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People of the Blue Light?

In Oracle of the Illuminati, investigative mythologist and author William Henry wrote: “When kundalini energy (the God Force that ascends our inner Tree of Life) becomes active through mantra meditation and rises through the seven chakras many see a subtle blue dot appear and disappear on their mental screen during meditation. The blue dot is referred to as the Blue Pearl by Swami Muktananda and is referred to as the most significant of meditation experiences.”

I found this and other passages in Henry’s book on this inner blue light business very intriguing and thought-provoking. Especially so since I have also experienced it firsthand, and wrote about it myself in my own book, Visitors From Hidden Realms.

“Going back to at least (the) early 1970s, while attempting astral projection, I became aware of the blue inner light,” I wrote Henry in a recent email on March 29th. He replied, “The subject of the blue inner light comes up all the time.”

In his book, Henry writes that to the early Gnostic Christians a figure known as Yaldabaoth created 365 archons (evil angels) to rule over the earth, as well as aid in the creation of mankind. According to ancient tradition, Yaldabaoth blew a Divine Blue Particle into man, which Henry writes is variously referred to as a Blue Apple, a Blue Stone, and a Blue Pearl. However, the archons didn’t like this and became jealous. Henry points out that aliens have reportedly described their abduction victims as “containers,” and how according to one ufological perspective mankind may be “the experimental product” of an “alien race.”

“All we need to do is substitute the word ‘grey’ for ‘archon’ and we have the essential Gnostic story of the creation of humanity,” Henry added. “Traditional shamanic peoples around the world say the Blue Stone or Apple is actually how our soul travels to the inner realm, and it is inside of a quantum egg or in an “interphasic state of existence” (able to jump through time and cross great distances or even to use this skill locally).”

Well putting aside the deep theological, metaphysical and even ufological implications of Henry’s intriguing ideas for a moment, lets return our main focus back to the blue light phenomenon itself. As I described in my own book, I had found others who had experienced the “blue light” as well. For example, ufologist and engineer Alexander Zikas, who shared with me how he had attempted a psychic experiment back in 2001, with noted psychic Peter Sugleris. The effort seemed to have “jump-started” Zikas’s own psychic awareness! A couple of days after their meeting, Zikas experienced both clairvoyance and clairaudience. “This was my first time to experience direct psychic activity (other than synchronicity) and it was awesome,” he stated. “...I noticed that this clairvoyant ability originated from a blue twirling light at the location of the Third Eye. ...I have been able to get it to form images which are the basis for remote viewing.”

I had also come across a published account of this phenomenon in Dr. Donald Schnell’s book, The Initiation. “My first encounter with the blue light, or rupam, as it is known in Sanskrit, happened in childhood,” Dr. Schnell wrote. “Many times I would sit to meditate and I would see a blue dot in the center of my forehead, the location of the third eye. ...It was from this blue dot that my beloved Swamy Nagananda would appear to me. I didn’t know who he was, and wouldn’t find him in India for almost a quarter of a century.”

I have had two very memorable experiences myself involving the blue light and imagery. For example, as related in my book, there was the time back in December 1999, when I had been guided through a nearly two hour meditation called a “Light Body Integration” by North Carolina psychotherapist Bonita Luz, who had introduced me and others to the Peruvian Whistling Vessels just a couple of days before. The meditation, she had explained, had evolved from her meditative experiences at sacred sites in Peru. During my session I had periodically noticed the internal “bluish” light, but then suddenly it was like I was in another world. As I wrote in my journal: “...a row of dark upright stones, resembling steam irons, seem to pop up out of the ground. Behind (them) there is another row of dark stones. Then it was like I was rising...into the air, looking down at a snow covered mountain top or hill, with rocks here and there. ....Then I start seeing the familiar blue swirl that I’ve seen for years. It soon conceals the mysterious landscape I had been viewing.”

In the other episode, shared here for the first time in print, it was October 22, 2000, and I stepped inside a very sacred Native American stone prayer circle located just off of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway in northwestern Alabama. I sat down on a stone bench inside the circle, bowed my head and began to relax and inwardly focus. Later I wrote in my journal: “There were designs..lines..hard to focus. Almost seemed like a small tunnel effect with eye in central vision. Then it shifted to the left eye area. Yellows, red...thin dark lines. Vertical, horizontal, concentric (?). Every which way. ..Then a blue or bluish area came in...translucent like...seemed to clear out all of the fuzzy lines. Vision became CLEAR. This seemed different from my usual visualization at this point. I tried to look beyond. Suddenly, at some point here, it was a clear scene briefly of looking at a blue sky with the sun up in the sky, and to the left treetops were visible.”

This was surprising because the scene was so vivid and was like seeing these images with my physical eyes, except that they were closed! After this brief scene, a second or two perhaps, my normal visualization state returned, and I would long wonder afterwards what had happened.

Zikas also told me, “I think all people have a blue light in the location of their Third Eye, but never notice it or realized its potential. In retrospect, I remember my blue light for years, but it took a clairvoyant experience for me to put the two together.”

I can certainly identify with Zikas’s statement. For many years, I’ve noticed the inner blue light when in a relaxed and meditative state, but for most of those years I had no real context for it and was quite unaware of its possible significance. I do recall how back in the mid-1970s, I had mentioned this to Ohio contactee and meditator Madeline Teagle who explained to me then that the “blue dot” was connected with the chakras and that I was possibly close to astral projection when I saw it. Some three decades later I’ve come back full circle and thanks to the research efforts of William Henry I feel as though, like Zikas, I may finally be putting things “together.”

“Our English word pearl is derived from Sanskrit, meaning ‘pure,’” wrote Henry. “The Blue Apple, as it is called in the Lanquedoc region of southern France, home of the Cathars (‘The Pure’), is seen in the inner eye. With a lot of practice it can be followed into higher states of consciousness. Gnosis states that many can travel (out of body) into higher realms...”

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