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UFOs, Abductions, and the Jinn

Back in 2007, New York’s noted UFO researcher and author Phil Imbrogno told me in a phone interview, “There are many people who are involved with paranormal research, but you don’t really understand its reality until you experience something yourself, and then it becomes more of a reality than a hobby. You have people who are investigating UFOs who are looking for spaceships and so on, which is okay, but you see a lot of these people are doing it as a hobby or something to fascinate them or entertain their bored life, but what they don’t realize is that a lot of this stuff is real and I know many people, people who I have worked with and have been part of my investigation team who have totally given up all of this because once they realized that this is a reality it scared them to death and they got out of it. It was no longer like watching TV. It was something that was in their life. It was real. ‘My God, this isn’t just something I read about.’ People say, ‘This is real!’

Phil knows full well just how real it is. He has personally seen the shattering and profound psychological effects upon a good number of eyewitnesses, as well as fellow investigators. In his book Interdimensional Universe (2008), Phil described a truly frightening and life altering case that he and a number of his colleagues came to investigate a number of years ago. It may well be one of the most terrifying UFO-related cases you have ever read. It all began with a phone call back in February 1978 from a single 35-year-old mother. She stated that she, her mother, and her daughter had been having numerous experiences with UFOs and alien beings, and that the beings would actually walk into their home through a rotating “black hole” and lead them into the “hole,” at which time they would lapse into a state of memory loss and not be able to remember any further details. She explained that her mother claimed that she had been having these experiences herself since age nine.

Phil called together his crack team of experienced UFO investigators, a team that consisted of a very professional and credible group of men. Phil had just gotten his degree in astronomy from the University of Texas, one man was a biologist, another was a police officer, another was an engineer, plus another was a corporate executive, and then there was a commercial airline pilot too.

The team gathered at this mother’s home in Cold Springs, New York, on the evening of February 16, 1978. During that initial interview, this woman described numerous encounters with globes of light that would often follow her car, and even enter their home. She recalled one incident where a blue globe of light entered the house through the living room window, at which time the television and house lights went out, coming back on when the mysterious light disappeared up through the ceiling. Then, within a short time after that, her daughter, then ten, pointed to a window and said, “UFO out there.” Sure enough, a yellow ball of light, about six inches in diameter, was moving across the front lawn. Phil went outside and came within about 20 feet of it, noticing a tingling sensation going up and down his neck, as if, he explained, he were in a field of static electricity. The light had been about ten feet off the ground, moving with a kind of wobbling motion, then hovered as if observing Phil, and then shot straight up into the night sky.

Needless to say, the team was quite excited at this point. The case looked very promising. Arrangements were quickly made to bring in a psychologist to conduct a regression hypnosis session on March 15th. The therapist was someone who Phil had worked with several times before and who insisted that only one member of the team should be present during the hypnotic regression. Phil was that person. He tape recorded the session, as well as made written notes. The daughter had been ill with the flu, and so was in her bedroom asleep while this session was going on. They had arrived early afternoon, around 2 p.m. It took about half an hour for the mother to relax and go “under”, but once she did she began recalling an episode from 1976 when she awakened around midnight to hear a strange buzzing sound that seemed to vibrate through the house. She got out of bed to investigate and found her daughter walking around in circles in the livingroom, saying that “The people from the hole are here.” She shook her daughter by the shoulders, as she seemed entranced, and this brought her out of it. Then she went outside, she stated, and saw a strange red illumination in the sky. Then she was remembering an incident at age five, when she awoke early one morning to discover three leather-skinned looking beings standing over her bed. Smiling they told the child that they would not hurt her, that they needed people like her in their work. Then she noticed a spinning black hole nearby into which the three beings were “sucked”, producing a sound similar to when something large gets clogged in a vacuum cleaner. The mother began breathing heavily and the doctor had to calm her down before proceeding. Then she recalled another incident, this one from a night in the winter of 1977, when she awakened around 2-3 a.m. and saw a tall hooded figure in a robe standing at the foot of her bed. As she watched, he removed the hood, and she gasped as he looked rather like the devil, with long ears, a pointed nose, and skin like leather. He wanted her to come with him and she yelled back at him, “No way! Get out of here!” She then prayed for God and the angels to protect her and her daughter, who was sleeping next to her in the same bed. The evil looking being appeared angry and told her that God had “no power here” and that he would return for her when he was ready. The being then vanished into a swirling black hole.

Pretty soon the doctor decided it was best to bring the mother out of her hypnotic trance. Her pulse was 130, she was breathing rapidly, and sweat was pouring down over her face. Immediately upon coming to, she got to her feet and ran to her daughter’s bedroom. Before she reached her daughter’s room, the girl came running out into the hallway and met her mom, and while clinging to her told her mother that the “man from the hole” had appeared and said he was going to take her. At first the mother told her young frightened daughter that it was just a dream, but then asked her what else the “man” might have said. Pointing directly at Phil, she said, “The man said that he would get him and his friends if they don’t leave us alone.” Phil wrote that this scene sent genuine shivers up and down his spine. This was only the first, I am sure, of many such shivers that were later to come.

The next day, Phil met with his team to go over the details of the hypnotic investigation and to play for them the tape recording. They met at his home and he initially went over his notes. Then he rewound the tape, explaining that he himself hadn’t listened to it yet either. Everything appeared at first to be normal. You could hear the psychologist giving suggestions to the woman for relaxation, but then once she finally began describing her experiences her voice and that of the doctor faded into the background while high-pitched siren type sounds appeared on the tape, along with what sounded like howling and screaming noises, some sounds sounding like animals and others possibly human. As they listened in shock, a very audible voice then came on and in perfect English stated: “Stop playing with my head, they pointed you out to us and we know where and how to get you all.” Now they were all very shaken.

