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Was former Beatle John Lennon a UFO Abductee?

Shortly after 8:30 p.m., on the night of August 23, 1974, John Lennon and his assistant, May Pang, reportedly observed a silent circular craft with flashing white lights from the balcony of Lennon’s east 52nd Street Penthouse apartment. Pang stated that the craft was about the size of a Lear jet and had been so close that had they thrown something at it then they’d probably have hit it easily. They later learned that others had also described seeing the UFO that same night.

UFO researcher and author Larry Warren wrote that in 1988, he had met and spoken with May Pang about this incident. During a visit to Pang’s New York apartment, Warren noticed a box filled with copies of England’s Flying Saucer Review magazine. They were all addressed to John Lennon. Warren noticed that there were copies of the publication that went back to the late 1960s, and so he asked Pang about this as he had assumed that Lennon’s UFO interest had occurred after his 1974 saucer sighting. But Pang pointed out that on more than one occasion, Lennon had told her that he suspected that he had been “abducted” as a child back in Liverpool, England!

Israeli psychic superstar Uri Geller lived in New York back in the mid-1970s and became friends with John Lennon. One day, the subject of UFOs came up. Lennon took Geller aside and told him how one night he had been startled to see the edges of his bedroom door illuminated as though there was a searchlight shining into his apartment. He got up and swung the door open, and said he confronted four thin alien beings. According to Geller, “Two of them held his hands and the other two gently pushed his legs and he was gently guided into this tunnel of light. He was shown all of his life, just like watching a movie, and he told me it was the most outstandingly beautiful thing he’d ever seen.”

In addition, Lennon claimed that he was given something. A small metal object, somewhat egg-shaped, which he then pulled out of his pocket and gave to Geller to keep. (Read:

Recently I wrote Uri Geller to ask him if he still had this object, and if he had ever had it analyzed or anything. “Yes, of course, I have the Egg but I never had it scientifically tested because I did not want to be disappointed if it were to be made in Taiwan and man-made,” he replied. “I would rather leave it as a mystery. I believed John, and I still do.” I then asked Uri if he had ever noticed anything unusual about the object. “Yes, at around November-December each year when one wobbles the egg it has a feel to it that there is something inside the egg. It’s a real tangible sensation. Then the motion ebbs away for at least 10 months.”

Those Sinister Reptilians

New York journalist and fortean John Keel, best known for his book The Mothman Prophecies, has for years held the firm conviction that innumerable UFO contact events are just a modern variation upon the ancient demonic manifestations chronicled in centuries gone bye. The modern wave of sinister behaving reptilian entities illustrates this particular pattern quite well. Recently I was contacted by one such experiencer who was asking about any support groups in Tennessee. In the course of our exchange, I inquired about this individual’s personal experiences.

“There is no doubt that they are physical to at least some degree because they’ve left bruises and scratches more than once,” she noted. “If I had to guess, I would say that they are interdimensional. Things would often change when they appeared. It was like the rooms we were in were suggestions of the real thing. Sometimes, I would be in their world.”

She described how they communicated with her telepathically. She added that communication was “usually threatening and demeaning,” and that “They told me that I was theirs to do with what they pleased. I was a toy, not a partner.” She also added that the purpose of their visitations was “almost entirely sexual.” I asked if she could describe one of these visitations, and she replied: “The experience that I recall the most clearly happened in my college dorm room. I didn’t share the room with anybody. It had only been a couple of minutes. I wasn’t asleep yet. Suddenly, it was like the room had changed, but it hadn’t. It was strange, like I was looking at it through dirty glass There were several of them there. Some of them were reptilians, some were the hooded figures. One of the reptilians was on top of me, holding me down. I got the distinct feeling that the others were waiting their turn. They were laughing at me. Not like humans would laugh....more like mocking me, disdain. The one on top of me was holding my arms down. I remember looking at my wrists and seeing his claws on me. The experience was so fast and violent and disorienting that I couldn’t even think to say no for what seemed an eternity. He raped me. I’m sorry, but I can’t go into more detail about that. It’s too much. I finally was able to fight some...mentally. When they’re there, it’s like I’m drowning. I can only hear them, and it’s hard to move or think about anything but what they are saying or doing. It’s not quite like being drugged, but similar. I started praying and crying and they left.

“This experience was not like the others. It was like a bunch of drunken frat boys out on the town, while the others always at least referred to a larger plan. When I say plan, I don’t mean imparting great truths. I mean that they used to tell me that I belonged to them. They owned me and I had no place else to go, but I had a place with them. ...The bruises and scratches were always on my thighs, on the insides at the top.”

This woman also noticed the psychic connection. “When I was younger, and the experiences first started, I realized that I could do things that others couldn’t,” she explained. “I could read people’s minds, and I knew things about people before they told me. Then, I began to have prophetic dreams. I nurtured the gifts. I thought they were great, until it occurred to me that they were connected to the reptilians. I don’t use them now and haven’t for sometime. I still have the dreams occasionally though. I cannot control them.”

