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The Near Death Experience, EM energy, and your Right Brain Lobe

Dr. Melvin Morse, the main author of Transformed By The Light and Closer To The Light, books dealing with Near Death Experiences, has noted that neuroscience has found the proverbial circuit board for mystical experiences (i.e., out of body travel, seeing departed loved ones, having visions of an afterlife, a “life review,” etc.) and that it is located in our right temporal lobe. In fact, specifically an area just above the right ear! Dr. Morse even states that at the point of death an organism emits an intense level of electromagnetic energy, a phenomenon called a “light shout.” He explains that as a cell dies a strong charge of EM energy is released and reportedly this charge can be more than a thousand times greater than occurs when an organism is in a normal resting state. On some occasions, Dr. Morse wrote, bystanders have actually seen a mysterious light emanating from or in the vicinity of a person who is dying.

In a previous column, I shared an account given me some years back (1977) by a New Jersey man who observed a strange display of light at the bedside of a 12-year-old boy who was dying of a brain tumor. The boy was having a convulsive seizure at the time and my informant and another man present were looking after him as a nurse left the room to call a doctor. As they stood with concern by the boy’s bedside a luminous bar of light appeared over the child’s bed. “It started as a minor light blue light, became brighter blue, and then turned white,” I was told. “Throughout all of this time, even with the white light, it didn’t show any brilliance on the wall. It then diminished in a blue and went out again, and by that time he had relaxed.” The boy’s father was well-known UFO contactee Howard Menger! The young boy passed away the following week.

Loren Capsopoulos of Alabama recently shared with me a dramatic account of a potential “light shout” event in connection with the passing of her 14-year-old daughter Catherine on May 28th 2004. “She had myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) up until May 25th when it turned into acute myeloid leukemia. We were scheduled for bone marrow transplant the next week. Her condition was the first that St. Jude has seen in children because it was complicated by what is called Monosomy 7, part of the 7th chromosome was missing.” Her illness had first been diagnosed only a short time before, on March 1st, 2004.

“At the moment of her death, with ten doctors around her bed, we witnessed a ‘luminous’ glow which surrounded her,” this mother recalled. “There was an enormous feeling of total love and everyone in that room felt it. Afterward, I requested time with her and layed down on the bed and cuddled for about four hours. I remember I would periodically get this ‘shock’ (that would) go through me, like it was coming from her body.”

I requested more details about this experience and Loren replied: “Although the room was well lit, there was a strange ‘glow’ around everything immediately after they stopped resuscitation attempts and shut off the machines. And this had an effect on every person in that room. I’ve never had such a beautiful experience, even though that may sound weird to most people. It was like she was released at that moment and her essence flooded the room because that’s what everyone could feel, this intense amount of love, because I found myself responding to people very calmly and saying things that she would have said to them. It was like she was talking through me. When I was feeling the ‘shocks’ from her body, I was also making weird noises like she would do when she slept during the last week of her life. I thought that was strange, but had no control over it.”

Following Catherine’s passing, a number of very peculiar and often unexplained events transpired. “…ringing bells, appearance of the largest rabbit I’ve ever seen here, electronic glitches, shadows, and smells,” Loren recalled. “One day my sister-in-law called our house and instead of the answering machine, she swore my daughter answered the phone and told her I was not at home. When she tried to question further, the phone cut off. I’ve also had experiences of someone touching me, footsteps coming down the hall, and visions. I woke up one night to a light coming from the hall near her room. It was very, very bright and a voice said, ‘Be not afraid.’”


Years ago, when Loren was only 17, she experienced another mysterious light that reminded her of the light in the instance just described, as well as the light “experience with Catherine’s body after death.” “I have always been a light sleeper, but wasn’t that night,” she remembered. “I recall being in a very deep slumber when I woke up suddenly, realized I was above the bed, became very frightened, noticed the bright light at the same time coming from the window. It was like I was bathed in this light.” Then Loren fell back onto her mattress and the “light disappeared.” Loren feels that this was an “actual levitation” that she had experienced.

Instances of human levitation have been described to me by a number of people in the last year. A number of them have been Native American, which brings me to the story that Priscilla Wolf told us back in August during our visit to New Mexico. Just the month before, during the annual Roswell UFO gathering Priscilla and others got to visit (07-05-08) the site outside of Roswell where one Robert Ridge claimed to have come upon a mysterious rock while hunting. The stone is very small, fitting in the palm of your hand, is magnetic, and has intricate designs skillfully carved onto it. Interestingly, there are a couple of small circular looking areas, each circle containing what makes me think of a sun and a new moon symbol, with both of these circles linked by a larger central circle. This design, it was later discovered, clearly matches a “crop circle” formation discovered in Wiltshire, England, back in August 1996, and is also similar to the eastern yin and yang symbol.

