Interview with Raymond E. Fowler

by Brent Raynes

RAYMOND E. FOWLER was born in Salem, Massachusetts and received a B.A. degree (magna cum laude) from Gordon College of Liberal Arts. His career included a tour with the USAF Security Service and twenty-five years with GTE Government Systems as a Senior Planner for the Minuteman Intercontinental Missile Program. In addition, Mr. Fowler has directed his own planetarium and observatory and teaches courses on astronomy, cosmology and UFOs. He is internationally known as a highly competent investigator of UFOs and the paranormal, and the author of ten books. The New York Times exclaimed that his best-selling book, The Andreasson Affair, "if true, must rank with the great classics of scientific revelation." Air Force chief UFO scientific consultant, Dr. J. Allen Hynek wrote that his UFO investigations are "meticulous" and "far exceed" that of the government. Dr. Kenneth Ring, father of Near Death Experience [NDE] research wrote that Fowler's researched book on Near Death and UFO experiences "may well have deciphered the ultimate nature and meaning" of these baffling phenomena.

Ray Fowler and his wife Margaret currently reside in Kennebunk, Maine.

Editor: There are a lot of references in your new book, SynchroFile, to Jungian synchronicity. In fact, it revolves around the subject, with many, many examples from your own personal life. You break these synchronicities down into different categories or groupings. Could you briefly describe why you felt this was necessary, and define for us these different forms of synchronicity?

Raymond E. Fowler: Carl Jung, in his paper entitled “On Synchronicity”, writes that all synchronisms “can be grouped under three categories.” I merely simplified his more technical descriptions of these three categories and called them:

1. Concurrent Coincidences take place simultaneously and are mirror images of one another

2. Corresponding Coincidences are nearly concurrent but not simultaneous.

3. Converging coincidences do not materialize until sometime in the future and at that point of time are verifiable.

Later in response to his critics, Jung expanded his definition to cover non-simultaneous types of meaningful acausal coincidences. These included precognition, telepathy, near death experiences and the UFO phenomenon among other paranormal phenomena. I coined a separate name for these and segregated them under the category of Counter Coincidences. These occur when two events that should naturally coincide do not. The observer believes that such an event should coincide with the dictates of natural law, but they do not! They appear to operate outside of the boundaries of reality that we normally experience. They appear as supernatural synchronisms to the observer.

Editor: Your chapter 8 (Supernatural Synchronism?) is a real thought-provoking exploration of apparitional phenomena. For example, you cited an instance in 1957, when you were driving through a fog in Danvers, Massachusetts, and a woman appeared in front of your car. She was gliding, you noted, not walking. Appeared to be a few inches off the ground. Everything happened so fast there wasn't time for you to brake, and yet she continued on to the other side of the road. Your car should have hit her, and yet she continued on. This did not coincide with reality as we know it. Thus it's an example of what you call a counter coincidence. Someone had suggested to you that you had seen a mere wisp of fog and mistaken it for the form of a woman, but you disagreed with that.

By the way, was this foggy event witnessed at night or early morning, and with or without the aid of your headlights?

Raymond E. Fowler: My memory was that it was early evening and foggy. There were street lights on but I found it hard to see more than around twenty feet around the car. I did have my headlights on because of the fog. She seemed to come out of the fog and disappeared in the fog.

Editor: Other highly unusual and personal instances of counter coincidence are also described in this chapter. In one episode, you and your wife Margaret were dinning in a small restaurant when you noticed a man standing near the door staring at the two of you. Though he seemed familiar, it was only later that you realized it was a man who had passed away. In another instance, you and your wife were on vacation and while walking one evening, as it was getting dark, you passed a short woman dressed in old-fashioned clothing and carrying a large wicker basket. Right after walking by her, you spoke to your wife wondering where the woman was going. But your wife didn't know what you were talking about. She hadn't seen anyone! Shocked you turned right around, but she was no where to be seen. You had seen this woman clearly and she had been only several arms lengths distance of you when she passed.

Do you remember if you had noticed any sound too? Footsteps or anything?

Raymond E. Fowler: I do not recall if I heard anything.

