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“Alien Implants” and Beyond!

People who seem perfectly credible and otherwise decidedly normal by all conventional appearances of normalcy and rational behavior can certainly nonetheless sometimes voice the most unusual and incredible stories. Recently a professional college educated gentleman I’ve known for sometime now and have considerable respect for was sharing with me about how he has in the past suffered with a “screeching-ringing” in his ears that often appeared around 9 o’clock at night, usually in the right ear, although sometimes in both ears. This went on for a number of years. “Once I received hearing aids, however, within the past year, I tend not to have the ringing,” he noted. “Although infrequently when they are out, I will have the sound return briefly (as was usual). One other interesting note was a harmonic quality to the sound when sounds in both ears appeared together.”

Now this story is about to take a really, really weird twist. (So you’ve been warned!) My friend was in Florida for a kind of artist’s vacation and while there he mentioned this to a doctor. “The doctor was treating me for allergies and several folks I knew in the vicinity swore by his treatments,” he explained. “I indicated that in addition to ringing I sometimes felt an object that ‘sounded’ metallic when I scraped the object. The doctor suggested that he look inside the ear and brought out an instrument that enabled him to look into the ear canal and was amazed to discover a circular object moving slowly around, admitting he had never seen such a thing previously; thereby, the physician called in the three women with me who had taken me to this particular doctor and were in the waiting room, as well as his three staff members so all could see what he saw (and they all did). The description of the object was like a small circular sea-shell.”

“The doctor then preceded to extract the object but the pain was so intense and piercing that I shouted for him to stop. STOP! I suggested I go to an ear specialist when I get back (home), which I did, but the circular object was not to be seen, and this doctor voiced his skepticism that anything had ever been present, and that he had never ever observed such a ‘phenomenon.’ The object moves, when present on the surface of the ear channel, and if I click against it enough, the object recedes into the skin for the time being.”

Look that one up in your standard medical encyclopedia! Something is definitely amiss here.

Many consider Texas UFO researcher Derrel Sims an expert on things of this sort. So-called “alien implants” and assorted otherworldly oddities. He’s coming out with a book on this subject. “The book will outline and show photos of medically bizarre objects, alien implants,” he shared with us. “Most of what I have has never been shown around to any real degree.”

I asked Derrel in an email about using a strong magnet to detect “implants.” I had heard of people doing that. He replied that you could do that, but it would usually only “show it’s not an implant.” He added, “If it was an implant and it had a signal, it would likely distort the signal or a way to find it. We had one abductee in 1970, a testicular one, and the alien made a huge mistake in installing it over the one that stopped functioning. Tell the abductee ‘it won’t hurt.’ It did and the abductee knocked the alien out. Long story short: He hid the implant for 22 years, with a magnet attached to it with iron fillings, until I found out about it in a hypnosis session, in which his wife, who was present, confirmed the story.”

Talk about otherworldly, in two instances the “implant” materials removed from two different subjects proved to be of meteoric origin…in fact, not just any meteorite, but of a rare Widmanstatten Structure.

“Concerning the implant work, this is only a small part of what I do,” Derrel added. “If my work were stacked up six feet tall, only one inch of it would be implants. It’s just the most reported upon by those who wish they knew what implants were and what they did! Everyone seems to know it all. But where is the science?”

Man Claims Surgeons Removed Bizarre Life Form From His Spine!

Noted author/researcher Brad Steiger provided us with these details:

“On Friday, January 23rd, Benjamin Fulford shocked the audience of the Jeff Rense Program by emailing the claim, accompanied by a photograph, that surgeons had removed a bizarre life form, very much resembling a salamander, from his spine. Those who could view the strange creature were shocked and horrified. Immediately everyone who saw the ‘thing’ wondered what it was and if it were real.

“Whether the creature was real or whether it was an ill-advised hoax, I wanted to find out if it was possible to place or to inject such a life form into an unsuspecting victim. One of the experts that I queried was a top-research scientist and inventor, who quickly responded that not only was it possible to inject the embryo of a parasite into a targeted victim without his or her knowledge, even at a distance, but that in the world of deep black operations, Russian scientists had already perfected such grotesque methodology.”

