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The Riddle of Psychic Orbs, Cellular Memory, and Soul Retrieval

A few years back, I was interviewing noted psychic Gary Bonnell for Alternate Perceptions when I asked him how he had come to develop his psychic abilities. He told me that he had a very abusive stepfather who would, during his “drinking binges,” become a very angry and violent person and would beat him, his mother, and his sister and brother.

One evening, around the age of eight, Gary was trying to get away from his enraged stepfather when he fell and the man “pounced” on him and took out a pistol from his back pocket and proceeded to “pistol whip” the young boy. “(He) knocked me out of my body,” Gary told me. “I thought I was dead. I was floating up above my body and getting higher and higher, and I could see my house below me and I could see the neighborhood.”

“And then (I) was suddenly slammed right back into my body,” Gary continued. “About 25 minutes had gone by. He was gone. He had run out of the house because he had opened up several cuts on the top of my head and I was bleeding pretty badly. So I guess it scared him and he left, and I basically walked down to the emergency room, which wasn’t that far from our home, and told them I had fallen down, which we used to do a lot—we used to, with my mom and everything, make excuses for him, or hide his activities.”

“So I decided from that point forward that I was going to go out of my body. That it was actually really cool. So everyday when I would come home from school I would go out of my body.” Gary said he would sit or lay down on his bed and find that he could induce an “out of body” experience.

Lori Schillig, in The Bridges of Avalon (2005), which she co-authored with Nicholas Reiter, describes briefly the ancient shamanic concept of how illness was perceived as a loss of a portion of one’s soul and how a shaman could journey to the underworld to retrieve it, and how this might be the “emotional and spiritual basis” for things like multiple personality disorder (MPD), the controversial new field called “cellular memory,” and the equally controversial field of “spirit attachments.” She speculates that some spirit “orbs” may be energy fragments of the soul and that these energy forms may attach themselves to others. Pointing out how “physical or emotional trauma” may result in “severe fragmentation” and create “sub-personalities” that “separate from the main consciousness,” Schillig also notes that “some adults and children who have reported molestation have actually described it as though they viewed it from an out-of-body perspective.”

According to Gary Schwartz, a professor of medicine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery at the University of Arizona, he and his research team have uncovered some 70 cases indicative of so-called “cellular memory.” (Or as Lori Schillig would have us speculate, perhaps evidence of a soul fragment/“orb” transfer) In these cases, organ transplant recipients have inexplicably inherited certain of the traits of their donors. To me one of the most compelling and evidential sounding cases was that of a young 8-year-old girl who received the heart of a 10-year-old girl who had been murdered. Shortly after the surgery, the girl began having terrible recurring nightmares concerning the man who had murdered her donor. The mother took her daughter to a psychiatrist for help, and then after several sessions a decision was made by both the doctor and the mother to call the police. With the information that the young girl had provided the police located the murderer. The psychiatrist was quoted: “The time, the weapon, the place, the clothes he wore, what the little girl he killed had said to him….everything the little heart transplant recipient reported was completely accurate.”

Other cases describe similar and curious examples of apparent paranormal “memory” of one form or another. For example, a lesbian and fast food junkie received a heart from a young woman described as a vegetarian, who was also “man crazy.” After the surgery the former lesbian found that she was no longer attracted to women and meat made her sick. She also had become engaged to marry a man. A woman who had formerly been terrified of heights became, after she had received the lungs of a mountain climber, a climber herself.

In May 1988, Claire Sylvia received a heart-lung transplant from a young 18-year-old male who had been killed in a motorcycle accident. A former healthy and active dancer, Sylvia described after her operation acting more masculine, even strutting down the street, and craving foods like green peppers, chicken nuggets, and beer, which she had disliked before. She later learned that her donor had indeed enjoyed those foods, and in fact, chicken nuggets had been found in his jacket pocket after his death.

Back in the early 1980s, UFO researcher Wyatt Cox (then of Killen, AL) described to me having had quite a number of experiences wherein he and his long-time friend and associate Greg Keeton had had dozens of UFO-type sightings in the area of St. Florian, outside of Florence, Alabama. Wyatt believes that many of these lights were “earth lights,” generated by strong piezoelectric type geological forces. “Greg and I are now trying to make public this active spooklight sighting area,” Wyatt wrote in a recent letter. “We can still observe these 6-8 foot diameter orbs on an almost nightly basis.” Details and photographs are included in Wyatt’s book, UFO and Bigfoot Sightings in Alabama (2004). I wrote an article years ago about their work for a local newspaper (Wayne County News [TN], 09-02-83).

But there was something Wyatt had seen, which he described to me back in May 1982, that sounded more like these psychic “orbs” than natural piezoelectric phenomena. He stated: “This happened, I know of myself I’ve seen them 4 or 5 times, and my sister was usually with me, and it was right around dark. The house was maybe a quarter of a mile from where I was at. It was down in a low place south of us. We’d see this light which wasn’t even tree top high. Say 40 feet high—30 feet high—real low. It would be about the size of the moon. It wouldn’t have the glaring brightness of the moon, but it would be about the same size. It would be a white light, and it would be moving real slow. And it would go so far—it would be behind a few trees—but it would only go so far and then it would be like it just disappeared. This happened, like I say, 4 or 5 times, and we’d just be outside and it would just catch us off guard. …And I’d say it would be 12 or 15 feet in diameter. It was big. ..Right at this time the people living in this house—the light I would say would be about 150-200 feet from the house when we’d first see it, and the people in the house, at that time, were going through a divorce, and I associate it with the mental conflict—or the emotional conflict or whatever—I thought possibly there was a connection because that was the only thing out of the ordinary.”

After the couple moved out of the house this activity stopped, Wyatt added.