Editor: As you pointed out in your book, for those who might suspect that you're prone to seeing things, this is not the case. For instance, there was the incident perhaps back in January 1981, when you and your daughter Sharon were cross-country skiing together in broad daylight, in fact it was a sunny day, and you both saw a strangely dressed man standing under a tree ahead of you. He wore a long black overcoat and had a tall old-fashioned black brimmed hat, and was standing in deep snow. The two of you glanced up several times and talked about the figure, and then he just wasn't there. You skied up to the tree, but oddly there were no footprints in the snow where the figure had stood!

When something like that happens what goes through your mind? What was the reaction, as you recall, that you and your daughter had at the time?

Raymond E. Fowler: The reaction was one of bewilderment, confusion and near denial on the part of both of us. There seemed to be no rational explanation. Strangely enough, although the incident is fresh in my mind, my daughter claims that she does not remember the incident although she had for several years afterward.

Editor: You came to feel that some of your strange perceptions might be things outside of normal linear time somehow. As examples, which you described in your book, the apparition of a man in your basement, who you later felt was your future self! As recently as February of this year, the car on a parking lot that then suddenly wasn't there, and you wondered if perhaps you may have had a "glimpse into the past." Then there was the dramatic incident that your father had described back in the 1960s where he was driving his car in the vicinity of Ellsworth, Maine, and suddenly it was like he was in the midst of a bad thunderstorm and then he witnessed an old model car, with a panic stricken occupant, that was swerving out of control before his eyes. Then suddenly it was a sunny day, a clear sky all around. Later he learned that others had described seeing a similar apparition along this stretch of road. Supposedly, years earlier, there had been a car accident there.

Obviously on account of such experiences with yourself and others close to you, you expanded your areas of interest to include Dr. Carl Jung's writings and ideas about archetypes, synchronicity, and the processes of individuation, as well as what many researchers are coming to regard as the holographic nature of our universe. Quantum physics. All of which you explore very thoughtfully in your book. Care to share with us some as to why you feel that the pursuit of these aspects is important?

Raymond E. Fowler: 1. It is important because of the implications they pose, i.e., that linear time is an illusion. If so, it could be that we, at least at the subatomic level, have already experienced our total life time because in reality all is now. Let me explain. It is a bit involved and hard to articulate and the analogies that I use are (not) perfect, but at least (they) will help (you) visualize where I am going on this. There are several reasons for my coming to this conclusion.

a. Reliable persons, including myself, my father, and my wife’s niece have experienced the so-called past and/or future in the present. In actuality, the so-called present (now) is all that we really experience.

b. Reliable persons, including myself, my father and brothers have experienced precognitive dreams of future events that later materialized.

c. Persons who have near death experiences and in some cases, OBE UFO abductions

1c. Report experiencing that everything is One.

2c. Report experiencing a timeless realm

3c. Report a life review where they not only see but experience living their whole life at once, including their future in some instances.

2. If such experiences correspond with reality, one could conclude that:

a. Our limited reality was predetermined at the Big Bang - like a completed phonograph record.

b. The human mind, like the needle on the phonograph, is limited.

1b. It normally only experiences one tiny point on one of the many grooves on the record.

2b. It experiences an illusion of linear time but in reality only experiences the now where the needle touches a groove in the record even though all the grooves of so-called past and future exist

c. Describing this in linear sense - past, present and future occurred at the Big Bang. All is Now.

d. Limiting this to humans, it would mean that all human actions initiated by free will occurred simultaneously with the Big Bang. 1d. What we call the past is occurring as Now.

2d. What we call the future is occurring as Now.

3d. In reality, there is only a Now.

4d, The human mind like the phonograph needle is so constructed that normally it can only sense a tiny segment of complete reality at time.

3. However, the Big Bang may have created one or many other realities that exist simultaneously with ours and which occupy the same space.

a. It (or they) at the subatomic level would be vibrating at a different frequency to ours making it (or them) indiscernible to us under normal conditions.

b. An analogy would be the electromagnetic waves of radio and TV vibrating at different rates but occupying the same space.

