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Kundalini and UFO contactees?

In Brad Steiger’s Gods of Aquarius (1976) he quotes a statement given to him by one Gene Kieffer of New York’s Kundalini Research Foundation who explored the area of UFOs and Kundalini. Kieffer had concluded that “Kundalini is responsible for most of the UFOs that abound in our times.” He recalled a personal experience back in December 1968, while when meditating (and before he had any knowledge about kundalini) he observed a “luminous green, slightly pulsating, amorphous vehicle.” Though he initially believed that this was a true visual sighting, he later concluded that it was a “projection of my own self.” He was also given instructions, he felt, to contact a certain person at NASA in Alabama and inform him that astronauts who were about to embark upon a lunar mission were going to have a “spiritual experience” when they entered lunar orbit.

Hans Lauritzen of Copenhagen, Denmark, contracted a severe case of liver hepatitis in February 1966, when traveling in Africa. It became chronic and he had to stop working and was put on invalid pension. Then on the evening of December 7, 1967, Lauritzen went with four friends to a wooded area in Copenhagen to look for UFOs, and sure enough, at one point he observed “two great, dim, yellow globes” at an estimated distance of 100 meters. One of his friends also saw one of the “globes.” For some reason, he felt compelled to walk into the forest alone, felt a “presence,” and also felt as though he were in a “semi-trance like” state. He also felt as though he was in telepathic contact with this “presence,” for when he sensed this “presence” he mentally asked that they let him help humanity. They told him that he had a “very strong power,” Lauritzen recalled, and that it would become stronger. Then he came to the place where he had seen the two yellow spheres, suddenly found himself standing in another spot nearby, looked at his watch and discovered that over an hour had inexplicably elapsed. His friends at this point were calling for him, so he ran to meet with them. He noticed he wasn’t tired anymore, he had lots of energy. Later he returned to his medical doctor who discovered that the liver condition had disappeared and the liver was of normal size again. Lauritzen wrote, “The blood tests showed that it functioned now as any normal healthy liver.”

Soon after this Lauritzen began to experience classic kundalini symptoms. “Something was moving up along the spine from the bottom to the neck and back head,” he wrote. “It was accompanied by a pleasurable feeling and made me stand up and make strange movements and turns. Because of the semi-trance state I just had to follow it, but afterwards I became extremely afraid what it could be. It was like something spreading in the whole nervous system.” This went on for months, with a variety of different physical and psychological symptoms. (A detailed review of this case is archived on this site at: In addition, a detailed account of this case also appeared in Gods of Aquarius, which Brad Steiger just informed me by email will hopefully be published again in 2008, revised and updated.

Jeremy Vaeni is a well-known UFO abductee and has been a columnist for UFO Magazine. I read in one of Vaeni’s columns a brief entry as to where he had experienced something along these lines, symptoms and sensations similar to Lauritzen’s.

So I emailed Mr. Vaeni and requested a more detailed description of his kundalini like experiences, to which he replied:

I don’t know how long of a statement you’re looking for but briefly, this thing came into me or activated within me, however that works, not from aliens but from reading a bunch of Jiddu Krishnamurti books and finally “getting” exactly what he was saying, which is essentially: You are thought. If you want to see if there’s anything beyond thought then you have to stop thought (die while alive, basically) completely and without any motive, including the motive to see what’s there. Just stop and being happens.

So I did (or not-did) this and in that very moment my head started to rotate as if doing an exercise. It felt completely natural in spite of the fact that I was not the one rotating “my” head. Only when pondering it and thinking “This shouldn’t be happening” does it seem unnatural. But when it’s happening there’s no question.

So this evolved over time and was accompanied by psychic awakenings, chakra activation—ooooh a whole host of things I never believed in and always made fun of. In fact, I still don’t believe in them. Whatever they are, they’re real. I mean, it’s as simple as that.

