Reality Checking with Brent Raynes

Energy Fields, Trance States, Windows, and an Investigator’s Best Options

Are certain people with specific psychodynamic profiles or attributes more prone to undergoing experiences associated with “paranormal phenomena,” as well as UFO “contactee” and “alien abduction” phenomena? In addition, could certain often overlooked natural environmental factors significantly contribute to these occurrences?

Let’s explore this question some. It has been widely reported that an estimated 20 percent of our adult population have the capacity for entering deep trance states.(1) Back in 1974, in a conversation with Chicago hypnotist Dr. Larry Garrett and UFO experts Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Dr. Jacques Vallee, this 20 percent profile was mentioned, to which Dr. Garrett added one additional point. He stated that, based upon his own work, he had found that the more he hypnotized someone the deeper they would go in later sessions. “We could take the most analytical of people and condition them to become a deep-trance type within a certain number of hypnotic sessions,” Garrett stated. It was noted that abductees Betty and Barney Hill were both natural deep trance subjects. (2) Psychiatrist Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz has noted, “Most of the contactees I have studied were excellent hypnotic subjects and perhaps this is a clue to their experiences.” He further pondered whether these states may have “opened them up for the development of psychic abilities such as telepathy, precognition, and telekinesis.”(3) Dr. Vallee, in that earlier discussion I mentioned, was quoted to say: “People are more receptive to psychic influences when they are under hypnosis,” and he called this “parapsychological transfer,” and cautioned that hypnotists in such regression work should be carefully selected for their professionalism and lack of any vested interest in the outcome of their hypnotic work. He stated that he was quite skeptical of Andrija Puharich’s hypnotic work with controversial psychic and metal-bender Uri Geller, for instance.

New York ufologist Philip Imbrogno speculates that people with psychic abilities may remember significantly more about their UFO encounters than non-psychics. “Perhaps people with psychic abilities remember a great deal more, and they can’t be placed fully under the ‘spell’ of these (UFO) creatures,” he wrote. “Since the number of people in the world who have kinetic psychic abilities is considerably less when compared to those whose abilities are dormant, the number of individuals remembering an incident like this is very small.”(4) Dr. Schwarz occasionally would compare various UFO contactees to psychic “mediums,” as in the case of Maine “abductee” David Stephens back in 1975, a case that both Shirley Fickett and I had investigated and in which we called Dr. Schwarz in on and he came to investigate for himself.

Philip Imbrogno notes in regards to “channelers” (the new buzzword to replace mediums) that while he estimates that 87 percent can be attributed to hoaxers and unstable people, the remaining 13 percent are authentic and over 95 percent of them are generated by interdimensional beings known in the Muslin world as the Jinn (see my last column, December 09). In his book Interdimensional Universe he describes a chilling “channeling” that he personally attended (one of several over the years). During the session, the room temperature changed dramatically (something that happens frequently in hauntings and other psychic occurrences), for whereas it had been an 80 degree August day it suddenly became very cold, to the point that Philip could actually see his breath. Philip recalled how this had happened to him another time at another session. He wrote: “I believe that the drop in room temperature was caused by the entity drawing energy, not only from the molecules in the air, but also from the heat energy radiating from the bodies of those present.” After the message part of the “channeling,” described in detail in Philip’s book, he mentions how participants were allowed to ask questions. Philip did so, and he wasn’t too impressed with the answers he was getting, and one of his questions in fact seemed to anger this “ET” entity, at which time a shelf collapsed and objects on it went flying across the room. “I have been at a number of channeling sessions where physical manifestations took place, but this is the first time it seemed to be directed at me in anger,” Philip added. “So much for the loving space brothers who live in harmony.” After the session, the room temperature returned to normal.

In a much earlier addition of this magazine, Dr. Schwarz wrote an enlightening and thought-provoking article entitled “Experimental Ufology.”(5) “Experimental ufology means to adapt and apply time-tested scientific techniques and disciplines to UFO experients’ related psi phenomena and attempt to duplicate in microcosm--in the field, the laboratory or research room--what was reputed to have occurred in the UFO contact,” he wrote. Many researchers miss the “paranormal” component of ufology as they are so distracted by the “nuts and bolts” physical science approach that much of the popular UFO literature has conditioned them to perceive only. In this article, Dr. Schwarz made a very important point that bears repeating again and again. He wrote: “People encouraged to present their accounts in their own words must not be interrupted prematurely by the investigator’s mind sets or preconceived notions of what should and should not be acceptable.”

I’ve been on more investigations than I care to admit where my fellow “investigators” preached more about their own personal UFO beliefs than engaging the UFO witnesses in an open interview of simply what they had experienced and how they were dealing with it. There are too many opinionated ufologists who conduct conversations instead of interviews with their subjects. These personalities sabotage such investigations.

But that’s a subject for another time. For now, let us delve some into how we might best approach the site of these encounters and what such sites might offer. Sites that seem from time to time to offer higher than normal levels of UFO and paranormal activity have become referred to as “windows.”(6) Some researchers have perceived these “window” locations as possible interdimensional “vortexes” to parallel worlds.(4) Various environmental/geological anomalies seem to turn up frequently at these so-called “window” sites. For example, geomagnetic and anomalous electrical/electromagnetic fields, or mysterious humming sounds. Ufologists might well take thoughtful note of the equipment and strategies used by the modern “ghost hunters,” like the handheld Tri-Field Natural EM Meter that reportedly can detect changes in the Earth’s magnetic field that are as little as 0.5%. “Ghosts” and UFOs both seem to show up around (and may well generate) magnetic field fluctuations.(4,6) UFO activity has long been known to have a penchant for frequenting ancient sacred sites and Native American Indian Mounds. American researcher John Burke (7) visited many of these ancient sites across the North American landscape, as well as in Central America and England. He got some very anomalous earth energy readings on very sophisticated equipment that he used. His book is very interesting and instructive too. In addition, British researcher Andrew Collins wrote a detailed and thought-provoking book called Alien Energy (8) that described instrumented investigations at UFO, crop circle and ancient sites in the British Isles. So as you can see, there are a wonderful variety of very creative and highly informative literary selections to choose from here in this area of exploration.

I welcome comments and personal observations from ghost hunters and UFO hunters alike.(9)

By the way, crop circle researcher Nancy Talbott (read our interview last issue) has provided us all a link to a recent and fascinating posting that describes and pictures an anomalous series of odd formations in snow over in Holland. This is something a little different! Go to:

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