Brent Raynes (l) with Johnny Sands

An Interview With Johnny Sands

Singer, Songwriter, Stuntman, Native American, and an Alien and MIB Eyewitness!

By Brent Raynes

Johnny Sands gives the following abbreviated autobiographical description of himself (as it appears on his site: He writes: “I have been 35 years performing in the music business as a singer/songwriter, performer on shows such as NBC's ‘Today Show’, ‘Grand Ole Opry’, and Las Vegas, Nev. I worked many years with artists like Charlie Daniels, Razzy Bailey, Merle Haggard, and the late great Conway Twitty, just to name a few. I became a professional stuntman in the 60s working as a stuntman in shows like ‘The Wild, Wild West’, ‘High Chapparel’, & ‘Hell's Angels 69’ with Peter Fonda. I also had the great opportunity to work with Elvis Presley in two motion pictures, ‘Charro’ and ‘Roustabout’. In 1975 I took my stunt ability & combined them with escapes. In 1983 I was inducted into the ‘Houdini Hall of Fame’ in Niagara Fall. That same year I broke the ‘Guinness World Record’ in Nashville, TN as the fastest straight-jacket escape artist in the world with a record speed of 79/100s of a second. Guinness discontinued that avenue. However they placed me on display along with Houdini's ‘Water Torture Cell’ which was later moved from Nashville to Gatlinburg, TN and still stands on display. Some of the avenues of escapes, dangling over Snake River Canyon without a parachute, escaping from Wells Fargo Armor Car, Las Vegas, Dunes Hotel, riding motorcycles through tunnels of fire blindfolded for TV show ‘That's Incredible.’ In 2004, I stayed in a stainless steel glass top casket that was submerged under 600 gallons of water and appeared at fairs throughout the eastern US for people to see me and to contribute to the Children of St. Jude's Hospital. See Johnny Sands' Underwater Stunt Lake City on Google. I am presently presenting a full pledge escape and illusion show around the country. Hoping to see you out there soon!!!”

Priscilla Wolf of New Mexico, Apache medicine woman and author, and my wife Joan, accompanied me to Nashville on this evening (Wednesday, 10 June 2009) to do this fascinating interview with Johnny Sands. Johnny would like all of you to know that for free (you just pay shipping and handling) he’ll send you a music CD, which includes his just released “Blue Diamond Encounter” [yes, it’s about his UFO/alien encounter], along with a free booklet pertaining to this experience and an autographed 8 X 10 illustration of the alien he says that he met and communicated with.

Editor: Johnny, please tell us a little about yourself. Priscilla said that you showed her a card where you’re a registered Native American. So just tell us some about yourself, where you’re from and what you’ve done.

Johnny Sands: I’m originally from Cherokee, North Carolina. I was born there and proud to have been so. We represent, of all things, the Trail of Tears. There was a lot of hardship, pain and suffering, and I’m proud to be a part of my tribe and to represent them in a major way because over the years I think that it has been so misrepresented. They mean a lot to me. My people are a struggling people who know what pain and suffering are and know how to strive through the pain and suffering, and a lot of that was inherited into my blood. So over the years, when disaster hit, I just remember what they went through and I would think, ‘Wow, if they could take it I can take it.’ So I felt like a Timex watch. I felt like I could take a licking and keep on ticking. (laughs)

But I’ve been fortunate. I was raised up very poor and in the years of my life I was able to adopt a career as a musician and a country singer. I wrote a lot of songs, was on several major music labels and had several major chart records in the country. When I say major, we were in the top twenty around the nation, and in the ‘60s I became a professional stuntman, and I thought that would be the career of a lifetime because working with actors, being their main ingredients, being able to perform the stunts was a real thing with me. I was fortunate enough to work on programs like The Wild, Wild West. I was Robert Conrad’s double in that television series. Then later I worked in High Chapparal with Leif Erickson, and that again was a real major opportunity for me because I was working with some real big names. I worked with Peter Fonda in a picture called The Wild Angels. I was a motor cycle stuntman and daredevil. I worked on Then Came Bronson, which was a television show with Kurt Russell and Michael Parks. So that was an honor. And then, last but not least, I worked with Elvis Presley on two motion pictures. I worked in a picture called Roustabout, where I was a motorcycle stuntman in the picture, in two different scenes, and we filmed that in A Thousand Oaks, California. Then I worked with Elvis in a picture called Charro in 1968, filmed at Apache Junction, in Arizona, at a place called Apache Movie Ranch Studios, right at the Superstition Mountains. So I was a double stunt man again.

