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100th Issue of Alternate Perceptions!

Welcome one and all to the 100th edition of Alternate Perceptions magazine! Years ago, Greg Little and I talked about how one day there would be a 100th issue and how then we should throw a party or something. Well, in reality we’re proceeding pretty much as usual, but we have rolled up our sleeves and tried to put together what we feel is a pretty explosive edition with many significant and thought-provoking features. Back on March 13th, our interview with Dr. Jacques Vallee (February ‘06 AP) was featured on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM website as one of their “Hot Stories.” Greg and his wife Lora have generated a tremendous amount of positive attention and publicity with their expeditions to Andros Island, Bimini, and Central America.

It’s been an incredible, awesome journey. This magazine began back in 1985 (then called Para-UFOlogy Forum) and then in 1993 Greg came onboard as co-editor with issue 24 (then called UFO Perceptions) and brought his considerable and tremendously helpful knowledge of publishing and organizing such endeavors to the task. This is also the issue when I began to write the Reality Checking column. However, I still struggled some with the magazine’s name. Greg and I both agreed that our coverage would include other areas besides UFOs. From issue number 26 through 28 we were UFO & Paranormal Perceptions. Still though we wanted to widen our focus even more to include alternative spiritual, scientific and historical data, and so with issue number 28 (Fall 1994) we became Alternate Perceptions, and this time the name stuck! It really seems to describe accurately who we are and what we’re about, and we hope, alas, that you the gentle reader agree and enjoy our creation.

Greg and I go a ways back. To early 1985, to be exact. Joy Barish of Massachusetts, a mutual correspondent who studied UFOs, fairies, the paranormal, etc., put us in touch. Since we lived so close, about 150 miles apart, Greg and I began visiting each other. We found that we both shared a lot of similar ideas and interests....UFOs, the paranormal, Native American spirituality, etc. Also there were kind of like synchronistic parallels in our backgrounds. We were both working in the Corrections field, we both were originally from up north, we were both into John Keel’s and Carl Jung’s theories, saw the importance of doing field work, and, as I said, we were both heavily into UFOs, alien stories, parapsychology, and Native American aspects. Not your typical, everyday, garden variety subjects of general conversation. Plus I think many people take life and themselves far too seriously sometimes (I know I do), and so having a sense of humor is very important, and Greg could be a stand-up comedian, he is that good!

Greg and I are really good friends, and I think we work together very well also with this magazine, on the recent ARE UFO Conference, and anything else that we work together on.

What I wanna know now is, “Hey Greg, what do ya wanna do for the 200th edition?” (Ed. Note: Greg replied, "How about still being alive for starters? Then we'll just take it from there."


Luminous “Soap Bubbles” and the “Raahh” Effect!

“Now how can we explain that??” asks Denise Slater

In this issue there is presented part one of an exclusive interview with Denise Slater, the granddaughter of a famous Brazilian General named Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa. In this interview Denise described how her grandfather came to meet an interesting and very psychic gentleman named Thomas Green Morton who, on occasion, could psychically bend metal objects. I asked her how a “typical session” would go. Denise emailed me back: “With Thomas nothing was really typical. The one at the farm house everyone sat around the big dinner table (seated 12) and others were standing behind. Everyone was there: even the housekeeper, the farm keeper and their small children! Then my grandfather asked him if he was ‘feeling the energy coming’ or something like that. He then asked for all the metal to be placed on the table. Then the “Raahh” screams started. And all the stuff on the table turned and twirled and changed shapes in front of our eyes, without him touching them. His hands were wide open in the air, like 40 inches away. That was it. Then he said everyone could take souvenirs. That was the end of a ‘session.’”

I asked Denise to review with me what the lab analysis of the altered metal objects had revealed. She replied: “It said the metals showed no signs of HEAT or STRESS. Meaning: there was no traces of using any kind of ‘heat’ to melt the metal AND no signs of BENDING, causing the molecules to stretch (stress). So they concluded that the only thing that could have happened there was that the molecules were REARRANGED. Now how can we explain that??”

