Reality Checking with Brent Raynes

Summoning Bigfoots and UFOs—or Demons?

When I met Joe Fex out at the UFO Watchtower Conference in Hooper, Colorado back in August 2008, I was immediately impressed with his depth of knowledge and insight into not only the Bigfoot mystery itself (which is what he lectured about at this event) but also his comprehensive grasp, understanding and knowledge of UFOs and the entire paranormal field in general. It seemed obvious to me that he had definitely done his homework and had amassed a vast and comprehensive collection of data, and no matter what direction our conversation would drift into he was consistently able to contribute an impressive degree of information and informed speculation and theory. Conversing with Joe Fex has proven repeatedly to be thought-provoking, stimulating, and refreshingly original and different, if not downright inspirational at times!

Last week (04-21-10) Joe phoned me and before I knew it we had talked for nearly three hours. Missing time, was it? No, just total absorption into the fascinating content and fabric of our alternate conversational reality! The next evening I returned a call to him and said, “Joe, there were some things we talked about the other night that I believe the readers of my magazine would find of considerable interest. Care to go on the record?”

I am very pleased to report that Joe agreed to do just that. What he shared has the potential for possibly contributing significant new understanding and insights into our investigations and research into the Bigfoot phenomenon. The most challenging and startling contribution would have to be the alleged existence of a psychic dimension to this enigma, which already is controversial and perplexing enough.

For Joe, his personal investigations here in East Tennessee back in 2004 reportedly changed his perceptions of the phenomenon permanently, and for him little it seems has been the same since. “A lot of people think that Janice Carter Coy, when she calls the Bigfoot vocally, is a practicing demonologist,” Joe began. “There’s an Urban Legend that interaction with Janice Carter Coy and the Bigfoot on her property is somehow related to a demonic curse. She makes these ungodly sounds and those sounds produce Bigfoot and a lot of people liken that to summoning a demon through frequencies, which is a factor in occult research.” One prominent Bigfoot hunter, Joe pointed out, had witnessed things like “glowing red eyes with no body, just kind of sitting there,” and did accuse Ms. Coy of “summoning demons.” He pointed out that many people became “deathly ill” following a visit to the Coy farm, while others (including himself) strangely suffered a “big long chain of bad luck” afterwards.

Though Joe and others initially perceived Ms. Coy as a very credible source, over time she began to noticeably exhibit what he called “weird behavior”, and he says that she has been caught “over and over again lying about things.” Nonetheless, Joe and others claim that they cannot simply dismiss the very unexplained and odd experiences that they had at the Coy farm. One of the Bigfoot’s is allegedly named “Canune.” Joe’s first encounter with this creature occurred while sitting near a campfire outside the Coy’s Monroe County home. “It was around 2:30 or 3 o’clock in the morning,” Joe recalled. “I saw these two lights behind Janice coming across the yard. …It happened very rapidly. My first thought was, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen fireflies fly together in a pair before,’ and then immediately I’m realizing that those aren’t fireflies because they were going on and off at the same time, they were big, and they were like a pale green, but very fiery and very bright. …Janice, without flinching, without turning around or anything, looked straight at me and grins and says, ‘He wants to know if you’re going to go back and tell everybody that you saw fireflies.’ As Joe’s eyes and mind further focused he realized that he was looking at two “eyes.” “He’s just striding across the yard, casual as can be like he totally belonged there. …You’re talking about a thing that is easily between 12 and 14 feet tall.”

I asked Joe if these eyes were self-luminous, to which he replied that they were. “He was about, I would say, 75 to 100 feet away from me at that point in time, but walked out in the clear open. I could see his eyes clearest, but I could see the shadows of his body with what little light was coming from the fire. I could see just a vague outline of his arms, his legs, his body; the shape of a bipedal thing.”

Joe said that “Canune” walked across the yard toward the Coy farmhouse, which was like a mere 30 feet away. “When he gets behind the porch I see the eyes above the roof of the porch, telling me that good God this guy is taller than the house itself,” Joe said. “Then I saw the eyes go down and through the windows…I could see the eyes reappear on the other side.”

“My under study Nick was sitting right next to me and when I first saw Canune come across the yard I started hitting him on the arm and I’m like ‘Dude, liven up. They’re here.’ I glanced over and he’s out cold. So I’m still keeping my eyes on the Bigfoot and I’m digging up mud balls and hitting him in the side of the head with them, to try to suddenly wake him up. I didn’t want to make any sudden moves or loud noises or anything like that, because I didn’t know how Canune would react, and I didn’t want to spook him away. After Canune went behind the house and disappeared back there I stood up and grabbed Nick by the shoulders and I started shaking him and I was like ‘Nick, wake up!’ Now I’m starting to get worried because I’m thinking that something medically is wrong with him.”

