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Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors

What the Swat of Swat had to say about the Yeti

Why, after so many years of investigations and expeditions looking for proof of the legendary Himalayan Yeti’s existence (or that of his cousins around the world like Bigfoot or Sasquatch) solid physical evidence has never materialized? In Caveat Emptor (No. 22, Summer 1990) a writer named William Travis offered an explanation. Back in 1948, Travis says he was over in the northwest frontier of the Indian sub-continent when he met the ruler of a territory known as Swat. This ruler was educated at Oxford, returned to his homeland to lead his people, but rather than taking the traditional title of King or Prince, he was known simply as “The Swat of Swat.” This ruler took Travis on a tour through his huge and magnificent palace. Then they came to a large area toward the back that Travis guessed was an audience chamber. Travis told Swat it seemed puzzling that they’d entertain guests at a place so removed from the front of the palace. “Indeed it would be, if it were for the villagers,” Swat reportedly stated. “But, you see, it is here that I meet with the Yeti!”

Travis wrote that he initially assumed that his host was pulling his leg, but that upon seeing his skeptical expression, added: “No, really—that is the purpose of this room and it is also my purpose, as ruler of this territory, for my hereditary duty is to act as the contact, in this region, between the Yeti and humankind.”

Swat explained to Travis that according to Tibetan tradition our world is guided by supernatural beings known as “Cho-tans” or “Guardians.” The “Cho-tans,” he explained, used Yeti as “materialized couriers” to enter our realm and collect information on their behalf. The Yeti would first announce its presence with a loud roaring noise from the mountain slopes. The Lamasery would ring its bell and the villagers would cease their work activities and go into their homes. The Swat’s servants would take refuge in the Lamasery, with the Abbott and his monks. The large wooden double gate that led into the courtyard would be left unlatched. Everyone would be shut away, except for Swat, who would sit with rugs, shawls, and a burning brazier, some cold food and a portable radio—and waited for the Yeti to come. Then a few hours or several days later—one time a week later—the Yeti would allegedly arrive.

Travis wrote: “Sometimes the courtyard door would be pushed gently open and a small, two-foot-high, yellow-furred creature that looked like a cross between a small bear and a thickset ape would amble in. Other times the door would open with a crash and in would stride a Being maybe six or eight feet in height, with piebald hair and great yellow or red eyes. It all depended upon its mood, for it must be remembered that the Yeti was only a materialized form and not subject to our Earthly physical laws.”

In addition, though the Yeti was said to have made roaring, grunting and snarling noises, especially when it heard something that it judged unpleasant, the creature communicated with Swat using “thought forms.” A question would enter Swat’s mind and he’d give his answer out loud. Travis wrote that the “courier” was curious about news regarding the behavior of humankind—and was always disturbed to learn about wars, racial conflicts, religious persecutions, and things of that nature.

Swat further stated that creatures similar to the Himalayan Yeti appeared throughout the world. “Anywhere in the world where Humanity touched the high and lonely places—for that was a condition necessary for their materialization—they could be expected to appear,” Travis wrote. “At any of these places they might appear—and would appear—if there were complications concerning human relations and cases of ‘Earth abuse’ on the part of humans…”

Portals and Bigfoots in Sedona?

The concept of these creatures being interdimensional gets a boost from researcher Tom Dongo of Sedona, Arizona, in his book The Alien Tide: Mysteries of Sedona, Book II. Tom wrote (pg 99): “I was recently given a report by a man who is building a home in the sparsely populated Red Canyon/Loy Butte area near Sedona. He told me that one day he had been touring his property when he encountered something that looked like a ‘window’ or portal suspended in midair. Near the portal were several nine-foot-tall Bigfoot-type creatures that were, without question, guarding the portal. The man did not remain long in the area. I have since interviewed another man who had a nearly identical experience in the same general area. These two men do not know each other.” (Read our recent interview with Tom Dongo in this issue of Alternate Perceptions!)

Russians on Bigfoot invisibility?

Soviet born American author Paul Stonehill wrote an interesting article on Bigfoot in Russia in the January 2003 (Vol. 56, No.1) FATE magazine, wherein the invisibility issue comes up. Noted Russian Bigfoot researchers like the late Maya Bykova and a Professor Porshnev dismiss the other dimensions theory to explain this aspect and instead suggest that the creature possesses extraordinary psychic talents, like telepathy, and can fool the observer into thinking they (the Bigfoots) are invisible by what Bykova called “psychological suggestion.”

Adamskian beings in Brazil…in 1952?

