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Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors

Right: Joe Fex—Colorado's top researcher on Bigfoot, UFOs, etc.

You can’t just sit on your ass, but then sometimes…

Joe Fex is clearly very serious about the subject of Bigfoot, and obviously quite knowledgeable on this controversial mystery as well. His presentation on Saturday, August 9th, 2008, at a small conference dubbed the UFOlympics, was sponsored by the UFO Watch Tower, in cooperation with Colorado MUFON, in Hooper, Colorado. Joe covered his material very comprehensively I felt, plus he has an infectious sense of humor and a friendly and open personality that draws you in. He seems like the type of person who tells it like he sees it, an individual of integrity and intelligence. You want to hear what he has to say. I immediately went about introducing myself soon after his afternoon lecture, but it wasn’t until the following day, after my own lecture, that this worked out. It was a beautiful sunny day and we sat down at a nearby picnic table outside. I quickly set up my portable tape recorder. The things that Joe had to share were most thought-provoking, and covered not only Bigfoot data but also UFO phenomena. Joe has a rare and unique depth to his knowledge and insight into all of this material. He is also an experiencer!

“I have my own thoughts on the matter, over twenty years, and a lifetime of direct experience with these things,” Joe stated quite matter-of-factly. “I never chose it. When I was ten I had my first up close UFO encounter and every year, at least once a year, sometimes up to four times a year, and in broad daylight, they approach me. And people here at this conference, Alejandro Rojas will tell you the same thing.”

“I used to tell people in lectures, ‘You’re never going to have an encounter sitting on your ass watching TV documentaries and all of this kind of crap. You need to get out there. Learn this stuff and figure out the patterns of activity, and go like here in the (San Luis) Valley. Just go. If you like to camp then go camp in the Valley. Just make that your camping spot. Just keep going out there and eventually you’re going to have an encounter. It’s that frequent out here.’”

“So in making this comment that I had made for like seven years of delivering lectures, you know, ‘You’re never going to have a UFO encounter sitting on your ass watching TV,” well one day Alejandro (Rojas) and I were sitting on our asses watching TV, watching a colleague of ours, Franklin Carter on the Disclosure Project, and lo and behold I go out to the porch to smoke a cigarette and I look up and there’s my buddies. They’re just sitting there. Not a distance thing, but right there, and I just casually knocked on the window and Alejandro looks at me and I signal him, ‘Hey, come here for a minute.’ He comes out and he’s like ‘what?’ I go, ‘What do you suppose that is?’ He had seen some strange things in his day, but he had never seen an up close UFO. This was at night and they were glowing and it was an absolutely wonderful display. They hung around…and then they played this little game of tag with Alejandro. It was really funny.”

“This stuff has become imbedded in me somehow. It’s like John Keel says: I don’t pursue paranormal phenomena it pursues me. Some people these things are just attracted to. Now I’m not an abductee because I feel that it’s on a civil basis, but I’m not a contactee because whatever goes on between us I don’t recall, so there’s not like a direct contact thing. I don’t know what these things want, but obviously they direct my experience, they direct a lot of my research and things like that. I don’t know why. I gave up asking questions years ago and I just come to resolve the fact that I’m going to drive myself insane if I focus on this. I just need to accept that these are higher forces that are more intelligent than I am and that if I needed to know and it was time to know, then let me know. I’m okay with that now. I wrestled with it for years.”

Be mindful of your thoughts

“But anyway, Alejandro quickly runs and grabs his video camera and I’m trying to tell him in a non-aggressive way: that’s not what they’re here for Alejandro. The reason that they’re showing up at your house, while I’m here, is that you’re involved in this. I’ve been telling them for years, they know everything you’re thinking. Sprinkle will tell you the same thing. “Be mindful of your thoughts.” That’s what Leo says. Because these things are aware. So when you’re thinking about grabbing that camera or rifle, whether it’s a Bigfoot or a UFO it knows before you know they know, and I just know that from experience. I played tag with them years ago and saw that was a losing battle. You’re not going to trick them into anything. You’re not going to trap them or anything of the like. If you get a UFO in a photo I believe that is solely because whatever that thing is it wants you to capture them in that photo to whatever degree, and I think that’s all part of just conditioning us to become aware of their presence, and slowly progress us into integrating.”

“But anyway, and I really hesitate to tell this story on tape because it’s just so unbelievable, but Alejandro grabs his video camera, he comes out, points it at them, and the first thing they do is they keep messing with his focus. They won’t let him focus. He ended up with ten minutes of tape, a few minutes really good, the rest of it just playing games with him. The UFO would show up, it would be glowing, he would point the camera at it and the light would go out. Then he would point it at another one and the light would go out. Then over here, the one that just went out would come back on, and they were just messing with him, and I kept telling him, and you can hear it on the tape, and maybe Alejandro would send you a copy, but you can hear me say on the tape, ‘Why don’t you put the video camera away? That’s not what they’re here for.’ If they were here for that then you would be impulsed to pick it up, but he’s a MUFON investigator, I understand that, and he’s trained to document things so that his colleagues know that he’s not loopy or that he’s not making it up or anything, and we need hard evidence to get other people to believe us. But it’s like I told him, ‘Every encounter doesn’t need to be told. Sometimes it’s between you and them,’ and if you realize and get that kind of thinking (same thing with a Sasquatch).”