Then I took my stunts and my career into a different mode and became an escape artist stuntman, where I break out of chains, leg irons, and handcuffs. I was a Houdini escape artist/stuntman, and in 1983 I became the fastest living escape artist in the world right here in Nashville, Tennessee, for the Guiness World Book of Records. I’m still on display at the Guiness Hall World Record in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and I own Houdini’s Chinese water torture cell.

I’ve added those stunts and combined them with my music career and I work with acts like Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels, and Charlie Pride. You name somebody in Nashville and I’ve probably done the program with them. My insight was to be a little different, a little wilder, and put on a little bit of a performance for them.

Editor: Okay. So what happened in 1976?

Johnny Sands: Sure. Well, actually we were on the record promotion tour and I was to be in Las Vegas to appear at the Sierra Hotel. I was working on the program there and we were going to radio stations and newspapers to get this program off the ground. Las Vegas was kind of the kingdom of entertainment and so I agreed to go there, and when I got there I was interested in sites. I had been in Vegas several times before. In fact, I used to work for a place called Old Nevada, and that was a Wild West town and I was a stuntman for them

So the night that I got into town I decided that I would go and check out the Old Nevada western town, and somewhere along the way I got off track of where I was at and I realized that I was in the middle of the desert but I didn’t know where. So about 14 miles out I turned the car around to come back toward town. As I turned the car around that’s when I saw the lights in the sky. I noticed that it was about a thousand feet up. It looked like a cigar shaped object. At first, I thought that it was a movie set. It looked like an oversized giant blimp, but with lights rotating around it. As I seen it, my car began to malfunction. I immediately pulled to the side of the road. I lost concentration of the thing in the sky thinking about what’s wrong here. I thought I was out of gas. So I got out of the car and I went back and opened the gas tank and shook the side of the car just to see if I could hear gas, which I did. When I heard the gas, I went around to the front of the car and raised the hood. As I raised the hood, I could see that the object was still hovering above me and as I looked up a flash of light descended to the ground in front of my car about (I don’t know) maybe three or four hundred feet in front. As it hit, I could see from the brightness of the light two figures standing, and they began walking toward me. As they began walking toward me I realized that I was motionless. I couldn’t move. It was like I was in a time lapse and nothing was functioning right for me.

They kept approaching, and as they got closer I realized that I wasn’t going anywhere so I was there and so I needed to focus on what I needed to do. They got close and I could see that they were pale figures. They had no hair, no eyebrows, but they looked like human people. The only difference was that there was a growth coming out of the sides of their neck, which to me looked like fish gills. They had no ears, but they had a very wide nose. The only thing that looked funny was that their mouth looked like they had no teeth, and that was the only part of them that looked old. As far as their physique they looked good. About 5’ 7”/5’ 8”. Very muscular looking. As he approached me, the first one came up to me close, and then he began to speak, but when he spoke I noticed that he wasn’t talking from his mouth. It was like a telephone call long-distance. I looked down and he had some kind of device on his belly, like a belt, and it sounded like it was coming from it.

Still I was under the confusion and I was thinking, “Is this a movie? Is something going to happen here in a minute? Am I going to be saying, ‘Wha Ha! Guess what?!’”

Editor: Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!

Johnny Sands: Yeah! (Laughs)

So I didn’t know. My mind was there, but at the same time I couldn’t move. So the first question that I asked them was , “Where did you come from?” And he pointed up there. He didn’t say a word. He just pointed. Then when he spoke to me he asked me what I was doing there and I said, “I’m doing a record. I’m a country music singer.” Like he understood all of that. I don’t know if he did or not, but he seemed to understand what I was saying.

