An Interview with Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

The 2012 Energy Shift, Galactic Brethren, “The Return of Light,” and “The Return of Oneness”

by Brent Raynes

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa are considered by many as two of the leading figures in the Consciousness Movement, as well as the foremost authorities on the coming energetic shift of 2012. The authors of 2012: You Have a Choice; 2012: Atlantean Revelations; and 2012 Awakening: Choosing Spirituality over Armageddon, Sri and Kira are said to be able to uniquely shed light on the mystery and the opportunity of 2012. Soon they will be participating in a powerful event called 2012 Quantum Leap in Burbank, California, March 13-15. For more information, you are urged to go online to:

Editor: Well, first of all I think that you probably will want to primarily begin this by focusing on the big event in Burbank, California, on March 13th through the 15th, which you are both going to play a significant role in. So I guess just lead the way!

Kira Raa: We’re really excited to be a part of The 2012 Quantum Leap, Positive Action Celebration, and I think that part of the reason that we’re so excited is because this is really the first time that an event like this is premiering. I love that it’s premiering in Burbank, and what I mean by that is that this is not an expo, this is not a trade show, this is not a traditional weekend where you come and sit and have somebody lecture to you. This event is designed to be able to bring forward or to birth a moment in consciousness where we can honestly come together to co-create, not just talk about it, not just dream about it, but really come together and do something about a momentum that’s coming forward on our planet right now. This is a positive momentum.

Sri Ram Kaa: You know, many people are aware that time seems to be speeding up, there’s more energy in their day. There’s also an increase in fear and concern in our world, and so what we have noticed as we travel the world teaching and connecting with people, is that the human heart is ready to be anchored if the inspiration of our co-creative ability is ready to take action. So we see this event as an opportunity to learn new skills, which we call “Thrival-Skills” for the new earth. This will be an opportunity to listen to presentations and then get involved with the presenters, and to not just take a passive role but to interact, to be a member of a community that is exploring new ideas, that is touching art and music and information in a way that is alive.

Kira Raa: And to really discover that regardless of your race, your religion, your creed, your nationality, your ethnicity, it doesn’t matter; we are all working together! We are all on this beautiful planet at this time, and this is why there is so much enthusiasm and momentum around this event because we’re really taking a proactive, positive stance. The naysayers, for example, keep saying to us “people don’t want that.” “Fear is profitable and people want fear and people will pay to stay afraid and people are obsessing over the doom and the gloom,” and we’re really coming forward and saying that we don’t believe that’s true, that absolutely, at the core essence of every human heart, is this gift of divine recognition that we are more than what we have been brought up to believe we are. That we can come together in collective celebration and in collective co-creative true action and say yes to an incredible synergistic future.

Editor: So instead of being filled with dread that this is gonna be a cataclysmic thing we should look optimistically with hope that this is going to be something that will actually transform us for the positive, for the good. Right?

Sri Ram Kaa: Absolutely. You know, we are each co-creative power houses. Each one of us has great ability to shape our collective experience and what we’ve learned over the years is there is no government that is going to do the job, there is no outside organization that is going to really give you freedom, that it is up to the people to lift into clarity, to lift into a sense of ‘I choose to embrace a positive future,’ and to stand in that empowered energy, and by doing so we shape the morphogenic field around us. We take the law of attraction to a quantum level. So we don’t need to agree on what the future should look like. What we do need to agree upon is that we can trust each other to collaborate. It’s that energy of trust and enthusiasm that breaks open a whole new level of being.

Kira Raa: You know, it’s amazing to me that coming up this summer in 2009, and you may already be aware of this, I believe that it’s Sony Pictures who has invested millions and millions of dollars into a movie, simply entitled “2012,” that is going to be one of the most horrific and destructive movies ever to hit the screen. It focuses completely on the destruction and the annihilation of the earth. We’re taking a pre-emptive stance that says before that becomes the energy, because think about it, millions of people going to watch a movie, seeing the earth destroyed in 2012, and so what does that do to us? So this event in March is the first, a worldwide kick-off, the premier event of this type of gathering where people will come together and say, ‘Enough. We’re going to show and demonstrate to the world that we’re not just going to sit on our couch and hope. We’re going to come together, we’re going to have an amazing fun time, we’re going to experience, we’re going to synergize, and we’re going to send a really clear signal out to the world that says that we have a different idea about our future and we’re willing to participate in making that come true.

