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Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors

Saucers, Shamans, and Space-time Dj vu!

The UFO contactee syndrome is an exceedingly challenging and bewildering mystery. Through the years, its complex psychodynamics have awed and confounded competent researchers of many different backgrounds and from many different countries. Experiencer reports of alien encounters, of strange entities and unidentified flying objects and mysterious landscapes frequently morph from physically plausible sounding extraterrestrial encounter descriptors to full-blown high-strangeness tales embodying all of the rich and colorful mythic and archetypal images and lore common to the religions and shamanic events, manifestations, and miracles of yesteryear. UFO contactees predominantly seem right-brain dominant in their awareness, frequently are talented artists, seem more psychic and intuitive than most, are deeply conscious and concerned about environmental issues, and are often of a strongly spiritual orientation.

I suspect that nothing probably illustrates this complexity and diversity of content and background any better than a survey of cross-cultural comparisons of UFO experiencer descriptions with ancient shamanic lore and accounts.

Back on Friday, December 2nd, 2005, I heard the esteemed Dr. Stanley Krippner tell an audience at a conference gathering of the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment) at Virginia Beach, Virginia, that UFO contact stories from shamanic people and cultures around the world was an area of exploration that anthropology had overlooked. The address had occurred in conjunction with a UFO conference occurring at that time (although Dr. Krippner’s presentation and the UFO conference itself were technically two separate events). At any rate, I was to deliver a one hour talk the following day that included the word “shaman” in the title. A member of the audience asked Dr. Krippner about shamans and UFOs. As Dr. Krippner is a world renowned authority on the subject, his remarks were particularly illuminating and interesting. He had traveled the world extensively interviewing people of shamanic backgrounds, and often, he said, came across shamans with personal stories of UFO contact encounters. “I’ve heard many reports of UFOs from shamans over the years,” he stated. “Shamans will report experiences themselves, (and) some shamans will say that they’ve been taken into a UFO, some will say that they have been cooperating with UFOs to help heal people, or have gotten power from UFOs.”

Farah Yurdozu

Turkish UFOlogist and Experiencer

Farah Yurdozu is described as Turkey’s first female UFO researcher. Back in her native homeland she wrote several best-selling books. Currently available from her are such book titles as Confessions of a Turkish UFOlogist, as well as You Are Your Soulmate. (For more details, go to: Farah is a columnist for UFO Magazine and a journalist and producer for Jerry Pippin Internet Radio.

I poised this question to Farah: “As you fully recognize on a first-hand basis how the ancient shamanic accounts can provide us considerable insight into the nature of the UFO contact phenomenon, would you care to share with us your own background of understanding and knowledge on this intriguing, thought-provoking subject?”

She seemed more than happy to do so. “Ancient Turks of Central Asia used to be called Gk Trk which means ‘Sky People,’” Farah began. “They were shamanic in their religious belief. For them the sky, sun, moon and planets were sacred. The first creation stories talk about the Sky People who come to earth and married the Turkish men and women. This is how the various Central Asian Turkish tribes were born. According to another creation story, the Turkish race comes from a wolf which is also a very sacred animal for us. A male wolf comes from the sky and gets married to human women, and the Turkish nation starts. Wolf symbolizes the Dog Star, Sirius. It is possible to think that our origin is the Sirius star system. The very first flag of the Gk Trks was a wolf head on a blue background. When you take a look at ancient Turkish folklore you will find lots of close encounters, even alien abduction cases. And as we know very well in some abduction cases witnesses see or encounter the wolves. Sirius connection was always in our life. And the modern Turkish Republic’s national flag is a crescent and the five pointed Sirius star on a red background. Red symbolized the blood line.”

“As I mention in my articles and conference lectures, the ancient Central Asian Turks are coming from the same root with the Native Indians of North, Central and South America. We shared the same belief system, symbolism and life style with them. Ancient Turkish tribes were nomadic and used to live in teepees just like Native Indians. The founder of the Modern Turkish Republic and our first president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, was very interested and knowledgeable on this topic. He did lots of research on the Turkish nation’s cosmic origin. According to his theory, Turks came to Central Asia from the lost continent of MU. When MU collapsed after a natural disaster, one group of survivors came to Central and North America and nations such as the Maya and Hopi were born. Another survivors group came to Central Asia and the Turkish nation was born. Today in modern Turkey we still use the symbolism of MU civilization.”