4. I speculate that what we call paranormal phenomena occur when:

a. Our essence or spirit leaves the body during sleep or while awake and is able to interface with what we called the past and the future. It then communicates what it experiences to our conscious mind in the form of visions, apparitions and precognitive dreams.

b. Or, conversely, when entities from our illusory past or future or from one of the other dimensions that co-exist with ours, somehow bled through or intentionally travel to our dimension’s frequency where we experience them as synchronicities, UFOs, Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster, Ghosts, etc.

Editor: Naturally there is a good deal of psychological resistance in most of us in confronting such ideas and experiences. You no doubt have wrestled with a good deal of this on your own, and I suspect probably are still doing so. Aren't we all? What suggestions or advice might you give to anyone who finds themselves embarking upon this path, based on your own involved experiences with and ponderings upon all of this?

Raymond E. Fowler: Human beings are conditioned by societal belief systems that tend to naturally reject ideas and beliefs that do not correspond to their particular world views. One has to be willing to expand the fence around one’s own world view or break through the fence altogether to incorporate ideas and beliefs that seem to be in opposition to everything one has been taught to believe. This is not easy as humans are prone to attach themselves to a comfortable belief system that gives them mental and emotional stability in life. It has not been easy for me to break out of a Christian fundamentalist belief system in order to accept and explore experiences that I once thought were satanic in origin. It has not been easy not to be able to share my paranormal experiences with family members who still adhere to strict conservative Christian beliefs. My advice, other than what I have mentioned above, is to strive to be one’s self and not be swayed by those people or systems that want to mold you in their image. At the same time, remember that many of the scientific discoveries of the past were once rejected outright at first until accepted thanks to those who were willing to persist rather than surrender to the orthodox beliefs of their time.

Editor: What do you think may be the future implications for ufology, or actually for all branches of science and education ultimately, with regards to the unusual experiences and subject matter you explore in your book? Certainly this is all a sharp contrast to the mainstream science or understanding of things that we are used to having defined or explained for us.

Raymond E. Fowler: I can only speak speculatively for ufology. In the book I hypothesize that the phenomena of linear time, synchronicity, ghosts, out-of-the-body experiences, near death experiences, UFOs, precognition, telepathy and other extrasensory experiences are all individual expressions of one metaphenomenon.

1. I speculate that this metaphenomenon is the collective output from a parallel/adjacent civilization (or civilizations) that has symbiotically evolved with our reality and which accounts for:

a. The origin or our essence of so-called spirit or soul.

b. Where NDErs enter and return through a tunnel.

c. The destination of our essence at death.

d. Where so called ghosts or departed humans originate.

e. Where the collective conscious which NDErs experience as absolute knowledge exists.

f. Where UFOs and their entities come from.

2. Sometimes our essence responds to bleed-throughs from this adjacent reality

a. Caused by gifted psychic ability for our essence to communicate with this reality.

b. Caused by the aftermath of an NDE that enhances our psychic abilities.

c. Caused by close proximity or contact with UFO entities that enhances our psychic abilities.

d. Caused by direct orchestration by entities of the adjacent reality.

3. Such Bleed-throughs are catalysts for:

a. Precognitive dreams.

b. Visualizing past and/or future events in the present.

c. Poltergeist phenomena.

d. Out-of-the-body experiences.

e. Jung’s Collective Unconscious and Universal Archetypes.

f. Religious experiences

g. Synchronisms

h. Helpful interventions.

i. UFO sightings, encounters and abductions.

4. UFO entities are related to human beings.

a. Some entities dubbed Nordics look human.

b. The so-called grays are mature human fetuses grown in artificial wombs.

c. The so-called reptilian and insectoid entities are related to earth’s reptiles and insects.

5. UFONDE entities are one and the same.

a. Both can appear human.

b. Both can appear as light bodies.

c. Both communicate by telepathy.

4. Some OBE Abductions are identical to NDEs.

5. Some NDEs are identical to OBE UFO abductions.

6. UFOs and their entities travel freely between an adjacent reality and our reality.

7. UFONDE entities are space travelers uninhibited by the laws of nature experienced in our reality.

8. UFONDE entities and their craft are paraphysical in nature.

a. Both are able to materialize into our reality.

b. Both are able to de-materialize back into an adjacent reality.

