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Little People—Fairies & UFOs

Little People—Fairies & UFOs

Throughout the world and going back for centuries, and even to this very day, people of many different cultures have stories of “little people.” I occasionally hear and receive first-hand accounts of such sightings. Here is one of those from a woman I met years ago in Eliot, Maine. She wrote:

Fairy visitation?

“My mother’s psychic abilities were more like feeling something was going to happen. My aunt could see spirits, especially after the death of her daughter. Just natural to them. They were never developed.

“…I’m not a very good artist, but they looked like the pictures seen in children’s books. Dawni my daughter was about six years old when she called me to the window to see the fairies on the snowy limbs of the spruce tree that used to be out front. I saw them. …(It was) one morning after a snowstorm. Dawni was very ill and was laying on the studio bed in front of the window. I think they came to see her. When she was small she had various invisible playmates.

Imagine an angel with gossamer wings and wearing velvet dresses. There were 6 or 7 of them, as I remember. Dresses were deep red, rich blue, vivid green, and a deep purple and one pink. Several of them wore red colored dresses. About 12 inches tall.

April [granddaughter] has seen lepricons dressed in brown and some dressed in green. …I’m not sure about the nature of the lepricons. They look different from fairies. There are many kinds of nature spirits. The varieties are different in different nations. Some (are) good (and) some (are) bad.

Every country has many special to their beliefs, because there have been many seen by people in the beginnings and have passed these on by word of mouth. Also they do continue to exist. There are those little people that don’t have wings, that seem to float in the air. They are the guardians over animals, birds, fish and all forms of trees and vegetation.

They are, in reality, in the earth’s aura or astral body, which is a creative force such as already made intelligence (spider knows how to spin a web, the bird a nest, the beaver a dam). No one ever teaches them how. Hense, Mother Earth to all. Mankind has a spiritual potential and partakes of God’s wisdom which is unlimited and has to be achieved, etc. Angels are guardians over mankind.”


Besides being tapped into psychic abilities and seeing fairies, Francis (this lady’s name) was also an early UFO contactee from the 1950s. In 1974, my friend and colleague Jim Carey and I paid Francis and her family a visit, and heard firsthand her many incredible stories. Here’s a number of them, taken directly from my case file:

(Francis’s) contact experiences began back in 1953 and 1954, and five sets of books entitled LIFE AND TEACHING OF THE MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST (1924) seemingly played a role in this coming about. Baird T. Spalding, a civil engineer went to the Far East in 1894 and met “Masters” who were allegedly 400 to 500 years old. These books were published again in 1937, and released by De Voss & Co., Los Angeles, Calif. Through reading these books and applying their teachings to her life (Francis) received visits from a robed man with a donkey who would appear in her home and talk with her. The donkey would always materialize first, and then his appearance would follow. The man was one of the “Masters” and (Francis) explained to me that he is alive, in the flesh, and projected himself to her, and that once she had a terrible problem with rust in the water and this gentleman told her to sprinkle her ivory snow soap powder on the water and this would cleanse the rust from the water, and it worked!

(Francis’s) main UFO contacts are Affa, a being from Uranus, and Poonar, who lives on Hatoon, a moon of Pluto. Also Moriaden, who commands a mothership that is about 3000 feet long and which has six smaller work ships inside.

On the night before Halloween 1953, (Franics) was helping ready a social activity at a local Grange Hall. She noticed a gentleman whom she thought must be new and figuring she’d help greet him into the neighborhood she went over and talked briefly with him. He left shortly but during the rest of the evening (Francis) kept glancing toward the main entrance expecting to see him come back in. But he did not. Later that night as she was returning home a UFO (red flashing light) appeared just over the tree tops, following her home. She did not understand until later why the stranger at the Grange Hall had so impressed her, but he, she found out later, was Affa. In April 1954, a series of peculiar events occurred that were spaced about two weeks apart. First one day she was sitting in the livingroom reading one of the books she has (just mentioned) when a bright form of white-silvery light appeared in the room and then vanished. This was the way that many times her visitors came but this one was more brilliant and bigger (she later discovered that it was a higher master than the ones she dealt with on earth. In fact, it had authority above Affa!) Next (Francis) was walking over to a desk to put the book up when suddenly something like an electric spark or lightning arched before her from her solar plexus to a metal lock built into the desk. One day, about two weeks later, (Francis), her husband, and their dog were in the kitchen when they heard a loud whistling noise coming from outside. The dog barked. Another two weeks from this event it seems to have been one day (Francis) was sewing customs for school dance when, to the north, she saw out a window a cloud and out of it came a face, which although it looked nothing like paintings we represent of it, she knew it was the face of Jesus, and two tears came out of his left eye. She felt from this that she had been accepted by God, but that symbolically this apparition projected that He was sorry for the hard times ahead and the way things were. Although I just referred to this as an apparition, (Francis) feels that anyone could have seen it if they had been in the area at the time and looked up. At the time of this occurrence, (her) strength, upon seeing the face in the sky, was drained from her, and she began crying.

Affa informed (Francis) that if she should see a flying saucer, not to go toward it. This gets into the aspect involving the “bad guys.” Often one feels a “pull,” and this is magnetic power from the UFO, and talking to yourself will upset it. Also light will upset it. (Francis’s) sister, who lives in Hudson, arrived home one night to see a UFO in her goose pen (where white geese were kept) and inside were things, like sticks, but apparently entities moving around. She flashed her headlights on it, on and off, and began blowing the horn, and slowly it got thinner and thinner and the remaining substance of it dropped to the ground, where later examination found not a trace of anything unusual. (Francis) pointed out that her sister, without realizing it, had upset the magnetic force of the UFO. (Francis) also pointed out that her contact Affa describes entities such as these as elementals, who are etheric forms, and that the etheric world resembles a hazy day. Also elementals produce convincing thought forms.

One day in 1957 or ’58, (Francis) and a neighbor, Mrs. F.B. and (Francis’s) daughter, were returning to Eliot from Sanford College (where they had picked up the daughter) and near South Berwick, a “silvery old school bell shaped thing” appearing at least “as big as a car,” came out of sky at them, but shortly before what seemed like the end, it disappeared. This, they found out later from Affa, was a warning for them not to be looking for UFOs in the sky which Affa insists is dangerous business. For several days or so before this event, (Francis) and (F.B.) had been going out nights looking for saucers.

One night, (Francis’s) husband was headed for work about 11:30 p.m. Shortly after he left (Francis) saw a “little cigar” shaped thing, about one foot in length, that glowed bright white until it hit a tree at the end of their driveway, whereupon it dimmed, and one end was red and the other dark, and sparks fell to the ground below. Then it continued on its course and flew down along Route 236 where (husband) saw it while driving to work. (Francis) remarked that he found later a limb that had been burned off by the small UFO.