An Interview with Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman

Authors of The Resonance Key: Exploring the Links Between Vibration, Consciousness, and the Zero Point Grid

By Brent Raynes

Marie D. Jones is the author of PSIence and 2013: End of Days or A New Beginning? She is co-founder of ParaExplorers with Larry Flaxman, with whom she wrote 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon. Marie has been interviewed on more than 100 radio talk shows including Coast To Coast, NPR, KPBS Radio, Dreamland and the Shirley MacLaine Show, and has been featured in dozens of newspapers, magazines and online publications around the world.

Larry Flaxman is President of ARPAST, the Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team, and cofounder of ParaExplorers. He serves as a technical consultant to several paranormal research groups. He has been widely interviewed for print, TV, and radio.

Together Marie and Larry have co-authored the newly released blockbuster The Resonance Key: Exploring the Links Between Vibration, Consciousness, and the Zero Point Grid. In this exclusive interview, I discuss with this very insightful and knowledgeable team of authors the profound significance and implications of their thought-provoking resonance theory.

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Brent Raynes: Recently I asked you to describe for the readers what your book is about.

Marie Jones: Yes, Larry and I both collaborated on this answer. According to traditionally accepted tenets of Newtonian physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at larger amplitude at some frequencies than at others. It can also be called the science of vibratory frequencies of sound, energy or force that synch up and create amplification. In more simplistic, human terms, resonance is the synchronization of beliefs, goals and commonalities that occur between people. We are often heard to say that we “resonate” with someone, or we “feel good vibrations” about a specific place or person. Hopefully, we are “on the same frequency” or “riding the same wavelength” as our spouse or partner.

Yet, if everything truly does have its own frequency, and matching frequencies produce specific changes and effects within the environment, what are the direct human implications? Is what we see, feel, hear, or experience in our everyday reality inextricably linked to the patterns that emerge when resonance occurs?

Beyond the “norm,” we might also ask if resonance may be the mechanism by which “paranormal” phenomena are able to manifest within our reality. This is what we refer to as the Resonance Key, and this book is our opportunity to examine the links between resonance, our own human consciousness, and what we have termed “The Grid,” a multi-layered infrastructure that consists of different levels of reality. The Grid is fundamentally similar in concept to the Akashic Records, Zero Point Field, and aether, with our own theoretical spin on how we believe matter and energy may traverse the layers and manifest in our own from time to time (as paranormal events).

Brent Raynes: You two have certainly laid open an exciting field for other authors and researchers to further explore and expand upon. The exciting possibility and potential of significant future discoveries seems to lurk nearby.

For several years now, I've done a lot of meditations and public presentations with replicas of the pre-Columbian Peruvian whistling vessels. They often generate a powerful "psychoacoustic" effect upon many people. These people will sometimes describe seeing like "visions" (usually connected with the ancient past), their energy centers (chakras) seem to open up, they report "remote viewing" or "out of body" type experiences, hear voices or music, etc. Occasionally (and this has happened to me) people will afterwards describe seeing/experiencing almost the same identical visions! In my case, four of us described like seeing a rotating vortex of energy, all moving in the same direction! Coincidence? A Native American friend was with others doing ceremonies and meditating on top of an Indian Mound here in Tennessee, as the whistling vessels were being blown. She had a vision of being at Machu Picchu in Peru in the ancient past, and then lo and behold she heard others described the same details as her experience!

Indeed, as you wrote, mankind has been using resonance and sound to heal and affect the human body and mind (and spirit) since ancient times. I was quite interested that Larry had actually collected some of the so-called Death Whistles found in Aztec temples in Central America and to read of the studies that have been done of such sound instruments by a mechanical engineer named Roberto Velazquez. As has dawned on me time and again, we're re-discoveries what ancient people already possessed some knowledge and level of awareness about.

Larry, could you describe some about your own possible experiences with your collection of whistles? I'm always interested in comparing notes.

Larry Flaxman: Due to my fascination (some might argue obsession) with archaeological research, I collect many unusual artifacts and relics… and the whistles are but a small segment of my vast collection of antiquities.

Unfortunately, I’ve not experienced any extraordinary incidents or experiences with the whistles…and believe me; it’s not for lack of trying! I’ve conducted broad studies of the Mayan, Incan, and Aztec civilizations, and have had extensive contact with Mr. Velazquez regarding the possible use of the whistles. One thing to keep in mind is that “how” they were actually used is unknown as no written records remain…however; it is an unquestionable fact that resonance and sound can have profoundly significant physiological effects upon the human body. According to an article entitled “Searching for the Lost Chord: Ancient Uses and Modern Trends” by Andrew Rooke, “Men of medicine long ago learned that music could be used in healing the mind and body. From so-called primitive man, down to the traditional peoples all over the world today, all used incantations, songs, rhythms, and sound to ward off evil spirits, absolve sins, or placate the gods. Initiate priest-physicians of Egypt, who called music "the physic of the soul," specialized in its use to alleviate a wide range of diseases, especially nervous disorders. The ancient Persians played the lute to cure many illnesses and the Hebrews record the story of David who by the power of his harp soothed the madness of Saul.”

