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Discover the connection between UFO visitors and shamanic lore! Brent Raynes' stunning book—intro. by Brad Steiger.

Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors

Above left: Johnny Sands & Priscilla Wolf; Right: Priscilla and Tom Hendrix at the famous "wall."

Sister Wolf’s Tennessee Visit!

What happens when an Apache medicine woman, storyteller, artist and author travels from her home in New Mexico and visits folks in Tennessee? Joan and I had an absolutely wonderful time with Sister Wolf from June 6th to the 14th. There was never a dull moment! We did all sorts of fun and exciting things together during her visit.

Soon after leaving the airport and before leaving Nashville we visited the Parthenon. “We went to the museum in Nashville, the Greek Parthenon,” Priscilla would later email friends. “And what was amazing a week before or so I sent Brent an email of my Dream where I traveled in a craft to a place that was so beautiful. When we got there and entered it was like my dream, part of it, and I had been there. Soul traveled. After that we went to visit Sandy Nichols, a UFO abductee who has written a book [Different Child]. We ate at his home, a beautiful mansion.”

We took Priscilla to the Tennessee Fitness Spa at Natural Bridge, just a few miles from our home here in Waynesboro. On the evening of Monday the 8th, Priscilla gave a wonderful talk at the Spa. People from all over the U.S. come to the Spa and her talk was certainly well attended, including one lady from Grand Junction, Colorado, not so far from Priscilla's old stomping grounds, the San Luis Valley! (It's a small world) Everywhere Priscilla went she captivated people! None more so than Tom Hendrix, the author of IF THE LEGENDS FADE. Priscilla was also quite captivated with Tom too. She was quite impressed with him and his immense, awesome and sacred Stone Wall and Prayer Circle, located just off of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway three miles over the stateline into Alabama from Tennesee.

“The week was full of events, gatherings and outings,” Priscilla would later recall in an open email to friends. Again she would describe as the “most interesting visit” the one she had with “Yuchi Tom Hendrix.” She added, “Tom built a rock wall that has taken him over 30 years to build in memory of his Indian great-great grandmother, named Te-lah-nay. He has a book "If the Legends Fade," and a DVD too. We took pictures and we walked the Rock Path. What was amazing is that the place there has a stone circle, a place of power, like a horse shoe. It’s the woman's womb. I walked in it. I felt such a powerful force pulling me down. I heard Tom's story and asked him why I felt this force?”

I recall that Tom described others who had felt something very similar there.

Priscilla continued: “What was amazing also he has a gift (stone) altar. I didn't have a gift to give so I gave an Apache tear drop, a black rock from my medicine bag. After our walk we once again talked to Brother Tom and he showed us the rock his great-great grandmother had had with her on her walk home from the Oklahoma Indian Nation to Alabama. A five year walk home. The black rock he showed me was just like the black rock I put at his altar. Coincidence or not?”

“We took pictures of us together. So he can show all Indian people that go there from New Mexico and Arizona and other places to visit this sacred place. It was a special place I will never forget.”

Joan and I have since returned and gave a photo enlargement of Tom and Priscilla together at the Wall, which Priscilla wanted for Tom to add to his photo album that he shows to the public.

On Tuesday evening, the 9th, Joan and I and some of our friends helped Priscilla celebrate her 65th birthday at Applebees in Florence, Alabama. An extraordinarily wonderful time was had by all, as you can no doubt judge from the picture attached.

Another highlight of Priscilla's visit came with our trip to Nashville Wednesday evening, the 10th, to meet famous country western singer and stuntman Johnny Sands, who I did an interview with for this very issue about his 1976 UFO/alien encounter outside Las Vegas. Noted ufologist and publisher Tim Beckley had put us in touch, as they both recently were filmed for an upcoming episode of TV’s UFO HUNTERS. Johnny, it turned out, is also of Cherokee ancestry and from Cherokee, North Carolina, and he spoke passionately and with deep conviction of the plight and struggles of the Native Americans, in addition to the passion and conviction he spoke with regarding UFOs. We were impressed with Johnny. (Tim spoke highly of him too)

I gave Priscilla a sneak peak at Johnny’s interview to which she immediately replied, “I loved it I still can remember his interview, so real and honest. Yes, I believed because of what happened to me at age four. It will stay with me forever. It’s like a spiritual gift that no one but death can take away. You did a good job, Brent. Johnny is a gift from Heaven. He is special in the eyes of God. In time he, as I too, will come to know why we were chosen to have this experience.”