So psychic awakenings, visions, what seemed like spiritual visitations and even possession…the details are too long to go into here but I’ll add that there is ANOTHER form of energy that I’ve experienced since this began in 2000/early 2001. This second energy I’ve only experienced three times and always the same way: It feels as if a slit opens at the base of my spine going from the tail bone up horizontally. It’s a hairline of a thing and it feels like it’s being cut open and closed with no pain, just this feeling as if the area is numbed like a doctor would do.

The first time it happened, this blissful energy slid in and consumed my entire backside head to toe. It was like levitating on beads of energy. (I hate using that word "energy" because it has no real meaning but I don't know what else to call it.)

After maybe 30 or 60 seconds, the energy slid back out the way it came, the cut sealed itself and I was back to normal. The second time it happened, same thing: Slit opens, energy washes in--only this time something rode in with it. Again, I have zero belief system for any of this I'm just reporting to you the closest thing I can compare it to—if it's not actually what it is. The "it" in question is a demon. I could see it superimposed over my own body and feel its feelings. It didn't have thoughts, really. Seemed ancient and dumb but immensely powerful. I had the impression that whether it was good, evil or questions like that are irrelevant, all it wanted to do was bask in the glow of being alive through this body for the few seconds it had. It did so, it washed out through the slit, slit closed. I'm saying "demon" but I don't really know, just that it looked like a muddy red gargoyle and gnashed my teeth like an animal.

But nothing evil happened so when I say "demon," really I'm thinking we have no clue what that word means and should rethink everything.

The third and so far final time it happened, I had the big I AM experience. Slit opened, bliss energy, and "I" seemed to wash out of myself. I dissolved into nothingness. The moment Nothingness became aware of itself there was a visual, like a drop of water expanding in all directions over black. I was nothingness, I was nothingness aware of itself and I was Jeremy aware of my own body all at the same time. I could feel the stretching in my brain as the visual of the "water" stretched. It felt like it had an elasticity to it and would snap and frankly I was scared shitless that I was dying. It did snap, finally, but I didn't die. Instead, at the moment it snapped, a light flared and from this banged big the entire universe.

I'm seeing the universe and I am the universe. Not just the macro but the micro. I am solar wind. I am hot rock forming planets. I am the stars and the debris. I am the trees and the wind zipping through them--I mean just on and on all of these awarenesses (points of view) happening AT THE SAME INSTANCE. It's indescribable.

Curiously, when I was the sun giving life to the nearest planets that could take it, I had the impression that I was alive unto myself. That is, that stars are alive unto themselves, like mini gods. They are alive and aware and alone but not lonely. This is confusing but I'll just say it: I had the impression that I am that right now as I write this. That there is some aspect of me that is that sun even though I have no clue how that would work. It could be that I'm misinterpreting and that the Egyptians had it right: We become stars when we die. I don't know.

Anyway, it was pretty friggen incredible and there's more to it than that but that's the basic gist.

I've had a few experiences that lead me to believe that these creatures we call aliens, whether they are or not, are aware of this energy and know how to use it. I think they activated it at least that third time for the big "god" experience because I had the feeling they were in the room with me doing this to my back. I never did see them but I did receive a message toward the end of this experience, when my vision rested on this giant red planet (maybe Mars; maybe not). A female voice I've spoken to but never seen during abductions said, "Do we humans not understand that other planets cannot help us if we continue to block them out and kill ourselves?"

Notice she said WE humans, not YOU humans, oddly enough.

Anyway the whole thing ended because I was scared out of my mind (literally!) that I was dying so I pulled my awareness back into my body. I wonder what would have happened if I'd let it play out?

As for other abductees who talk about this...yeah actually I asked Whitley Strieber about it in an interview for UFO Magazine. He was shocked I hadn't heard about it before. I'm pretty sure the full answer is in the article but either way if you go to:

and scroll down to the very first episode of Culture of Contact, it's the interview we did (along with his wife, Anne) in full. I end the interview with that discussion so if you want to cut to the chase, just fast forward to the end and then backtrack a little.

