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In my last column, I promised that I would next explore some of the core secrets of shamanism, of sacred Native American ceremonies and practices that involve incredible strategies for “seeing” and “knowing” things not readily accessible to ones five conventional conscious senses of awareness. Now is the time to honor that promise.

In our conversation, described in that last column, Bobby Lake-Thom, a respected traditional Native Healer and Indian Doctor and known by many as Medicine Grizzlybear Lake, shared a great deal of this knowledge and insight from his own personal first-hand experiences.

“We have a mind and we have a body,” Bobby Lake-Thom explained. “This is the way that I have been taught and this is the way that I have learned both from the high spiritual medicine people that taught me and trained me, and also confirmed through my own experiences of doctoring other people. Even re-affirmed in communication with Outer Space People. Okay, we have a mind, we have a body, and we have a soul. What holds all of this together is spirit. It gets kind of confusing because a lot of people in Western Society use the word spirit and soul interchangeably. They’ll even use the word spirit in relation to ghosts, things like that.”

“This is real high, ancient esoteric knowledge that I’m sharing with you now. For the average person they could just consider it theoretical or philosophical, but consider the analogy of a person who was in a bad car accident and they’re in the hospital. The western doctor says they’re in a coma. What does that mean? Typically they’ll say they’re brain dead. They’re being kept alive by their life support system.”

“Now why is it their soul isn’t in their body?” Bobby asks in a rhetorical way. He explains that the traumatic “impact of being in a car accident” essentially “could have knocked their soul out of their body.” He adds, “There are certain bad spirits like shadows and demons, demonic forces if you want to call them that, that will try to capture these souls and devour them. So if that happens, and it doesn’t always happen, but if that happens that person will never come back to life. They never will come back out of the coma. The only way to bring that person to a better situation, as my ex-wife Tela has, and I have too, (we’ve) been in situations where we doctored people. For example, I had to sit down and pray and go into a trance and travel with my wolves, because they’re good hunters, or with the Ravens, and go and find that person’s soul and try and defend and protect them and talk them into trusting me to bring them back to the hospital and put their soul back into the body.”

Indian Doctoring, Ghosts, and the Importance of Ceremonies

“I’ve been doctoring a lot of people over the years who are getting hurt and sick and having accidents, sickness and problems, deaths in the family, diseases. All kinds of stuff, and sometimes I know before they come to me what’s causing them to be sick. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I don’t know until I get right into actually doing the ceremony on them, whether it’s right here in my house or at their house, in a sweat lodge or somewhere in nature, or whether I doctor them long distance. A lot of people have been getting sick, hurt, and tormented because they’re being tormented by ghosts.”

Bobby recalled a specific instance involving a college student. “He came to me to be doctored,” Bobby explained. “He was a Sioux Indian.” Bobby had been experiencing diagnostic type dreams or premonitions about the patient for three days prior. Even while he was preoccupied with teaching college classes, his spirits kept coming in and reporting certain information to Bobby about this patient. “When I first started doctoring him it showed up very clearly. I could see it just like I was right there. He was all drunked up and in his car and he ran over this elderly white woman. She was the one that was tormenting the heck out of him. Now Western psychiatrists or psychologists could say that was his conscience, his guilt about it. Well, that’s true, but he was feeling guilt about it and being tormented because her ghost was tormenting him. The only way that he could get well was that he had to do what we call pe-gas-soy. He had to identify what might be the cause or causes of his sickness or problem and he had to confess to it, and then we had to blow that off of him and then I had to make him redeem himself with that particular person, or the Creator or spirits, and use my spirits to send her over to the spirit world.”

“I don’t like to bad mouth other people’s religion but I’m sick and tired of cleaning up after the priests, the preachers, the ministers and the rabbis. They’re going through the mechanisms of ceremony but they’re not sending these people over. A long time ago, when we came onto the earth plane, we came in with spirit guides and protectors. At least one and sometimes even two. But something happened over a period of time historically as human beings became more civilized, and especially with the impact of Christianity and not doing the child birth ceremony properly to prepare for that, plus the acceptance of bringing the spirit guides over, not doing the burial ceremony properly, and knocking out the vision quest. It makes all of these people vulnerable.”

“A lot of sicknesses are caused because these ghosts are going around tormenting some people, natives included. I probably doctor more white people than I do natives. I doctor black people, Hispanic people, and mixed bloods too. But many have a real hard time relating to this and understanding this because of being brought up with Christian values or Christian teachings that don’t address all of these things.”

“I gained the knowledge and experience because four times in my life I have been pronounced clinically dead. I have literally died four times in my life and gone over to the spirit world and was brought back to life and from that I got the knowledge and experience of how to doctor other people, to soul travel, and the connection with certain high spirits who are qualified to perform that kind of activity.”

“If the reader is having a difficult time understanding this type of phenomena, in regards to ghosts tormenting certain human beings,” Bobby explained, “I would suggest that they check out this new television program that deals with such issues. It is called “Paranormal States” and is found on the A&E Channel. The program’s approach uses both scientific and psychic methods.”