The controversial picture, along with additional details and a statement from the scientist mentioned in Brad’s initial report, may be viewed at:

RAF Pilots Given Orders to Shoot Down UFOs

Going back to the early 1980s, a highly classified UFO “shoot down” directive had been issued to RAF pilots via the Ministry of Defense, according to Nick Pope, 43, a gentleman who was formerly MOD’s official UFO spokesman for a number of years.

“We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down,” he said, “with little effect to the UFO.” Pope claimed that there had been dozens of presumably credible cases of UFO near-misses with airplanes, police helicopters, and RAF jets. He added that RAF jets won’t fire upon a UFO unless its presence is “deemed to be a threat.” Pope also was quoted saying: “I do believe we will bring one down. We’re developing increasingly sophisticated weapons.”


Royal Family’s Interest in Crop Circles and UFOs

Well-known crop circle author Colin Andrews has been asked to delete information from his website pertaining to the British Royal Family’s interest in crop circles, but Colin feels strongly that it’s high time that the public should know the truth about the Royal Family’s interest in both crop circles and UFOs. It seems that their interest in crop circles got jump started when such formations appeared on their own property. Colin’s Circular Evidence was on the Queen’s Summer Reading list back in 1989. In the meantime, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, had a subscription to Colin’s newsletter and specifically requested that Colin keep him up-to-date on his findings.

“Some of the issues Colin highlights have arisen because the line between official and private interest, even within government, the military and the intelligence agencies can be blurred,” Nick Pope told in an interview. “There are particular sensitivities and political difficulties when members of the Royal Family are involved.”

Back in the 1960’s, noted American UFO author Timothy Green Beckley made an interesting trip to England. “I was invited by my friend Brinsley La Poer Trench who wrote the book the Sky People, and a book on the inner earth, which we have in print now,” Tim told us in a phone interview. “He was an interesting character, and in fact he was a member of the House of Lords and he was responsible for trying to get a little bit of interest going with the members of the British Parliament to get them to release whatever information that might be available on UFOs. This was long before Nick Pope.”

“Anyway, they organized a UFO study group made up of members of Parliament and the House of Lords, people like Lord Hill Norton who was the former head of the British Fleet, a former Admiral. I was invited over to deliver a talk to the group, and then afterwards, after giving this little address I got to meet everybody and shake hands, I took a little side trip out into the country and went to Stonehenge, and not far from there is the town of Warminster where Arthur Shuttlewood was the editor of the daily newspaper there, The Warminster Journal. This was, of course, the seat of all UFO activity in England at that time. Hundreds of sightings, including I think Mick Jagger was one of those who had observed something in the sky hovering over Cradle Hill, and Starr Hill was another area that people would gather to witness these sights. It was quite a remarkable phenomenon that was happening there.”

The full interview with Tim can be found in the No. 117 October 2007 edition of our magazine (

Indeed the Royal Family’s interest in UFOs goes way back. From 1955, when the prestigious Flying Saucer Review began publication, until his death in August 1979, Prince Philip’s uncle, Earl Louis Mountbatten, was literally a loyal Royal subscriber.

For more particulars, go to:

Electric Human Cells Powerful as Lightning Bolts?

I just read a really interesting report, that I’ve shared with several of you already and the feeling seems to be mutually one of excitement and possible confirmation of various of our unorthodox viewpoints. According to this article, with the application of newly developed voltage-sensitive nanoparticles, research scientists have discovered electric fields inside of human cells that are as strong (and possibly stronger) than lightning bolts! Before now scientists had only been able to measure electric fields across cell membranes. However, now utilizing new nanotools like voltage sensitive dyes they can now begin to measure the internal electric field of cells.

Researchers are hoping that this new finding will lead the way toward fighting diseases like cancer. This article stated: “University of Michigan researchers led by chemistry professor Raoul Kopelman encapsulated voltage-sensitive dyes in polymer spheres just 30 nanometers in diameter. Testing these nanoparticles in the internal fluid of brain-cancer cells, Kopelman found electric fields as strong as 15 million volts per meter, up to five times stronger than the field found in a lightning bolt. However, this discovery goes beyond being incredibly interesting; the finding will likely change the way researchers look at disease.”