I next questioned Farah about personal UFO experiences. I stated, “I understand that you're like a third-generation alien contact percipient in your family. Your grandfather had an encounter with two reptilian type beings, and at an early age, while still living in Turkey, you had a UFO vision/premonition that was later followed by an actual and very similar physical UFO encounter event. Can you share with us how these events unfolded?”

“My great-grandfather was a French and mathematics teacher at Istanbul University and was an author,” Farah pointed out. “When the encounter happened in the late 1890s he was still a very young man, married and with five children. One night he was alone at his home as his family was visiting another city. His bedroom door opened and two beings came inside. As my great-grandfather described later, they had both reptilian and human characteristics. For him their most scary aspect were the reptilian eyes with vertical pupils. They had no clothes. Their body was covered with a thick leather and hair in some parts. They were walking on two legs and their body movements were very much like a human’s.”

“The communication was completely telepathic. They gave him the message that they were trying to help him, as he was having financial problems. But my grandfather was so scared that he started to fight them mentally until they left the room. Before leaving they looked back and said to him: “From you to three generations.” After this encounter our family members started to experience paranormal and spiritual phenomena. His children – one of them is my grandmother – suddenly started to develop psychic gifts. They were able to see what other people cannot with the biological eyes. They were communicating with the beings of various spiritual levels. Wherever they moved in their home there was also paranormal activity such as ghost apparitions, poltergeist and materialization. The paranormal activity didn’t stop even when they moved to Damascus for a while. My grandmother, her sisters and brothers were always active in spiritual practices and investigations. They were the first generation of psychics in my family. I really believe that later in their life they had close encounters and alien abductions too. Of the five siblings three of them couldn’t have any children, they were sterile. And this condition often happens after alien abductions. Let’s remember one thing; when all these “reptilian” encounters and paranormal activity was happening in late 19th century and early 20th century nobody knew about UFOs or Extra Terrestrials. For them any being which comes from another dimension with a strange aspect was considered a demon or a jinn. Not only in Turkey but in many other countries and cultures the interpretation was the same.”

“Later my aunt, who was born in 1937, developed psychic gifts and she was the second generation of psychics. And I belong to the third generation. Since a very young age I had my own encounters and experiences. I started to develop the same psychic ability too. When I was a high school student I had a dream about a UFO landing on the shore where our apartment was located in Istanbul. It was a very vivid dream, in fact I would call it “astral dream” with amazing details. Ten days later in the same spot I had a UFO sighting just like it happened in my dream. In my waking, real life, psychic ability was supporting the UFO existence. This was a good message for me to keep the family legacy. I became a paranormal – UFO investigator and writer at a very young age. My cousin who is from the same blood line started to experience severe alien abductions in the last ten years. So this is the paranormal history of our family in three generations.”

“Please tell us how these events have changed or shaped your life,” I next asked.

“I was aware of many things since I was 2 or 3 years old,” Farah began. “Maybe it started before but this is what I can remember clearly. The awareness of other dimensions such as spiritual, astral, cosmic or extra terrestrial is the essential for me. I am sure many people would share the same feeling with me; we are looking for the universal truth. This is a karmic lesson. We are souls in a physical container which is only a tool to be able to exist on this material world. Physical body, physical world are very temporary things. But the soul is endless and forever. Getting to know the Extra Terrestrial truth is also a very important part of our karmic soul lesson. I see this as an initiation path. Maybe we UFO researchers are initiated by an invisible school? UFO researchers from all over the world may have different visions and takes on the subject, but all of us are on the same path. And the path sometimes is very painful, tiring and hard to walk. In fact, a very eye opening experience.”

“I definitely can say that I am very happy for having all these experiences and being on the path. In Turkey we say ‘heart’s eye’ in the meaning of the third eye. When you are aware of the cosmos and the cosmic beings your heart’s eye opens. Then you see the daily life, world, political differences, wars in a completely different way. You start to see the real meaning of the events and happenings. I am coming from a country where spiritual practices shape the national identity. From a very young age we are told that we are not the only beings in the universe and there are other life forms around us. In other words, most of the families give the first spiritual education to their kids at home. Just like the early reincarnation memories are considered as a fact by the parents.”

