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Quest for the Divine Blue Particle?

In William Henry’s Oracle of the Illuminati (2003), the Tennessee mythologist described the potential historical and spiritual significance of what has been variously referred to as the Blue Pearl by Swami Muktananda or the Blue Apple by the people of the Languedoc region of southern France, or the Blue Stone by traditional shamanic trained people around the world. In this book, Henry presents examples of early Christian art showing Jesus Christ seemingly riding or being transported by these Blue Stones.

Henry explains that when one raises ones kundalini energy in mantra meditational work, all of ones chakras seemingly become activated and this psychic energy ascends up the spinal column to the crown chakra, and that this can lead one into deep inner and meaningful states of consciousness, and even out of body experiences. It appears as a mysterious inner “blue dot” of light. I found a reference to it in The Initiation by Dr. Donald Schnell, who stated that it was called rupam in Sanskrit, and that he had been experiencing it since childhood. He wrote: “Many times I would sit to meditate and I would see a blue dot in the center of my forehead…the location of the third eye.” Dr. Schnell became very involved in eastern meditation, and stated that his “beloved Swamy Nagananda” appeared to him via the “blue dot”…almost a quarter of a century before he physically met him in India!

I have been intrigued with this subject as I first became aware of the inner “blue dot” when I deliberately tried to follow some instructions from a book by Harold Sherman explaining how to achieve astral projection, back in the early 1970s. I didn’t have any success, but I did become aware of this inner blue light. I have since (1999) had an experience that was similar to an astral projection journey. It was brought on in conjunction with a “Light Body Integration” meditation conducted by a psychotherapist named Bonita Luz. As I came out of this session I passed through the now familiar “blue swirl.” In fact, at times, over the years, it appeared as a bluish disk with a sweep hand that rotated, kind of reminding me of looking at a radar screen (the sweep moving sometimes clockwise, sometimes counterclockwise). I discovered a very similar image to this in Henry’s book, on page 99, showing an old eastern illustration of a “Blue Dragon” guarding the “Blue Pearl.”

In my UFO research, I have come upon various apparent references to this phenomenon. For example, a UFO abductee named Armando Lemus who described, “I feel a presence at all times in the area of my crown chakra, and I experience my body and self as a particular form of blue energy.” Recently, a person identifying himself as a 48-year-old software professional and citizen of India, who at present is working in Kuwait, emailed me back in December to share how, though he has been meditating for over two decades, something new recently happened. “….a month back, in an unusual situation, and totally unexpected, just before sleep I saw a tiny blue light as small as a twinkling star suddenly appear in the middle of my head while I felt the head as an empty cave. The blue tiny star suddenly became intense in light and I experienced a shock going through my body (to) the tip of my toes. I was very afraid and I thought it would appear again. Indeed it appeared again, all on its own, without any of my effort, within a few minutes. And suddenly it became intense, sending a quick intense electric like shock through my body (to) the tips of my toes, but only for a few seconds.”

“The next day, I had these same experiences occurring totally unexpected again and again. In the evening, a day after maybe, as I (was) walking in the public garden I suddenly felt the blue light splashing out of the corners of my eyes and I clearly seen it splashing like a photo flash to the left side of the direction of my walking. It was like the blue light all of a sudden coming out of my own eyes and flashing out and to the left side. It happened either once or twice.”

“The next day, I was again walking as usual in the evening, in the same public garden, and I could not concentrate much. I (have) for the last year been chanting ‘Maha mrityunjaya mantra,” while walking, while traveling and even while bathing. On this day, I was chanting but I was not able to concentrate. Now and then even some violent thoughts are going through my head. I was tired and reclined on the grass of the garden. As I laid my head on the green grass and started relaxing my mind and whole body, I suddenly saw the tiny blue light, like that of small shining blue star in the clear summer sky, appear in the middle of my head and within no time it became bigger—as much as the size of bright shining sun in the hot summer. It was very bright. It was either light blue or white. I cannot say, but because it became very round, big so suddenly, just like a torch light it suddenly focused. I felt immense shock wave passing through my body. The same as earlier experiences. I shivered, shook with shock only for a second or for two, three seconds.”

Was this a case of a kundalini experience? Such an experience can be both powerfully transformational but very disturbing as well. Readers might be interested in reading an interview I did awhile back (Alternate Perceptions #95, November 2005) with Dr. Lyn Halper, a transpersonal psychologist who is something of an authority on this subject.

There’s more to this story, but this is enough for now.

Stonehenge and Timber henge…

The February 2007 edition of Discover magazine has an interesting report on ancient Stonehenge over in England. I’ve also seen on television where it has been in the news recently. Some two miles northeast of Stonehenge there is a site called “timber henge,” located at Durrington Walls. It’s a 1500 foot wide site (pretty big) that had long ago been made up of large timbers (thus the name). Nine neolithic houses near the “timber henge” have recently been excavated. Archeologists believe that both sites are part of a single complex. Both have a wide and well worn avenue to the same river (known today as Avon). While Stonehenge faces the mid-summer sunrise, Durrington Walls’s “timber henge” faces the mid-winter sunrise. Many of the stones at Stonehenge came from a site some 160 miles away. The site is associated with having healing properties, and because many of the skeletal remains found in burials near Stonehenge have been shown to have higher than normal rates of disease, Tim Darvill, an archeologist with England’s Bournemouth University suspects that Stonehenge was a Stone Age healing center.

Quite an intriguing article. It made me reach up on the bookshelf and pull co-editor Greg’s, Lora’s, and John’s book Mound Builders: Edgar Cayce’s Forgotten Record of Ancient America. I wanted to read again about the huge ancient Circle and Octagon earthworks at Chillicothe and Newark, both in Ohio. They were also ancient and complex astronomical observation posts and apparently linked by what has become known as the “Great Hopewell Road.” I will never forget the incredible site we visited too with Greg and Lora at Portsmouth, Ohio a few years back. It was really quite a reconstruction process as most of this former enormous site with miles of “road” has been destroyed (Portsmouth is a big city). It became very clear to me after touring these enormous and incredible sites that England’s Stonehenge certainly had its counterparts over on this side of the Atlantic too. It’s a crying shame that so many of these sites were destroyed to make room for our modern roads and cities. Today they would have been major tourist attractions every bit as spectacular as what the British have!