Saturday afternoon, the 13th, Eddie Middleton, MUFON state director and host of Nightsearch Radio had organized a presentation in Memphis for Priscilla. We came and Priscilla did yet another dynamite presentation! The audience was riveted to their seats. A professional video photographer who filmed Priscilla's talk was so impressed with her talk that he wants to visit her in a few months and video tape her in Chaco Canyon telling her wonderful stories. She said that Joan and I could also come out and go with her when they do this (as we had earlier been talking about going there and Sedona too).

We also had a good deal of company come and spend time visiting with Priscilla during her stay at our home. Everyone was enchanted with her! Our daughter Chandra loved talking with her as well, and one evening Priscilla even wanted to go and visit her at her home. Check out the picture attached of Priscilla giving our little grandson Conner drumming lessons, while Chandra looks on.

On the way to the airport Sunday (the 14th) we tried to stay positive and upbeat. It was hard to say good-bye. We had had a great deal of fun. At one point, we brainstormed about a name for a new book we were collaborating on, which Priscilla talked about doing some artwork for. The future was looking bright and with promise, and so it made our good-bye at the airport a little easier to take.

After all, it's not the end of a journey, but the beginning of yet another.

Editor’s Note: Eddie Middleton, the host of Night Search Radio ( has made available a DVD of Priscilla’s Memphis talk. He writes: “Priscilla Three Spirit Wolf’s entire two-hour talk at the recent Night Search ‘Poor Man’s Paranormal Conference’ is available to purchase. It is studio quality. To order this DVD, you will need to mail TWO checks for $5 each. One made out to ‘Night Search’ and one made out to ‘Priscilla Wolf’ to the following address: Night Search, P.O. Box 42, Memphis, TN 38101.”

“The checks made out to Priscilla Wolf will be mailed to her to further help to compensate her for coming all the way from New Mexico to Memphis to give an utterly fascinating account of her life-long contact with the Star People. The checks made out to Night Search will help me in my efforts to continue to bring the best UFO/paranormal experts in the world to speak in Memphis at an extremely affordable cost to those attending the events. Cost of duplication, shipping and handling are included.”


Does Fossil Hunter Get Psychic Help?

A major archeological discovery has been made by an amateur 39-year-old fossil hunter named James Kennedy. Leading experts at the University of Florida are quite excited. One top Florida anthropologist called it “the oldest, most spectacular and rare work of art in the Americas.” He’s talking about a mineral hardened foot long bone fragment from what Dr.Richard Hulbert, a vertebrate paleontologist, says came from either a “mammoth, mastodon or ground sloth,” creatures who have been extinct in that state for at least 10,000 years. On this ancient bone fragment is a clear etching of a walking adult mammoth or mastodon. Extensive tests have shown that the carving was executed when the bone was fresh, soon after death.

A resident of Florida’s Vero Beach, James has a genuine knack for locating ancient treasures. “I’ve always been good at finding things, all my life,” he told journalist Sandra Rawls. “I have a sort of instinct, a kind of gut feeling about whether or not something is going to turn up.” The story also mentioned how James’ mom is from where “some say” that “he (James) inherited a keen insight to the past and future.”

Indeed there’s a great deal more to that story! The distinguished Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz, a psychiatrist who retired some years ago to Vero Beach from Montclair, New Jersey, the author of the highly acclaimed two-volume book UFO Dynamics: Psychiatric and Psychic Aspects of the UFO Syndrome (1983), has written quite a bit about James’s mother, a lady named Katie, a woman of impressive and documented psychic and psychokinetic abilities. He’s also written some about James as well. Dr. Schwarz assures me that James “has some of his mother’s abilities.”

In his book Psychiatric and Paranormal Aspects of Ufology (White Buffalo Books, 1999), Dr. Schwarz wrote: “In my third year of intensive documentation and study of Katie, I also had several formal sessions with her son James, who was treated by myself during his period of stress, fugues, and then reporting nearby UFO-like lights in the orchard adjacent to his home. He also suffers temporal lobe epilepsy and is under medication. He does not use alcohol or unprescribed drugs.”

“James had an episode where an ostrich skin lighter and tobacco pouch materialized under unusual, almost made-to-order circumstances. Then on November 10, 1985, while James, Katie, and a third participant were being videotaped, James attempted metal bending for the first time; he telekinetically split the stem of a silver-plated spoon so a slip of paper can be fully inserted through the crack. However, unlike Katie, James is fearful of these abilities and his potential.”

“In a related vein, of applied clairvoyance, James discovered several archaeological artifacts which include a fossilized mastodon’s tooth, an ancient whale skull, and very old arrowheads.”