On Sunday evening, September 28th, I called Alejandro and he not only confirmed the story that Joe had shared with me, but he also sent me via the Internet a detailed 43 page report with photo images taken from the video, a report that he had prepared for MUFON. The sighting began around 5:27 p.m. on December 19, 2005, on a hill between Golden and Lakewood, that overlooks Denver to the north. “The last part of the video was an hour after the initial sighting,” Alejandro wrote. “On the video you can hear Joe say that I should probably put the camera away because the objects were fading as soon as I got the camera on them, so I did. I have read enough stories about witnesses being asked to put the cameras away before contact can continue. Once I put the camera away, I was able to observe using the binoculars.”

“Soon after I put the camera away, two more objects appeared in the same area the first ones had. One appeared, then another appeared lower and to the left…”

Robert Morningstar, the associate editor of UFO Digest and a psychotherapist in New York City, recently shared these interesting remarks on “camera shy” UFOs. He wrote:

“Last year, I had a digital camera on hand almost all the time, but when these things started to happen, it ‘konked’ out. Sometimes they want to be seen, but also remain ‘camera shy.’ People are often inhibited from talking about UFOs or taking photos (via telepathy commands from the entities).

“This reminds me of the Herbert Schirmer case, a deputy sheriff abducted in Nebraska 1967, whom the ET leader told:

“‘We want you to believe in us, but only a little.’”

“When they departed after the abduction, they said to him,‘We will be back to see you again... You will not speak wisely of this night.’"

“Pretty chilling words, which I interpret as a subtle threat, employing ET-applied ‘NLP’ (neurolinguistic programming).”

“I know several people who seem to be under similar conditioning, preventing them from recalling details of their ET communications/abductions or UFO sightings. I have succeeded in breaking the MK conditioning of some (including myself), but others are ‘tough nuts to crack.’"

“Fear, anger and/or rage are common reactions when one (like me) makes unwanted inquiries, perhaps coming close in conversation to broaching the forbidden subject or tapping the suppressed or screened-off memory banks, where the memories repose in the subconscious. It may also be a defense mechanism exercised by the mind itself subconscious to protect the ego from fragmentation.”

“Regarding photographing UFOs, I am aware of many cases when people had cameras on hand, right next to them on a car seat, but either they malfunctioned at the moment that they wanted to shoot a photo or the person was afraid to shoot a photo.”

“Another "high strangeness" occurs with certain people, like my friend Col Foster in the UK, who just ‘get a feeling’ to take a shot of something, lake or sky and when they get home, the UFO is seen in the photo for the first time. It may be that the object is being perceived by the subconscious and exerts an impulse on the ego to take a shot.”

* * * * * *

Meanwhile, back to Joe Fex, who stated: “The days that I used to carry cameras and lug plaster into the woods and all of this kind of crap, they let me know that they were around but they never came in close, and they played tag. After 12 years of doing this and eventually getting to know Jack Laspseritis and several other key figures and kicking around the concepts of behavior and language and culture and what rules are these guys trying to set for us, because it was obvious they wanted contact. Like the UFO, if they didn’t want us to know that they existed we wouldn’t know, so obviously this is all intentional, to some degree. Then after I had started getting in tune with some of these other, what they call, fringe or lunatic fringe concepts, which is really offensive to me nowadays, because I used to make fun of Jack too. I don’t make fun of him now. I have a high degree of respect. He’s disciplined enough to let all that be water under the bridge and we laugh about that now.”

“It’s amazing when you’re naive and the things that you learn over the years, but once I started applying these things and listening to Jack, because Jack was telling me to leave my equipment at home and just go out and enjoy the woods and if they show up just enjoy the experience. You don’t have to document it. Sometimes it’s between you and them, and that’s true. I believe that, and Thom Powell supported that. He was telling me: I hate to say it but I actually listened to what Jack was telling me and I’ll be damned he’s right! Again Thom is disciplined enough to sit there and tell me, as embarrassing as it is, and as much as he knew I wasn’t going to believe it at the time, Thom would tell me: Man, if you listen to what he has to say, they will allow a higher degree of encounter, and I go with the tested 12 years of nothing weight against just a few months of listening to what some of these guys had to say and it gave me more experience than I had ever had in my entire life.”

Priscilla’s encounter with Marvin Big Cloud

Back in August, a couple of weeks after our visit with Priscilla Wolf, Priscilla was invited to do a book signing at an Apache tribal gathering in Camp Verde, Arizona. One experience in particular proved to have been a great honor to her. “I met Marvin Big Cloud, an Apache medicine holy man who went there to meet me,” Priscilla stated. “We had a two hour visit. He said I was traditional! What he meant was I was the real thing, a person who stays with their culture and holy ways and in balance with who they are.” Priscilla enjoyed meeting at this event people from different tribes, such as Apache, Crow and Hopi. See picture of Priscilla with Marvin Big Cloud (below).

Responses to my last column

In my last column, I described how Anne Strieber, the wife of noted novelist and UFO author and experiencer Whitley Strieber, reported that soon after getting into the UFO field she was surprised to note in the avalanche of letters that came to them after the publication of Communion, the many letters from experiencers that contained accounts suggesting a connection between the visitors and the so-called dead, something that she had not found in the existing UFO literature. In fact, the exact quote in her article was: “I remember this so distinctly because I have never found it in any of the UFO literature I have read.” Some of you pointed out that there are quite a few references in the ufological literature to this sort of thing, and so they were surprised by her claim. Ray Fowler was one. He noted, “Contrary to what Whitley's wife Anne writes, I have written about the connection between UFOs and the afterlife in interviews and in my books. She should know as she bought a number of copies of my book - Watchers II - to sell on their website - which theorizes that UFOs and the realm entered by NDErs are the same place and that we are the larval form of the Nordics and become like them after death. The so-called abductions are instances of caring for the "hered". We are their property. Watchers II explains this theory in detail and also gives incidents where UFOs and the afterlife coincide. She should know better.”