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Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors

Are we the aliens?

Today in her sixties, Joan recalls having had what are described as alien abduction experiences going back to around age three. For all of these years, she has kept silent about these personal encounters until the last year, when she finally shared them with a few people. “After all, who would believe an upper middle class, highly educated, wife, mother, grandmother and artist, unless she was delusional,” Joan wrote. She had read my article in the ARE’s Venture Inward magazine (Oct.-December 2010, Vol. 26, No. 4).

Not long ago, Joan had a strange experience that made her wonder even more deeply about the possible human/alien connection. About a year ago she became extremely ill. “At the end of my illness, when the medical doctors were giving up, I began to use acupuncture, cranial sacral work, and also a chiropractor who did energy healing,” Joan wrote. “I am convinced these modalities saved my life. The medical doctors were doing nothing except giving me transfusions to keep me alive. In fact, I was just days away from having chemotherapy to kill my immune system to see if that would help.”

It was during one of her alterative CST (CranioSacral Therapy) treatments that Joan had a most unusual experience. “My body suddenly became exceedingly cold and I began to shake,” she wrote. “Then I ‘saw’ my soul step out of my body and it looked like an iridescent gray alien.”

This account intrigued me as some years back I had corresponded with long-time UFO investigator and author Joe Nyman and he had been coming across cases, often in his investigations and hypnotic regression work, of what he called “entity familiarity.” In a report he shared with me back in 1989, he wrote of how “three experiencers have…independently gone back to images of themselves as alien entities.” Joe began to wonder if there was evidence of such a resident alien presence leaving the human body, perhaps at death. He continued: “…last year, in conversation, I was told by an individual that at his mother’s death in 1937, he and his two sisters were terrified to see a figure descending the stairs. The figure had a face that the man saw again years later, on the dust jacket of Communion.”

There seem to be a number of cases out there of experiencers who had a close connection, an “entity familiarity” if you will, with these beings. In 1989, a 49 year old woman in Kentucky wrote me of how when she was only 5 or 6 years old she was playing in a field behind her home and encountered a tall man in a white and shiny one-piece jumpsuit-type outfit. About two weeks after a close range sighting of a disc-shaped object near her home in 1975, when she would have been in her mid-thirties, she awoke around 3 a.m., startled by some sort of noise. “I looked up and a man was standing in my bedroom door,” she wrote. “There was a floodlight on each side of the house and I could see him real good. He walked toward me and sat on my bed. He told me to take care of my mother and sister, that my dad was dead. Twenty minutes later the hospital called. Dad had died.”

She concluded this story writing, “Everyone I know has changed over the years, but I’m sure this was the same man I have seen since I was a little girl. He hadn’t changed. He looked just the same as the first time I saw him.”

I met Linda recently at the ARE UFO Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on November 14th, 2010. She’s had a good number of UFO/entity experiences over the years too. “Well the first one appeared after my father died and I was just lying on the bed at my mother’s house and this little person just semi-materialized out of the ethers right above my bed and brought his face up close to mine and he just sent me love and blessings, like he empathized. Then another time, the same type of entity, or the same one, materialized beside my bed and he just stood there and he had the American Express card in his three little fingers. He turned it to face me. It was red, white and blue, like the American flag. He didn’t say anything. He just wanted me to know something about that American Express card, and what followed was I traveled to many parts of the world. I used that card. I used my American Express card.” She went on to say that at the time she had no idea she would be traveling, much less using the card. Plus it wasn’t just regular travel, it was something deeply personal and important to her own life mission. “I traveled with a spiritual group all over the world,” she said.

“I’ve had some really strange experiences,” Linda added. “I’ve had at least two experiences wherein I was in my car and suddenly I looked down at the controls and I was seeing the controls of a spaceship and I had no memory of how to drive a car whatsoever. I thought that I was onboard a UFO.” She recalled one time how she was driving down Route 64 near Richmond, Virginia, when she became aware of an “ET presence” there in car with her. She said it had an indigo color to it, she noticed the insignia of a triangle, and could see it had three long skinny fingers on each hand. “That presence was just right there over me,” she stated. “It was an overshadowing of an entity or something.”

After one odd incident, she found a small bloody little triangle shaped place just below and to the side of one of her knees. It began one night around 1975, in a townhouse apartment she was then living at near Richmond. “I saw this blue light coming through the ceiling and I had no alarm, no unusual reaction. It was just like ‘Oh look, it’s 6 o’clock,’ like I was looking at the clock or something. …I said something to my husband. I said, ‘Look at that pretty blue light,’ or something like that. He looked up and he wasn’t affected either. …So I just turned off the light and we went to sleep, I guess, as far as I know.” The next morning she awakened and soon discovered the bloody place near her knee. “I wasn’t alarmed by it,” she added.

The Arcturus Stargate!

As synchronicity would have it, the same morning that I met Linda I attended a powerful, thought-provoking presentation at the ARE conference delivered by John Van Auken, a talk that seemed potentially relevant to experiences described by people like Linda. It was entitled “Edgar Cayce’s Visions of Other Worlds.”

“We were once, and we are forever, whether you like it or not, star travelers,” John told us. He explained, “Arcturus is a star that according to Edgar Cayce, is the stargate to this solar system. All souls and soul minds coming to this realm come through the stargate Arcturus.” John explained that from Cayce’s readings it is revealed that we’ve been around from the beginning of creation, that we’re “really celestial beings,” have reincarnated many times on earth, that we’ve traveled “through the entire cosmos,” and that we have lived in different dimensional forms. While our present physical earth form is three dimensional, John points out that the ufonauts appear to be very familiar with fourth dimensional reality. He described how in his wonderful personal chats with famous ancient astronauts author Zecharia Sitchin that he tried to convince him that the ancient Anunnaki were in fact previous incarnations of us! “We call it mythology, but that mythology is the story of us,” John added.