I next asked, “What role do paranormal manifestations and spirituality seem to play in these sorts of happenings?”

Farah responded, “Most of the UFO and ET encounters bring the paranormal and spiritual activity as well. We still don’t know a lot about UFOs’ technological side as an advanced space craft. But they definitely have a magnetic effect over the nature, cars, electrical devices, humans and animals. In some cases after a close encounter, the witness develops psychic or spiritual healing gifts. And it is reported that in some abduction cases the abductee’s house becomes the center of intense paranormal activity. The most basic thing is that during the abduction almost always the communication is by telepathy. All these aspects show the paranormal ability of ETs.”

“Most of the ETs were interpreted as angels, demons or jinns in history. ‘Jinn’ is the origin of the magical creatures that the West calls Genies. I really believe that the classical image of Satan with horns, half human, half animal body, claws and sometimes with giant wings is an ancient interpretation of the Reptilian / Draco beings that many contactees encounter in our modern time. One way or another, ETs became a part of our spiritual and even religious life. Let’s look at the history and mythology. Mythological gods were never interested in human’s spiritual life or worried about teaching a religion. All they wanted was the total obedience, sacrifices, food and gold from humans. They were doing everything that the human race does such as eating, drinking, having offspring. Gods got married to humans and semi-gods were born. Were semi-gods a kind of hybrid being, maybe? I really believe that ancient Extra Terrestrials were the heroes of the world of mythology.”

With British researcher Anthony Peake’s recent interview (December 2007, No. 119) still quite fresh on my mind, I asked Farah, “Have you had premonitions or deja vu's of other events that later transpired as foreseen?”

“Yes, many times,” she stated. “We can call them messenger dreams and in many important turning points of my life I was guided or informed by my dreams. I didn’t develop this phenomenon purposely. It just happens by itself. It is a very inner part of the self. Another way of the spiritual teaching. Did I get the psychic gift from Reptilians after my great-grand father’s encounter? If so, what can I say, thanks for the gift.”

Medicine Grizzlybear Lake

Native Healer, Indian Doctor, and UFO Contactee

Medicine Grizzlybear Lake

Native Healer, Indian Doctor, and UFO Contactee

Bobby Lake-Thom, a traditional Native American healer, known by many as Medicine Grizzlybear Lake, has authored such books as Native Healer (1971), Spirits of the Earth (1998), and Call of the Great Spirit (2001). Half Karuk, and part Seneca and Cherokee, Bobby Lake has apprenticed under a dozen well-known medicine men and women, including Rolling Thunder, Beeman Logan, Mad Bear Anderson, and Calvin Rube, just to name a few. For over twenty years, he has been a professor of Native American Studies at Humboldt State University (CA), Gonzaga University (WA), and Eastern Montana College.

Bobby Lake-Thom had a pretty extraordinary UFO encounter with a dj vu twist to it that reminds me of the account that Farah Yurdozu from Turkey just shared with us. He recalled: “During the late part of winter 1974, I began to have a series of unusual dreams about silver-colored eagles. From out of the void and darkness of the dream state suddenly emerged four eagles. Each eagle came in from a different cardinal point at approximately the same time and correspondingly formed a circular flying pattern. After flying in a circle for a considerable amount of time, they then departed and eventually flew out of sight. I had the same dream on three separate occasions, but on the fourth occasion the content of the dream changed. There was a dark void, then suddenly a strong humming noise, then the appearance of each eagle as it emerged from the east, the south, the north, and the west. They all flew in a circle but began to change form. In the place of the eagles appeared four silver-colored discs. The four silver discs then merged into one very large silver-colored flying saucer. All of the dreams were accompanied by a tremendous humming sound, and although I was asleep in each situation, I would feel my entire body vibrate to the point that it became unbearable. I would awake from the dreams shaking, exhausted, bewildered, and dizzy.”