Dr. Lyn Halper, a New York psychotherapist and the author of Adventures of a Suburban Mystic (Trafford 2001) and Mystic Souls: 19 Remarkable People Tell Their Stories (iUniverse 2003), reviewed Jeremy Vaeni’s description of his experiences and offered for us these observations:

Since Jeremy Vaeni had been exposed to non-physical energies through his UFO experience, it isn’t surprising that he could have, what appears to be, an activation of kundalini energy in his body, and that he has a predilection for energy-sensitive experiences. In his account, he says that he had been preoccupied with Eastern literature, “a bunch of Jiddu Krishnamurti books” and “getting” it, and this sort of immersion is often the trigger for the rising of the kundalini. His description of the “slit opening and closing” fits Hindu imagery of kundalini as a coiled snake with its mouth the aperture that opens to allow the energy to rise upward through the sushumna, or main conduit. Even in a partial rising, kundalini brings with it expanded consciousness from psychic openings to blissful states, the feeling of being one with the universe that Jeremy describes.

The visitation of a red gargoyle demon, or other such creatures, commonly accompanies the kundalini activity. These are thought-forms, or transmogrifications, that he aptly describes as “dumb,” yet senses the immense power behind it. Across the centuries, people have reported such phenomena…think of St. John of the Cross beset by demons as he struggled with his dark night of the soul. Similarly, individuals in the throes of kundalini often report seeing tall white-bearded men in hooded cloaks that assert themselves as their guides. Vaeni talks about having energy-beings around him (though he refers to them as “aliens”) and believes they are “aware of this energy and know how to use it.”

There may be something to that. In my case, just prior to my second kundalini phase, my so-called guides announced soberly that in connection with my life’s work a “great sacrifice” would be required of me. There followed a turbulent activation of the kundalini, so violent and tormenting to my physical and emotional self that I knew if it continued, I would die. It was one year in duration, and at its denouement, brought psychic and spiritual gifts. A year later there was another sustained activation, but it was gentle, presumably because the first two phases had done their work and incinerated the toxins in my body. As for energy-beings, where kundalini energy is sustained, they are there. Maybe we can say that since the kundalini is a nuclear etheric energy, it explodes open the portals to a host of inter-dimensional non-physical entities.

I also shared with Dr. Halper the same details about Gene Kieffer’s statement on kundalini and UFOs as cited a few paragraphs earlier, as well as the details on Kieffer’s own experience. I learned that in 1990, a group called the Kundalini Research Network (KRN) sprang from the Kundalini Research Foundation (KRF) as a separate entity. The KRN’s main mission it seems is to maintain heightened awareness on the subject and document scientifically such instances throughout the world. “I’m quite familiar with the KRN and 20+ years ago, after having my first experience with kundalini raging out of control, I saw their call for submissions from people who had kundalini experiences for their annual conference,” Dr. Halper explained. “I wrote my submission essay and was invited to be a speaker. I also filled out a 20 page form describing minute details of the experience, and they were pretty much convinced I was the real thing. The following year I was invited back to speak again. I’ve always been impressed with the serious manner this group goes about their research. By the way, one statistic I’ve heard is that only 1 person in 100 will have a ‘mobile’ kundalini energy that can rise and be sustained over a long period, as mine was. I hope this group is still active because it’s very important that people who are having a genuine kundalini cycle have a dependable resource and hot line, because the experience can be terrifying.”

“As for Kieffer (of course I met and chatted with him back then), it’s a rather broad statement to say kundalini is responsible for most of the UFOs. What might he mean by this? If we say that kundalini permeates every atom in the universe, then UFOs are composed of that universal substance. As for his experiment, he made himself fodder for the mill. By that I mean, I believe there are interdimensional intelligences who wait for someone rather naÔve to come along, and then they will supply the experience the person is looking for (in this case a UFO) and give them intriguing telepathic messages, and heavily loaded tasks, like contacting NASA, etc. It always amazes me that people who are supposedly knowledgeable in metaphysics are not aware of this phenomenon.”