9. UFONDE entities entering our reality can manipulate human awareness of linear time.

a. UFO witnesses report feeling as if “time stood still”. (So-called Oz effect).

b. UFO witnesses experience suspended animation.

c. UFO witnesses report time effects upon clocks.

d. UFO witnesses report lengthy experiences in a short linear time span.

10. UFONDE entities are intimately aware of the human life experience.

a. UFO and NDE percipients report that they know their past and future.

1a. They know when we will be born.

2a. They know when we will die. (NDErs are sent back until the right time.)

11. Our reality, including human beings, are the property of an adjacent reality/civilization

a. Our plane of existence is analogous to their farm.

b. Humans are the larval form of the UFOONDE entities.

1b. Humans are being bred for a future life in the adjacent reality.

2b. Humans are recycled back and forth between the realities for reasons unknown.

c. NDEs reveal the maturation of our larval form as a new birth into the adjacent reality.

d. UFO abductions are analogous to humans maintaining a herd of cattle by:

1d. Medical exams.

2d. Health maintenance.

3d. Breeding.

4d. Monitoring ecology.

Editor: In your speculation that UFO entities may be related to us, the Nordic reference seems fairly easy to figure out, but "grays" as "mature human fetuses grown in artificial wombs"? Is this an insight that emerged directly from your work with Betty Andreasson Luca? Could you explain a little about this particular theory, as well as the reptilian and insectoid appearing UFO entities being possibly "related to earth's reptiles and insects"?

It certainly sounds like a very fascinating train of speculative thought.

Raymond E. Fowler: Yes, Betty was shown two fetuses taken from a surrogate mother and placed in artificial wombs. She was told that they would become them. Mature human fetuses. Read The Watchers for details.

Re insectoid and reptilian entities. I surmise that they, like the grays, are genetically engineered workers based upon the DNA of earth's insects and reptiles. Just speculation on my part but would seem logical if they (the Nordics) are using humans to manufacture grays.

Editor: Your father, while in the Navy, had a most profound near-death experience after being struck by lightning back in 1923, while working as a radio operator at the U.S. Naval Radio Compass Station located then atop Otter Cliffs, on Mount Desert, Maine. He should not have survived, but yet he did, and not only that but he had a memory of an incredible encounter with three light beings, and after this he had a lot of psychic experiences through the years. For a long time his stories were something I gather that you had to really psychologically wrestle with, but your investigation into the Betty Andreasson Luca abduction case seemingly helped turn things around for you. Can you share with us briefly the process that was involved for you?

Raymond E. Fowler: You are correct. As a fundamentalist Christian I believed that Dad’s experiences were satanic. It has been a long process between my belief system and attitudes then to what they are today. My avid youthful interests in astronomy and space travel coupled with a daylight disk sighting resulted in my near fanatical preoccupation with the UFO phenomenon. I began to investigate UFO sightings after my service in the Air Force and College. At that time any UFO report that included any kind of psychic phenomena was rejected out of hand. I immediately evaluated witnesses of such as unreliable. It was not until I investigated the Andreasson Affair that my past mindset was shattered. Her reports of childhood abductions and similar cases being investigated by Budd Hopkins caused flashbacks of my own childhood abduction experiences that I had considered dreams. Any doubts were shattered when Betty and I both received the typical abductee scoop wounds after abduction dreams. It was like someone had flicked a switch on and suddenly I realized why I was so interested in UFOs, astronomy and space travel. I began investigating and reading about other cases which indicated that childhood abductions, family abductions and paranormal phenomena were a legitimate segment of the UFO phenomenon. I began to realize that my father’s experiences were not unique, imagined or satanic. I investigated and found that there were many others experiencing the same things that he had related to me for years. Thankfully, I came to this conclusion before he died so that I could make peace with him about my past sometimes cruel rejection of his experiences. Shortly after these realizations, I began experiencing well over a decade of all kinds of paranormal phenomena related to UFO abductions which I faithfully recorded in a journal. These were included in my autobiographical book entitled UFO Testament. I also decided concurrently to record the ongoing synchronistic events and circumstances in my life which resulted in publishing them in my book entitled SynchroFile.

Editor: An old and dear friend of mine from Maine, Shirley C. Fickett, years ago corresponded with your father. Like your father, she had a series of psychic experiences, that included out-of-body episodes, and she also wondered about UFO involvement. As detailed in my book, Visitors From Hidden Realms, she once received a letter from your father that may have predicted an unusual light phenomenon that appeared in her home, and then later, as also your father had predicted, people began to come to Shirley.