Editor: Okay, so your training is called, and which begins in March, and which is going to actually continue with a series throughout the year, I understand, and you’ll be going on tour across the country called STORM Training.

Sri Ram Kaa: That’s partially correct. I want to clarify this. The STORM Training is a training that we conceived that is offered periodically. STORM stands for Seeing the Oneness and Reclaiming Mastery. That’s for folks who want to go a little deeper into how to step out of reactive thinking. The event March 13th through the 15th is called 2012 Quantum Leap and that event is a collaboration with many other presenters, many artists and musicians, and even film makers are going to be there. So this is a big tapestry of creation, a big tapestry of celebrating the human spirit, and these quantum leap events will be held two or three times a year, and we’re going to travel around the country and the world showing and demonstrating to communities around the world that there is positive creation going on and that there’s lots of people out there who are doing the job to support a whole new way of being.

Kira Raa: And unlike other events that happen, a percentage of these ticket sales are actually going to two charities that are with children who we are working with in both Guatemala and in India. The organization in India is headed up by Tulku Karma Gyurme Sonam Rinpoche, who will be there, at the event, and these are children from Tibet, refuge children who really have a very challenging time in their lives right now. Then the children that we’re working with in Guatemala are part of an organization called K’aslem Mandala. Again these are children who are directly affected by the energies of this time, because you have these Mayan children who, while everybody is running around talking about the Mayan calendar, the Mayan’s aren’t really talking about it. That’s why we’re going to bring the true Mayan elders to this event. Not the show stoppers. We’re talking about the authentic people that are living this energy and how they’re being affected, which is why the silent art auction that we’re having is helping to benefit them, and then you have the people, the Tibetan children who are also very affected by this time on the planet. So that event, the Positive Action Celebration, is going to premier in Burbank and then it will be traveling literally around the world, and the STORM Training is the training that Sri and I offer as an expansion of that energy for those who want to go into deeper training with Sri and I.

Editor: You’ve mentioned about the Mayans and I’ve read where you have been down in Guatemala and I was quite interested in an article in UFO magazine where you had written in your column where you come across artifacts, which when you first found them they were actually glowing, which drew your attention to them. Then later you were to learn from some of the shamans down there about the connection with the UFOs or the extraterrestrial/interdimensional beings (whatever they are) to the ancient wisdom keepers. I was wondering if you could tell a little bit about that experience.

Kira Raa: Oh absolutely.

Sri Rama Kaa: Before Kira shares that experience, and it is a wonderful, wondrous story, I just want to offer a slight bit of grounding for the readers. The Mayan calendar is an amazing instrument that not only predicts the cycles of nature, more importantly predicts energy cycles, and it is fabulously accurate. It demonstrated astrological configurations that had not before appeared. It demonstrates cycles of energetic movement on the earth, when to plant and when to harvest, that kind of thing, and this calendar and this science that is beyond the physical reached a level of perfection many thousands of years ago, and it’s that legacy of energetic alignment and wisdom that is the legacy of the Maya people. Many of them, even though it’s in their DNA, have forgotten their true legacy. So it was a delightful thing when we began poking around and going into the ancient temple sites, meeting with some of the wisdom keepers and discovering that there are layers of revelation in the traditions, and that we discovered some artifacts that were carrying that original energy.

