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A Woman With That Certain Glow

From central Vietnam comes the story of a 56-year-old woman named Nguyen Thi Suong who one night early in February of this year was seen by her husband and a local official, Le Hop Dung, to actually glow with a yellow illumination for about four hours. This strange phenomenon reportedly continued for five nights following that. A Dr. Pham Huy Dat offered that the woman’s unnatural glow was somehow caused by static electricity. Other than curiosity seekers, the woman was described as suffering from no other problems.

(Source: I See By the Papers, by Phyllis Galde, FATE magazine, June 2003, Vol. 56, No. 6)

This story reminds me of reading a similar account years ago in Vincent Gaddis’s Mysterious Fires and Lights (1967). Gaddis described how back in 1934, the case of Signora Anna Monaro, an asthma patient in a hospital at Pirano, Italy, caused world-wide publicity when her breasts (that’s right, breasts) began to produce a flickering bluish glow for several seconds at a time! The phenomenon happened while she slept, would occur several times a night, went on for several weeks, and was witnessed by a number of doctors, scientists, and government officials. But then, as mysteriously as the displays had begun, they ceased. A physician offered that perhaps the glow was caused by certain compounds in the skin. A Professor Protti reportedly described how the patient had fasted during Lent prior to her hospitalization, and that an excess of sulphides might have been the culprit.

Meanwhile, Gaddis also mentioned how a Professor Dubois in France had reported on several cases of luminous wounds that he had observed with bilious, nervous, red-haired, and often alcoholic persons. He isolated two chemicals from the wound secretions: luciferin and luciferase. Those two chemicals are also the reason fireflies light up!

Wilhelm Reich and the Gremlins!

While reading over Andrew Collins’s book Alien Energy, just published for the first time on this side of the Atlantic (by Eagle Wing Books of Memphis!), I found an interesting item I’d like to share with our readers. I would like to know more. There was a quote of biologist Robert A. McCullough, a research associate of Wilhelm Reich’s, where he was describing the detrimental effects of bad orgone energy (commonly called DOR, or Deadly Orgone or Deadly Orgone Radiation). Reich’s experiments had apparently run amok and things were turning sour. The bad effects were described as obvious on the people and environment around the Maine lab, back in 1951. Then McCullough touched upon something else. Let me quote: “There was a tremendous sense of something impending - of waiting for something dreadful to happen. This anticipatory waitfulness was oppressive. Something was coming and it wouldn’t be good. There were periods of gremlins, also. Small objects disappeared and reappeared where no one had placed them. Pins in maps were moved or just pulled out.” [emphasis added by this editor/columnist]

I found that small portion of quote rather intriguing because today we realize that UFO close encounter incidents often involve such mysterious poltergeist-type manifestations. However, Reich’s famous UFO involvement didn’t actually begin until the following year. Meanwhile, the quote also continues: “Unmarked aircraft repeatedly overflew Orgonon. There was a sense of harassment - of being pursued - that it is hard to fully understand.”

Again, the scientists at Reich’s Orgonon lab facility back in 1951 were describing something that only years later would become a fairly common aspect of ufology. That is the “unmarked aircraft” and “sense of harassment,” and the feeling of “being pursued.”

Coincidence? I may be grasping at straws, that’s true. But I can’t help myself. So here goes: Do certain energetic forces (orgone, or orgone-related?) lurk behind a vast variety of unexplained occurrences generally perceived as separate and distinct, and often dismissed as delusional or insignificant? And, alas, what about the possibility of an intelligence (“alien” or otherwise) deliberately manipulating our perceptions, beliefs, and our very emotional states in order to achieve its own hidden agenda(s)? Intrusions from other dimensions or electromagnetic realms?