Then he reached behind him and pulled out a ball, which was only about the size of a grapefruit, silver colored, and as he held it in his hand it grew into the size of a basketball. Then he let go of it and it began to rotate in a motion with the circle and as it did that he would put his fingers over the top of it and like firecrackers would go off on top of this ball, and as it went off he said, “You see, nuclear explosions are causing a problem in the solar system. These things that you’re setting off on this earth are causing troubles not only for you but for us and we cannot have this kind of thing to continue because it is going to upset the balance of everything that we intend for the future.”

Well, I didn’t know what he was even talking about. There was no talk about nuclear stuff back in the 1970s that I was acknowledged of, and if there was it was far out of the range of what I was thinking about because I was in the music business. But I listened to what the man said. I had a question and I asked, “But are you bringing harm to us?” And his answer was: “Harm comes from evil.” That was his answer.

So I felt like “I am alive, I am still standing here, so I hope and pray that you’re not evil.” So then I asked the question, “How old are you?” He said, “We are before the beginning of what you know as time.” Well, that to me was saying a lot. I’m not a Bible scholar by any means but I’ve studied the Bible and understand the Bible and in Ezekiel they talk very much about a craft coming out of the sky with life-like figures on the inside. So he’s talking past that type and I realized that, and then I looked back at Sodom and Gomorrah and I realized that angels come to warn the people to move out of there because it was going to be destroyed. Now those angels that came did not have wings. They were in human form. They walked as humans and they walked amongst the people that are human.

I didn’t know anything about what that meant at the time but I realize now Men In Black represent that same kind of thing. They come in a human form, they look like us, they walk like us, they talk like us, but do we know whether they are from above or below?

We don’t. So I asked them another question. I asked them if we were going to see them on any other occasion, and they said, “You will see us again.” I said, “Why did you pick me? I’m a music guy. I don’t know anything about science. I don’t know anything about this.” They said, “You will know, in time, the reason we picked you.” I still don’t know yet. But I did ask them, “Are you military?” They said, “We are not military, but your leaders know about us. They know us and know all about us.”

So I believe that to be true because I talked to the Air Force in Las Vegas for a long period of time. When I got out of that desert man, I wanted to know everything and anything I could pertaining to this thing, because I thought maybe I was hallucinating. I’ll be honest with you. Back years ago, I experimented a little bit with everything. I smoked a little wacky tobaccy in the past. I went to the hospital that night and I told them, straight up and straight across, I said, “Look, I smoked pot before. I’m not smoking tonight. I don’t know if I’m having some kind of delusions. I don’t know what’s going on with me. I really want to know.” They admitted me and they ran all kinds of tests and they said, “There’s nothing wrong with you.” They said, “It seems like you’re in a little shock from the situation that you’ve been in, but as far as you telling what you’re telling, we believe what you’re telling is true.”

So they suggested that I contact the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization in Tucson, Arizona. They listened to my story and they said, “Listen, we are interested. We’re going to send some people in to meet you.” So my first contact was John Romero. He was the director of the Sahara Hotel. John Remara is a very brilliant man. In fact, he’s a marketing director for six gaming for casinos right now in Las Vegas.

I met John and John said, “I believe what you say is true, but in order to verify what you’re saying I need you to take a few tests for us.” I said, “What kind of tests could I take?” He said, “Well, a polygraph would be one. A voice analysis would be another, and there’s a Dr. Leo Sprinkle, who is a psychologist and a specialist in hypnosis, and we would like you to meet these three people.” I said, “I’d be more than happy,” because here’s what I wanted. Right now, I can’t promote a record because everybody would think that I’m using that as a gimmick to promote my record. I can’t do nothing with my career. I’m on a stand still. Everybody wants to see me because it’s hit the front page of the Las Vegas Sun, because they had had so many sightings that night, not by just me, but all over the state, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. And see I didn’t know this and they were all describing the same object, the same things, except they didn’t meet the aliens.