Kira Raa: It was really quite beautiful, and since that article we’ve even had more come forward. But on that original, I guess I want to say dance, where we had this beautiful gift, we were walking down this little alley. I’m not kidding, it was like I just saw this ray of light and when I put my hand there, when I picked up this artifact it even got hot. I mean very, very hot in my hand, and then of course there was the other artifact…it was like the ray of light was calling me to the other one, and it was really interesting because there was this elder Mayan there, and you’re looking into the eyes of people that are carrying a lineage of thousands of years. If they speak Spanish it’s a bonus. English just doesn’t happen. In K'iche'I had to have my friend translate it. He looked at me and he said, ‘They told me that you were coming.’ This artifact is really quite extraordinary because on one side is a Mayan calendar and on the other side is this very powerful, I guess for a lack of a better word, I’ll call it a shaman’s shield. What’s interesting about the connection with the, you know, I’m always reticent to use the word alien because I really see our galactic brethren as ourselves, but I’ll use that word. To them there is really no separation. They are so accustomed to visitations, to connections, to readings, messages.

Sri and I, I don’t know if you saw the other article that I wrote for Nancy where Sri and I were in Guatemala one night, spending the night on Lake Atitlan, in the middle of this pouring rainstorm, the kind of rainstorm where you can’t barely see your own hand in front of you. It was pitch black and all of a sudden I’m looking out a window and these lights start moving and the next thing I know there’s five lights in the shape of a star and this communication, this energy, I mean in the middle of the night when nothing could be in the sky that you and I could contend would be in the sky. My Mayan friends just laughed when I talked to them about it with any form of amazement because what they want to know is, ‘Did you pay attention and get the message that they were sending you? Did you understand the configuration that they were giving you?’ To them there is no fascination with extra or outside communication because it has always been. It’s in their calendars, it’s in their lineage, it’s in their stories, because most of their books, which you may already be aware, the conquistadors came in, the Spaniards came in and they just destroyed. You’re talking about a people that had any form of their written codices completely destroyed as heresy. Their entire lineage. And so the one thing they couldn’t destroy, although they tried, were story tellers. So for many, many years the story tellers were underground.

When you finally gain the trust of these people and you sit with them in sacred circle, most of their stories talk about the direct connection of all, and this is what ties in with 2012. They are very clear that in 2012 part of the return of light and part of the return of oneness will be the undeniable existence of our galactic brethren to most of us on this planet here. So there is a very profound and natural (there’s no fear in them). You don’t hear stories of abduction. With them it’s very much this calm understanding of origin and how we came to be, and when you ask them…because as I mentioned earlier everybody is talking about the Mayan calendar except the Mayans. Why don’t we let the Mayans talk about their own calendar? So that’s why Sri and I have been really anchored down there right now and gaining their trust because they really are looking for a voice that won’t manipulate the truth. And when you look into the eyes of these amazing and enlightened souls, the high priests who are carrying the energy, and you ask them what the Mayan calendar means in 2012, they smile and I watch eyes turn into liquid light and they look at you and they say, ‘The return of light.’ The calendar ends because there is no need for it anymore and that there will be such an extraordinary, profound understanding of who we are that that will birth this next cycle.

Now the key, and it really is the key, and it is how we choose to get there. We’re going to get there and that’s why events like the 2012 Quantum Leap are so important. It’s not about regurgitating the same old information over and over again, or the same old way of coming together over and over again. You know, you go to an Expo and it’s basically a carnival.

It’s about modeling the new paradigms, and not waiting for them to unfold.

Editor: Wow.

Kira Raa: Yeah. It’s exciting stuff. It’s amazing Brent, when you go down there to Guatemala. Sri and I have been very, very blessed that because we are in the trust of these people we’ve been able to acquire property that is right literally in the Mayan villages. We’re between two very beautiful Mayan villages on Lake Atitlan, in a very remote area. We now have a beautiful, young Mayan man who helps maintain that property for us. We’re working with these organizations down there. These people are really holding a presence that many of us have lost. The eager smile. There’s always a smile. You’ll be in your car and you’ll see somebody working in the field but they’re smiling. There’s just this presence that I am really excited that the rest of us are finally remembering to bring forward again.

Editor: This kind of reminds me of talking with Brad Steiger about being in Peru and the energy of Peru and of how he and his wife Sherry had gone to a place with a shaman where there was a sacred lake and they were seeing these UFOs going in and out of the water. He said that the people there were just going about their normal business. It was just like everyday for them.