Well, my rambling speculations aside, Alien Energy is an important contribution. It describes how writer and researcher Andrew Collins and other researchers in England used Reichian techniques and technology (a cloudbuster) and had a fascinating variety of unusual paranormal experiences and obtained quite a number of anomalous photographs (included in the book), as well as electronic instrument readings. Collins’s investigative approach and speculations appear sound and as Dr. Greg Little points out in his Preface, begs for closer scrutiny and investigative follow-up.

I was glad to see that Trevor James Constable, a well-known UFO photographer and Reichian supporter from way back, is alive and well. Constable, who has actually done his own fair share of “cloudbusting” on this side of the Atlantic (his work is also described in Alien Energy), is featured in UFO, The Science & Phenomena Magazine (June/July ‘03, Vol. 18, No. 3). An interesting article. Anyone wishing to update themselves on Constable’s ongoing work may also wish to visit this website:

Orgone, Sweats, and Ancient Mounds....

A few years back (August 1995), while conversing on the telephone with Nick Reiter of Ohio, a unique UFO/ paranormal researcher/investigator who possesses a great deal of knowledge in scientific areas (at the time, he was senior technician with Solar Cells, Inc., of Toledo), I happened to mention how in a sweat lodge my wife felt a strong “current” sensation. I had found in previous phone conversations with Nick that no matter what aspect or area you brought up he always had something informative, interesting, and insightful to share. In this particular instance, Nick proceeded to ask me if I had ever heard of Dr. Jim DeMeo, who he considered one of the better known orgonomists and to Nick one of the “more respectable” too. He told me that DeMeo had been a friend of Sun Bear and that DeMeo had told Nick that in a sweat he had attended he felt that it was a “powerful duplication” of what Reich would have perceived as a “bion experiment.” Nick explained that in Reich’s original “bion experiment” he took beach sand and “heated it up to incandescence” and then “quenched it in a agar culture medium.” In a darkened room, there was allegedly a “flicker”around the whole petri dish in that experiment. Nick continued that in sweats the rocks are heated up and then quenched “in a sort of similar cycle.” DeMeo, Nick explained, felt the sweat was one “enormous bion-type generator”and that the effects were a “thorough orgonomic cleansing” for participants.

“The visual impression of orgone is not as objective as some people have made it out to be,” Nick explained. “I think that orgone energy can basically manifest itself any damn way it pleases and probably with some kind of functional dependence on the amount of excitation involved. But I think that maybe in a natural pulsatory state these little concentrations of orgone that seem to occur when you have bions or sweat lodge or an accumulator - maybe sort of manifesting themselves like in the ultraviolet a little bit. And again, some people that are a bit more sensitive to those fields or those rays would perceive that as being sort of a bluish-black light type of flickering.”

Nick described how on a couple of occasions he had placed himself into a meditative state and focused his attention on some “vacuum tubes that I had charged in an accumulator.” “If you try to look right at it you don’t see it very well,” he stated. “One of the things people fail to realize is that for many of Reich’s observations - a lot of these darkroom experiments where he described the visual aspect were done in his orgone room at Rangeley. In some respects, he had probably acclimated himself to that and had sensitized himself far more than just someone coming off the street who is orgonomically blocked and had not had much practice in trying to view those phenomena.”

In an email from Nick received just today (06-15-03), he reiterated: “Dark room visualizations of subtle energy are somewhat subjective. What appears like blue sparkles or waves to some may appear more like a greyish haze to others.”

Interestingly, in Alien Energy, Collins cites DeMeo also wherein DeMeo wrote about man-sized orgone accumulators that were placed underground, and compared this to megalithic “root cellars” in New England and American Indian burial mounds. Collins also points out how John Michell was the first to touch upon this in his 1969 book, The View Over Atlantis, when he compared megalithic sites with hidden underground chambers like New Grange, Knowth and Silbury Hill in England, with Reich’s orgone accumulator. Michell noted that generally the chambers were made up of a layer of stone that was covered with turf, with successive layers of clay and sod, with different colors of clay used for different layers. They were not just random heaps of earth.


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