Have you come to find these kinds of situations happening in other cases as well?

Raymond E. Fowler: My father predicted a number of events that came true. I have had precognitive dreams as has my brother Richard. My brother John has had precognitive visions of the future which have come true.

Editor: Do you have any thoughts or theories to account for such odd situations?

Raymond E. Fowler: Only thoughts that I mentioned earlier in that the essence of a person sometimes leaves the physical body and interfaces with so-called past and future events which in reality are all happening at the same time. After interfacing with said events, the essence returns to the body and transmits these events to the conscious mind as intuition, precognitive dreams, visions, etc.

Editor: Tennessee abductee Sandy Nichols has shared with me how he has had "memories" of a horrible sounding procedure done on him by "aliens" where a hypodermic looking needle would be stuck in a testicle for, he stated, the purpose of sperm removal. He added that this began not long after he had a vasectomy. Prior to the terribly painful needle experiences the sperm removal had been done, he stated, with a kind of suction hose placed over his penis. Soon after word got out about this, within a small group of other experiencers over the Internet, Sandy tells me that he soon afterwards heard from you in an email. The two of you then apparently exchanged a number of emails where Sandy went into a lot of detail about this with you and that you seemed very interested in this aspect, and apparently had come across this kind of situation before. He said that you replied with detailed medical information, data about this part of the body, in which he had to consult with his wife (who is a nurse) in order to better understand what you had written him about.

Are you comfortable with sharing with our readers something about this and the nature of your interest and curiosity in this matter?

Raymond E. Fowler: As mentioned, shortly after remembering my childhood and teen abduction experiences for what they were, I began to experience among other things what are called abduction dreams. These included waking up sometimes with wounds and blood on my pillow, sheets or clothes that corresponded with what the entities were doing to me during my dreams. This included things being put in and taken out of my nose including a round shiny object that still remains in my right nostril. A photograph of it on an X-ray appears in my books UFO Testament and SynchroFile.

One predominant phenomenon that occurred many times over the years was waking up with a pain under my testicles. Sometimes the pain was so severe that I found it uncomfortable to sit down. When I examined the area, I could sometimes see a little scabbed over slit as if something had been inserted and withdrawn. At first I did not equate this with my UFO abduction experiences. The sperm removal abduction cases that I was familiar with involved an instrument placed over the penis. It was yet another synchronism that brought home the truth of the matter to me. I recorded it in my diary and will cut and past from it below to answer your question.

February 23, 1995 (A.M.)

I awoke at 2:22 and 4:44. Then, around 6:30 (?), I again awoke to a sound like my wife's alarm clock but it wasn't. Later on in the morning as I was preparing to teach an evening course on UFOs, I experienced a strange synchronism. For some reason, my mind was very much on the small painful cut that I found just behind my testicles on January 19th. It concerned me so much that I was planning to call Walt Andrus to get the name of a M.D. to see if the location of the cut was significant. However, the following synchronistic events gave me the answer that I was seeking!

Mid-morning, I went downstairs to have a cup of coffee. I decided to sit down in the living room while I drank it and switched on the TV. The Phil Donahue Show was on. His guests were those who had special stories to tell about fertility problems. One woman told how she had been inseminated by her dead husband's sperm that had been removed prior to his death from cancer. The doctor feared that forthcoming radiation treatment might affect the vitality of his sperm. Another involved a couple who had problems with fertility who had the wife’s eggs fertilized outside of the womb and then frozen for future use. However, marital problems resulted in a divorce. The wife wished to use the fertilized eggs and conceive a child. The ex-husband wanted the fertilized eggs used for scientific research and then destroyed. A judge ruled that the wife could use the eggs.

