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Dwarfs In China

UFO Abductions: What's Happening Now? An Informal Surver of UFO Investigators

An American lady living in China recently emailed me about my story in Alternate Perceptions awhile back pertaining to the Dropas (attributed to Hartwig Hausdorf’s book The Chinese Roswell). Supposedly, these ancient dwarfish sized people said they were of extraterrestrial origin, arriving long ago when their space ship crashed on earth. At any rate, this lady claimed that she was living in the region of the Dropa caves, near the Bayan Kara Ula Mountains. In a second email I learned that she had been inquiring of “local Tibetan friends” about “these dwarves.” Of such stories she noted: “They seem to be very widespread. These dwarves with yellow skin. Though I am in Amdo right now, most sightings (by my friends here) have been in central Tibet. But one town in particular in southern Amdo seems to have a farming community of all dwarves. When the weather gets tolerable in spring, I’ll go check it out.”

Hopefully, more information will be forthcoming. In the meantime, if any of our other readers have any information to share on this subject we’d certainly be very interested in hearing from them as well.

UFO Abductions....What’s Happening Now?

Inquiring minds want to know! That’s why I decided to ask around and survey the thoughts and opinions of people who have had involvement with UFOs and the so-called abduction phenomenon. I even made a call to England and spoke with the famous psychic Uri Geller. “I am a great believer in UFOs,” he told me. “There is no doubt in my mind that aliens do exist.” While he admitted that there wasn’t enough “tangible proof” to prove that “abductions” are occurring, he added: “It is possible. I’m very, very open minded, and whenever I get emails about people who claim that they were abducted, I always take them seriously.” (For more details on Uri’s UFO views and his own personal experiences, go to my interview with him in this issue)

Of eight (8) others surveyed, five (5) felt the “abduction” activity had decreased (two even used the word “considerably”), while one (1) wasn’t sure (pointing out he is not as active in this area in recent years), while another explained UFO events often occur in “waves”and that many people do not report experiences, while another one chalked it up to our “perceptions.” “It is my opinion that only our perceptions and enthusiasm regarding any ‘paranormal activity’ loses momentum or changes its form and direction,” this last one noted.

Here were some of the interesting thoughts some of you shared on this aspect:

“I believe that the agenda the aliens set out has been more or less accomplished. Those would be the ‘greys.’ Other types still come here but they are unique cases. To understand what I have said read ‘Cosmic Voyage.’ It explains the agenda of the Greys.” – Aileen Garoutte, founder of UFO Contact Center International, former editor of The Missing Link

“Definitely changed form, in that the topic is much more open now and people aren’t afraid to talk about it. There seems to be more spiritual awareness than there was years ago.” – Ann Ulrich Miller, editor of The Star Beacon

“I believe that it has genuinely diminished, although it may be that it has been replaced by deeper level shamanic and initiatory experiences that simply do not have the outward imagery of ‘The Visitors.’” – Nicholas Reiter, Ohio UFO paranormal author/investigator

“It seems that more ‘benevolence’ is being reported by ‘abductees’ from the creatures they contact, whatever they are. But there are still copious amounts of cases where the harassment continues unabated. Those cases reporting more ‘benevolence’ are sometimes linked with attempts by abductees to fight off the creatures; there are more reports now that the creatures ‘change’ their attitude and become less harassing and, to use the abductees’ own words, they ‘exchange important information with them now about what is going to happen to the world, and how the abductees themselves are involved. This seems perhaps to be an effective means, used purposely by the entities, to keep abductees from using fend-off techniques.” – Ann Druffel, author of How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction.

Another question asked was: Are the UFO abduction and contactee experience essentially the same phenomenon, just different perceptions or forms?

“In either case it is a contactee experience. One positive to the experiencer and one negative in their perception because they don’t understand what is happening. If they did it would be a contactee experience and they would learn by it.” – Aileen Garoutee

“There is a thin line between the two. Perhaps it is just the percipient’s attitude toward the phenomenon. Remembering that you’ve agreed to be a ‘volunteer’ might be the difference between being a ‘contactee’ and an abductee.” – Ann Ulrich Miller

“This is a remarkable question, because just about a year ago, I began to recognize many characteristics of the so-called abducting ‘Nordics’ with the old-style ‘UFO occupants’ who were described as benevolent and interested in socio-economic problems of our world. Many of these old-style ‘UFO occupants’ seem almost identical with the present-day, so-called ‘Nordics.’ Yes, I’ve begun to think that the ‘abduction phenomenon’ began in the early ‘50s with the contactees, althought the contactees as a whole seemed to be less reliable and honest than the majority of present day abductees or ‘experiencers.’ Note the curious use, occasionally, of the term ‘contactees’ to denote present-day ‘experiencers’ who report contact with benevolent ‘abductors.’” – Ann Druffel

Based on the responses we got six (6) perceived their similarities, while one wasn’t sure, and another apparently felt that they were different as “apples and oranges.”

The next survey question was: Do you think “abductions” occur in physical reality as we know it, or in other dimensions, vibratory states....even maybe out-of-body states?

Again there was one who didn’t know, but two thought all three were possible, two leaned towards the interdimensional explanation, two seemed to lean toward the physical and dimensional, while another referred to physical reality and altered states of consciousness.