Bobby Lake-Thom was disturbed by this last dream and began seeking the opinions of others. In February 1975, a Seneca medicine man—who was one of Bobby's earlier teachers— offered an opinion about the dream experience. “The first time I had that dream Beeman Logan came out to visit me and some other Native people on the West Coast to do doctoring ceremonies and stuff,” Bobby Lake-Thom recalled in a recent phone conversation with this columnist. “He stayed with me and I was talking to him about the profound dreams that I was having with the eagles changing into flying saucers and I asked him what he thought about it. He said, ‘That’s what’s going to happen to you.’ He said, ‘You’re connected. Those are our ancestors.’ I didn't mean to embarrass Beeman but I could not help but to laugh in his face! Being a professor and dealing with UFOs ... yeah, right. I didn’t really believe in it. … he said, ‘Well, you asked my opinion. That’s what I’m telling you. That’s going to come true. You’re going to be contacted by them and probably share a lot of knowledge and information with you,’ which they did. At that point he also told me that the Iroquois Six Nations believed that we were brought here from outer space by four ships. We didn’t evolve from monkeys. …We were brought here in a golden eagle ship, the hummingbird ship, the turtle ship, and the circular ship.”

In March 1975, Beeman Logan’s prediction came true. Bobby was living at the time in Trinidad, California. “I started having the dreams again and then I had a strong, compelling feeling to get up out of bed,” Bobby told me. “I heard this loud humming noise that was just driving me crazy so I went out into the front room. There was a big picture window. … I was on the second level and it was right there, just about level with the big picture window. I said, ‘Oh, my God’ .. It was a big silver colored disc with some lights going around on it, and the next thing I know it zapped me. A big ray of light hit me and I just went right through the window, without breaking the window or anything, right up into the ship.”

I began asking Bobby what he had seen onboard the craft. He laughed and said, “For Christmas, I was going to try and get my wife one of those large plasma TV sets. 45 inch or something. It’s flat and you can hang it on the wall. I said, ‘Look at that! That’s exactly what, when I was taken up, the ancient ones, the outer space people, had me sit down in front of and look at, and I was given instructions through.”

“They said that wanted me to look at that screen and they showed me the past, the present, and the future,” Bobby explained. “They showed me who I was in some of my past lives, and primarily focused on the North American continent. There was some expansion into other areas, but mainly on the North American continent. After they gave me instructions and everything, they said, ‘Man does not govern nature. Nature governs man. The first time the world was purified by fire, the second time it was purified by water, and the third time it will be purified by earth itself, and be forewarned of the following signs and omens.’”

Then there following a long series of predictions of future world events, such as rare and unusual diseases, a worsening of natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes, predictions about assassinations, the eruption of Mount St. Helens, and many other things.

“I kept asking them who they were and finally they revealed themselves to me,” Bobby Lake-Thom recalled. At first they had been four “shadowed” figures. Then, Bobby explained, “Finally they revealed themselves to me and they were four different, what appeared to me to be four medicine men from different tribes and parts of Turtle Island.”

One did most of the talking and Bobby described him for me, stating: “(He) had dark hair and he had a bear claw necklace on, but he had a silver steak right through the middle of his hair. …He had a bear hide slung over his shoulder. I asked them, ‘Who are you?’ and they said, ‘Your four grandfathers. We’ll be in communication with you and this is how we communicate.’ I said, ‘Yeah, but who are you really? Are you spirits or what?’ They said, ‘We’re energy beings. We’re your ancestors. We can take whatever form we want. .. If we were going to communicate to a black man or to a white man or to an Asian, we could take on that human form or appearance.’”

“After I had that experience I got really sick, and so I went up there on the side of the mountain, up past the Hoopa Reservation, to see my main teacher, Calvin Rube, because I was really sick. I was weak and I had these burns on the side of my body and I felt like I was losing my mind. I was going crazy. When I drove up the road…he was standing outside looking up at the sky and there were a bunch of eagles all over in these trees around his house and he was looking up at the sky. I could see him talking or something, or praying or singing, and then I looked up, just as I pulled up into his yard and I started to get out of my truck. There were four flying saucers right over the top of his house. He said, “Gosh darn it, I should have known it was you. It had to be you. I don’t know what you got yourself into, what kind of trouble you got into this time, but I don’t think that I can help you.” I was crying, I was shaking all over. I jumped out of the truck and ran up to him and grabbed hold of him and was begging and pleading with him if he could help me, and all of that was right there, and he kept trying to turn me down, kept trying to push me away. He said, ‘I don’t think that I can do anything about this. This is pretty heavy. Those guys have got a hell of a lot of power. I don’t think that I can deal with them.’ Finally I kind of like followed him into the house and shut the door myself and kept begging and pleading with him that he would doctor me and help me out. Which he finally consented to do, and then I explained the whole story and experience to him and he said, ‘You’ve got to do exactly like what they told you to. You’ve got to go out there and to get that knowledge and information out there.’”