Can Sound Frequencies Activate the Kundalini?

Don Wright of Silver City, New Mexico, who has been making replicas of the Peruvian whistling vessels since his own dramatic personal experience with them back in 1980, has wondered about that first experience and if what happened was associated with kundalini.

To begin with, let me excerpt portions of a phone conversation between us. I was telling him about Bonita Luz, a psychotherapist from North Carolina who had given me my own first hand experience with the whistles back in December 1999. I explained to Don, “She had told me that she had heard that they were not just for altering your consciousness but also for creating a channel into like another dimension or something.” On the other end of the phone, Don excitedly replied, “Man, that’s what I felt the first time I experienced them, in that group back in Boston. It was clear to me that we were opening a doorway and I was frightened by that because it was like a cylinder was infinitely open above and infinitely open below, and I didn’t know what that might be opening to.”

“The truly weird thing about the cylinder was that it was much larger than the room, yet was in the room,” Don added. “I can’t explain how that could be. The wall of the cylinder had light fluctuating through it. The light was fluctuating in resonance with the fluctuation of the vessel sounds, and the thickness and density of the wall seemed to reflect the changes in volume of the vessel sounds. A wind of void ness beyond void ness seemed to be wafting through the inside of the cylinder.”

“Another interesting thing about this experience is that as I was blowing the vessel, I suddenly began to experience bubbling energy begin to flood over my brain. The energy seemed to be coming from the cylinder. It was steadily increasing, and I realized that if it continued it would exceed the threshold of my ability to maintain control of my experience. I stopped blowing, put the vessel down, and walked out of the room and down the hall to the kitchen. I could still hear the vessels, however, and the flow of energy over my brain was still increasing, but at a greatly slower pace. To escape it, I returned to the hallway until I was at the room of a guy who was earlier in the evening playing his guitar in the room. He was sitting on his bed with the guitar next to him. As I entered the room, he picked it up again and just strummed across the strings. That sound of the guitar stopped the effect of the energy from the cylinder.”

“Even though I had recently written an article published in The Univercolian about the awakening of Kundalini, I didn’t associate this experience with it until days later.”

In an email just received from Don he mentioned how that initial experience with the whistles had been previously written by him in an article for the Southwest Source, Fall 1982, entitled Peruvian Whistling Vessels: Rebirth of Ancient Sounds of Consciousness. He wrote how that energy flow was rather like “effervesant bubbles pouring over my brain.” He added again, “In that moment, I became fearful that I would not be capable of controlling the steady increase of the effect of the ‘bubbles’ flowing over my brain. I mentioned, in the article, that I was knowledgeable about chakras, and kundalini and its activation and had even had an article about it published in The Univercolian. Recognizing it as what seemed to be a kundalini related event, however, did not occur to me until much later.”

Don continued in his email with another story: “The second event occurred when my teenage son, who was visiting me from Germany and had never even heard of kundalini, blew the vessels with me and my partner, Sherri, the first time. He suddenly became very agitated and informed me that he was feeling heat rise and wave through his back, making him dizzy. I recognized that what he might be experiencing is kundalini weaving through the Ida and Pingala, but not the Sushumna Nadi. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be more enlightened through the experience, but that’s okay.”

“I was sharing dinner one night with Shyam Bhatnagar and friends, after which we blew the vessels. One of my friends asked him “What chakras do the vessels address?” After a moment of reflection, he said, “They activate ALL chakras!” Considering that the number of chakras are considered to be from seven to thousands of chakras, depending on the sect asked, this was quite a profound opinion expressed by an acknowledged and respected enlightened Guru.”

Are We Kin To The Stars?

