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Discover the connection between UFO visitors and shamanic lore! Brent Raynes' stunning book—intro. by Brad Steiger.

Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors

Andrew Collins Tours the US

October was a rather interesting and fun month. On Thursday, October 15th, it was truly my pleasure and a distinct honor to introduce British science and history writer Andrew Collins to Captain Jack Harris on his Badlands Radio ( out of Central Texas. We were on for a little over two hours. Andrew had just spoken at the Association for Research and Enlightenment’s Ancient Mysteries Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on October 9th. His fascinating new book, Beneath the Pyramids, had just been released by the A.R.E. Press. (See my review in this issue) Andrew and his wife Sue were on a U.S. tour with Greg and Lora Little to further promote this book, a tour that lasted until October 24th. At the time of our Captain Jack interview, Andrew was in Texas, at Marfa, where he and his wife and the Little’s were checking out the legendary “Marfa Lights” (a so-called “spooklight” that, as I recall, goes back so far that the Native Americans spoke of them). On the 23rd, I spoke again with Andrew and did an interview with him for this magazine about his powerful and thought-provoking new book.

A Spooktacular Event!

I also got to talk on another radio program Halloween night, billed as a Halloween Spooktacular UFO Skywatch event. Held at the huge and beautiful country home of Sandy Nichols, founder and president of A.R.G. (Alien Research Group), not far from Brentwood, Tennessee, some nearly two dozen of us gathered from all across the state to hang out, share stories, ideas and theories, to do some networking, and to talk live on Ted Randall’s Radio Disclosure ( from 7 p.m. until around midnight. Ted and his team were set up outdoors in Sandy’s driveway. It was a cool night, but there was also a beautiful clear night sky, for which I personally was very thankful for considering all of the rainy weather that we Tennesseans had recently been subjected to. Sandy’s notices had announced that it was an outdoor skywatch event, so everyone was prepared and had brought their jackets and blankets, and Sandy had also provided his spacious kitchen and dinningroom area for folks to get in out of the weather and enjoy some snacks, warm up, and relax, mingle and chat with others.

But if you wanted to talk on the radio you were going to have to bundle up and go outside and just try and ignore that little nip in the air. I sat down in one of two chairs provided for radio guests, a microphone set up on a table there for each guest. The broadcast went out live over the Internet, as well as Shortwave Frequencies 5110 and 9330. “There were over 20,000 listeners just on the Live Internet Streaming from the radio disclosure web site, and there was no telling how many people were listening to the broadcast by way of the two International Short Wave frequency streams,” Sandy Nichols noted in an email a couple of days later. “These two streams were reaching an audience that included the United States, Europe, parts of Africa and the South Pacific.”

I talked for a good hour I’m sure, plugging Alternate Perceptions, my new book On the Edge of Reality, mentioning my recent interviews with Andrew Collins, and describing the various features to be found within the pages of our magazine. Ted had recently seen my co-editor Greg Little on the History Channel, said that he used to read our magazine back when it was a print publication, and had interviewed Greg one time. I brought him up to speed on Greg’s activities, including the release of his book on Indian Mounds and Geometric Earthworks back in January and our ARE Indian Mounds tour adventure together back in July. Pretty soon Ted exclaimed something like, “Is there anything Greg hasn’t done!?” I think I laughed and said, “Well I’m not sure about that.” Greg has, over the years, certainly been involved in a great many pursuits, is a man with many different interests and talents, and is very knowledgeable about many different things. But honestly, having known Greg since 1985, here is a gentleman whose many professional successes and achievements haven’t gone to his head (as often seems to happen with successful people, many of whom haven’t even accomplished a mere tenth of what Greg has). Greg keeps everything pretty much in balance and in perspective, and despite all of the deadlines, multitasking and juggling of heavy work assignments, he can still find time to laugh and tickle your funny bone with a series of spontaneous jokes. I have told people that Greg could be a stand up comedian. He’s definitely a stand up guy!

Remembering Grandmother Madeline

I’ve been very blessed and very fortunate through the years. I’ve met many wonderful and interesting people, people I came to call friends and came to share a deep connection with. One sunny day back in July 1975, I knocked on the door of Madeline Teagle of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, just outside of Akron. Like many people whose door I’ve knocked on across the U.S., Madeline had investigated UFOs, and was in fact an experiencer herself. She introduced me to many others in her area who claimed to have had similar experiences. We even traveled around communities in northeastern Ohio knocking on a few doors together. Though Madeline was what is often referred to as a UFO “contactee,” she also made a good investigator who was capable of shifting mental gears and looking at other aspects and possibilities with me as I expressed my various questions and uncertainties along the way. She always had a soothing, warm and gentle way of handling questions and doubts over which others often make you feel uncomfortable or defensive about.

Part Iroquois, Madeline shared my early interest in Native American matters, and in fact introduced me to a Susquehannock medicine man in Pennsylvania, who my wife Joan and I visited back in 1977, a few months before we got married. Firsthand we got to hear his fascinating stories of UFO and spirit encounters. A few years later, we stopped and visited Madeline. I introduced Joan to Madeline for the first time and they too became instant friends. In fact, Joan, who is part Cherokee, soon was calling Madeline Grandmother, explaining to me that often in Native American tradition Grandmother is a title bestowed upon respected and honored women of a tribe.

Sadly (for us anyway) Madeline left this earth plane back sometime around the mid-1990s. But recently I was delighted to cross paths over the internet with a lady who also used to visit Madeline years ago and was deeply impressed with her warm, caring, and spiritual nature and insights.

“I have seen Madeline once in spirit form,” this person shared. “She just smiled and radiated love all around me. Since then, I’ve had some astounding spiritual growth. I learned how to become my own mother. And I just feel that the love she radiated that day always stays with me.”

Gone but not forgotten, it sounds like Grandmother Madeline’s work on this earth plane may not yet be entirely finished. I welcome emails from others whose lives may too have been touched by this neat lady.