At this point I was just about to shut off the TV when I suddenly seemingly received a strong mental suggestion to stay tuned because the answer to my question about the location of the cut would be resolved. I sort of laughed to myself and sat back to see what would happen next. The next guest was a man who had been paralyzed from the waist up due to a motorcycle accident. He was unable to ejaculate and therefore was unable to father a baby with his wife. This was overcome by the use of an electric prod to stimulate the nerves that produced ejaculation. Sperm was obtained and the couple was able to have a baby. At this point I thought that my premonition was imaginary and I almost shut off the TV. However, when Donahue mentioned that he was going to interview the Doctor who used the electric prod after a break, I felt compelled to stay tuned. I got a mental impression to be patient and stick around to see what's coming next.

The Doctor described the procedure but then went on to talk about a new procedure now being used to procure sperm from men who were unable to ejaculate. He stated that sperm was removed directly from the male's epididymis.

I finished my coffee and went back to my study and looked up epididymis in a book entitled Concepts of Human Anatomy and Physiology. (Interestingly enough this also was part of the meaningful coincidence. I had recently borrowed it from my son’s nurse/wife for the very purpose of noting if the scars that appear on my body had any anatomical or biological significance). The tail of the epididymis and the ductus deferens store the sperm that is to be discharged during ejaculation.

I looked up the function of the ductus deferens. Concerning its function, the book stated that: “Sympathetic nerves from the pelvic plexus serve the ductus deferens. Stimulation of these nerves causes

Peristaltic contractions of the muscular layer, which forcefully ejects the stored sperm toward the ejaculatory duct.”

Next, I read about the location of the ductus deferens. The book stated that: “Much of the ducturs deferens is located within a structure known as the spermatic cord. I located the spermatic cord on a diagram of the male sex organ. It also showed the exterior cord where the cut was located. This exterior cord is called the external spermatic fascia.

Perhaps the location of the cut is strictly coincidental and perhaps I am getting more paranoid by the strange things that happen to me but, it would seem to me that the position of the cut would be an excellent place to insert a probe to extract sperm from that segment of the spermatic cord. It is located just above where it divides and supplies sperm to each side of the testis. This method was exactly what the doctor on the Phil Donahue TV show was describing!

I must admit of having chills go up and down my spine when I read and examined the diagrams in the anatomy book. At one point a wave of depression swept over me bringing me to the point of near tears.

I have noted that the number of such synchronisms have increased during the time that I am concentrating on researching and writing a book. I am currently writing another book!

Editor: Since your book, SynchroFile, was just recently published, and you've had so many synchronistic events going on in your life, I wonder what sort of noteworthy events may have transpired since the book was finished? Certainly with an ongoing situation such as this I'm sure there are a good number of new events. Is there anything that stands out specifically, I wonder?

Raymond E. Fowler: I will cut and paste several from my diary and print them out below. You pick out the one(s) you think are significant.

April 7, 2004

Last night during my class I showed an audioovisual describing laparoscopy. This morning I sat down to watch the news on TV. When I turned it on, I was shocked to see that I was watching a segment describing laparoscopy!

April 17, 2004

This evening we attended a potluck supper at church. After dinner, we played a gift swapping game where one draws a number and chooses a gift on the table. One then is able to swap their gift with someone else who had a better gift. Margaret swapped her gift for a baseball bat for our grandchildren but someone swapped their gift for hers. It was a dragonfly pin to attach to a curtain. I had just given a talk about a dragon fly a few days ago and used a model of a dragonfly as an illustration! Also, my number was 31. After taking my gift, I drew the next number for the next person to be called to collect a gift. It was number 31. Somehow there were two number 31’s by mistake and out of all the other numbers, I picked number 31!

April 19, 2004

Back on April 19th I had a nightmare where I was in a doctor’s office with a group of other men. We were all naked and were waiting for a doctor to come to give us some kind of an injection. The doctor arrived. He was tall, thin and had strange grim look on his face. For the last few days this dream would come back to me and I, for some reason, equated this doctor with the tall gray that had supervised smaller grays putting a tube up my nose in an abduction dream several years ago. Each time I remembered the dream, I intended to record it in this diary but for some reason I kept forgetting to do so. I finally remembered today. I wonder if the dream was abduction with other men and that the doctor was a screen memory for the familiar tall gray that I had see before.