Well, I’m not discriminating nobody because I’m not wanting to say that I’m the only man who has seen somebody from outer space. But I do have a little bit of problem with some of the stories that I hear because I don’t think those little balloony shaped headed people with green dotted eyes and crawl around and look like piss ants. I think their intelligence is far beyond that kind of look. They’re not 3 foot high. These people I seen were intelligent people. You could see wisdom in their face. You could see that strength in them. I mean, from an Indian Reservation, we know power, we know strength, and we know what the feeling of a spiritual feeling is all about, and I could feel that spiritual, that strength, that realism far beyond what most people can understand. I knew that I was talking to somebody who not only just knew what they were talking about, but knew far beyond what I could ever be talking about. I felt like a little pee on in a great big shell.

But I went through the tests. Dr. R. L. Nolan was one of the best lie detector experts. He worked with the FBI for 27 years. He came in and he said, “I’m going to just take you right quick right now. You won’t even get past me because when I get done with you I’m going to wash you out and you’re going to be gone.” I said, “Fella, if you can wash me out and I can be gone, that means that this story is all over with and I’ll be very glad.” He said, “I’m going to ask you several questions. Number one, did you meet two strange creatures in the desert?” I said, “Yes sir, I did.” He said, “Were those creatures pale and white, had no hair and no eyebrows, and had gills on the side of their face?” I said, “Yes sir, that’s right.” He said, “Let me ask you this one. This one is going to get you. Did they talk to you, and not use their mouth, and talk to you in a form of mental telepathy?” I said, “Yes sir, they did.” He couldn’t get past that part. There were people in another room with a glass window and he stood up and he said, “He’s telling the truth. He’s telling the truth.” When I took the test it was a hundred percent in favor. Then Dr. Leo Sprinkle and the voice analyst gave their report as a 100 percent. Now they said that the only think that was detected in what he was telling is that he’s holding back a couple of things that they had told me not to tell and he said even under the psychologist’s hypnosis he won’t reveal that because that was the shock to his whole program, of his life, and because of that his subconscious won’t let him release that, and for 34 years I kept that a secret. Some of the things that I told you about the military, were they military, were they involved with the government, did the government know that they existed, all of these things fell around things that they had asked me not to talk about. I don’t know why, but I think that it was because they just wanted to see the sincerity in what I would be and what I wouldn’t be. They had me against the wall and didn’t realize it because with the things that were going on, and because I was in this predicament and because I was promoting a record, I couldn’t afford to make that kind of statement and jeopardize what my career was all about.

So that’s where we landed, and then they took me into the Sierra Hotel, John Remara wanted to do an artist rendition of what the alien looked like, so they took me to their best artist that they brought in in the state of Nevada and they told me to describe it to him. I was there. A friend of mine named John Worth was also there. John Worth was a 17 year police officer in Philadelphia. He was a very smart man. He had busted Rinso and everybody, the Mayor, for drug stuff. So I’ve trusted John. He was a sparring partner with Leon Spinks out in Vegas, and quite a man. So I felt like I had a good body guard with me. So we went in to draw the picture and as the artist was laying it out he got down to the gills on the side of the face and he said, “I’m confused. They’ve got a nose but they have gills. Why do you think they have those?” I said, “I really don’t know.” And two men walked up, dressed in black. One of the men, in an awkward lean, leaned over, almost like a robot, in front of my face, and he said, “That’s because of where they’re from.” He said, “You see, there’s a planet in the solar system of a star called Sirius and that planet is an aquatic type planet, which is half the time under water and half of it is on land, and because of the heat from Sirius and the sun, it’s eight and a half light years from here, and he said that they would be part time under the water so that they could resist the heat. The rest of the time they’d be on land where they’d breathe through the nose. They’re kind of like a frog.” I said, “Well, I don’t know but it sounds good to me,” and the artist said, “Well it explains it all to me,” and he looked at me, this one in black, he patted me on the shoulder just like the alien did and he said, “We’ve got to go now, but we will see you again real soon.” When he said that, John Worth was sitting beside me and he said, “Did you hear what he said?” I said, “Yeah, I heard what he said.” The security guard was standing there and I said “Would you follow them please?”