“He said, ‘Sure, you’re going to be laughed at and ridiculed and everything else,’ which it happened. They fired me from my job, you know. I had a big meeting on campus, at noon time. (I) came out there, made my prayer, shared that knowledge and experience and at that time a golden eagle flew right in over…must have been 400 or 500 people there …and this golden eagle came in screaming, and then right behind it, up in the sky, at quite some distance, but not too far away, was a big silver colored disc.”

“I shared my message and everything, and of course I got reprimanded for that. It was published in some local newspaper or magazine called Psychic Times. My first wife wanted to leave me and divorce me because she was all embarrassed and everything, and they wanted to fire me from my job. It was a hell of a mess.”

“Anyway Calvin doctored me and tried to put protective medicine on me and help me out, and he said they were good people- they were good aliens – good outer space people, and that they were our ancestors and for whatever reason I had been contacted or chosen to share that knowledge and information.”

“Some people who originally criticized me and researched and followed up on all of those predictions that I was given ended up coming up with concrete proof, and a lot of people who kind of followed it and kept track of it, came out in later years and made statements like that they felt that it was more accurate than Jeane Dixon or Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus, you know, in terms of the predictions. They did have some criticism about the times that I was shown. But hey, I don’t know what to say about that. I just tell them, ‘Hey. It’s not me. I’m not like some kind of doomsday prophet or anything like that. This is what the outer space people showed me. They deserve the credit.’ So the credit has got to go there.”

“Okay, one of the things on the UFO predictions was that there would be a major earthquake – the moon would turn red with blood – and right after that there would be like a major earthquake and thousands and thousands of native people would be killed, in a major earthquake. That came true. I called up Archie Fire Lame Deer who was living down in Santa Barbara at that time, and I told him that my ex-wife Tela and I were standing out in our backyard doing a prayer ceremony and all of a sudden a great big golden mother ship (our place overlooked the Pacific ocean), right there at Trinidad, and all of a sudden this great big ship just broke through, appeared suddenly in the sky, lit up the whole damned night sky, and there were four other ships that came through behind it, and it was going real slow heading down south. Both of us were so scared that we were literally shaking. We could hardly stand up. So I tried to communicate with them and they said, ‘We’re going down to Mexico. We’re going way down south to Mexico because there is going to be bad earthquakes going [on] down in that direction.’ Going down into Southern California and then down into Mexico, so I got on the phone – it was late at night – talking to Archie about it and he really didn’t believe in them too much. He kind of laughed at me and everything a little bit and he said, ‘Well, thanks for the warning. I’ll talk to my spirits and make sure that we’re protected here in this area.’ Because I didn’t know if it was going to hit his area, Santa Barbara area and then hit LA and then Mexico or what, but that’s the direction the ships were going.”

“Anyway, to make a long story short the next day, it was on the news, that they had the worst earthquake that ever hit Mexico City and hundreds and thousands of people were killed. Well, they were mostly native people. Mexicans down there are really more native than they are Hispanic. And there were a lot of UFO sightings up in the sky around that time also. Now what were those ships doing down there? Were they going down there to – this is the question that I posed to myself – they even had videos - ….. So my question is what the hell are they doing down there? So I had to sit down and talk and have a discussion with my own outer space people and what they told me is that they were gathering the souls of all of those people who had been killed. Harvesting. Now I don’t know if it was in a good way or a bad way. I don’t know if they were gathering these souls to prepare them for like reincarnation to come back sometime in the future into other human bodies or if it was bad outer space people who were gathering them to prepare to put them into clones or androids. I kind of sense and feel, because of the description of the ship and what we saw, that these were the good guys. And I think that it had something to do with all of those ancient Mayan temples that are down in that area.”

As Bobby had been trained as a traditional Native Healer and an Indian Doctor, I was interested to learn how these skills might be used or come into play in another otherworldly context like the UFO visitor presence, and how he might discern and handle the positive and negative elements of such encounter situations.