Even in modern times, there have been numerous studies conducted and articles written about the harmonizing properties of sound on the human body, specifically in regards to achieving altered states of consciousness. This body of study has spawned a subculture of research into the “psychobiology of altered states of consciousness and altered states of interactive experience.”

So, it is certainly within the realm of possibility that the various frequencies emitted by the whistles could have been utilized in a manner which would induce altered states of consciousness or other unusual brain states. This complex human phenomenological response may well have been responsible for a variety of mystical religious experiences. Hopefully one day I shall experience the effects of the whistles!

Brent Raynes: Marie, I welcome your thoughts and any relevant experiences as well.

Marie Jones: I absolutely agree we are rediscovering what ancient civilizations understood, including the role of sound and resonance in how we perceive the world around us. Many tribal peoples utilized drumming, chanting and other repetitious sound to journey to other levels of consciousness. This speaks to a real understanding of how sound affects us in a physical sense, which can then affect us in a spiritual sense. Buddhist chanting, Tibetan bowls, chimes…all are vehicles for the use of resonance and sound to transport us beyond our ordinary sensory awareness, and of course, recent research into the use of infrasound and how it affects the brain and perception of humans adds scientific credence to this. I would also suggest we look to the animal kingdom as well for evidence as to how sound, some of it well outside our ability to hear it, is used to locate, navigate and even survive in the natural world. I always think of my geophysicist father teaching me about how seismic activity might be “heard” by animals before it is “felt” by humans!

I have always found it intriguing that even in the Judeo-Christian religious tradition, sound is at the foundation of the structure of the Universe. In the beginning was the Word… And of course, we have the Big Bang, and one can only imagine the amount of sound that put out into the mix! From that sound all other resonant frequencies emerged to create everything we consider our Universe, including us.

Brent Raynes: In your book, you review how Jung's collective unconscious could be connected by a "resonant frequency" that would allow individual minds to link up. You review the studies of Marc Seifer and Michael Persinger who examined the role of brainwave frequencies, the temporal lobes, geomagnetism, electromagnetic fields, and even harmonic resonance of water molecules as making up the ingredients of what Rupert Sheldrake called "morphogenic fields," all which could be significant clues and concepts that lead up to the theoretical Zero Point Grid that you both write about and refer to as the infrastructure of reality.

You even refer to how Jung felt that these synchronistic, archetypal phenomena had a biological basis, and how he felt that because of their foreign seeming nature to the human ego they seemed to evade it by externalizing outside of ones inner states (Jung was also very keenly interested in the phenomena of ghosts and UFOs as well).

For each of you, with regard to all of this information, what has come across to you as the most persuasive, clear-cut evidence that the resonance key is indeed the correct key? Is there any one piece of evidence, or a particular set of evidences or clues, that perhaps stands out as the most convincing to you personally?

Marie Jones: For me, the “aha” moment was realizing that physicist David Bohm was right all along. His three orders of reality, the explicate, implicate, and superimplicate, allowed me to finally wrap my mind around how things could have an “effect” in our world, even if the “cause” occurred in another. We in the explicate world only see these effects, perhaps in the form of ghosts, UFOs, even synchronistic experiences. We do not see the cause, therefore no amount of ghost hunting and lab experiments and cool equipment and UFO watches, etc. will EVER get us anywhere until we address the fact that the causes are happening out of our sight, even out of our reality. Then the dialog can begin about how those causes move from the implicate to manifest in the explicate. What are the mechanisms? Is it something “out there,” or all in our minds? Does human consciousness play a role? Is resonance the vehicle by which matter moves from one order of reality to another? These questions have to be asked, addressed and intensely discussed in the paranormal community as well as the scientific, or we will just continue to spin our wheels. The definition of insanity comes to mind, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. We have PLENTY of effects in the form of EVP, photos, thermal images, video and of course, personal experiences from the dawn of time. Now it’s time to focus on the causes. I know strange stuff exists, but show me where it comes from, and how the hell it got here!

Larry Flaxman: I definitely agree that the “effect,” rather than the “cause,” is the predominantly visible artifact. This is something that has troubled me for quite some time as it basically means that what is considered “traditional investigative methodology” in the paranormal community is flawed from inception. We are, as Marie so aptly noted, “spinning our wheels.”

When critically examined in this context, it is certainly understandable why there has been no scientifically definitive proof of ghosts, ufos, etc…we are simply looking in the wrong places.

The fact that we are looking “outside of the box” and attempting to study the source (even if it is at the quantum level) is one thing that I believe that vastly differentiates ARPAST and ParaExplorers from our peers in the field.

Brent Raynes: You even connect the Zero Point Field to Edgar Cayce's Akashic Records. What are the similarities that you perceive?

