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Intrapsychic Events, Vortexes, Gamma Rays in Clouds, and Wednesday’s Lethal Lightning Bolts!

Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz, an imminent psychiatrist and author of the two volume book, UFO Dynamics: Psychiatric & Psychic Aspects of the UFO Syndrome (1983), wrote about a woman in New York state who had witnessed a UFO landing and human-like occupants engaged in apparent repair activities. He described how she had proved to be an excellent hypnotic subject, and in a footnote he added that he had noticed this in several instances where he regressed “extraordinary contactees” who rapidly became deeply “entranced.” He speculated that what he called “intrapsychic events” (and he was referring to the UFO experience at this point) could induce it seems an altered state similar to the hypnotic state, and could have been initially evoked by intense fear. This experience could then have been a kind of psychological defense mechanism wherein dissociation and distorted sensory perception could presumably come into play.

British ufologist Jenny Randles noted something interesting about what often happens when a UFO approaches a witness. The UFO at a distance seems to be a physical event, but as it comes closer and then becomes a close encounter event, something very strange occurs. She called it the “Oz Factor.” At this point, an altered state of consciousness is suggested, and this is where telepathic and levitating humanoids, missing time periods, and all of the other magical phenomena often seem to enter the picture.

An Ohio woman described to me years ago, how a UFO shined a beam of light on her while she was lying in her bed. During this episode, she felt this profound relaxation and calm sweep over her, which she couldn’t identify with until sometime later when she was hypnotically regressed as part of the UFO investigation, and then she identified that experience with her hypnosis session.

All of this naturally raises the all critical question: Are we dealing with a physically intrusive phenomenon, one that itself alters our state of consciousness and our very perceptions, or is it merely some sort of convoluted sensory aberration of our own consciousness? Does it reflect an outside alien intelligence, or just a split-off projection that’s a part of our own deep and hidden inner self that we’re not normally conversant with?

One can choose to stick their head ostrich style into the sands of mainstream convention, or they can try thinking and looking creatively and productively outside the box. Way outside the box! Dr. Schwarz, Dr. Greg Little, John Keel, Jacques Vallee, Brad Steiger, Christopher O’Brien, Andrew Collins, and Phil Imbrogno (to name but a few exceptional researchers and thinkers) have delved deeply into the evidence and perceived a complex multiverse of high-strangeness that extends way outside the traditional, classical “nuts and bolts” perception of the UFO archetype.

“I wish to God that everybody on the face of this earth could just sit for a minute and watch some of these things in action and feel the emotion that you get when you see it,” an “abductee” in East Tennessee once told me. “You get so elated over it.”

Wednesday and Lightning

John Keel found in a statistical analysis of his UFO data that most UFOs were sighted on Wednesdays. Virtually every ufologist knows of Keel’s deep interest in UFOs, MIBs and Mothman, but few know that he was very interested in lightning too. Many, many years ago I reported to him on the case of a man I had talked with who claimed UFO close encounters and then later was struck dead by lightning…on a Wednesday. Keel found all of that very interesting. I tried to keep an open mind. A few months ago, I was visiting online the Florida Lightning Information Center, where I learned that more people die from lightning strikes in Florida than in any other state. I also read this: “Not surprising, most people were killed in the months of May through September. What is quite surprising though, is a majority of people are killed on Wednesday (as compared to other days). Also, the weekends did not show that much of a difference from the rest of the days in the week.”

Please note that the italics are mine. I just wanted to draw emphasis to this Wednesday statistic.