Speaking of the importance of ancient spirit ceremonies, one of my first meetings with a Native American medicine man was a Susquehannock gentleman from Pennsylvania, back in 1976. He had described to me what he called a “spirit name ceremonial” wherein his people would receive the name from spirit of an expectant mother’s child. He stated that upon discovering that a woman of his clan was pregnant that every full moon the men would hold a ceremony until a spirit name was given. “We ask the Great Spirit to send an angel with name that this baby be born,” he explained. As an example, he recalled for me how his son, living in Washington, D.C., had called and announced that his wife was pregnant. So my friend began conducting the ceremonies, but was getting worried as the full moons were passing and no messenger had brought them a name, and it was a tradition with his people that if no name was given then the baby would die. The last full moon arrived in the month of March. The child was expected in April. “Spirit came in the form of a huge white turtle,” my friend Lightfoot stated. “Pure white light. It came up to the fire, stood on its hind legs and then it talked. You see, they’re high spirits and they come in those forms. You remember you read in the Bible about that fella’s ass that talked to him? Well anyway, it said, ‘The child will be a boy and you shall call him Flying Eagle.’ I said ‘Thank you,’ and then it was gone. Two or three days after that date our son called and said “We have a baby boy.” The same thing happened with our granddaughter. I held spirit ceremony except it came about six months before birth, and this time it came in the form of a little girl messenger. She said, ‘Child is going to be a little girl and it will be born on the second day of April and she shall be called Little Fawn with the Heart of Love.’”

Early on in his training, Bobby learned the importance of paying attention to and working with his dreams. He had been having stomach problems and went to a medicine man for help. Suddenly in the middle of a doctoring ceremony, the elderly native healer stopped and questioned Bobby about a dream he had had of a man with a fishing harpoon who was trying to stab him in the stomach. Bobby was surprised, had honestly forgotten that indeed he had had such a dream. The healer reprimanded him about not paying sufficient attention to his dreams. He pointed out that the dream meant an act of sorcery was being directed against him. The healer told Bobby that he could learn to be aware of such dreams and to slow them down and remove potentially harmful objects. This incident is described in his book Native Healer. “That takes a lot of skill,” Bobby explained, and then laughed. “I imagine” I replied.

The Sacred ET Stone of Rolling Thunder?

The noted medicine man Rolling Thunder, of Cherokee descent, was one of Bobby’s spiritual teachers. They had become very close. In fact, Bobby claimed that back in 1984 Rolling Thunder had called him and wanted him to come to his home in Nevada. His health was very bad at the time and he wanted Bobby to doctor him. Bobby recalled that it was very difficult and that he worked on Rolling Thunder day and night. He also doctored some others, including a son of Rolling Thunder who had been injured in an auto accident. Bobby also constructed a sacred sweat lodge and performed a number of purification ceremonies during his visit. One sunset he watched in awe as a “very large silver-colored disk” flew within approximately a mile distance and hovered for about 15 minutes. At least four others saw it. As it turned out, everyone he worked on described being healed.

I had recalled reading once something to the effect that Rolling Thunder may have had a UFO contact experience, so I asked Bobby if he had shared any detailed with him. “I asked him about that and I don’t know if it was because he was too busy at the time or what, but he didn’t open up and share much about that with me,” Bobby said. “He did tell me that he did have some kind of great big ancient artifact on his property that he got from the Cherokee in North Carolina and it had these strange designs and symbols on it. It was pretty much kind of shaped like an ancient Mayan calendar. Kind of like that. It did have like different kinds of ships on it, circular and hummingbird and turtle. Things like that, and some kind of language.”

“You got to see that yourself?” I asked. “Yes, he showed it to me,” Bobby replied. “He had it on his property and he said that sometime in the future that if he ever died or whatever he was going to will that down to me. He said that was directly connected to the Outer Space People, our ancestors. He said it was like some kind of historical recording of a migration here, to this earth.”

“I guess it was like a circular tablet?” I next asked. “Yes, it was somewhere between 2 to 3 feet in diameter,” he continued. “I drew the analogy of it looking like a Mayan calendar because that’s what it kind of looked like. But it wasn’t a Mayan calendar.”

I then inquired as to what had ever happened to the stone and had pictures ever been taken of it? “He wouldn’t let anybody do that,” Bobby replied. “I went back in later years. I guess it was about ten years ago, after he died. Tried to go over there and make contact with his ex-wife, to see if I could get that object. But she wouldn’t let me.” At first “she acted like she didn’t know anything about it,” Bobby added.

I recently learned from one of my Native American contacts out in Oklahoma, who also knew Rolling Thunder quite well, that he knew about this stone too, but so far he hasn’t elaborated on anything more than that acknowledgement.

Medicine Grizzlybear Lake’s website can be found at: 2005/about.html.

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