I asked about her mention of having a coin that was changed in her session, and how many such objects she may have had. Denise responded: “I have one. My dad and aunt have more. Mine looks like a pita sandwich. Like someone wanted to fold a coin to ‘eat a sandwich’ like a half a moon. It is pretty thick too. I’ll see if I can take a picture for you.”

I also questioned Denise about the number of times she may have witnessed the mysterious “bubble” phenomenon with Morton. She stated: “Me, just one time. My grandparents though once took Thomas to their farm, in their car. The light popped up the ENTIRE TIME in the car until they got there. My grandmother was so stressed out, because she feared they would end up having a car accident.” As to how many Denise saw, she wrote “no more than 3 or 4.” As to size “5 to 7 inches,” and as to duration “a couple of seconds.” As to how they looked, she stated: “They were self luminous, very bright.” How did they appear and disappear? “They originated from no where. Just in plain air, around his head I would say. They just popped in and out like soap bubbles.”

Then my final question: Did you witness him doing anything else unusual? Perhaps levitating? Denise’s answer: “No I did not. But something else very strange happened during another trip to the farm with my grandfather (and other people too. I think Roberto Becker was there also. He is a well known paranormal researcher in Brazil). They stopped at (a) gas station in the outskirts of Brasilia to fill up before the 80 km trip to “Cantinho da Voito”, my grandparent’s farm. Thomas said he had to go to the bathroom. Then he disappeared. As they frantically looked for him, he had appeared almost instantly at the farm, 80 km away. He seemed confused, calling out from the wicket, “IS THIS GENERAL UCHOA’S FARM?’ And my grandmother and the farm keeper heard him and let him in. They were amazed that he was there WITHOUT ANY CARS. Later on when the others came they compared the times that he had disappeared and the time he showed up and it was almost precisely instant.”

Tony Pratt (see his interview in the previous March issue) of Antioch, Tennessee, has a fifth degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and is an internationally certified instructor in Tae Kwan Do. I explained to him some about the “Raahh” effect, thinking that with his martial arts background he might have some ideas, and he explained: “This is related to (the) force of Chi or Ki which can be activated by the martial arts yells. The yell projects spirit and focuses the breath which contains internal flowing energy into the action you are performing. This energy or chi can be used for a number of purposes. I believe it can be directed toward any purpose. Carolyn Lawson’s lecture gave me some ideas how to use this unlimited force for healing. It can be used of course for destructive power. It can also be utilized as a protective force for shielding the body, rendering it impervious to injury, making the body lighter or heavier, increasing speed, concentration or any sincere purpose. It is demonstrable.”

“There was a man in Saint Louis on Coast to Coast...They call him the human stun gun because he can project enough energy to disable an opponent like a stun gun from 4-5 feet away. With the yell you don’t actually have to make any sound to activate the force. You are still yelling silently and controlling the breath. If you breath out and attempt to lift a heavy object such as a refrigerator you will not be able to do so. You have to take in the air and control it to have any strength whatsoever. It interacts through the body’s energy field. I can extend my chi or field and turn on and off street lights. I can hold my arm out and allow someone to strike it and they will only injure themself. It appears to defy physics, but it is just the higher physics of internal energy flow that is undetectable to the attacker.”

Claims of Sexual Assaults from the Spirit World

Claims of sexual assaults and intercourse with beings from the spirit world make up the legends and literature of many cultures throughout the world going back centuries. In medieval times they were the demon lovers known as the incubus and the succubus.

From Kingston Springs, Tennessee, UFO & paranormal researcher Tony Pratt has introduced me to the incredible life-long psychic testimony of a woman named Cindy. Cindy seems very credible, has had all of the typical and classic psychic experiences, premonitions and ghosts, and recently has gone public with her experiences. One that stands out in a unique class by itself, that was not exactly typical, was the “forked, split tongue” shape shifter she experienced back in the summer of 2005.