As an example of alien fourth dimensional reality, John added that trained pilots, including NASA astronauts, have reportedly observed UFOs making abrupt 90-degree turns traveling at speeds greater than Mach 9. Humans can’t fly at such speeds without fatal consequences, but the ufonauts apparently can.

John’s explanations that we’re aliens ourselves, based on Cayce’s readings, may explain my recent EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) session, described in another edition of this column (#154, November ‘2010), where I asked about whether some of the ancient Jinn were the same as what we today call aliens, to which a male sounding “voice” immediately seemed to reply to me, “You’re an alien spirit too”!

Is that really the answer? Is our so-called human spirit or soul something that once separated from its familiar physical shell becomes something beyond our conventional conceptions of present human comprehension? John Van Auken pointed out that our true nature is, according to the Cayce readings again: “as light, a ray that does not end, lives on and on, until it becomes one in essence with the source of light.” (EC 136-83) After quoting this reading in his talk, John also added, “Remember the Egyptian idea of the great ray, out of which all of the little rays come; or Ra, if we want to pronounce it that way.”

“Go back to John Keel please”

Returning to the bewildering world of the enigmatic EVPs, which certainly defies our mainstream views of time and space, recently my wife Joan and I (12/31/10) and another time Joan, myself and our daughter Chandra (12/18/10) did two separate “spirit box” sessions here at our home in Waynesboro, Tennessee, using a small newly purchased digital radio that Chandra’s husband got from Radio Shack, disabling the scanner so that it would sweep continuously through the radio frequencies. Both times, and quite on his own, a male “voice” claiming to be “John Keel” repeatedly came through. Furthermore, on the 31st, as we conducted a brief session (recording time was only 15 minutes and 54 seconds), during which time I was trying to reach the departed mother of a friend (whose first and last name and other information came through, getting her last name even before I asked for it) “Keel” kept trying to get my attention. We even got a clear message stating, “Go back to John Keel please.”

Recently, after getting some audio files from Sandy Nichols up in Thompson Station, from a recent spirit box session that he had conducted, it dawned on me that I hadn’t heard Keel in any of his sessions (or Bret and Gina Oldham’s either) when I wasn’t there, and they had all had several independent sessions each. So curious I fired off an email to all of them and soon Bret replied, “No, we haven’t been getting any mention of John Keel when you’re not in the session.” (01/02/11) Tonight (01/05/10) while talking on the phone with Sandy I asked him about this and he did recall one time he got a real faint “Keel,” but it was too faint to bother making an audio file on, he said.

This is all so very, very strange. If I’m there “John Keel” (no matter whose radio it is) seems to always come through and usually quite often. But if I’m not there he’s essentially not there. Isn’t that a little weird, or was weird actually a few months back? I should be getting used to weird by now.

On our own also (12/18/10), we successfully replicated the experiment we had done as a group with Sandy, Bret and Gina beginning back in July 2010, where we would have something written on an index card or a sheet of paper and ask the “voices” if they could tell us what it was. Chandra’s husband had placed a neat little typed label on her radio that read “Ghostbox”, so I pointed at it asking them to say what it was I was pointing at. Several times I recorded “ghostbox” coming in over the radio, even though I did not say the word. This was only during the brief time that I was pointing at the label, which may have been like a couple of minutes at the very most.

It’s difficult to condense everything in this article that happened during these two sessions. There were a good many instances that strongly indicated to us that we were dealing with an interactive intelligence. We got a whispered “Momma Martin” (which was a nickname for Joan’s late mother who all the grandkids called her by), we heard “cats live” (after just losing a pet cat that evening, and asking if cats and dogs went to heaven), and as I was talking about when they wanted me to turn the radio off a male voice said “close it Brent”, while a couple seconds before I shut it off someone, who obviously didn’t think that was such a good idea, said “F—k you.”

Spirits don’t seem to give a diddly squat about those FCC rules and regulations that dictate to us the living proper conduct over the airwaves. Do the ghost hunters on TV have trouble with cussing spirits? (I hadn’t noticed if they do) I wonder how widespread this is?

I’m really puzzled as to how this works. I thought psychic phenomena was less consistent. After all, mediums give good readings and conduct good sťances and then sometimes they complain (at least the honest ones I gathered) that their abilities suddenly and unexpectedly leave them. Nothing happens. With the EVPs from the “spirit boxes” that we’ve used, we’ve had some trying times, but something always came through at some point during a session that would leave us scratching our heads.

I’d also like to know how they track us down, no matter where we are, and as with this “John Keel” situation, how it is they can zero in on who they’re talking to. The “voices” come in over a radio. Somehow they’re transmitting to us. However, we aren’t using a transmitter. We simply sit in a chair talking to a radio, which when you think about it is really and certifiably crazy sounding people stuff! It’s just a radio, for crying out loud! A radio should only pick up fragments of radio news, weather reports, commentaries, advertisements, music, DJ utterances, etc.

They (whoever they is precisely) have to be tuning in to us psychically somehow, but perhaps because we’re not as telepathically evolved as they are they can communicate best with us through radio waves. I’m speculating that by utilizing our electronics this is a more reliable and consistent means of making direct contact with us, though of course the vast majority of us are completely oblivious that this is even happening.