“After my father passed away, I had dreams of him. The worst one was of him calling me on the phone over and over asking about the health of his sister. It was too real and bothered me terribly. A few months later, she died. She was the youngest of all the children, so she wasn’t the one they thought would pass next. I recently had a dream that I saw one of my friends standing on the corner with her two sons and she was pregnant. I emailed her the next day and she said that she had had an ‘opps’ with her birth control that week, so it was a possibility. Her third son was just born nine months later. Since I don’t use the gifts anymore, and in fact I shun them, I find that the dreams usually only concern those that I am close to and have a strong connection to. When I was young, that wasn’t always the case.”

Once again, Others describe The Psychic Connection...

Many people with lifelong UFO experiences also describe how psychic abilities went hand-in-hand with them. Such was the case with a gentleman I met out in Kent, Washington, while I was doing a UFO workshop there last October 31st. “I’ve known things ahead of time when I was younger,” he told me. “When you have it happen to you all of the time it seems normal.”

This man recalled his first memory of an encounter with a “saucer shape” craft as happening in Burbank, California, when he was about age 12. “This was very low and it was hovering,” he recalled. Over the years since he’s had a number of UFO experiences. “For the most part they’re the saucer type,” he stated. “But I saw that one with my brother out in the Mojave Desert, about 4 o’clock in the morning, when we were coming back from Laughlin, Nevada, going back to LA. Him and I both experienced that one together, and that was a boomerang-shaped ship, and that was huge. It flew right over us. If I had had a rock I felt like I could have hit this ship with a rock just by throwing it at it. That’s how close it was to us.”

This man has also been deeply involved over the years in metaphysical work, with meditation, the chakras, and channeling. During the workshop, I led a guided meditation wherein participants afterwards relaxed and listened to a CD of the Peruvian Whistling Vessels. After that this man described an interesting effect from that session. He stated that it was as though his “third eye” had been opened and he was seeing into the room where we were, but with his physical eyes closed! Then his third eye seemingly “closed back up again” and he went down through the colors of the spectrum, ending up in red. “I’m really not a vision person,” he said. He explained that when he closed his eyes in meditation he is usually guided by “feelings” as opposed to visual “effects.” For some reason, listening to the sounds of the ancient Peruvian Whistling Vessels seems to alter the usual conscious functioning of many people who listen to them. Some describe possible glimpses of “past life” memories, or have some form of psychic experience. It’s a subject that definitely needs to be studied further.

Did animals sense the tsunami? Has our planet’s stability been changed? Were UFOs involved?

On December 26th, as all of you know, the unthinkable occurred. A 9.0 magnitude earthquake erupted in the ocean off the coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island, creating a tsunami that claimed thousands and thousands of lives. “We can still see a steady signal of the earth vibrating as a result of that earthquake two weeks later,” stated Herb McQueen of the Australian National University, who was quoted in a Reuters report dated January 9th. “From what it looks like, it appears it will probably continue to oscillate for several more weeks.” These vibrations were detected by sensitive gravity monitoring instruments.

In addition, it was reported that U.S. scientists speculated that the powerful earthquake may have permanently accelerated the earth’s rotation, shortening days by perhaps a fraction of a second, and possibly caused our planet to wobble on its axis. Richard Gross, a NASA geophysicist, theorized that the earth spin could have been three millionths of a second faster and that the earth tilt could have been about 2.5 cm on its axis.

Meanwhile, we’re receiving interesting reports regarding unusual animal behaviors during this cataclysmic event, indications that animals may have sensed the tsunami. For example, in Khao Lak, on the western coast of Thailand, about the time the earthquake erupted, elephants that were used to give tourists rides began to trumpet loudly, in a manner described as like crying. “I was surprised because the elephants had never cried before,” declared Dang Salangam, 36. The elephants were soon calmed down, but then an hour later they began to wail again, and this time they could not be comforted. “They just kept running for the hill,” stated Wit Aniwat, 24, who assists tourists in mounting the elephants. “Then we saw the big wave coming and we started running.” A number of tourists were lifted onto the elephants backs and taken to safety. Some of the elephants reportedly broke free of chains to flee to higher ground. Meanwhile, near the beach at Bang Koey village a herd of about 100 buffalo were grazing when suddenly they lifted their heads and looked out toward the ocean, their ears standing upright. Then they began to stampede up a hill. The villagers were bewildered and began to run after the buffaloes fearing that they might become lost. Within minutes of the villagers heading toward the hilltop, the tidal wave crashed into their fishing village. “Not a single one of us sustained a scratch,” villager Kornee Art-ham, 42, was quoted as saying.

Wildlife officials in Sri Lanka were surprised when they found no large scale evidence of animal deaths. An Associated Press photographer, flying over the Yala National Park in an Air Force helicopter, noticed abundant wildlife, which included elephants, buffalo, and deer. He didn’t see a single animal corpse. Yala is Sri Lanka’s largest wildlife reserve and home to some 200 Asian elephants, crocodile, wild boar, water buffalo and gray langur monkeys, and has Asia’s highest concentration of leopards. Reportedly, 200 people were found dead in the park from the tsunami.

UFOs were reported over the Andaman Islands a few days before the tsunami. At Port Blair, the capital city of India’s Andaman Islands, UFOs were even reported by tourists the week before. On December 19th, at the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, residents described seeing a flying object and heard several loud explosions. However, a space expert, Thomas Djamaluddin, of the Indonesian space center LAPAN, described that sighting as probably caused by a large meteor entering the atmosphere.