Priscilla and Steve returned home that night from Roswell. “I went to bed,” she told me during our visit. “It was midnight. We got here at 11 o’clock and it was 12 when we got to bed. We were both wasted. I laid down and I got up real fast because my bed started shaking. I told Steve my ghost was here [he was in another room]. It was a sign saying that they were here. Then, all of a sudden, I looked up and there was this wheel moving around at a tremendous speed. The wheel was black… All of a sudden there was no ceiling. It was just open and there were eight yellowish-white energy balls moving at a tremendous speed [in a circular pattern].”

“My body lifted about two feet up in the air. I got real tense because I was already tense from the trip and I held my hands in a fist and it brought me back down. Then it disappeared. But I knew that contact had been made.” Priscilla’s Apache grandmother had long ago taught her to clinch her hands into a fist to resist being forced to do anything or to be taken against ones will.

“What was weird was the whole room was there, but no ceiling, like it had disappeared,” Priscilla noted. I asked if she had seen any stars. She replied that she hadn’t, adding, “The inside was dark but it was such a tremendous force pulling me up. It was pulling me in there. I knew that they were going to take me. I felt like I was totally paralyzed, but they couldn’t control my mind, whatever it was. I kept closing my eyes to avoid the energy. …Then I would open them and they were still there. I would blink real quick.” I asked if the “energy balls” blinked or pulsated, but she said no, that they were “like big spotlights.”

“I was awake when this happened,” she insisted. “I was not asleep.”

Priscilla felt that her experience was connected with handling the mysterious engraved magnetic stone in Roswell. On the way to the site where it had been found, and on the way home from Roswell, she had seen signs in nature that, as a Native American, she realized were very meaningful, like a large number of hawks on the way to the site and deer on the return home. “Leaving Roswell, for 40 miles I had never seen so many hawks in my life,” Priscilla said. “One would circle us I’d say every block and I told Steve, ‘They’re sending a message back to the spirits that we’re coming.’” Priscilla said that she could feel an unusual “energy force” at the site.

Then for about a 40 mile stretch of road on the return home, Priscilla, who was driving at the time, stated: “I had never seen so many deer with horns. Every block there was one by the road. I was really tensed up because deer are well-known to cause accidents. They were just watching us. They had this glow in their eyes like I had never seen. …They were watching us like they were half human and half animal. That’s what I felt, like they were more human like.”

On the following night, Priscilla had a lucid dream vision wherein she felt that she was communicating with a stranger, a man, a being who was showing her five “like oval shaped spaceships” that were to visit the earth. “What was weird is I was sitting on this platform with this man,” she recalled. “He had a brown outfit on but on his head he had like a transmitter that actually, it was like he could speak to me, in my language, but I knew he had it on to speak to me, to know what kind of language I talked. He had one on his forehead, one on his neck, and one on his waistline. He was dressed all in brown. He looked oriental. He had slanted eyes, a small nose, and a very round human like face. No hair.”

“It had these silver balls all located around it,” Priscilla explained about a UFO she saw back in February of this year, which flew low over her house! I wondered if this could be related to her July experience with the “levitation” and the spinning “energy balls.” I asked if the “silver balls” rotated, and she said that they didn’t. “It made no noise,” she added. “There were no windows.”

“It was round like a bucket. It was not a weather balloon. It was not very high from where I was at. I would say probably 400-500 feet up in the air from where I was. It had these silver balls around it. Also two thin lines. I don’t know what they were (but) like antennas, on the bottom.” I asked about the size of the object, and Priscilla replied: “Not as big as one of those semi-trucks, but pretty good sized.”

“I couldn’t see the bottom because of the glare of the sun. This happened in the day, about 2 or 3 in the afternoon. The sun was shining pretty bad from the west, toward me, and I took my camera and took a lot of pictures. They looked distant. As I walked down the hill it it was over my house. I took a lot of pictures of it, but what was really weird only some of the pictures showed it. Some of the pictures showed nothing. It was like nothing existed.” I asked Priscilla specifically how many pictures she had taken, and she replied about 7 or 8, but that “two only came out with it.”

“I think if it would have dropped another 100 or 200 feet that it would have just landed on top of my house,” Priscilla said. “It didn’t move fast. Then it just totally vanished like it didn’t exist.”

“I felt the whole time that I was being watched,” Priscilla noted, admitting that this was why she had looked up into the sky and seen the UFO in the first place.

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