Janice even joined in and tried to help Joe wake his friend, but also without success. “Then Janice kind of stands up like something just entered her head and she looked at me and she said, ‘He says to stop it.’ I asked her what, and she said, ‘He says to stop it. Stop trying to wake him up. He did this.’ I said, ‘What do you mean he did this?’ Her exact words were, ‘He was afraid that seeing him would traumatize the boy, so he put him out. He’s fine. Don’t try to wake him up.’”

“Apes can’t do this to people,” Joe exclaimed. “Show me one gorilla that can fix his mind and make a person lose consciousness like that.” Joe explained that he has since come across other Bigfoot cases where the same scenario played out. “As soon as the event stops, as soon as the activity stops, that person just wakes up and they’re like ‘What’s going on?’ And the same was true with Nick.” Joe and Janice had gone behind the farmhouse to try and get closer to Canune. “As soon as we came around the corner of the house Nick was waking up. It was like ‘Where are you guys going? What happened?’ I told him, ‘Dude, you’ve been out for an hour and a half,’ and he didn’t even know that he had been asleep. He thought that he had dozed off for like a brief second. He had totally lost his scope of time.”

“It the old fairy dust s—t again, you know?” Joe quipped. “Rip Van Winkle and all of that crap. All of these similarities throughout all of the history of these things and its perplexing.” Not to mention, alas, that the same scenario is reported in UFO close encounters and abductions.

In one instance, Janice had given information to Joe, presumably from a Bigfoot nearby, that Joe says was very accurate, and was things that Janice didn’t know about him. “To me that was like confirmation, but to be truly critical there could have been no Bigfoot,” Joe points out. “(Maybe) she was just sitting there reading my mind. You know what I mean? But in that sense, at the same time, if somebody had the ability to do that so fluently, then why would they have to make anything up about Bigfoot? Because that’s impressive in itself, you know?

“…like ghosts”

Joe next recalled accompanying famous Tennessee Bigfoot investigator and author Mary Green to another location frequented by Bigfoots. “We’re following Mary Green and her people deep into the mountains in her area, going down this dirt road,” Joe explained. “Well about two miles from our destination, three of these Sasquatches were running along side our van, just inside the treeline. You could barely see the outline of their bodies. You could clearly see their eyes looking at us, and they were pacing us at like 28 miles an hour, with no problem. The weird thing was that you would think that there would be all kinds of sticks and crashing and breaking (sounds)…they were running very close to each other, but there was no sound coming out of the woods. At least, we couldn’t hear it over the sound of the car going over a gravel road. You would think that you would be hearing trees and things snap but I couldn’t hear anything like that. They were moving through the woods like ghosts. It was the weirdest thing. They like escorted us that last two miles.”

When they reached their destination everyone parked their vehicles in a field. Immediately Mary told them to be quiet. It was “pitch black,” Joe said. “We’re standing there and it’s really quiet and then we start hearing a barking noise, that’s a very short burst, very short rough little bark, and I’ve understood this type of noise …as meaning that they’re present and that they’re coming close. It’s kind of like a pre-warning, I think, because they understand the effect that they have on people.” They hear the barks approaching from a nearby mountain slope. There seems to be “a bunch of them,” and the group could hear them “breaking trees and things like this.”

“Then Mary Green says, ‘I just got a pebble’ and she no sooner said that and a pebble landed on top of my left foot,” Joe recalled. “It didn’t bounce off my foot. This thing was thrown so precisely from the woods. It just landed right on top of my foot…I clicked on the flashlight and there’s this pebble. I’ve seen this kind of behavior before, just never so prominently and immediate that it was (here). I’ve always seen it again as a subtle way of saying ‘we’re coming,’ ‘kind of brace yourself,’ ‘we don’t want to freak you out.’ “We’re in this open area, looking at this mountain slope, and they’re at least 200 feet away from us.” Joe feels that a “right in your face” encounter with the Bigfoot is about to occur. But just then, a friend of one of the Tennessee Bigfoot hunters comes onto the scene. “He’s ripping through the woods at full throttle, a full rack of floodlights on and he’s got a stereo blasting,” Joe recalled. “I could have beat his ass right there.”

Naturally the group’s night vision was adversely affected and the creatures became completely silent. “We knew that they were out there and we knew that this idiot roaring up there the way he did kind of freaked them out, and we presumed that they had frozen in their tracks and were just sitting there in silence watching us,” Joe continued. As Joe stood there, slowly adjusting again to the darkness, he briefly glimpsed “two pale green lights.” He wasn’t sure if his eyes had simply played tricks on him or not, so he kept his eyes on that same area and then they briefly appeared again. “I just started walking towards those lights and when I’d lose the spot where they were in the darkness, I’d just stop and keep watching and wait for them to come on again and I’d just keep walking,” he stated. “I kept walking until I got near where these two lights were coming from. I got into a position where I could see a faint blackness on the ground where these two lights were coming from and I realized that this thing was crawling on his belly on the ground.” Joe believes that he came within about seven feet of this Bigfoot.

