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My Sweat Lodge Related Vision

The following happened back in February 1993. It was only a few hours after the first sweat lodge that my wife and I had ever participated in, conducted by people of Native American ancestry near the northern edges of Alabama’s Bankhead National Forest. I awoke after a few brief hours of sleep (after returning home from our late night sweat) to a “vision.” In my “vision” I perceived a round white disc-shaped object in the sky. Below it I could see some trees. Inside the round disc was what looked like an image of the legendary Pheonix. The disc itself was enclosed by a U-shaped structure.

Soon after perceiving this, I took pen and paper in hand and drew out what I “saw” as best I could. (See reproduction of my drawing) In a recent follow-up telephone conversation with Richard Barnhouse (the Ohio petroglyph researcher mentioned in last month’s column) I briefly described my “vision” to him and how it’s similarity to Portsmouth’s horseshoe mound (which I had not know about at the time of my “vision”) had intrigued me somewhat since I first learned about it a few years ago through Greg Little. My wife Joan and I had actually visited it with Greg and Lora Little back in 2001.

When I first told Richard about my “vision,” I wasn’t sure what sort of reaction that I might get. “That is a really good vision,” he exclaimed. Since he didn’t dismiss it out-of-hand or laugh it off, I proceeded to question him further as to what, in his view, it might have meant. He began to explain, then seemed to hesitate slightly, and then said: “That’s just one of the constellations I have problems with. It’s Ophiuchus. It’s called the 13th constellation. That’s one of the alignments I think that’s coming up on this December 21st, 2012 date where everything lines up in the universe. The U is an alignment and then that disk, that circle, most of the time is a reference to a soul.” He felt that my phoenix was likely actually a thunderbird, and he pointed out that there was even a bird effigy mound on the outskirts of Portsmouth.

Brent's drawing of the Phoenix vision.

Joan Raynes with feather in Portsmouth horseshoe earthwork

“Ophiuchus is the portal,” Richard stated at one point, “the doorway.” He believes that he has figured out some things about a ceremony that was done with what he calls “stone eggs.” “When you died they collected your soul into one of these eggs,” Richard explained. “It was kept in what they called the ghost lodge. Then they could only keep it for a year and then in a ceremony it was sent on its way to heaven and released out of the stone egg. It was then just another empty, useless rock until it was time to put another soul into it.”

Richard described how he believes that tobacco and prayers were used to “carry their spirit” up to “the gate of heaven.” He added, “They don’t go directly to the Creator. It goes to the gates of heaven, to the thunderbird, and the spirit, like I told you, that was in that egg and is the spirit of the wind.”

Does all of this sound strange? Well, if you’ve studied shamanic belief systems much at all you have to acknowledge that Richard may be on to something here. For example, following this conversation, I was reminded of an interview with one Brant Secunda who had lived among the people of Huichol, Mexico, and for 12 years apprenticed under an elderly healer named don Jose Matsuwa. In an interview in Magical Blend magazine (No. 64, 1999), when asked about the Huichol view of death and an afterlife, Secunda replied: “When someone dies, we do a ceremony within five days to escort the spirit to the realm of light or what we call the Sky Realm. After five years, a shaman can bring your spirit back in the form of a little quartz crystal. It’s a totally magical ceremony. The spirit actually comes down from the sky in a crystal: a physical crystal manifests in the sky and lands there on the altar. It’s very wild. It defies our model of reality.”

Richard thinks that the ancient shamans/priests were doing “ceremonies” in which they were “raising power.” “So they were using these sacred items or objects of power, placed in certain locations, to control what was going on.”

“Of course, Native Americans believe that there is a living something inside of everything that there is and they were using that,” Richard stated. “On all of these rocks there’s this constant thing about collecting the soul of something, or creating something and then capturing it, and capturing it’s soul and putting it in to one of these eggs, so that it can be used. That’s at the very heart of the religion. But see, that’s unknown to most people.”

Petroglyph Manipulation

Finally I had to ask Richard if in his half a century of visiting ancient mounds, earthworks and petroglyph sites whether he had ever had something unusual or unexplained occur to him. Richard told me that he had coined a new term: petroglyph manipulation. “That’s my name for it,” he said. “They would arrange certain symbols in certain patterns to make something happen, whether it’s magic, raise power, open doorways, capture spirits, who knows?”

“I was kneeling on the floor, playing with this and moving the symbols around, and I had an out of body experience. I’ve always heard about these experiences but I had never had one myself. I think that’s what triggered it.”

“I was trying to find patterns that would go together, so I would draw the patterns and then cut them out and place them in what I thought was the correct flow to make what I call like a sentence, or to put them together in a group that belonged together, and that’s when I had that happen.”

Then, about a week later, he had taken a friend somewhere at night and was waiting alone outside in his car when he decided again to give this process another try. “It was dark and I was arranging this stuff, in patterns again and playing with it. Here comes what I thought was two animals running side by side down the street, out of the darkness. …When they get close to the car they’re running but it’s almost like watching them running in slow motion. Their leg movements were very slow, yet they are covering distance in a hurry. When they got even closer I realized that they weren’t even touching the ground. They were a foot above the ground. Then I thought that they looked more like wolves. I couldn’t make up my mind whether they were a dog or a wolf, or something in between, and I’m actually wondering what in the devil am I looking at. Then I looked in the side mirror as they went by and it was a boy and a girl, I’d say somewhere between 18 and 20. Naked, no clothes, no fur, and they’re still running. Kneeling down but they’re still running, just like I had seen coming up the street. Healthy, muscular, but definitely a boy and girl. When they got past the car, well I actually looked out the window once I seen that in the mirror…all of this happening in a heartbeat and I stick my head out the window, I’m looking back at these wolves or dogs, whatever they are, with the fur all over them. So they’re past the car and then I look up in the rearview mirror and I can see the boy and the girl again and then in the darkness behind me they were gone.”