Some of you have already weighed in with your preliminary thoughts on what this new discovery may mean to our alternative viewpoints. One of you mentioned “some even call it kundalini” and that “such potentials to me indicate energy densities that are capable of fusion and transmutation!” Another one of you wrote: “I began studying the work of Harold Saxon Burr in 1968 when I acquired a copy of his book "The L-Fields" (discovered in 1938). It set me on the path to understand the nature of "ch'i" (as the Chinese call it).” Then too there are some of those puzzling cases of spontaneous human combustion!

For additional details go to:

On Fire in Tennessee!

Speaking of which, one case that seems to have been well-documented in the human combustion category occurred right here in Tennessee. In the Transactions of the Medical Society of Tennessee for 1835, volume 17 of the American Journal of Medical Science, Dr. John Overton, M.D., described the puzzling “partial spontaneous combustion” of a 35-year-old mathematics professor in Nashville. The episode had occurred on January 5, 1835. The professor had just walked about three-fourths of a mile from the university to his home. It was a chilling eight degrees above zero. Soon after getting home he had stepped outside again when he became aware of a pain in his left leg. The pain was steady and the intensity of a hornet’s sting, but with the sensation of heat. Glancing down he perceived a bright flame several inches in length and with a width of a dime emerging from his left leg! He slapped at it several times but it kept burning. Then with his bare hands, he cupped them over it, figuring he could cut off the oxygen, and that indeed extinguished the flame.

Slowly the pain lessened. Returning inside the professor removed his trousers and underwear to inspect his leg. He found a small abrasion-like burn, about three-fourths of an inch in diameter and three inches in length. The trousers were not burned at all, although a small hole had burned through his underwear. While the burn was like any ordinary burn in appearance, it seemed deeper and did not heal as quickly as such burns normally heal.

What caused his flesh to ignite? He had been outside in freezing weather and no where near any source of heat. Like the majority of such cases, it occurred during the winter season.

Talented Artist Captured the Essence of 1947 Brazilian UFO landing and Occupant Case

“As to Ufology, you can't imagine how useful it continues to be that you have kept the stories I sent you online,” Brazil’s Alberto Francisco do Carmo commented in a recent email. He was referring to an illustrated summary of three separate and fascinating Brazilian humanoid encounter cases that he shared with us, and illustrated himself ( and that can be found posted in the No. 93, August 2005 edition of our online magazine. Continuing, he wrote, “Many people who didn't have the faintest idea about those cases, when I'm asked about them (especially abroad) I just direct them to your links.”

Then Alberto wrote about a wonderful published artistic rendering done in a Brazilian newspaper of a UFO landing and occupant encounter reported in Sao Paulo, Brazil, back on July 23, 1947. I wrote about this case in my Classic UFO column in the No. 93, August 2005 issue ( Alberto also submitted a 1954 newspaper account, which he translated into English for us, plus provided personal comments. ( But as he stated, we didn’t post the illustration that he had provided me with at that time. In his latest email, he writes: “I don't understand why you didn't publicize the artist conception regarding O'Higgins case (Paraná State, bald headed entities wearing transparent overalls and helmets. I have the faint impression that the artist, a certain "Mauro" (just that) (Mah-oo-roo) may be one of the most famous Brazilian painters Cândido Portinari (there's a huge panel by him in the UN building in New York). Some details display incredible elements that only a competent artist could do and he really was that. Examples: perspective with three points of fugue, expressionist details (Portinari was an expressionist). In short, it either was him or somebody with a deep influence from him. In all cases, he did work at O Cruzeiro in those times, in order to get or reinforce his "bread and butter", because here as everywhere, you know how unstable an artist's life is. I have checked a little, at the Portinari Foundation, but as expected they responded that they definitely did not know about it.”

“The interesting point in the drawing is that in his interpretation, the artist, whoever he may have been, found a subtle differentiation. Higgins stated that they were similar to us, not very alike, that something was different as to their faces, etc. So the figure shows Higgins in normal human proportions, but humanoids are slightly distorted as to their body proportions, to emphasize the alleged difference. Only a great artist would do it this way. I studied arts for a short time but enough to realize what I'm figuring out."

My apology to my Brazilian friend Alberto for not including this earlier, but hopefully better late than not, and so now this time here is the very well done artistic rendering of that thought-provoking 1947 case for all to see and enjoy.