Phil took the tape to a friend who did audio recordings for the State University of New York, and he determined that what had sounded to Phil and the others like a foreign language on the tape was English in reverse. He explained that he felt someone was playing a trick on them. Phil assured him that the tape was brand new and had never been out of his custody, except for a very brief time when he walked down the hallway, but he was still only an estimated ten feet from the recorder. Though not all of the reverse speech message could be heard due to the howling and electrical like noises, a portion of it was very audible. The voice claimed to be something like “Ablis”, from some place “parallel” with our world. He claimed that sometime before our recorded history his race used to live on the surface of our planet as we do, but that due to “experiments that went wrong” they were “shifted” into another “dimension.” Their mission was, the voice claimed, to re-enter our world through “portals,” and that to achieve this they needed humans with a “sensitive spirit”. Phil would later wonder if that meant people with psychic sensitivity.

Though Phil began to work on the premise that some ham radio operator could have produced this strange recording effect (something that he never did actually prove did happen, though he certainly tried and figured out how it could have been done), pretty soon his group of fellow investigators began to seem disinterested and distant. He realized something was going on. For a whole week, he hadn’t heard from any of them. Then he got a call from the biologist who described hearing voices, like someone talking right into his ear, but he could see no one. Phil had never encountered anything like this and didn’t know how to respond. The next day he called and said that the voices were coming from extraterrestrial beings, that three of them had appeared to him in his bedroom at 3 a.m. They were dark blue, 4-5 feet tall, and had red eyes, he stated. Phil tried unsuccessfully to call him back again, after not hearing from him for several days. A week later, he learned that the biologist had leaped in front of a train. Police soon ruled it as suicide.

Soon after this, the pilot called Phil and told him of a visit he had received from a man in a dark suit who claimed to be an agent of the National Security Agency and who claimed that if he didn’t want to lose his commercial pilot’s license then he had better discontinue his UFO investigations. Phil heard from him no more.

Phil decided to call the other members of the team and see what was happening with them. He managed to reach the corporate executive who described to Phil a disturbing “dream” that he had had in which he thought he had awakened in the middle of the night to see a tall robed being with a hood, surrounded by a pale-green glow. In fear he sat up in bed and the being then held out in its hand a glowing red beating heart. Explaining that this could be his heart, it then squeezed the heart and burst it, and the man saw blood spurt onto the walls and the bed. Then he woke up in a cold sweat, at which time he determined that it was just a dream. Soon afterwards this man went to the doctor for a routine physical, at which time it was discovered that something was wrong with a valve in his heart. He was told that the condition was an easy one to fix and the doctors had expected a full recovery, but three days after his surgery he died from heart failure and, Phil notes, the doctors never gave the man’s wife a satisfactory explanation as to what had gone wrong.

The police officer and his wife had a series of sightings that frightened them both, and so he dropped out of the UFO field. The engineer continued to conduct UFO work, but kept mostly to himself. He would claim that he had a number of very close UFO encounters, had poltergeist manifestations in his home, and eventually told Phil that he thought that his ten 12-year-old son was being possession by a “demon” of some kind. This really surprised Phil, as the engineer had formerly been an atheist. He later became a Christian. Phil’s last conversation with the man was around 1979 or 1980. In 1981, a friend showed Phil a newspaper story in which this man had been arrested for burning UFO books in Hartfood, Connection, on the lawn of the university there.

Phil today remains the only one from that original “Dream Team,” as they called themselves, who continues with his UFO investigative work. At the time he wrote this book, he added that he had only “recently” begun to look back at many of his past UFO cases and realized that a good number of them had been “most likely jinn encounters.” The Jinn are mysterious beings described in Muslim religious literature.

Dr. Greg Little wrote of the Jinn in his 1990 classic, People of the Web. “The Jinn supposedly have a group identity, much like a bee colony,” he wrote. “Note that Whitley Strieber’s Communion relates that he likened his alien abductors to insects with a group consciousness.”

So who or what are the Jinn, and can they really be related to UFO cases? “These creatures, the Jinns of the Muslim religion and the elementals in the Buddhist religion, they reportedly can materialize and dematerialize, and so can our Western culture’s abducting creatures,” California ufologist Ann Druffel explained to me. “They shape shift in various forms, they delight in harassing and traumatizing human beings…. They reportedly abduct human beings and transport them long distances in a matter of seconds… And the Jinns, the elementals, and our own abducting greys [have taken] a sexual interest in human beings…down through the millennia. In every major culture of the world, and in many minor cultures, they all have these same folkloric stories, and even religious and philosophical texts in some of the countries talk about this ‘third order of creation,’ as the Muslim’s call it. They aren’t angels, they aren’t devils, they aren’t human beings. They’re something in between that share our world with us in a hidden state.”

Just before posting this article, I contacted Philip Imbrogno to see if he wanted to add any remarks or observations to what I had written. He emailed me the following: “I am currently doing a book on the Djinn which has been contracted by Llewellyn. I am hoping that it will inform not only UFO investigators, but people who research all aspects of the paranormal. When we include the Djinn in the equation much of the confusing world of the paranormal makes more sense. One must remember they are an ancient race that have existed before human beings and are often called ‘God’s other people’ in the Muslim world. One must not look at them from a religious sense. We must see them for what they are: a race of interdimensional beings.”

Djinn is another variation on the spelling of Jinn, which represents the same being.

Though many of us in our Western culture are unfamiliar with the D/jinn, in the Muslim world they are very widely known and the reality of these beings is taken, it certainly seems, without question. Again referring to Dr. Little’s book, he also wrote: “Followers of Islam tend to take their religion and their holy book, the Koran, seriously. They believe in the literal, physical existence of the Jinn. Even Islamic scientists take the Jinn seriously.”

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