“I am inclined to think in retrospect that they are primarily internal/imaginal - or perhaps occurring in an altered zone of time somehow,” noted researcher Nicholas Reiter. “I sometimes wonder if we do not even have an accurate model for describing the process - like a lizard can’t understand how it could be lifted out of its little terrarium world, injected with something, and then put back in. I have to fall in with John Keel here.”

“I believe that ‘abductions’ can occur in different ways but it is obvious by physical anomalies such as burns, bruises, needle marks, etc., etc. that it is in this physical dimension,” stated Aileen Garoutte. “There have been cases where the experiencer was taken into another dimension and had a wonderful experience. Of course, there are many dimensions as were described by Billy Meir’s case with the Dal Universe. Also Viktor Kostrikan in Russia was taken into an alternate dimension. In the future our scientists will discover the ‘dimensions’ and be able to go within them but that will be a long while from now.”

Ann Druffel shares: “My studies of abductions, and particularly abductees who successfully fend off unwanted visits and report being able to end abduction scenarios with simple mental, metaphysical and physical techniques seem to give evidence that abductions do not occur in physical space-time and full waking consciousness. They apparently take place in an altered state which has not yet been clarified satisfactorily by scientists or psychologists. Yes, many ‘abductions’ take place in OB states, and the abductees, usually while hypnotized, describe that they are out-of-body.”

“It can be both,” Ann Ulrich Miller explains. “The abductors may have a way of manipulating time and space, to make it appear that they are out of this dimension.”

The next question was: Do you believe UFO aliens are extraterrestrial visitors, interdimensional visitors, time travelers, angelic beings, demonic beings...or something else?

Two felt time travel, E.T.’s, and interdimensional were possible (one of them even expressing that angels and demons might be involved); three leaned toward interdimensional; one toward physical and dimensional, and two pointed out they didn’t know.

“There is diversity among these ‘UFO aliens,” stated Ann Ulrich Miller. “Some could have ulterior motives, but for the most part I’ve always felt they meant us no harm. There are some who would lead us to believe (through movies, TV) otherwise.”

“There is no evidence to date that ‘abducting aliens’ are physical extraterrestrial visitors,” explains Ann Druffel. “Much philosophical, historical, and religious data, as well as verbal data from witnesses who can fend off the creatures and end the abduction scenarios, points to the probability that the ‘creatures’ are ‘otherworldly’ in the sense that they exist in another realm of being which can interact with our space-time to a certain extent and can appear in temporary physical form at times. Therefore, the term ‘interdimensional’ might be loosely applied to them. I would term them ‘demonic beings’ but only when the term ‘demonic’ is used in the European sense of an order of beings separate from ‘devils/fallen angels.’ European philosophers and historians who studied incubi, faery-folk, and jinn interactions with human beings called them ‘demons,’ in the sense that ‘demons’ was synonymous with ‘jinns’ as described in the Koran, in other words a ‘third order of creation’ separate from angels (fallen or otherwise), and human beings. And in How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction I point out much evidence that jinns, faery-folk, incubi, etc. are very possibly the same type of beings that we, in this country, call ‘UFO abducting aliens.’”

“I would say that the closest metaphor I can come up with would be interdimensional,” stated Nicholas Reiter. “I have also pondered that they may be constructs or temporary appendages, if you will, of some intelligence that exists entirely within the Collective Unconscious. Or a nanoscopic collective intelligence from within the earth?”

Pennsylvania ufologist Robert Goerman cautiously responds: “It is my opinion that we have insufficient information of a concrete nature to lock onto any possible sources of origin for the UFO mythology. The only sure information that we have concerns hoaxes and mis- identifications. EVERYTHING ELSE is pure speculation. To paraphrase John A. Keel... ‘Belief is the enemy.’”

Then, last but not least, there was this question: If the UFO abduction phenomenon is undergoing an evolution of sorts, what do you think the future may hold?

Three wrote of the possibility of future open contact with UFO beings; one referred to the deceptive nature of the beings; one wrote of a hopeful future breakthrough using “affordable technology” that will allow “amateur investigators and innocent bystanders” alike to possibly and “eventually reveal any proof that there is to be had”; another felt that future experiencers might report interactions with time travelers (a cultural byproduct of current and popular movies out now); while two didn’t know.

The most ominous reflection at this point had to be the one from Ann Druffel who wrote: “I have begun to wonder, perhaps intuitively, if the abduction phenomenon is not in league with “devils” who have, from the beginning, gone after destruction of human souls. (Please note that the term UFO, to me, means possibly physical surveillance craft from an extraterrestrial source or sources.) I am concerned that some top researchers are giving out false information re. abductions which is strangely contradictory; i.e., like Mack who says that ‘abductors’ are responsible for the evolution of the human race, and like Hopkins and Jacobs who theorize that the ‘aliens’ are hybridizing our race in order to take over our planet. I cannot accept either of these strangely contradictory theories since the abducting phenomenon is basically deceptive in nature. Abductees tell researchers what the creatures tell them, the researchers report it as fact, and the public is being led down a garden path, believing in material which is deceptive at its very base. It seems more likely to me that the phenomenon’s main purpose might be to draw human beings away from a belief in an eternal, loving God who created us to spend eternity with him.”

While this wasn’t really a scientific survey, I feel that the results nonetheless were highly thought- provoking, helpful and insightful, and I want to thank all of those who participated in this survey for their thoughtful input. In the meantime, I continue to welcome further thoughts, reflections and information that any of you might care to share on these or related matters.