I think Keel would have found that statistical study interesting. Keel perceived UFOs as being manipulations of electromagnetic energy. A few evenings back, I was watching on the History Channel (saw Greg and Lora Little on the same program!) and there was a theory about something called “electronic fog” that may envelope aircraft in the so-called “Bermuda Triangle.” The theory goes, as I understood it, that during a period of high or concentrated solar flare activity when the solar winds hit earth, some places may be more concentrated than others, and the “Triangle” may be one of those locations. When the solar EM energy hits thunderclouds in the “Triangle,” that’s presumably when you should be back on the ground. But during the History Channel segment, we saw pilots going up into these clouds to meet these conditions head-on, and to see if a Tri-Field Meter and a Frequency Counter would register any anomalous electrical readings, and we were told that they indeed did. Fortunately, nobody vanished without a trace, or had their aircraft consumed by this “electronic fog,” which in the animation looked like an extreme case of St. Elmo’s Fire…which I witnessed many years ago when I was in the US Navy, on look-out onboard a destroyer escort (USS PAUL, DE-1080). Fortunately for me, only some of the ends of my fingertips emitted something resembling a bluish flame (when I held one of my hands out in front of me in the wind) and a portion of a small metal structure that was located above a wall that I stood behind for protection from the weather (the wall came up to about my chest).

I really had a hard time convincing my fellow shipmates when I returned down below deck that I had really seen all of that. They had never heard of such a thing and thought that I was pulling their legs!

Gamma Ray Emitting Thunderstorms!

Some odd things happen in those thunderclouds. Scientists have even discovered that they sometimes discharge gamma ray flashes! “These are higher energy gamma rays than come from the sun,” Steven Cummer of Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering was quoted as saying. “And yet here they are coming from the kind of terrestrial thunderstorm that we see here all the time.”

John Keel also noted that many UFO flap zones or so-called “windows” (places of concentrated UFO activity) have noteworthy geomagnetic anomalies, as well as ancient Indian Mounds and such, and so have probably been sites where assorted anomalies of high strangeness have occurred periodically for quite sometime. During the famous Hudson Valley UFO wave Phil Imbrogno was joined by Dr. J. Allen Hynek who suggested that the huge UFOs being sighted might be from an interdimenisonal “window.”

“Allen Hynek was smoking his pipe, and he said, ‘John Keel may have been right about this whole thing,’” Imbrogno told me in an interview. “John Keel also influenced Vallee with his ideas. So after 1986, after Allen Hynek had passed over, I called up John Keel. We’re very good friends and I said, ‘John, you know, Allen Hynek said that you were probably right about this whole thing.’ He said, ‘I’m shocked. Allen Hynek was my greatest critic. I can’t believe that he was saying that.’”

I met Hynek myself at his home in Illinois back in 1972, and we talked of the Yakima Indian Reservation in Washington state and the sightings going on there, and he seemed open then to Keel’s ideas about windows and such…though he was cautious.

As researchers like Dr. Micheal Persinger have found, these earth energies may affect human consciousness. (Yeah, you were all wondering when I was going to get back to that, didn’t you?!) We may be just re-discovering what ancient people knew long ago. I believe that shamanic wisdom and traditions from different global cultures possess clues and insights into all of this.

Paul Devereux, a noted author who has long been studying ancient megalithic sites and the so-called mythic landscape, all over England, here in the United States and elsewhere, noted in his 1993 book Shamanism and the Mystery Lines that the out-of-body experience was a universal shamanic experience that had been found in no less than 67 indigenous societies located on every continent. Significantly, he noted that today these events are still reported in abundance, but not generally in ways that we would recognize them. But he said that in modern times they emerged in three different categories of human experience. One is so-called “lucid dreaming,” while another was the near-death experience. The third, and of great significance to the subject currently under examination, is the “abduction” phenomenon. He wrote that the abductee is often “floated” along energy beams, “taken” into alien “craft,” surrounded by “aliens.” He cited a specific case from (synchronistically enough) the Yakima Indian Reservation. It was a case back in 1967, involving five people who became stranded when their car broke down. A UFO appeared and then all five suffered some amnesia. But one of them recalled being outside of his body, seeing himself and the others unable to move physically. Prominent ufologists, among them John Keel, Ray Fowler, Phil Imbrogno, and Ann Druffel, have gone on the record and seriously examined evidence suggesting that some “abductees” are in an out-of-body state during their UFO episodes. Keel even speculated that some “astral travelers” may be seen as UFOs, strange lights in the night sky! Recently a woman in Ohio described to me how mysterious balls of light have been seen over an ancient Indian Mound site.

