Reality Checking

with Brent Raynes

New ET Holiday in New Mexico!

In late March, Republican Rep. Daniel Foley of Roswell, New Mexico, presented a proposal to the House and it’s now law. New Mexicans can now celebrate every second Tuesday in February as “Extraterrestrial Culture Day.”

“They have some sort of culture, whether it’s something we understand or not,” Foley was quoted as saying. It seems that this measure is intended to recognize the contributions that alleged ETs have made to this state with its more than half a century of UFO high-strangeness, going all the way back, of course, to the alleged Roswell UFO “crash” of 1947.

UFOs and the Occult Connection

Hugh Ross is described as a California astronomer, a Christian, and a student of Ufology. While he admits that some 99 percent of UFO reports are natural phenomena like stars and planets mistaken as things unusual, it’s the remaining 1 percent (what he calls “residual UFOs” or RUFOs) that have captured his serious attention. His interest began back in 1969, when Ross met two astronomers who were describing regular UFO encounters. He states that both were involved in occult activity, and he feels this is a significant factor. He points out that countries with a high degree of occult activity, like France, parts of Brazil, and Russia during the Soviet era, produced a high percentage of UFO activity. Ross also noted that during the Soviet period, when religion was suppressed (but not occult activity) “Russians were seeing UFOs at five to eight times the rate Americans were.”

Ross developed a checklist to determine the level of occult involvement of UFO witnesses. He stated: “Typically, what I discover is if it’s a residual UFO encounter, the person will be checking off four or five things on the list. The more involved in occult activities they are, the more likely they are to have repeat encounters.” He used the Raelians as an example of a group of people who are heavily involved with the occult.

Ross feels that the demonic theory for UFOs is testable. He pointed out that according to the Bible, demons attack those who invite them to do so. “All that is necessary to further prove the conclusion of demonic involvement,” Hugh says, “is to continue surveying people to ascertain who has encounters with RUFOs and who does not.” Invitations to demonic attacks are said to consist of such activities as attending a seance, using an Ouija board, doing astrology, witchcraft, or having your palm read or getting a psychic reading.

Those Mysterious “Night-Shining” Clouds

Called noctilucent ( NLCs for short) or “night-shining” clouds, they’re described as thin, wispy, glowing an electric blue, and they generally appear in the mesosphere some 50 to 85 kilometers up. Space station astronaut Don Pettit recently spent several weeks studying them from space. “We routinely see them when we’re flying over Australia and the tip of South America,” he stated. Pettit judged the noctilucent clouds that he observed to be 50 to 62 miles up (80 to 100 kilometers) “literally on the fringes of space.”

Gary Thomas, a professor at the University of Colorado and a noted authority on NLCs, stated: “Noctilucent clouds are a relatively new phenomenon. They were first seen in 1885.” Some have suspected that this links it to the dramatic eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia in 1883. Vast quantities of volcanic ash were blown up as high as 80 kilometers into the atmosphere after which watching spectacular and luminous sunsets became a popular global pastime. This is when noctilucent clouds were first noticed. In particular a German named T. W. Backhouse first described them as wispy filaments glowing electric blue against a black sky. Scientists figured it was a byproduct of the volcanic ash, but when the ash eventually settled back to earth the vivid sunsets ceased but the noctilucent clouds remained. In fact, they spread out, and in recent years they seem to becoming more commonplace. Whereas they used to be confined to latitudes above 50 degrees, and one had to go to places like Scandinavia, Russia, or Britain to see them, they’re now being sighted in places as far south as Utah and Colorado.

Thomas also noted that noctilucent clouds were first appearing too during the Industrial Revolution. But he also wondered if perhaps meteoriods entered our atmosphere may be seeding these unique high-altitude clouds.

“The Blood of the Earth”

Many Native American Indians were said to smear a heavy layer of red ocher on the faces of their dead ones. This high regard for ocher is in fact global. In Australia, aborigines have been reported enduring great hardships, traversing hundreds of miles to visit sacred ocher sites. The earliest known burial in the northern hemisphere has been said to be in Southern France, dated at an estimated 46,000 years. The burial is of an old man whose body was packed around with red ocher. Detouring south to Africa’s Swaziland territory, there was found the skeletal remains of a child estimated at 80,000 years. This body was buried with a perforated seashell and red ocher. And, not far from this site is the oldest mine known in history it seems, believed to be over a 100,000 years old. A shaft penetrated over forty feet into the earth and it was an ancient ocher mine. The Swazis had a name for these mines meaning “the holy red,” and the Bakgatla of nearby western Transvaal called red ocher “the blood of the earth.”

Myths of the Babylonians, the Hebrews, and our own North American Indians have stated that man came from clay, mixed with various substances such as blood. Ocher is an iron ore that is often found with clay from bogs where ocher forms.

Genesis tells us that Man was formed from the dust of the earth. In his book Mitakuye Oyasin, Dr. A. C. Ross wrote: “NASA chemists have presented evidence that life on earth may have gotten its start in clay. They have shown that clays attract the organic molecules that make up protein and DNA, the ingredients of life, possibly from the sea during high tide. I was excited to read that what these scientists theorized is exactly what the Native Americans and the Bible were saying in their creation stories.” Could it be that in ancient mankind’s colorful mythic past are sprinkled intuitive clues and insights into our very beginnings? Our very natures? Does it not cause us to wonder about the fact that a ton or so of “cosmic silt” reportedly settles to earth every day! Or that the four elements that comprise 96 percent of our physical bodies (carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen) also are found by spectroscopic studies of astronomers to be found in large quantities throughout the universe.

Perhaps it’s a small universe after all!