“While sleeping during the early morning hours, a male entity came to me again,” Cindy noted in a prepared report. “I first thought he was the ‘familiar’ one; I was wrong. This time he had a shape of his head and shoulders that appeared to be somewhat ‘alien-like’ and before I could possibly react, he ‘swooped down in front of me, just above me; our faces only inches apart’...I was absolutely terrified! In that instant, I realized he was not my familiar male entity....As I froze and deeply sucked in a panic of air, I felt like my lungs would suddenly collapse and/or explode, as I could not breathe out; I could not move whatsoever. We continued to just stare at each other; only the seconds felt like minutes...He backed up a little, tilting his head and as he swwooooosshed back upon me again, out flew a split, forked tongue! He shape shifted himself into dozens of long, spiraling tongues.

“The main tongue ‘like a flash of lightening’ grew in great length and started straight toward me and as I screamed, his horrible tongue of varying extensions went straight down my throat!!! While his tongue entered my mouth, it started to simultaneously grow, narrow, and split into dozens and dozens of tongues of vein-like quality, as they entered my throat and continued throughout my entire body, filling up within every single nerve ending and vein within my body, which consumed my entire being and existence to life, in every possible and imaginable way. From my head to my toes, not one single fiber and/or cell or atom was neglected from that experience!

“His incredible and electrifying energy continued building and building as it flowed throughout me...I had never felt such extreme sensations and ultimate pleasure! However, just as I was reaching full orgasm, it was as if I awoke and was simultaneously there and here. I remember feeling total brightness and an incredible and positive amount of energy, and the most peaceful and floating sensation. As my body was drinking in this entire ultimate fulfillment, I both found my spiritual body suspended in mid-air and at the same time, my physical body was up in a near sitting position on my couch, but in a levitating effect.

“And, as far-fetched as it sounds, it was the most incredible sexual experience I have ever imagined in my entire life, and I also knew that it was ‘humanly impossible’ to ever experience again or to even try to identify with that experience with a ‘human being.’”

I emailed Cindy to get a more detailed description of this entity. She replied: “Well, it was like I was facing darkness, and out of the blue a head pops directly into my view ‘face to face.’ We were suspended and looking at each other. The head was more alien shaped. As described as they generally are, except I don’t recall the big eyes that other folks speak of. The head was more narrow. But, what I do remember more than anything, was that as soon as I saw his head/shoulders (all I ever saw) was a slithering, forked tongue (just like a snake) come spiraling out of his mouth! As I started to ‘scream’ I was instantly paralyzed (I could neither scream and/or close my mouth or move my body). His tongue suddenly (quick as lightning) shot down my throat...into dozens and dozens and dozens of million like ‘extensions’ of smaller tongues, going throughout my entire body. Not one particle of my body untouched by them ‘from within.’ It was like ‘electrical’ devices were setting off every cell in my body. It was the most unbelievable thing I had ever experienced and/or could ever imagine. Never in a lifetime. As I stated, I never saw and/or felt arms, body, legs. Absolutely nothing. I only saw his head and shoulders. ...His shoulders were big. What I cannot understand, even after all this time, is how is it possible to endure such an ‘unbelievable orgasm’ without any sexual contact and/or body??? It was like flashing white lights and electricity all over the universe. I felt as if I were actually levitating above the couch. I actually felt my body fall, and just as I woke up, I was sitting in a sitting position, beginning to lean backwards. There was nothing ‘human’ in the experience, whatsoever. He was not a ‘human man’. I do not have any idea what he was, but I assume he was male. Well, I am sure of that. But he was definitely NOT human. That experience was a definite ‘rape’ experience, but it happened so fast (no words to explain the speed) that made my body respond at such an accelerated speed, to such a degree of pleasure that I was completely powerless to deny him (even though at first I had wanted to deny him). It makes no sense, but I was both ‘paralyzed and I fully responded’, all in the same moment.”