Kira Raa: Exactly! That’s so accurate. To them it’s like number one why would you even doubt that it exists and number two this is just the way it is. Aren’t we all connected?

Editor: To a lot of us, it sounds like sci fi.

Kira Raa: Exactly. Until you experience it yourself, and Sri and I have had many profound encounters. We have a 32 acre ranch here in New Mexico and we have plenty of visits. UFO Hunters even came and filmed here because we have so many experiences. However, I will say that the energy of welcome-ness and non-interference is so much clearer in Guatemala. There’s just a gentleness in the contacts that’s different than when you’re in the United States.

Sri Ram Kaa: Well, you know, here in the U.S. we’ve had such a legacy of sci fi that says that we need to fear extraterrestrials and it makes a good yarn, and I’m not suggesting that every being out there is going to be compatible with how we do things. I am suggesting that our world is bigger than we give credit and that our universe is bigger than we comprehend and that we need to have an open mind and an open heart as we expand into greater communion. To the indigenous people, they are not living in that fear based culture. They’re living in a culture of a shamanic world where there are earth spirits, animal spirits, and of course there are spirits from the skies that come down in ship, and as a result, they’re not interfered with. There’s an acceptance, whereas here in the United States if a ship lands here then the first thing that’s gonna happen is the government is going to want to reverse engineer it.

Kira Raa: Or nuke it! (laughs)

Sri Ram Kaa: There’s not a real welcoming vibe.

Editor: It’s interesting the contrast between cultures.

Kira Raa: Yes it is, and it’s tangible. We do lots and lots of workshops around the world, but you know often times during the weekend I’ll just be encouraging people to learn how to smile more and to bring forward that gift. I go down to Guatemala and it’s there. It’s just part of the culture.

Sri Ram Kaa: There’s just a lot more heart energy.

Kira Raa: Yeah, it’s really a beautiful thing to watch.

Editor: I’ve got a set of the Peruvian whistling vessels and been doing little presentations for about three years now and time and time again I hear descriptions of how the instruments affect people like in their heart chakra. Everybody is suddenly much friendlier and relaxed after blowing the whistles than they were before.

Kira Raa: Well, it’s literally a call to the heart.

Sri Ram Kaa: I think it’s important for people to remember that we’re at the dawn of a new era as a planet, and certainly as a solar system, and while the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 and it’s because we’re entering a new sense of time, the old calendar no longer applies.

The other thing that’s happening astrologically is that the earth is going to be in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. That is, the galactic center is lining up with our planet and so for anybody who is into the astrological context it’s important to notice that we will have a direct access with the physical and spiritual source or center of our universe, and this is the trigger, you might say, or the fulcrum, that invites a new energy or a new cycle to come into being. So December 21, 2012 is more or less that alignment point. Yet the energy of this alignment is already upon us all if we just stop and reflect on how our lives are shifting, how our world is speeding up, and so many people are having energetic experiences. There’s everything from interrupted sleep patterns, to vision changes, noticing little shadows and interdimensional kinds of phenomena, and certainly all of the orbs that are in the photographs. All of these are what we call ascension energy experiences. There’s a shift in the field in which we experience life and we can walk into this with a sense of awakeness, saying ‘Hey, this is great. Tell me more. Let me expand and grow in my paradigms,’ or we can white knuckle it and be fearful and try to hold onto the old way of being, in which case all of us are going to shake and quake a little bit.

There is no guide for this experience. What we have found is that we must trust our own hearts because in our DNA we know how to do this. In our recent collective history there is no model. There is no scientist or philosopher out there who is going to tell us how to make this transition. But in our deepest sense of beingness it is coded. We know that it is there.

So I guess that I just wanted to offer a sense that we can trust who we are and together we can discover that we are indeed the ones we have been waiting for and that all is truly well.

Kira Raa: And this is why it is important for us to get together now. We are already in the energy of these times. How we co-create in the next few years is vital. This is why the timing is so important to start doing this together.