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Sister Wolf coming to Tennessee!

That’s right my friends, Apache medicine woman, author, healer and storyteller Priscilla Wolf, featured in several of my columns in this magazine, will be visiting us for a week in June and will be speaking in Memphis, Tennessee on Saturday, June 13th. Hope to see you there! For more particulars, go to:

Little Grandmother Speaks Out

Priscilla recently introduced me to a Native American medicine woman she met back in April in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Priscilla said that this young medicine woman “presented one of the most powerful gatherings I have ever been to.” Indeed when you read my interview in this issue with Little Grandmother Kiesha I believe you’ll understand why. She has some fascinating knowledge and experiences to share. As you’ll read in the interview, Priscilla and Little Grandmother were brought together under very unusual circumstances, and amazingly enough, it turned out that they both grew up in the same small town in the mysterious San Luis Valley of Colorado, where as young girls they both experienced profound events that no doubt shaped their future life destinies.

Her description of her childhood encounter with the “woman made of light” and how afterwards her senses came to mix with other sensory information were classic descriptions of “synesthesia,” which means multiple sensing, and according to P.M.H. Atwater, in her book The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences, it’s quite common among NDErs. Atwater wrote “…synthesthetes (people who have synesthesia) can do things like ‘hear’ paintings, ‘smell’ sounds, ‘taste’ vision, or ‘see’ music. In other words, they receive stimuli of one type (for example, sight) that is also experienced as a sensory experience of another type (for example, smell).” Little Grandmother recalled: “Everywhere I looked things had colors running inside of them…moving alive colors.” She also came to have synthesia in her awareness of wild animals when they were around. She noted that “if there is an elk…I will get the taste of pine needles in my mouth, a feeling of coarse wet fur and the number 4, the color brown like tree bark.” She also noted: “…an owl…feels like the number 8…is dark purple and is like a cool breeze at night.”

Atwater noted that clinical studies had identified synesthesia with the limbic part of the brain and it’s that same area of the brain that Prof. Persinger had identified as being very sensitive to elevated magnetic/geomagnetic fields. Last August, while visiting this small town with Priscilla, there was a location she identified there as a doorway between worlds and I’m sure that it was a perfect spot for elevated geomagnetic fields, complete with ample volcanic rock. There is a 17-mile long mesa of volcanic rocks with thousands of ancient Indian rock art that Priscilla took us to view outside of Albuquerque where John Burke, who has done instrumented surveys of many sacred sites around the world, using a fluxgate magnetometer, a standard voltmeter, and an electrostatic voltmeter, got some of his most powerful and unusual readings.

I’m sure that John Keel was quite right all of those years ago when he identified UFO “windows” (areas of concentrated and recurrent activity) with magnetic anomalies and ancient sites like Indian Mounds. Obviously the UFO hunter must also be part ghost hunter and amateur scientist too, with some knowledge of geophysics and brain functions and chemistry.