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“My hands became transparent...”

Here’s a really strange alien abduction tale from Chile. A few years ago, a man named Gabriel and three family members were returning with him to Santiago from a trip. They were at a place called Cuesta El Melon when something very peculiar occurred. Gabriel recalled: “...we suddenly entered an area covered by a strange yellow fog and the car started weaving like a boat in a storm. Suddenly, one of the three women traveling in the back seat screamed in horror that someone had just sat down between them. ...I was concerned with controlling the car. It was all very strange. I got nervous when I perceived that while the car seemed to slip away from my hands, we had been boarded by invisible presences and they were among us. ...My hands became transparent. I saw the steering wheel through them.”

Later Gabriel claimed he could see the beings. He described them as “stunning and very tall.” When asked if they were violent, he replied, “No. They acted forcefully, but inspiring trust and tranquility.”

“I remember that they told me they had saved our lives, and if we hadn’t been abducted, we would’ve died because we were about to have a head-on collision with a bus,” Gabriel stated. He added that they claimed that they had done this “to save one of the women.”

“They showed some sort of hologram in which my car was shattered and everyone was dead and broken. The projection they made was spectacular, because with simple gestures they could increase the definition until they reached nearly microscopic points. ...The projection widened until [it showed] the womb of one of the women, containing a fetus.”

Other than revealing that today that child is a little over ten years of age, Gabriel would say nothing more. In fact, when asked if the child (a girl) was “special in any way” he exclaimed, “Don’t pursue it, because I will not answer those questions.”

When this experience was over, Gabriel and the other family members in the car with him found themselves in Calle Larga, over 100 kilometers distance from where the fog had appeared. No more than 10 minutes had elapsed.

(Credit and translation: Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology)

“Here is another wrinkle on the mirror, mirror mystery....”

Last issue (September) we carried a story of an alleged mirror mystery in this column that involved a woman who said she saw the face of an alien grey in a bathroom mirror. Now noted writer and authority on the paranormal, Brad Steiger, emails us with a new story, a possible ghost picture actually, but with (Brad states) “another wrinkle on the mirror, mirror mystery” wherein what looks like a man seated in a chair, and behind him a tall hooded shrouded figure, inexplicably appeared only in the mirror of a photograph. “The picture was taken by a lady,” Brad was informed in an email. “In the picture is my friend’s mother and two others. Behind them is a mirror. ...The story behind it was that my friend Mike’s father died and his mother prayed for a sign that he was ok. Soon after this photo was taken and she took it as a sign that he was allright as he used to sit like that, wear similar clothes and make thumbs up sign when things were ok as he seems to in the pic. His face is blotted out by the flash but you can see the rest of him. Over the years, there has been much debate about this picture.”

“Tree Circles” in Canada

Forget crop circles. A new and different twist from Canada are “tree circles”! Paul Anderson of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN) reports “two large circles in poplar trees,” one estimated at 151 meters (500 feet) across and the other as 91 meters (270 feet) in diameter. The “tree circles” were first found back in August, and reportedly consisted of trees apparently flattened radially. No photographs have yet been made available, but an area newspaper, the Deh Cho Drum, verified the discovery. The newspaper seemed to dismiss the strange formation as “unusual meteorological damage.”

The site of the “tree circles” was Nahanni Butte, near Fort Simpson, N.W.T., approx. 700 miles northwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Fort Simpson was the location of a massive UFO flap back in March and April of 1996.

(Credit: UFO ROUNDUP, Vol. 9, No. 38, 09-22-2004)

Ufology Mourns the Passing of Dr. John Mack (1929-2004)

Harvard professor and psychiatrist John Edward Mack, M.D., the author of Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens (1994) and Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters (1999), was struck and killed by an intoxicated motorist in London, England, on the night of September 27th. He had dined out with a colleague and called the family he was staying with after 10 p.m. to say that he would be home around 11 o’clock. Unfortunately, he never made it. Walking home, he was on a crosswalk on Totteridge Road when the tragedy occurred.

Dr. Mack had been in London and had just spoken at the T.E. Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”) Society Symposium at Oxford. Several years earlier, Dr. Mack had written a biography of T.E. Lawrence entitled, A Prince Our Disorder (1977).

Dr. Mack was also in England to speak at a crop circle symposium.

In 1993, Dr. Mack founded the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER), and in 1992 he co-chaired the Abduction Study Conference held at MIT. For more information, go to the John E. Mack Institute website at:

Your Editor and Friends also Mourn the Passing of Grace Holt

Though not known to many in the UFO field, Grace White Holt, 88, of Collinwood, Tennessee, was a personal and dear friend of this editor. I introduced her to several of my friends in the UFO field, including my co-editor Dr. Greg Little and his wife Lora. Sadly Grace passed away on September 3 at the TN State Veterans Home in Humbolt, and will also be missed by her six sons, two daughters, 23 grandchildren, several great-grandchildren, and no doubt many others. I first met Grace back in September 1980. A retired nurse and factory worker, consistently the same warm and friendly person whenever you met her, Grace was also very interested in UFOs and the paranormal. I often visited her at her little hillside home located out in the country at Cromwell Crossroads, near Collinwood, where we would talk at length about the various UFO and paranormal theories, as well as Native Americans (another interest we shared in common), the latest UFO books, articles just published in FATE magazine, or, from time to time, unusual things going on in her own area. (There had been a good number of UFO sightings around where she lived....especially back around the time of the UFO wave of 1973) Grace’s UFO interest was initially sparked apparently back in 1949, when she was living in Florence, Alabama, and in the daytime saw a “silver disk floating around” in the sky. Grace was also a witness to an anomalous light that I and my family witnessed at Cromwell Crossroads back in August of 1993, during a Native American ceremony conducted by a man from Alabama. This story appeared in Greg Little’s book, Grand Illusions.