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Brazilian Air Force ends UFO secrecy!

A.J. Gevaerd, editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine and also head of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) has reported that May 20th was a very historic day for Brazilian Ufology. Gevaerd reports that the Brazilian Air Force, for the very first time, officially received the committee of top UFO researchers to openly discuss UFO sightings in Brazil and to allow the civilian ufologists to examine formerly classified military documents. “We want to have all info on the subject, that is withheld by us for some decades, fully released to public, through the UFO community,” stated brigadier Telles Ribeiro, chief of the Brazilian Air Force Communication Center. This decision it seems, was the result of a campaign started by Brazil’s UFO Magazine back in April 2004, a movement called “UFOs: Freedom of Information Now.” Details of that campaign can be viewed at: and

Credit: Filer’s Files #22, 2005.

“Prophet Yahweh” reportedly soon to summon UFOs over Las Vegas

Prophet Yahweh, Seer of Yahweh, born Ramon Watkins of Memphis, Tennessee, claims that from June 1st through July 15th, he will call down UFOs for the news media to film and photograph over Las Vegas, Nevada. (We won’t have long to wait to evaluate this prediction) In fact, he claims that for nearly two days a UFO will sit over Las Vegas in plain view. Prophet Yahweh came to Las Vegas back in 1999, following a dream that instructed him to do so. He soon began a local TV program entitled “Prophet Yahweh - Ufologist.” Reportedly he has summoned more than 1500 UFOs into view since 1979. However, the witnesses have previously been persons close to him.

Prophet Yahweh joined the ministry at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, and began his radio ministry at WYZE in Atlanta, GA in 1978.


A Sodomizing Gremlin known as Popo Bawa?

On the Zanzibar Islands, off the coast of East Africa’s Tanzania, the natives speak of Popo Bawa (Swahili for Bat’s Wing or Batman) who the media has recently described as a “sodomising gremlin” that preys on men, women, and children. During a wave of Popo Bawa attacks in 1970, Asha Saleh, today in her late 50s and a resident of Machomanne village, recalls what happened to her. “We heard a rustling on the roof,” she says. “I felt someone fondling me. I felt very cold. I felt uneasy. I couldn’t call out for help to my husband, who was lying asleep beside me. Popo Bawa is strong. He really presses down on you. And it took a long time. One hour! Eventually, I lost consciousness.” Mohammed Juma, a 41 year old truck driver and father of four, was obviously nervous as he recalled his rape by a Popo Bawa back in 1995. “Many were afraid and were sleeping outside,” he said. “But I was confident and was alone in my room. I was reading the Koran for protection. After about 20 minutes, I started feeling sleepy. I heard something falling on the roof. I continued reading, I started feeling something in my room. I felt my mouth becoming bigger and bigger. I started losing my ability to form words. My feeling was that my lower lip had extended to my lap. I felt something in my body. I became very sweaty. My experience was like that of a neighbor of mine who said his head seemed to grow to an enormous size.”

Symptoms of Popo Bawa attacks often involve a bad smell, the sensation of cold, the victim will go into a trance minutes before the attack, and the creature seems to have inhuman strength.

Credit: UFO ROUNDUP, Vol. 10, No. 21, 2005.

Margaret Ross returns from Chile and Easter Island

On Saturday evening, May 21st, we had a wonderful visit from two long time friends, Nancy Shaw of the local Tennessee Fitness Spa (located just outside Waynesboro, TN at historic Natural Bridge), and Margaret Ross, a former psychologist and a Tai Chi instructor from Ohio (who periodically does Tai Chi classes at the Spa). Margaret brought with her two full photo albums to share with us her recent trip to northern Chile and Easter Island from January 21 through February 6, 2005. She had many truly incredible and wonderful photographs and stories to share. Naturally, ancient sites are always of particular interest to us, and besides the huge and awesome statues of Easter Island, Margaret also showed us photos of other amazing yet less well-known sites, like Pintados, Chile. “There are 355 geoglyphs on a large hillside,” Margaret explained. “Geoglyphs are forms made of dark rock on the light sand. Because there is no rain in the area, they are not disturbed. In some places the sand has blown over some, but for the most part they have not been disturbed. There are 355 individual geoglyphs on a large hillside. There are outlines of human figures, animals and various geometric designs. Most are from between AD 500 and AD 1450. They are believed to either mark trade routes, indicate the presence of water, identify ethnic groups or express religious meaning. They were probably done by the Incas. Another tribe in the area were Chango Indians.”

One of the most extraordinary “geoglyphs” that Margaret saw and photographed on her trip was in another part of Chile and known as “The Giant of Atacama.” Some of her photos are below.