Cindy shared another sexual incident. “He too just ‘popped into view’ out of no where. I seem to recall a ‘side view’ of him. He also had only a head and shoulders. Nothing else. He looked similar to the other male entity, but he looked more ‘human,’ more along the lines of an old man. His head was shaped like a ‘bald yeti.’ He was of a white/grey color, with sort of ‘sunken in’ cheeks. I think his jaws had that ‘sunken’ look because he had absolutely NO teeth; only gums. What I remember most of ‘him’ was that I had never been kissed so completely passionately in my entire life! I remember him sliding his tongue in and out of my mouth, up and down/around my teeth, and then I remember in response to his passionate kisses, by sliding my tongue over his gums, and it was like hot, molten gold/lava...pleasure escalating, up and up and up! (It still makes me virtually very, very sick just to think I ‘responded’ so deeply to him). He was not an ‘attacker’ like the first one; but he was very suave and sure of himself. He gave everything of himself into that kiss... ‘extremely slow and seductive.’ I instantly ‘melted’ completely. My entire body. That orgasm was more intense and pleasurable than the first, if possible! (That really sounds SICK) but I won’t lie about it. Believe it or not. Sick, sick, sick. There was NO ‘human sexual contact, just like the other one was NOT’.

“My experiences are just a daily part of my life and have always been,” Cindy explained to me in another recent email. Someone had suggested that she had mentally “created” this entity, perhaps on an astral plane of all things, but she wrote: “ be honest, if I were ‘creating something’ it definitely would NOT be male entities that are so terrifying and ugly.” When I pointed out that such strong sexual elements often suggested to some researchers repressed memories of sexual abuse, Cindy responded: “No, I do not see how that would create something like I experienced. I have had paranormal and spiritual experiences throughout my life. I do know the ‘difference.’”

It should be added that going back to around 2000, a more “human form” entity would appear every “now and then” to her in her bedroom. Usually he would just hover in a corner of her bedroom ceiling and watch her. Something about the entity seemed “familiar,” but she could never figure out why. She never felt fear or threatened in any way. That is, until one night he “whirled down” upon her. “...he stopped inches from me, as I was lying on the left edge of my bed. All of a sudden, it was like I was up against the window/wall, and forced up against it. I was paralyzed. He did hesitantly try to touch me...but in a gentle way. I knew he wanted to...’make love’ to me....For the first time while being in his presence, I felt total fear and I did not understand why, for the first time, he wanted to touch me. I wanted to fight him off, but I was completely frozen; other times, I would move around in my bed when I would know he was in the corner. This time I could not.”

While this was going on Cindy was aware of her son in the living room, riding an exercise bike. Suddenly she managed to break free of the entity’s spell and jumped out of bed, opened the door and rushed out into the hallway. “While I was running down the hall, I was also simultaneously growing from the size of a 2-foot midget to my full height as I reached him. It was so ‘REAL’, the growing sensation. That is the only time I have ever felt my height change in any way.”

Because of this disturbing experience and the repeated bedroom visitations, Cindy was sleeping on the livingroom couch the morning of her intense spirit induced orgasm experience with the “forked tongue” entity. As to the change in size aspect, I should refer the reader to my interview with Canadian neuroscientist Todd Murphy back in the April 2004 (# 78) issue, who attributed many apparent psychic experiences to temporal lobe epilepsy, and described what is called macropsia, where ones surroundings appear larger in size. Kind of like Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

I am not saying that Cindy’s perceived size change in this particular incident is conclusive evidence of temporal lobe epilepsy or a definite example of macropsia, but I felt it was certainly worth noting as it does represent a documented condition wherein a similar effect has been reported.

Cindy added that the “last one” came to her back in December. “I remember very vividly. It was total ‘blackness’. All of a sudden I felt a ‘DEMON presence’ of negative energy, and I had only an instant to prepare myself (thinking it was the other entities), but the absolute negative feeling gave me a warning that it was something ‘different’, and just as I saw a white head, from a far, far distance away, I was able to quickly respond just as he was zigzagging toward me, with GREAT speed. I screamed like never before, a total TERROR (worse than I have ever felt in my life) and just as my scream escaped my mouth, he disappeared (like an explosion) and I woke up shaking. Strange.”