“I was out of my league,” Richard said. “I didn’t know what I was doing or what happened, but I just simply wasn’t going to do it again.” I asked Richard if he had used the same symbols during this incident as he did the time he had the out of body experience. “They were the same type,” he explained. “They weren’t the same ones.”

“All of these symbols are also objects. I call objects of power, sacred items, and what all of them were designed to do I don’t know. But I think that they were arranging them in patterns around on the rocks when they were doing the ceremonies and when they were using them in the earthen encirclements and squares.”

These two episodes happened about 12 years ago. I asked Richard if he had had anymore out of body episodes. “That was the only one that I have ever had in my lifetime,” he said.

A few years ago, Joan and I met Terra Manasco, a talented craftsperson of Cherokee ancestry, and talked with her about Kinlock Shelter, considered by many an ancient Native American “power spot” in the dense Bankhead Forest of Alabama. It seems that Terra held views similar to what Richard had described to me. In a statement that had been published in the local Wild Alabama magazine in 1996, she stated: “It was the Uchee, who called themselves the Children of the Sun, who first used this site to Walk the Rainbow. Inducing themselves into a trance of blue-blackness formed by a series of sacred number patterns, a cord of white light would shoot out from their navels and arc out into the universe. It was upon this cord that they ‘Walked the Rainbow’ and visited many worlds. The symbols carved on Kinlock’s rocks are the magic symbols used in the trance as well as recreations of spirits encountered beyond the Rainbow.”

Many people even today it seems have been drawn to Kinlock and have had rather profound spiritual, mystical experiences. One man who had performed a “vision quest” there described how at one point he had found himself in an out-of-body state, rising up to the treetops. The experience soon became a cosmic consciousness type of event. “…it seemed as if the molecules of my body dispersed and split apart, and integrated, and became part of all that I saw,” this man recalled later. “I have never again been the same person that I was before that experience. I am better.”

I was once drawn to visit Kinlock too. Soon after a sweat lodge ceremony (which had become fairly routine by that time) I had the impression that I needed to go there, that there was a certain petroglyph in the rocks that was very significant. I honestly had no idea why or what it was and I had never visited this site before. In fact, when I went there our Native guide and friend, Wanda “Dove” Reed, told me to sit and meditate, get out of my head, but I was intrigued by all of the awesome rock carvings, busily taking photographs and drawing what I was seeing on a pad of paper. I just couldn’t get into my right mind! (Pun intended, of course) When I left there, I had no idea what symbol was significant. They had all been neat and interesting, but nothing stood out as one that deserved special attention. Not long afterwards, I was in another sweat lodge again and I had a vision of a cactus, like you see in the American Southwest, and it was in the shape of a bird’s foot….of which I had seen several bird-foot rock carvings at Kinlock. Instantly I knew that was the symbol that required my special attention!

The same day that we visited Kinlock we visited another site with beautiful ancient rock carvings a few miles away. It was there that Joan had a “vision” of three star like patterns, in a triangular type formation, associated with some sort of wavy energy field. She has, since then, been able to “see”, on occasion, similar wavy energy patterns around people, trees, rocks, etc. On the other hand, I got the impression of a circle divided into four quarters and the words “Southern Cross.” A few years later, I would meet and interview Andrew Collins while he was visiting with Greg and Lora Little at their home in Memphis. He had a book soon to be published, entitled The Cygnus Mystery. I learned that the star constellation of Cygnus, also called the “Northern Cross,” was a cross shaped arrangement of stars that ancient people worldwide associated with a portal or gateway to the afterlife through which their souls would go to upon death. It was often symbolized as a bird’s foot and another portal along the Milky Way was a near twin cross shaped formation of stars known to us today as the “Southern Cross.” There were other things that I saw that day too that upon talking with Andrew and later reading his book seemed to pull more pieces of the puzzle together.

Jungian synchronicity? Spirit contact? Whatever the explanation, these experiences do occur and can have a fairly profound impact on people.


In my last column, I wrote: “…in one of Edgar Cayce’s readings he described a Chief Powhatan and the chiefs of ‘five great nations’ who came together for a ‘pow wow’ in an ‘Octagon’ on the banks of the Ohio River in West Virginia. Greg said that this reading was quoted in the back of his Mound Builders book, which I had with me, and that evening I looked it up. Though we know about Ohio’s Newark and High Banks ‘octagon’ earthworks, no one seems to have a clue about one on the banks of the Ohio River in West Virginia.”

Well, well, as Greg pointed out to me that’s not exactly correct. Although none are currently known to exist there, there was one reported back in the latter part of the 1700’s near the bank of the Ohio River in Moundville, West Virginia. It was an octagon shaped enclosure of five acres. It was soon destroyed by farmers.

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