April 22, 2004

While vacationing in Massachusetts, we took one of our favorite walks near Cherry Hill Park in Danvers. When we parked, there was a white car and another car to the immediate left of our car. When we returned from the walk and about 50 feet away from our car, I remarked that the two cars were still parked beside our car. I could see them plainly. Margaret replied that the white car was gone. I glanced up and for a moment, I could still see the white car before seeing an empty space where it had been. The third car was still parked there. This has happened to me with cars before. The difference this time was that I could still see a car at the same time Margaret said that she could not see it. Again, am I hallucinating or momentarily glimpsing the past as I seem to have on previous occasions!

April 29, 2004

Margaret dropped me off at Emery Mills Bridge to go fishing. Later, she was to pick me up and let me know that she had arrived at the bridge by tooting the horn. However, when she arrived, she saw me waiting and did not have to use the horn. However, exactly at the same moment she pulled up, a car’s horn up the street suddenly got stuck and began sounding for about 2 minutes.

April 30, 2004

I was on the front deck watching Margaret check the mail about 100 feet away from where I was sitting when all of a sudden something told me that my Biblical Archeology Magazine had arrived in the mail. When she arrived, she handed me this very magazine.

May 18, 2004

Margaret’s Synchronism. When we awoke this morning, Margaret told me that she had dreamed she had brain surgery. When we downstairs to watch the news on TV, there was a segment n the Today Show about brain surgery. The same type of synchronism happened to me a few days ago where I dreamed about a certain thing, got up from bed, turned on the TV news and saw the same subject that I had dreamed about. I did not record it and have forgotten what it was.

June 8, 2004

Two synchronisms. I have been forgetting to record synchronisms since my book SynchroFile was published but will try to continue doing so. Today my son Ray phoned me and in the course of our conversations, two interesting coincidences surfaced. 1) Last week our church tasked me to look into purchasing a video projector. When I mentioned this to Ray, he was amazed. His church had just tasked him to do the same thing. 2) Ray told me that he was talking on the phone to a salesperson at about a video projector. When Ray told him that his name was Raymond E. Fowler, the salesman told him that his wife was currently reading a book entitled the Andreasson Legacy by a Raymond E. Fowler. Ray really surprised him when he told the salesperson that he was my son.

June 12, 2004

Today is Father’s Day and yet another fascinating coincidence. My children’s gift to me was a cell phone. They were planning to give me a certain kind that they had given another father of one of my daughter’s husbands. Yesterday I was shown another type called a Tracfone by a friend of mine which was a much better deal cost wise and performance-wise. I was disappointed and wished that my children had known about this type but it was too late. I knew that I would be receiving their gift the next day, i.e. today. However, when I opened my Father’s Day present today, it was not the type of cell phone that they had originally planned to buy. It was the exact replica of the one I was shown yesterday and wanted instead. It was a Tracfone!

June 17, 2004

Two Synchronisms. (1) I was talking to a friend who was telling me about his early work days at a publishing company. When he said that he had met someone that I knew, I immediately told him it was John Mack, a Nobel Prize-winning author and UFO abduction researcher. His name suddenly came to my mind although the subject was not about UFOs. (2) I activated my new Tracfone and retired to bed where I turned on the radio to listen to the 10:00 PM news. When I turned on the radio, I was shocked to hear an advertisement for the Tracfone.

June 18, 2004

Two of my brothers and their wives are camping with us at Hadley Point Campground on Mount Dessert Island in Maine. When Margaret and I arrived today, we checked in at the office. We told the woman checking us in that there would be three Fowlers checking in today. She laughed and said that a David Fowler had checked in before us and that her name was Fowler!

June 22, 2004

I received the email quoted below from Chris Owens of Warner Brothers Movie Studios.

I wanted to share an interesting puzzle with you. In June of 2003 I received a piece of information from Marla (the gifted medium I work with). During our session she said “Who is Buster?” I mentioned that I didn’t know anyone named Buster. She said, Spirit was telling her: “Buster is going to give you a gift”

AUGUST 8, 2004


July ?, 2004

This morning prior to going out to the garden I wondered if a certain white moth had arrived in the area. This moth lays eggs on broccoli heads and when they appear, I begin spraying broccoli. Just as soon as I stepped out the back door onto the lawn, I was amazed to see a white moth in the distance flying erratically toward me. I stopped and watched in wonder as it continued toward me and landed on my arm. I killed it and now knew it was time to spray!