Phil Imbrogno noted in his recently released book Interdimensional Universe how “window” sites like Sedona, Arizona and the Hudson Valley of New York are locations of some rather anomalous meteorological phenomena (not unlike the Bermuda Triangle, which he also discusses in this book). These places also open people up psychically (even non-psychics!). I believe that I experienced something similar in Maine back in 1977. I accurately predicted the time and where to look for me and two others to observe a strange light phenomenon in the sky. People around me at this investigation site (i.e., haunting, Bigfoot, and UFOs) became pretty much convinced that I was quite psychic!

Windows and EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse)

Imbrogno writes in this book about an extremely intense magnetic anomaly in Southeast-Brewster, New York, with an ancient stone chamber nearby and where a lot of UFO and other kinds of paranormal activity had clustered. He wrote: “In the locations of the anomalies, I also discovered an occasional electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which seems to create an invisible vortex felt by animals and human beings. Although the magnetic anomaly is present all the time, the EMP and the vortex are periodic. …Theoretically, by changing the frequency of the EMP, the vortex can be tuned to open a window to different places in the universe or other dimensions just like in the movie and television series Stargate.” Imbrogno also speculated that military groups might be studying and experimenting with the energies of some of these sites. He devoted a couple of pages to a 2001 EMP event at Hartsville, Tennessee, that included reports of mysterious globes of light, humming sounds, Bigfoot…and a possible military presence at a nearby abandoned nuclear plant.

Indeed could it be that it’s in our heads, but it’s not all in our heads? Do ufologists need to get better equipped, like the ghost hunters do, and carry around Tri-Field Meters and other sensitive instruments to try and detect electromagnetic energies that are an invisible part of this largely unexplored ufological realm?

Dr. Persinger has found that the temporal lobes of the brain are especially sensitive to electrical energy fields. In particular, the hippocampus and the amygdala have ended up being areas of his primary focus, and he has repeatedly demonstrated now under laboratory conditions, with hundreds of different subjects, how such altered states can be induced. Increased hypnotic susceptibility may be a change in consciousness that we might want to look for (it seems that a higher than average number of “abductees” and “contactees” enter deep states of hypnotic entrancement). We should also look at synesthesia as well. This is a word that means multiple sensing, and has been found with many people who have had an NDE (Near-Death Experience). Check out P.M.H. Atwater’s The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences. A Native American medicine woman out in Colorado recently provided me with some noteworthy examples of this. As a young girl there was a “special spot” that she’d go to, she explained, to take refuge “during the hardest times” of her life. This was a quiet, peaceful, and isolated place. It all began one night when she was touched by a mysterious “woman made of light.” When she awoke the next morning she had synesthesia. “Everywhere I looked things had colors running inside of them…moving alive color.”

Later when I explained to her how NDE’rs often had synesthesia, she replied: “The near death experience thing makes perfect sense to me, and it was when I was abused the most drastically that I ran to my special spot.” Her multiple sensing consisted of things like if there was an owl nearby she might feel the number 8 and perceive dark purple. An elk might register with the taste of pine needles in her mouth, the number 4, and the color of brown, resembling tree bark. Synesthetes often describe things like being able to “hear” a painting, “smell” a sound, “taste” vision, “see” music, etc.