In a recent email exchange with Brazilian ufologist Alberto Francisco do Carmo we were discussing the blond haired humanoids described in UFO encounter cases in his own country. “Blond guys are not so frequent, although one of the earliest CE-IIIs reported in Brazil took place in Western Amazon, not so far from the Bolivian borders (state of Rondonia), described as a lenticular shaped, medium size UFO, windshield all around and carrying about six Adamskian like occupants. It was 1952, in a time Adamski was fully ignored in Brazil. Two hunters saw it flying low as a hovercraft over a jungle creek. When the occupants noticed they had been seen they got away quickly.”

“Other than this we have occupants of all kinds,” Alberto added. “Tall, short, breathing our air or not, ugly, handsome, etc. But always humanoids.”

Famed Brazilian abductee Antonio Villas Boas was also a respected Lawyer!

One of the earliest credible UFO abduction (and sexual) cases in ufological literature is considered the case of a young Brazilian farmer named Antonio Villas Boas who, back in 1957, claimed he was forced aboard a UFO and forced to have sex with an alien female. What I didn’t know was that this young farmer later became a distinguished lawyer, who still stuck to his incredible story! Alberto pointed out that Dr. Antonio Villas Boas “became a competent and respected lawyer,” and came to live in Formosa, a town near Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. “He agreed to present a report on a certain TV show, the fame of which was rather sensationalistic. I feared that he would tumble into ridicule. However, he put the interviewer in his right place and reported the whole case with a dignity that touched and surprised even debunkers.” The program, Albert added, was the “Programa Flavio Cavalcanti” (The Flavio Cavalcanti Show). “He told his whole story, and that included details of his two sexual intercourses, with a sobriety and seriousness that overcame any slip towards sensationalism or vulgarity… Dr. Villas Boas vanished in the crowd again, never making the faintest effort to take advantage of his eerie experience. He died in 1991.”

Other Dimensions?

As you will read in Cynthia Newby Luce’s thought-provoking article in this issue, In Search of Answers, she has come to believe that UFOs (and other potentially related and mysterious phenomena as well) come from “another dimension,” or perhaps other dimensions. Cynthia, American born, has a masters degree in experimental psychology and anthropology and has spent many, many hours in the presence of physicists, and lives and works in Brazil doing work in anthropology and archeology. She shared with me a little more information about some of the personal reasons and experiences (alluded to in her article) that led her to this extraordinary conclusion.

Cynthia lives in a mountain village known as Sao Jose do Vale do Rio Preto, about two hours drive northwest of Rio de Janeiro. She’s had some very unusual experiences there.

Of the strange creature Cynthia described seeing in her article, she wrote: “The creature I saw was instantly recognizable as not being of our reality. I was coming down my stairs into the living room and it was in the summer and the light was bright as my house has a lot of light being on top of a mountain and designed to maximize the view and the light in the house. I was 2/3 from the bottom of the stairs when coming towards me was this very strange, nasty-looking animal. It was about the size of a large Tom cat with a bushy tail but with very wide (approx. 3.5”) stripes of the oddest colors…a greenish yellow alternating with a brownish purple. You might construe the animal as some kind of cat except for the head and teeth. It had rounded small ears set too close together and the head was narrow with a rounded snout and many, many needle teeth. The mouth was open and not at all friendly looking. It came at me as if it did not see me and went between my legs and up the stairs. I turned to stare at it and it reached the top of the stairs and vanished! Just POP! It was gone.” Afterwards Cynthia learned later of four other separate incidents and people who had encountered this very same animal! Prior to this experience she had never heard of such a creature being seen.

In a follow-up email on this event, Cynthia added that her creature “did not give me the impression that it was particularly aware of me. It was not completely solid. That’s what tipped me off into thinking about dimensions.”

Also in her article Cynthia alludes to seeing a possible UFO going into solid earth, and of that she shared: “I was driving along the road that has the river on one side of me (the left) and on my right is a steep embankment as the river is in a narrow valley and the road is cut from the hill that comes right down to the river. It was in the middle of the day and the sun was bright and clear. I was going along at about 25 MPH, i.e., slowly, and the road winds, when I suddenly saw this metallic object with windows half-way into the hillside. It was around 8 ft. up from the road and about 10 ft. of the object was protruding and it just slid into the hillside of bare red earth. It went in fast and so it really startled me but happened so fast I did not have time to stop. I was about 30 feet away from it. It was later that I saw the drawing in Bramley’s book. It always happens that way. I experience something, then either find others with the same experience and/or find it in the literature.”

This event happened at the town in Brazil where Cynthia lives.