“She was able to create that situation with her mind”

Joe recounted for me a thoroughly incredible story that came to him from a thoroughly credible source, a story that again highlights a paranormal connection with Bigfoot, UFOs, and Native Americans.

“He is very widely known for big animal rescues and things like that,” Joe began. “He does a lot of work with children and getting children to realize the value of wildlife and things like this.” He had also spoken out publicly about his own research into the Bigfoot subject. One day a Native American woman phoned him and wanted to know what he thought about Bigfoot. He told her a little about what his understanding was on this subject, and then she proceeded to offer him an opportunity to be introduced to one. “At first he thought that the woman was nutty, or at minimum senile,” Joe said. “He didn’t treat her with any disrespect or anything, but just kind of took in everything that she had to say and told her that it sounded fun but that at the ttime he was way too busy and he just thought of one excuse or another to avoid making any arrangements with her. So he told her ‘I’ll keep your number and if I ever get around to it, then maybe we’ll get together and experiment with this sometime.’”

During their conversation, the woman had also said that she could mentally call UFOs and they’d show up, and at that point he became convinced that she was delusional or disturbed. Nonetheless, he contacted a colleague of his, a scientist at a nearby college who was interested in UFOs, and gave him the Indian woman’s number. “He thought that it would be a big laugh to get his buddy to call this woman up, believing that she was not mentally stable. Two weeks later, his colleague called him up and told him that she indeed was able to do that. He said that she took him out to a location out in the countryside and in broad daylight this woman just kind of closed her eyes and thought about it for a moment and boom! UFOs showed up. …He knew his friend wasn’t pulling his leg. So he called her and reinitiated the conversation and told her that he’d be very interested and he’d make time in the coming month to spend a day with her, talking to her and maybe going out into the woods and seeing if she could produce any results. They eventually met, they went out, and did just that. They went out into the middle of a wilderness area, not far from where he lives. It was right around sundown. It was just starting to get dark. They had been discussing protocols on how he should behave. One of the rules was no weapons of any kind were to be brought with him. He agreed and complied with everything that she had asked of him. When they got to a location out in the woods she stopped and she said ‘Whatever happens at this point you have to understand that what you do with your actions dictates how this is going to go. They’re not really harmful, but they will harm a human being if a human being does something out of line.’ He told her he understood. He worked with animals. He’s very well disciplined. And no sooner did he agree to this than six or seven of these things just walked out from behind trees within 10 feet of him, in all directions. It was like they were already surrounded but he had not detected them at all. He said it was just like they came from out of nowhere. They all just kind of stepped out from behind trees, but the trees that they were behind were no where near big enough to hide something as big as these Sasquatches were. He said that it had profound impact on his mind, on how he perceived all of this kind of stuff, and the first thing that he recognized was that these were in no way dumb animals, to any degree.”

“This event caused him to retire for a good handful of years simply because he really didn’t know how to express the event to other Bigfoot researchers. He was very highly respected at the time, as far as Bigfoot research goes, and very well accomplished, and once this event took place he knew that psychic elements were in place here. There’s just no question about it. She was able to create that situation with her mind. That’s psychic. It’s telepathic.”

Bigfoot clue in an Indian Mound?

Back in 2003, a gentleman named Lonnie Brummit approached Joe following one of his Bigfoot lectures in Hooper, Colorado. This man described how, while serving in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era, that a Navy buddy of his had retrieved an unusual artifact from a Tennessee Indian Mound! The fellow sailor was an amateur archaeologist (today he is said to be a professor of archaeology) and back during a leave around 1970, he discovered an Indian Mound near the Clinch River that looked promising. He notified the University of Tennessee of his find, but kept a small piece of a clay effigy bowl that he had unearthed. This sailor would later share his discovery with his buddy Brummit, and together they would marvel at the effigy head of an ape looking creature. Certainly, they reasoned, there were no known apes or monkeys in North America at that time.

Brummit would later send Joe over 40 detailed photos that he and his friend had taken of the curious artifact. Joe shared it with one Dale A. Drinnon, a former anthropology consultant and colleague of SITU, the late Ivan Sanderson’s organization, the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained. Drinnon felt fairly certain that the object was from the Hopewell culture and was at least 1000 years old. ( The object is depicted below.)

Joe points out that the Indian Mound was less than 50 miles from Mary Green’s Bigfoot contact site. There was even believed to have been a large Indian burial mound near the Coy site.

Joe further points out that the nose of an ape is generally located closer to the eye sockets, where the cartilage of a human nose begins. The pottery fragment’s ape-like appearance has a long, more human-like and narrow nose, with nostril openings closer to the mouth, all characteristics that Joe says are to be found with only with one ape-like creature, and that is the legendary Sasquatch.