Though a large segment of our readers are already quite familiar with the account of the Dogon tribe of Africa that seemingly possessed advanced and yet ancient knowledge about the star system of Sirius, as documented in Robert K.G. Temple’s The Sirius Mystery (1976), Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati (1977) approached the Sirius matter from a different slant. Temple explored the possibility that this Dogon story was connected to an extraterrestrial contact in the ancient past. Cosmic Trigger documented Wilson’s personal journey, his use of hallucinogens, eastern meditation and occult rituals and practices, his study of Aleister Crowley’s writings, and how he came to feel that he was, from July 1973 till around October 1974, in telepathic contact with entities from Sirius himself. [This before Temple’s book was published, I might add] Sprinkled throughout Wilson’s personal journey of high-strangeness were innumerable instances of synchronicity. One involved Alan Vaughan, former editor of Psychic magazine, who had contacted Wilson to report his own strange Sirius experience.

Since Wilson didn’t go into any detail about what Vaughan had claimed, I wrote to Alan Vaughan myself. Vaughan, then a resident of San Francisco, CA shared how one day in 1965, a small glowing ball of light had appeared in his apartment, just inches from his face, and that simultaneously a friend saw a similar manifestation in his apartment. Vaughan claimed that when he consulted a star map he found that it triangulated with Sirius. He wrote: “I suspect that the ancient Egyptians saw it too, and today we say it is the ‘sun’ that was Amen… But it was not the sun in the sky but the ‘sun’-like object that appeared to holy men and was interpreted by the masses to be identical to the sun in the sky.”

Wilson pondered whether the ancient knowledge that Temple had stumbled upon truly represented a visitation by a “physical spaceship” approximately 4500 B.C., or if there was such a thing as “interstellar telepathy” and that there might be an ongoing psychic dialogue and channel still open to us today, for those who learn how to tune into it. He felt that Aleister Crowley’s teachings might have helped him to tune in. Crowley, credited with bringing ancient occult knowledge and wisdom into the modern world, described communicating with an entity known as Lam, a being that very much resembled the so-called “greys” of modern UFO lore. Crowley’s entity was small, slender, had a large head and large eyes, and it’s skin was grey in color.

Madeline Teagle of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, a UFO contactee and part Iroquois Indian, shared with me years ago her story of a UFO being named Amana, that identified itself as a “Sun of God” (instead of a Son of God). She had had contact with this being, she claimed, since the late 1950s. “When he appears there is generally a brilliant white tube of light first,” she stated. “Then he just seems to ‘form’ within it. When I have touched him in the process of deforming something like a sharp electrical shock runs through the area of my own body that is touching him.”

“Sunlight is vital and important both to our physical well-being and our spiritual well-being,” Madeline shared. “Am sure sun worshippers knew more about this than anyone realizes. Direct sunlight stimulates the crystals in the pineal, which then is translated to a form of mandala, which then acts upon the part of the body which that mandala is a blueprint for. Amana explained this long ago, but (I) did not understand it. He told me every person had a ‘design’ and that every part of that person had a ‘design,’ and that the design was adhered to by tiny elemental intelligent substance forms, in order to make the aggregate or whole form in which we live.”

Though science can’t yet prove “interstellar telepathy” and “tiny elemental intelligent substance forms” exist, we do know that we’re composed of the very stuff of the stars themselves. The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes (2006), by Richard Firestone, Allen West, and Simon Warwick-Smith, break it down very scientifically for me. The book describes quite vividly how everything this moment before the reader, “the paper, the ink, your hands, your eyes, and your brain—contain atoms that formed in the distant past in a supernova explosion. And not just a few atoms—all of them except hydrogen, including all the iron in your blood and the calcium in your bones. Supernovae gave birth to the essential parts of nearly every atom in our solar system and in the entire universe.” The authors also noted that type-O blood was the only blood type until some 40,000 or so years ago, and then a supernova caused a mutation that resulted in blood types A and B. “Quite likely, you are a ‘blood brother’ or ‘blood sister’ to a giant supernova…” they added.