Now look, we’re talking about the Sahara Hotel. The halls would normally be jam packed, but for some reason there was nobody in any of the hallways. Nobody except us. These two men walked down the hallway with security right behind them. He was less than 15 feet behind them. They went out two double doors and before the doors could close he grabbed the door and was pushing it open. When he went out, I saw him lean forward, look both ways, look across the street, he turned around and walked back. He was as pale as the alien I was just showing you on the picture. He said, “You won’t believe this. Them people vanished in mid air. There’s no car, there’s nobody on the streets.” That’s a broad street out there, and he said, “Let’s look at this hallway. There’s nobody here. Why?” He said, “They’ve gone.”

Well, John Worth and me both began to wonder. We didn’t know about any man in black stuff. We were worried about who them fellas might be, so I told John, “What should we do?” He said, “We’re going to take some back alleys and get home.” I was at his place. So we drove every alley, every alley, every alley all the way through Vegas out to his place and drove me into his parking lot and the minute that we stepped out of the car a long black Cadillac limousine drove down to the edge of the road, they rolled down two windows, a front one and a back one, and two men looked out the windows at us. It was those men that were in the casino. They looked at us, and then they turned their heads straight ahead, rolled the windows up and drove off. John said, “How could they have found us?” He was beginning to really wonder.

Well the next day, I got a phone call at John’s house. Now nobody knew John’s number. We hadn’t given that out. The call was about how they’d like to meet me. They were Dave Dunn’s filming production company out of Hollywood, California, and they had heard about this and wanted to do a documentary, and could they meet me. I said, “Can you get this program over with if I’ll interview with you? I want it done.” They said, “We think we can.” I said, “Okay.” So I brought John Worth with me and they told me what kind of a complex they were in and the apartment number. So me and John went down there. When I knocked on the door this Dave Dunn (or who said he was Dave Dunn) answered the door. He was dressed in a black/grayish turtleneck shirt, black pants, and as I came in the door I noticed that there were two more men. One standing in the back bedroom door looking out, not saying nothing, and one leaning against the bar. The house was completely furnished with looked like New England furniture. Heavy duty big time stuff, beautiful fireplace, a mirror with hand painted muriels on the glass. I sat down in the chair like I’m sitting here and we began to talk a little bit. He asked me about my experience and where it was at. The others were looking at him but not saying anything, and he said, “We need to write a song about this,” and I said, “Well, I’m not really into a song right now.” He said, “Well we need to write this about the aliens all pale white and about the headlights.” He said, “You write this for me because I want to meet you tomorrow.” I said, “Well I ain’t never wrote a song quite that fast.” He said, “Well with my help you can.” He gave me some lay outs and he said “You go home and work on it and we’ll see you tomorrow.” So I went home and because this guy was wanting me to do something I said, “Well I’ll do it.” So I wrote it and I came back and he laid out this and he laid out that and he said, “Say that the object was shaped like a sphere,” and I said, “Okay, I will.” He said, “Talking to you without using their mouth that’s very important because that’s mental telepathy,” and I said, “Okay, I can do that,” so I re-wrote it and he said, “That’s fine. That’s great. That’s what we want.”

So he said, “What we’re going to do is tomorrow night we’re going to meet you at the Desert Inn, in the lobby, and then we’re going to go from there out to the site where this all took place and we’re going to do our filming.” I said, “Okay.” So the next night I didn’t go in my car I got John Worth to take his and when we got to the Desert Inn the parking lot was so full it was like a football field away from the casino that we had to park in the middle of the cars because we couldn’t get there and I had to meet them in the lobby. I told John that we had to hurry or we won’t get there in time. So John said, “Let’s go,” so we opened the car doors in his vehicle and a car drove right up in front of us. A black Cadillac and out stepped Dave Dunn, or who said he was Dave Dunn, with a martini in his hand. He said, “Hello Johnny. Here’s a martini for you,” and he reached back in the door and he said, “And one for your friend.” I said, “How did you know how to find us?” He said, “Because we were looking for you.” John said, “That’s a little weird there.”