Marie Jones: All of these concepts speak of a unified field of fields in which all matter, form, energy, thought and action exists, and which embraces the entire landscape of time, past, present and future. Larry and I are in the process of developing our own theory about this “field,” and how it might look and operate…But yes, the ZPF and the Akashic Records, even the Aether and the Kingdom of God, many speak of, are all about a repository field of “information” that can be tapped into to access not just infinite amounts of energy, but infinite amounts of knowledge. Think about it. It is the entirety of EVERYTHING, in this reality and any others…and of course would then have to be infinite in size. We would say, the ZPF is the “scientific equivalent” of the Akashic Records. It’s all semantics.

Brent Raynes: Some might wonder how shamanic excursions into hallucinatory states via salvia divinorum, the San Pedro cactus, psilocybe mushrooms, ayahuasca, and other similar substances enter into discussion in your book. What insight and knowledge does this area of inquiry provide us?

Marie Jones: Whatever floats your boat, we say. The use of hallucinogens to trigger the brain to perceive something other than our usual reality is not new, and is actually quite important to anyone studying the paranormal. If indeed certain plants/drugs/substances can have a direct effect on the brain, and thus allow us a glimpse into “other worlds,” whether inner or outer, we have to ask ourselves if there are ways the brain could be triggered on its own, with resonance, sound, frequency changes, perhaps changes in the electromagnetic field, seismic activity, pulsing light, infrasonics, etc… The brain does not have to rely on “drugs” to enter these realms, but apparently for some it sure helps!

Shamans understood that there were other worlds than the one they could see with their eyes. They believed in a structural reality comprised of levels of conscious awareness that one could travel in and even from one level to another. Interestingly, we now have the concept of parallel universes and alternate dimensional realities, or, as Larry and I call it, The Grid.

How do you move from one level of the Grid to another? Resonance seems to be directly involved. Synching vibrational frequencies, changing and shifting frequency, even altering the vibrational frequency of our consciousness seem to hold the key to walking the many levels of the Grid.

Some do it with a little help from our plant friends, others can meditate or use sound to transport themselves.

Brent Raynes: Not only do we find that humans are attuned to some sort of collective field of awareness, but even our pets as well? So intelligence isn't really a key factor?

Marie Jones: Who says our pets are any less intelligent than we are? We think animals possess intelligence far different than the intellect of man. Animal intelligence is connected with the natural world and most likely all the levels of reality, the seen and unseen, simply because animals, unlike us, cannot reason away what they are experiencing. And of course, animals have the ability to perceive different parts of the EM spectrum. They can see things we cannot, hear things we cannot, and even sense things we cannot. A great example of this is their ability to sense an oncoming seismic event such as a volcanic eruption or earthquake. In our opinion, if it vibrates, it has resonance, and if it has resonance, it is part of the collective field of awareness.

Brent Raynes: Where do you foresee, or hope to see, the direction of this exploration into resonance lead us? Do you think that we're getting close to making a significant breakthrough? Any ideas as to what all we may learn?

Marie Jones: For me, I hope to see more exploration into the fundamental structure of reality, both in terms of physical manifestation and the role of our mind/brain/consciousness in that manifestation. Look, we don’t even really know if we are making reality up as we go along, or reality is making US up as it goes along! And until we figure that out, nothing else is going to make sense. I suspect this is why, despite all the UFO sightings and ghostly encounters and psychic abilities reported the world over, there is no definitive and empirical proof. Maybe that is because we keep “looking for ghosts in all the wrong places,” and I encourage the paranormal community in particular to turn some attention to the causes behind all of the effects they are gathering.

But this goes way beyond ghosts and the paranormal to the core questions we ask as humans. I do think we are on the verge of a major breakthrough in our understanding of who we are, how we got here, what happens when we die, what our purpose is, and whether or not our reality or perception of it is the only one. I feel that the work Larry and I are doing is going to be instrumental in this, simply because we have the uncanny ability to walk two worlds here … the world of science and the world of the paranormal, and bring the two together in new and exciting ways. Larry and I were brought together for this purpose, and we constantly strive to stand outside the circle and think outside the box to get that “bigger picture” view of reality.

Larry Flaxman: My belief is that we are in the early formative stages of a renaissance in new thought regarding what has traditionally been termed “paranormal.” What if everything that we so conveniently label “paranormal” is simply just “normal?” Perhaps we truly are looking in the wrong places…might the human brain be not only the receiver of our reality, but, also the creator of it as well? I believe we are already beginning to see longstanding paradigms shift.

Historically, there has been a great divide between traditional science and those who research and investigate paranormal phenomena. This is likely due to a variety of reasons such as the perceived lack of professionalism on the part of the “ghost hunters,” lack of understanding and adherence to scientific method, sorely lacking peer review, and continued strife, drama, and dissension among the thousands of paranormal groups in existence.

Fortunately, for those organizations that strive for scientific credibility such as ARPAST and ParaExplorers, we are beginning to see the fruits of our labor in the strategic forging of relationships that will ultimately unite mainstream science with the paranormal community.