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UFOs and AVVs, Ancient Visitors from Sumeria, UFO Astral Travelers, Native American Wisdom

UFOs and UAVs

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are increasingly becoming common to our skies. Tom Ridge, head of Homeland Security, has stated publically that his department is seriously thinking about using UAVs to monitor our borders and alerting us to the presence of terrorists or illegal immigrants. Recently we’ve seen UAVs used by our military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Colm Kelleher, deputy administrator of projects for the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS) was quoted as saying that the increasing development of UAV technology was going to make it increasingly difficult to separate UFOs from UAVs. Already cases of mistaken identity have occurred. In May, at Edwards Air Force Base in California, a Boeing X-45A UAV was tested. I have seen a picture of it, and it has a delta wing kind of appearance. Certainly it is understandable how craft like these would appear to be quite other worldly. Mark Rodeghier, Scientific Director for the late Dr. Hynek’s Center for UFO Studies, admits that distinguishing a UFO from a UAV could be “extremely difficult,” and that in light of our present day security situation it might be impossible to find out.

Back in March, the Defense Department unveiled plans for developing UAVs over the next 25 years that would be capable of everything from surveillance to carrying out air strikes.

Ancient Visitors and Sumeria?

Even the late astronomer Carl Sagan pondered the implications of ancient Sumerian mythology in relation to possible ancient world ET contact! After all, ancient traditions of the Sumerian culture described how this advanced civilization (that seemingly sprang from out of nowhere) was founded with the help of a mysterious amphibious being known as Oannes. This being gave the Sumericans (so the legend goes) knowledge about writing, science, art, law, agriculture, principles of geometrical understanding, and how to construct houses and temples. Supposedly there were other amphibious beings who assisted Oannes, and when they initially arrived they landed in the ocean in luminous or fiery looking egg-shaped objects. These objects then rose up to the surface of foaming water and opened up, revealing the amphibious, but human-like occupants! None of them, however, were called gods. Rather semi-demons, personages, or animals endowed with great knowledge and reason. However, after giving ancient Sumerians this boost in cultivating all of this great knowledge, they then returned in a ship “to the gods,” carrying with them specimens of fauna from our planet.

UFOs and “Astral Travelers”?

A number of prominent ufologists have taken a serious look at (of all things) the out-of-body experience. Often “abductees”describe being “taken” from their homes, right through solid walls and levitated up into “craft.” (See interview this issue with long-time ufologist Ann Druffel) John Keel even speculated in his book Our Haunted Planet (1971) that some UFOs might actually be “astral travelers” who are visible to certain psychically sensitive persons as a mysterious blob of faint light in the night sky. Page Bryant, a noted psychic, author, and for years a teacher at the late Sun Bear’s Medicine Wheel Gatherings, calls it “starwalking” and describes it as a ceremonial process that can be achieved through various means, such as sacred plants, dancing, or drumming. Furthermore, from her descriptions, it seems that the “journey” may be either “mental” or “astral,” but that this is how ancient Native American medicine men used to “walk among the stars.”

Native Knowledge of Visitors from the “darker side” ?

Donna Higbee, CHT, a hypnotherapist from Santa Barbara, California, who has worked with UFO abductees, wrote in an article entitled “New Abductee Trend”:

“A Native American wrote to me: ‘Native Americans are very aware of the beings that are ‘visiting.’ I have been told that they do not believe that these beings are extraterrestrial. In the old days the Star People visited and interacted with the people. Today the Wakan Sica (in Lakota), of the darker side, has come and has impersonated the Star People. This way they (the dark beings) could move into our culture through the public fascination with UFOs.”

(This excerpt reprinted with permission of Donna Higbee)


Stan Gordon has notified us that the Sci Fi Channel is to air a 2-hour prime time documentary on the 1965 Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, UFO incident, entitled “The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed.” This program is to be shown on the evening of October 24.

Julio Anglada, a ufologist of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been translating the Marc Davenport interview from our May edition into Portuguese. The interview is to appear at:

Anglada also informs us that “...infinitetv website is the first website in Latin America which exhibits videotapes of the best Brazilian ufologists.”

Sadly, I just learned in an email from John Keel that long-time editor of England’s Flying Saucer Review, Gordon Creighton, recently passed away. I got on the Internet looking for more information, and in a Jim Moseley Saucer Smear (08/10/03, Vol. 50, No. 7) that was posted on the Internet I learned it was true. Moseley stated that Creighton was 95. Date and cause of death not given.