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The “First Lady of UFOs” Passes Away

Eunice Elizabeth Barrett Hill, better known to most of us as simply Betty Hill, quietly passed away in her sleep on Sunday, October 17th. Betty, called the “first lady of UFOs” and well-known in ufology for her and her husband Barney’s UFO “missing time” experience back in 1961, died at age 85, at her home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She had been battling lung cancer.

Betty had been a personal friend. Details of some of our own work together can be found in my book, Visitors From Hidden Realms (2004). Dr. Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist and well-known UFO author and lecturer, recently stated of Betty and Barney: “Their experience was a trendsetter. It got us thinking about this thing. The mentality before was a kind of attitude that there are alien crafts but people are not sure if there was anyone on board. The Hill case said, ‘Hey, there are guys aboard and they’re doing things.’”

When Bigfoots were called “Big Ass Birds”

While out in Washington State recently (where I delivered a 5-hour UFO workshop at the city of Kent on Halloween day) Laura Cyr, who lives near Seattle, recalled for me how some 35 years ago she had met an elderly man named Ed Wilhite, who was either close to or probably was in his early 70s. Touring the Snoqualmie area with Laura, she stated: “There’s very, very little old growth left, but these were huge, huge trees, and they were so huge that there was very little light that got to the ground.” Laura took me to a site at Snoqualmie where a 26 foot long section of Douglas Fir, primary timber of the Northwest, was on display. Weighing approx. 39 tons, it was cut in 1987, was approximately 400 years old, and was 11 foot 6 inches wide at one end and 8 foot 10 inches at the other.

“He was just a young kid at that time, and this was in the early 1900s,” Laura stated. “[Loggers] would tell him about what they called the ‘Big Ass Birds’ and they’d take him over and they’d show him this big, huge pile of just stinky manure. It just stunk so bad you couldn’t get near it. And it was a roosting tree for the Sasquatch, or the Bigfoot. You know how the gorillas make nests up in the trees? Well, the Bigfoot would do that too, and they were sleeping trees, and when they had to go they just let fly and so that’s why the loggers always referred to them as ‘Big Ass Birds.’”

Laura pointed out that the timber back then was so much bigger and the loggers worked the Puget Sound area, from the coast to the Cascades.

UFOs and electromagnetic readings...

At the meeting in Washington I got to meet ufologist and MUFON specialist in meteorology William Puckett of Bellevue, WA. Mr. Puckett was telling me about a case he worked on about three years ago involving a mysterious red orb that came right up to a woman’s car near Enumclaw. He and a Dr. Joseph Ryan conducted a very thorough investigation of this case. For more information, go to: Besides doing detailed interviews, the investigators collected meteorological and radar data, and made inquiries to the FAA, Whidbey Naval Air Station, and McChord Air Force Base, and also took electromagnetic readings near the encounter site. Interestingly, above normal ELF (extremely low frequency) readings around 5 milliGauss were obtained. It is recommended that human exposure to ELF not exceed 2 milliGauss. The reading in such a remote area removed from electrical interference was unexplained, although the investigator’s did speculate on Enumclaw’s close proximity to Mt. Rainier. They pointed out that some scientists believe that such elevated readings could be attributed to areas with volcanoes. (Mt. Rainier is described as an active volcano, although it isn’t erupting at present) Electromagnetic field meters have become very popular with paranormal investigators, and it looks as though they may be a useful tool to ufologists in the field as well.

Fossilized Hobbit?

Nicknamed by some scientists the “Hobbit,” after the J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy, the ancient skeletal remains of a human looking woman, who stood less than 40 inches, had a human face and a brain one-third the size of ours, has been unearthed on the Flores Island some 300 miles east of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. It is believed that this newly discovered species may have lived as recently as 18,000 years ago. “Probably this is one of the most important discoveries in hominid paleontological history,” stated University of Pittsburgh paleontologist Jeffrey Schwartz. “This is just about the wildest thing anyone could have discovered.”

Though believed to be a human relative, the creature did have a snout, and based on its worn teeth and bone structure it was judged to be older than 30. Speculation had it that the Hobbit (formerly named Homo floresiensis) was an evolutionary example of island dwarfism, the tendency of isolated species to allegedly evolve toward smaller sizes because they are separated from mainland predators. Researcher Richard Roberts of the University of Wollongong stated, “These beings must have been reasonably smart as they were manufacturing sophisticated stone tools, hunting pygmy elephants and crossing at least two water barriers to reach Flores.”

It was also reported that remains of five to seven other similar dwarf-sized creatures have turned up since the initial report was filed with the science journal Nature.

Young Hindu Girl Weeps Stones?

In the village of Jharkand, in eastern India, a 15-year-old Hindu girl named Savitri generated something of a sensation recently by weeping tiny stones from her eyes! Local villagers speculated that she was either possessed by an evil spirit or was the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess. The stones appearance is described as very painful, and also reportedly came out of her ears, nose and mouth also.

“In some cases, stones have come out of the nose and the ears of some people,” noted Dr. Ragha Shah, an ear, nose and throat specialist who was treating young Savitri. “But this is the first time I have ever heard of stones coming out of the eyes. Stones are formed due to the high level of calcium in the body, but they are generally found in the gall bladder and the kidneys.”

Is it a medical or a paranormal mystery?

Brent Raynes standing in front of an exhibit of timber depicting the enormous size of ancient trees. Nov. 1, 2004 at Snoqualmie, WA

Brent Raynes (right) with Aileen Garoutte (left) and Laura Cyr (center). Oct. 31, 2004 at Kent, WA

Brent Raynes takes a wrong turn in Seattle. Actually, he and ufologist Dan Edwards were visiting the Science Fiction Museum. Oct. 30, 2004