British author Andrew Collins entertains a good many exciting and thought-provoking possibilities, and describes in his book The Cygnus Mystery some of the exciting scientific research being done in the field genetics, on “junk DNA” and in the field of physics, the search for so-called quantum tunnels, signal nonlocality and such. It makes me feel as though some of these wild sounding ideas and beliefs may not be so far from the mark after all.

Spirit Lights of Death

Way back when I was a teenaged UFO buff in the state of Maine, I was investigating a “window” area in the vicinity of a rural community known as Palermo. Palermo had a pretty good variety of reported anomalies, from a rotating inverted pan shaped UFO with large lighted rectangular windows, a field filled with mysterious rings where nothing or little grew over the years, eyewitness Bigfoot accounts, and homes with restless spirits. A local gentleman who was in the know about much of this activity had a pretty good number of friends and family who had described seeing and experiencing these strange things and introduced me to a number of them. A couple of these cases that I had investigated, involving strange apparitional beings, ended up in John Keel’s Strange Creatures from Time and Space (1970), as we were in correspondence at that time.

At any rate, my Palermo contact had also had an interesting variety of personal UFO and paranormal experiences of his own. One account that he shared with me concerned what he called the “will-o-the-wisp apparitions,” but he didn’t think that members of my own Maine based UFO study group at that time would be that interested “as it was psychic,” and of course traditionally UFOs were perceived largely then as they are now as a pretty much “nuts and bolts” extraterrestrial phenomenon. But due to my extensive reading of John Keel’s articles I was very open to investigating incidents of a psychic flavor as well.

Like the Hawaiian akualele fireball phenomenon, described in the last two columns, my Maine friend’s “will-o-the-wisp apparitions” proved to be another category of UFO-type phenomena, rather unique and distinguishable from the conventional UFO cases that we ufologists generally investigate and research. These kinds of lights, though described as luminous, airborne, and possessed of apparent intelligence, are the stuff of omens and spirit manifestations in connection with an impending death. They have been viewed by many (long before the modern UFO era) as spirit lights, perhaps deceased relatives, guardian spirits, or the spirits of people who had recently passed on.

In 1969, my friend described to me that he was just a young boy when it happened. This was back in the early 1930s, and he and his parents, on about a dozen separate occasions and over about a two year period, observed strange pulsating balls of light, generally the size of a “ten quart water pail.”

He recalled, “The last time anyone ever saw it was the night my grandfather died and it was sighted by my father on a stone wall, a line between our farm and the next. This was the closest it ever got to our property. It was never seen by anyone after that.”

My friend recalled a really strange observation of this light when he noted, “One time we were watching it from the yard about three hundred yards from the object where a man was working crops with two horses and a two row cultivator. He worked down from above it on the hillside, two rows at a time until he entered the row where it was. He nor the team showing no signs of anything abnormal ran over it. As the horses walked over it, it grew smaller until about the size of a baseball. When the cultivator teeth went over it it rolled with the dirt and regained its former size behind the machine.”

“One time it appeared about one hundred yards below our house, in a small field,” he added. “While the family stood in the yard, my father walked down toward it. When he was within about one hundred feet the light started moving away. My father started to run after it. Both vanished down over a side hill and soon my father came back, told us it moved down to a small stream and vanished.”

My friend’s elderly mother, still alive then, verified these stories as true. Since then, I’ve collected other stories of mysterious balls of light that appeared in the vicinity of person’s who were about to die or had just died. Even Kenneth Arnold, the man often credited with having kicked off the modern UFO era with his 1947 sighting near Mount Rainier, in Washington state, described such spirit lights in an interview with Gregory Long (MUFON UFO Journal, November 1981). For instance, when he was just a boy of seven, he said that he and others saw a globe of light in the same room where the body of his great-grandmother lay in state. Years later, as an adult Arnold became a pilot (he was flying when he had his famous UFO sighting) and he noted that in search and rescue missions, which he had been involved with, that it wasn’t unusual to learn that mysterious balls of light were seen in conjunction with plane crashes and the deaths of their crews.