Dr. Melvin Morse, in his book Transformed By The Light, isolated the apparent neuro-circuit board for NDE’s to the right temporal lobe, just above the right ear! He stated that at the point of death an intense amount of electromagnetic energy is suddenly generated. Unbelievably, a dying cell may manifest an EM discharge more than a thousand times greater than occurs when that organism is in a normal resting state. Called a “light shout,” Dr. Morse noted that this isn’t a hallucination, that occasionally bystanders have actually seen light radiating from people who were dying. I have also had this described to me by eyewitnesses. In one instance, it occurred in proximity to the 12-year-old son of a well-known New Jersey contactee named Howard Menger. The boy was dying of a brain tumor.

Dr. Morse noted that some doctors are bringing about dramatic improvements in their patients by applying weak electric currents to their temporal lobes.

Sound is another therapeutic tool that may also provide improved electrical currents in the brain. Alfred Tomatis, a French physician, has conducted extensive study into Gregorian chants, which have been recorded modulating predominantly it seems around 8,000 hertz. This sound seems to electrically charge the central nervous system and the brain’s cortex. Dr. Tomatis has been quoted stating a major area of therapeutic effect has been associated with vocal harmonics around 2,000 hertz and involves bone conduction, wherein resonance of the cranium occurs. After working for several years now with functional replicas of the pre-Columbian Chimu Peruvian whistling vessels (whose average frequency is said to be around 2670 hertz), I believe that these high frequency shamanic tools did and still do similar things. Again we seem to be re-discovering things that ancient people knew long ago.

Birthday Pattern?

Are there any researchers or experiencers out there who have investigated or personally had a significant initial UFO-alien/paranormal encounter on their birthday?

Years ago, I came across a pattern that no one else had noted, or so it seemed. Fellow researchers with whom I checked had not isolated this. Three different young men had shared details of an initial UFO-related encounter on their 16th birthday (followed by many other encounters over the years afterwards). A young lady I corresponded with and later met had her initial encounter on her 15th birthday, also followed by years of additional UFO/paranormal encounters. Often other family members were involved in these incidents. Two of these birthday experiencers had Swedish ancestry, and one had Danish. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Alien selectivity/games?

If you’ve come across anything similar, I’d like to hear from you. Write me at:

Airborne Implants?

Any of you ever heard any stories like these?

“It was the year 1971, when a new period of awakening came upon me,” a man in Massachusetts explained to me. “At that time, I was again experiencing distress. This time between my wife and I. Things were going bad, and our marriage seemed doomed. One evening I was living in a rented room trying to solve the riddle which was hindering my progress in understanding myself. This particular evening seemed no different than any other, but I was soon to learn that was not the case. I was propped up in bed with pillows placed for comfort, and began reading the book The Planet of Impossible Possibilities by Paules and Bergier. I had gotten through one chapter and I happened to look to my left for some reason. As I looked in amazement, and stunned, unable to speak due to fright, a brilliant light the size of a bulb in a pen-like flashlight was slowly coming toward me. The light continued to move toward me maintaining the same slow speed and height. I tried at the last minute to leap out of bed but I waited too long because the light fell on my stomach as I had pushed back the blankets. The light then seemed to fall on my lap and disappear. I then got out of bed, and then checked all over the bed to no avail. The only thing that calmed me was my relationship with psychics who had told me of similar stories. I thought maybe this is an energy source from a higher power, which may show me the way. The following day my marriage situation began to improve and all problems were able to be dealt with. Since that evening I have been able to chart a new course and I am aware of the limitations I must put on myself.”

The following story was told to me by a friend in Maine. His experience was with a “tiny black ball” back around the early spring of 1977. He was driving his car. His wife was with him at the time. “Just pulled away from Sunoco garage on Route 3 at Palermo,” he recalled. “Moving possibly 45-50 MPH. I was wearing a heavy coat. The object first entered my field of vision just a little beyond the hood, possibly 3 or 4 inches above it. It moved fast toward the windshield (or it stood still and we moved toward it). A few inches in front of the windshield it vanished. Then I felt it hit my coat. It was as if someone tapped the coat very lightly. The object was about the size of a small marble and it appeared to be black.”

What was it? Where did it go?