filer’s Files #12, 2005, located at:

That’s a pretty strange report. How does one make sense of it?

I don’t really know. I did find it interesting that it was composed of what practitioners worldwide of shamanism would recognize as a powerful tool....the crystal! I was reminded of my conversations years ago with Madeline Teagle of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, about quartz crystal “rods” found imbedded in Indian Mounds, and how she introduced me to a shaman/contactee who explained that these were often used as “beacons” for the UFOs.

Brant Secunda, an American trained in the Huichol (Mexican) shamanic traditions makes one of the most incredible statements about shamanism and crystals in an interview in Magical Blend magazine (Issue #64, 1999), where he was quoted on the Huichol view of death and the afterlife: “They say you go to the realm of light. When someone dies, we do a ceremony within five days to escort the spirit to the realm of light or what we call the Sky Realm. After five years, a shaman can bring your spirit back in the form of a little quartz crystal. It’s a totally magical ceremony. The spirit actually comes down from the sky in a crystal: a physical crystal manifests in the sky and lands there on the altar. It’s very wild. It defies our model of reality.”

The Blue Light and Solar Influences?

In my last column, I wrote about people (myself included) who have described seeing an inner blue light, and of its possible significance. Alexander Zikas, a ufologist, engineer, and fellow blue light experiencer, wrote after reading my report and offered the following speculation: “I am hoping that during the next solar minimum of sunspots and solar radiation (in a couple of years), the light will be active. This is the time of UFO flaps which I believe are psychic events of the blue light that are projected outside the body.”

Again I don’t really know, but over the years there have been ufological speculations that UFO waves did coincide with solar activity. Doctors Persinger and Little have offered some interesting data in support of that theory with regard to UFOs, as well as psychic events. But as far as the usual eleven year sunspot cycle that scientists have grown accustomed to monitoring, researcher-author Will Hart may have thrown a monkey wrench into that particular scenario. He speculates in an article in Atlantis Rising (Issue #49, Jan./Feb. 2005) that the significant 2012 year of Mayan prophecy will also coincide with massive solar eruptions, as well as other “earth changes,” pointing out how earthquakes, volcanoes, and severe storms have been increasing rather dramatically since 1960. He also points out how we’ve been having super intense solar flares and storms during the in-between period that is supposed to be calmer. He believes that it’s all building up to a significant period of solar influenced “earth changes,” and that ancient Mayan priests had keen insight into these complex cosmic cycles and their influences upon terrestrial events. He pointed out that on October 5th of last year, when Mt. St. Helens quaked, TEN other volcanoes became active that very same day. He added that in a review by the United Nations disaster reduction agency of global catastrophic events, that more than 254 million people were affected by “natural disasters” in 2003....almost a threefold increase since 1990.

In addition, Hart states that he had earlier predicted publically that there would be an increase in natural disasters following the transit of Venus in June 2004, and sure enough since June 22 (around the summer solstice, by the way), when the Ijen volcano in Java, Indonesia became active, other volcanoes began erupting worldwide. Hart accuses scientists of trying to hide this data from the public by focusing on statistical “averages” rather than the actual upward trend of major volcanic, earthquake, hurricane and solar events that have been on the increase over the past 45 years.