At approx. 9 p.m., February 12, 1987, James and his girlfriend Dawn were in an isolated, wooded area west of Vero Beach when they claimed they came upon something very strange and frightening. James described it as “an ape about seven feet tall, weighing an estimated three hundred and fifty pounds, had no breasts…but his chest had hair all over, and the arms hung below the knees.” They both drew pictures of the creature (included in this book) and Dr. Schwarz went with the two witnesses to the site of this encounter the next day. Unfortunately, he found no trace evidence to support their encounter claims, though their testimony and details matched, and James did not wish any publicity over the incident.

Dr. Schwarz added: “In James’ experience, he has no previous knowledge of ufology and his reading skills are not developed. His past is filled with episodes of violence, accidents, and seizures. Once, while confused and in a state of furor after a temporal lobe seizure, he actually assaulted an emergency medical technician, broke his wrist, and snapped the restraining strap while being transported in an ambulance to the hospital. Katie recalls (October 7, 1979) being told, ‘…James was talking backwards and in a different language. He knew what you were going to say before you said it.’ Apparently this was part of an aura which progressed to tachycardia, nausea, and his convulsion. These temporal lobe symptoms are unique and not unlike those reported in the case of Vicki, another high quality, UFO-psi experient under long-term study; and to the late Joseph Dunninger, the telepathist, who in his later years told me how he ‘…knew the exact words and sentences on numerous television movies before these were said.’”

Dr. Schwarz provided me with a copy of a thought-provoking article that he had written for England’s Flying Saucer Review (Vol. 31, No. 6, 1986) entitled, “Presumed Physical Mediumship and UFOs.” In it, he described something very interesting about that ostrich skin lighter and tobacco pouch incident referred to a few paragraphs earlier.

He wrote: “Once during the height of telekinetic activities in the home, Katie’s fifteen-year-old son observed, early in the evening, ‘orange globes the size of a basketball in the orchard in the backyard.’ The son was once videotaped bending spoons with his mother and a third person. The stem of one of the son’s spoons split so that a sliver of paper could be inserted through the tiny crack. On another occasion, when at his home the son asked his mother if it was possible ‘to go back in time.’ With her approval, he immediately went into her walk-in closet, closed the door, lay on the floor and presumably entered a trance. According to what he told me in an audiotaped telephone report shortly after the event, ‘I wanted to see what it was like in the 1920s and the next thing I knew I was by a Christmas tree and there was an old, bald-headed man nearby. I knocked over an oil lamp, but grabbed a cardboard box when I woke up.’ Now, apparently the box returned to 1985 with him. Upon opening the box, he discovered (and I later confirmed on personal examination) that it was an ‘ostrich skinned’ cigarette lighter and gold leather pouch inscribed, ‘Compliments Moragues Bay City, Inc., Mobile, Ala., Christmas 1928.’”

Noted British researcher and author Anthony Peake, the author of The Daemon: A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self (1), has extensively researched temporal lobe epilepsy, déjà vu, precognition, not to mention quantum physics, and has amassed a mountain of thought-provoking evidence, along with fascinating theory and speculation. His book is highly recommended and can be ordered through Amazon, or you can get a signed copy directly from the author himself from his website at:

I provided Anthony with the same details you’ve just read and he replied with the following thoughtful observations:

James is showing many of the classical "symptoms" of my Daemon-Eidolon Dyad. That is that we all consist of not one, but two, centers of consciousness. The Daemon, popularly known as the "Higher Self" has strong precognitive abilities and foreknowledge. However, this knowledge is not usually available to the Eidolon, the "lower", everyday self that calls itself "I" or "me" and perceives time in a linear fashion. However, certain neurological conditions open up a channel of communication whereby an Eidolon can fleetingly perceive the awareness of its Daemon. When this happens the "Lower Self" can show amazing, usually short-term, precognitive abilities. Sometimes these manifest as a "deja vu" sensation and at other times a complete awareness of the contents of the immediate future. Usually, but not always, this channel of communication is facilitated by such brain-states as migraine, temporal lobe epilepsy, and, in extreme circumstances, schizophrenia.

However James' case is even more fascinating. His UFO and cryptozoological experiences imply that something more complex is taking place. I suggest that this may involve an extreme case of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy whereby a particular endogenous (internally generated) chemical such as Dimethyltryptamine (popularly known as DMT) is released from his pineal gland into his temporal lobes and in doing so opens up a portal to the "reality behind the reality". This idea has been exhaustively researched by Dr. Rick Strassman. In his fascinating book "DMT: The Spirit Molecule".