August 6, 2004

I brought Margaret to one of my favorite fishing spots on the Connecticut River in Pittsburg, NH to take a photograph of me fishing beside a beautiful waterfall. I instructed her to take a photo when I waved and shook my head. The instant that I did this, a rainbow trout hit my fly and I played it into my net. Amazing coincidence!

August 7/8, 2004

Sometime during the night I awoke with a start shuddering all over and feeling the familiar tingling throughout my body that I have felt in the past prior to or after what I believe to have been an OBE abduction. I cannot remember much after this except saying to myself, “I wonder where they will be taking me!"

August 23, 2004

This afternoon I received a phone call from my Pastor asking me to mail some Sunday School literature to some prospective students living at 60 Country Club Road, Sanford, Maine. Later, I read my own mail and was amazed to find that I had received a book order from someone living at 25500 Country Club Blvd., N. Olmsted, Ohio!

August 25, 2004

We have a canoe with an unusual configuration originally built by Sports Pal. Today we went canoeing on a section of the Mousam River that is relatively unspoiled - we saw only two camps on the shore of this section. We had to carry the canoe through some woods to launch. When we found a spot to launch, we glanced across the river and were amazed to see a camp opposite to us with a canoe like ours tied to its dock.

August 26, 2004

Margaret and I were playing Scrabble with my daughter Beth this morning. I took 7 letters and arranged 5 of them to spell the word game. Just as I finished spelling the word game, my daughter Beth said the word game. She could not possibly have seen my letters.

Unusual happening. I felt an itch on my right testicle and scratched it and found that it was bleeding profusely covering my right leg with blood. I washed it off and put antiseptic on the area but can see no cut or sore in the area.

September 1, 2004

During a visit today, my daughters father-in-law related a weird story to us. He and his (now deceased wife) were tenting in New Hampshire. When he got up early in the morning and went outside their tent he found the field around the tent filled with huge oversized strange-looking rabbits that he had never seen before or since. After they left, I checked email and found one waiting for me from the host of the website entitled PROJECTWONDERLAND website instructing readers to check out the latest on the website.

I clicked on the website and was amazed to see a picture of two huge oversized rabbits staring me in the face. (See picture below from the website). The article was about UFOs, rabbits and synchronicities. A typical sentence from the article reads: "Wilson goes on to cite numerous other UFO incidents coincidentally involving rabbits," writes Miles. "From UFO occupants stealing rabbits from a hatch in Italy during the 1950s, and a description of a UFOnaut as looking like a giant rabbit, to an abductee presented by Budd Hopkins who recounted seeing hundreds of paralyzed rabbits... We have tales of jackrabbits dancing in the road prior to the sighting of a giant white UFO and of a southern England encounter where a witness saw the regionally known "Bunnyman" immediately following the sighting of a UFO."

September 3, 2004

I dug 137 pounds of potatoes this morning and put them out in the sun to dry. This afternoon I began brushing and bagging them. I brought my handset radio out to listen as I worked when a program about past Portland, ME news events came on about today’s headlines, I believe, in 1964 that Maine needed workers to dig and process the annual potato harvest.

September 18, 2004

Margaret and I went to a church supper. After supper we played a game called Chinese Swap where everybody is a given a number. Duplicate numbers are kept in a container and drawn. When one’s number is called, they may choose a gift from a selection on a table. The host called my number which was 2. As I placed my hand into the container to pick a number, I had a strong feeling that I would pick my own number. I was right and surprised everyone when I picked number 2 out of the container. This exact thing occurred at a similar supper. (See diary entry April 17, 2004)

September 19, 2004

Yesterday I had a sudden impulse to email Sean Casteel who has written a review of Synchrofile for Fate Magazine. I asked if he had received a copy of the September issue yet as he planned to send me a copy. This morning I received an email from Sean. The subject of the email read: “How synchronistic of you!” My email coincided with his receipt of the magazine. He wrote: “Ray, As I write you now, I must admit I am a little stunned. I just walked in the door from visiting my parents about ten minutes ago, and to my surprise, the September "FATE" was sitting in my mailbox. I instantly turned to the book review section to make sure the review of "SynchroFile" is in there, and it is!