Back in the mid-1980s, there reportedly was a sudden wave of UFO activity on a certain California Indian Reservation. Witnesses described seeing a 40 foot silver disc with blue lights in the area for over an hour, flying at a mere 50 feet or so over the ground. The wave of sightings lasted for about two weeks. Right after this activity there were a lot of mysterious deaths among the elderly Indian people there (i.e., strange car accidents, suicides, and murders). Bobby was asked to do some praying in the area and the Indian population there had also brought in a well-known elderly Wintun Indian Doctor.

Bobby thinks that the disc-shaped craft “came in for protection,” although he says there were other ships that were up to no good. “My wife and I were even under attack by those guys when we lived in Trinidad,” he explained. He said they were beings “short in stature” and attired in monk-like outfits— “a black robe with a hood.” “I could see it in my head,” Bobby noted. “I could see them in their ships when they were coming and trying to attack us. So my ex-wife and I had to do a prayer ceremony. We were crying out to the creator and to the earth powers.”

Omens, Little People, Mothman and Another Bridge Tragedy

Throughout our world, sudden and unexpectedly appearances of mysterious otherworldly beings often foreshadow unexplained events that strongly suggest some sort of complex symbiotic relationship with us homo sapiens and them – that intelligences of these other realms somehow may have deep insight into events in our physical world . One familiar but frightening form is that of the omen. In a recent phone conversation with Diane Tessman, a former school teacher, a noted UFO author and psychic channeler from St. Ansgar, Iowa, she recalled how while living in Ireland back in the 1990’s, that a neighbor had described to her how he had once encountered the figure of a small woman the day before his twin brother died in an accident. “I think it was a bicycle accident,” she recalled. “He had seen a banshee combing her hair the day before, which is a sign of coming death. I don’t know if combing your hair is involved, but the banshee definitely is. This was a man who is very down to earth, hard working, and he wasn’t telling the tales to entertain the American. It was his only experience. He didn’t just regale me with a bunch of tales. It was totally sincere. I was quite friendly with his family and his 11-year-old daughter.”

Such tales seem to abound in Ireland. “And there also was a very old lady, my landlord’s mother, (who) had gone through this forest, the Castle Morris Forest,” Diane recalled. The incident happened back when she was a girl. She was with her family at the time, on their way to a wedding, and encountered three little people. The diminutive beings told them that they should not walk through that part of the forest, and so they went back and went another way, arriving at the wedding late as a result. “She too seemed serious about it and didn’t go on with other stories,” Diane added.

While living in St. Petersburg, Florida, Diane said she went through a “paranormal phase” in her life. “Crazy things happened,” she stated. “There had been beeps. The wall would beep, the lamp would beep. I even had wondered if it was a poltergeist thing. My daughter was around 9 or 10 by then.” One night Diane was outside. “I was looking straight up,” she said. “It just really covered my whole vision for a moment. …It seemed to be something alive, the way it moved. … it had, the closest that I can come, because it was so fleeting, (it had) a center, like a person would, or a butterfly does. A body, and then wings. Very large wings.” This occurred sometime before a terrible bridge accident on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on the morning of May 9, 1980, when the SS Summitt Venture freighter hit the bridge causing six cars and one Greyhound bus to fall 150 feet into the waters below. 35 people died. “Which connects with Mothman and the bridge in West Virginia,” Diane noted, “but again how exactly?” Then Diane continued, “I think that we try and pin things down with our mundane or conscious mind when in fact there is so much in the universe, and we’re filtering information. Our mind(s) (are) just not advanced enough to take in the whole picture. We get glimpses of the other world and other dimensions and other beings, but organized religion has taught us such a narrow version of consciousness and the creator spirit. There’s so much more and we tend to get a fragmented view.”

We will explore the fascinating, mysterious and intertwined multidimensional world of shamanism and ufology in my next column. In addition, we will learn core secrets of sacred Native American ceremonies and practices that involve amazing strategies for “seeing” and “knowing” things not accessible to ones five conventional senses. We will also come to more fully comprehend and appreciate the complexity and diversity of our world and our vast universe, and the potentially and largely untapped challenges and possibilities facing our sciences and our present way of life.


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