Reality Checking with Brent Raynes

Peruvian Whistling Vessels and creating altered states.

In past editions of Alternate Perceptions journal (#45, 48 & 52) I’ve written about the profound experience described by our Cherokee/Choctaw friend Wanda “Dove” Tice of Alabama, in connection with the Peruvian Whistling Vessels, and then I even came to interview one Bonita Luz, and then myself, Dove and others got to experience a sacred whistling vessel ceremony through her. These ancient acoustical instruments have certainly generated a great deal of speculation and discussion.

In a 1995 interview with Don Wright, entitled Whistlings of the Gods ( we read about how this “Keeper of the Peruvian Whistling Vessels” first and very profound experience with these objects came about. At the time, Wright was studying psychology and theology at Boston College and was interested in studying the many different techniques by which the many different religions of the world were able to enter altered states of consciousness. One day he met a professor who had a set of these vessels and the professor told Wright that he really needed to experience the Peruvian Whistling Vessels first-hand. So a few days later he did. In his whistling vessel experience he perceived that there was something like a “cylinder”in the “center of the room,” and yet “somehow larger than the room.” “I can’t explain that,” Wright admitted. His perception was that the cylinder was “infinitely going in both directions (up and down) and the density and thickness of the wall of the cylinder was fluctuating with the sound, and the light (that was in it) was also moving with the sound. In the center of the cylinder was void beyond voidness. ...It frightened me! Then I suddenly discovered that I was getting this buzz that was right inside my head and it was becoming tremendously intense. It felt kind of like a straw was in the center of my brain shooting this effervescence up against my skull and was pouring down.” Later Wright reflected on how this might have been the activation of the kundalini process, of which he had studied and had even had an article published.

Later in the interview Wright repeated his description of the skull sensation, stating: “Like bubbles. Like, maybe, soda water spraying through a straw against the top of the inside of my skull. I could feel that energy pouring over. I sat the vessel down and I got up and walked out.” He had been frightened by the experience and told the professor, “We can’t do this! We don’t know what we’re doing here! It’s like we’re opening a door way!”

Study the vessels he did. In fact, for years he has made them, and the orders have come in from all over the world. He seems to be one of the best known whistling vessel creators today. He regards the vessels as “sacred.” “By sacred I don’t mean religious, I mean precious to human experience,” Wright explained in the interview. “I believe they provide a totally accessible and real transpersonal experience.”

Although of a different context, Wright’s initial whistling vessel experience somewhat reminds me of Dove’s “memories” because of the possible “crown” chakra aspect, and the cylinder or tube with a light energy in it (even though the size is different). It seems a lot of people have profound, mystical type experiences in relation to these objects.


No one seems to know for certain, but some researchers have noted how something called a “binaural beat” may induce altered states of consciousness that produce phenomena such as remote viewing, telepathy, and out-of-body experiences. Binaural beat patterns presumably occur when “two coherent sounds of nearly similar frequencies” are perceived by both hemispheres of the brain and a third “signal” is then perceived, and that’s the “binaural beat.” The Monroe Institute reportedly sells and distributes “binaural beat” producing tapes/CDs ( that some speculate may be the same effect produced by Peruvian Whistling Vessels (

Well-known researcher-author Brad Steiger recently shared in an introduction, that he has written for my forthcoming book Visitors From Hidden Realms, that he has used tapes of the whistling vessels to induce “mild trance states in subjects.” He noted that as with Dove’s case, often “individuals recall what seem to be memories suggestive of alien contact or past life experiences in Peru.” He added, “The sound of the vessels also seems to induce a state of consciousness wherein the subjects feel that their spirit bodies may travel free of time and space in other dimensions.”

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