So what we did then we got in the back of that limousine. There was a man in the back seat and two in the front. Dave Dunn was on the passenger side. So I began to talk. I leaned forward and I looked at John. About that drink I didn’t know too much about it. How could they have a drink already mixed, all fresh, coming from the casino which was way over here and find us and have it ready for us and not spill a drop was a little bit puzzling.

Editor: And he used his left hand to give you that drink?

Johnny Sands: To give me that drink.

Editor: Just like the guy with the ball.

Johnny Sands: Yes. Same thing.

So what I did was I leaned forward to talk with him and as I did I dumped the drink in the floorboard. John seen me do it so he leaned forward and dumped his. So we rode on toward the Blue Diamond Highway and as we rode out toward the Blue Diamond Highway I said, “I’ll take you where it was at.” He was talking up a storm. When we got to the location I said “Right here.” He kept going. I said, “But right back there.” But he kept going. They went on about five miles and then they made a turn like I did that night and they parked on the other side of the road, and when they did all kinds of lights hit me from all sides of the desert, and he said, “You stay in the car. We’ll be right back.” He got out, the driver got out, and the guy in the back seat got out. Me and John was in the car. They walked across the street and then here come these figures out of the darkness dressed in black and this one particular man was standing up in front of them all and he began to talk to Dave Dunn and he pointed at me, and he kept pointing at me. So John Worth had the window cracked and John said, “He’s talking about you and he says, ‘He knows too much. This has got to end here and now. He…knows…too…much!” John said, “You’ve got trouble.” I said, “No, I don’t have trouble. I’m going out there to see what the problem is.” I was on the side next to the desert and I reached and grabbed the door handle and as I reached to grab it, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that show The Adam’s Family, Cousin It, the furry thing?

Editor: Yes.

Johnny Sands: Okay. Cousin It come running at me, at my door, and I looked and it run so close to the door I slammed the door back and looked out and it stood right in front of my door. No face. Just fur. And I looked back and there was another one to the left of him, and I said, “John, do you see?” He said, “A cactus run into the door didn’t it?” I said, “I don’t know what it is.” He said, “Are you getting out.” I said, “No, I’m not.” I backed up and locked the door and this thing went around the car and went over to Dave Dunn and this other man. I don’t know what he said or what he done, but he came right back to my door and stood. Another words it meant don’t get out. So I didn’t move.

So anyway, after a long conversation they had, they came back and all got in the car and when they got in the car I said, “What’s going on?” They wouldn’t answer. All the way back from that 14 miles out on the Blue Diamond (the way they went it might have been twenty something miles) they did not speak one single solitary word and when we got back to John’s car at the Desert Inn they let us out. They didn’t say good night, thank you, good-bye, or whatever. So me and John were all confused, so I said “John, turn around real quick. Let’s go back to that Blue Diamond place out there and see who all them people was.” So we drove back. Now all the way out to that location there was not a car that passed us. When we got to the location there was nothing. Nobody, no nothing. Then we turned around and came all the way back and not passed one car. When we got back to the Desert Inn I said “John, we’re going to see them fellas in the morning, we’re going to get to the bottom of this thing, and we’re going to know what in the world is going on.”

So we got up at daylight and went to that apartment and I was beating on that door and a maintenance man was coming up the hall and he said, “Excuse me, who are you looking for?” I said, “The people in here.” He said, “There ain’t nobody in there.” I said, “Yes there is somebody in there and I want to see him right now. His name is Dave Dunn.” He said, “I’m sorry, you’ve got the wrong apartment.” I said, “No, I haven’t got the wrong apartment,” and John said, “No, I’ve got it right here written down. This is right. We’ve been here three times.” He said, “Sir, I’m not trying to be smart but something is confusing here because that’s empty.” I said, “No. It ain’t empy. They’ve got all kinds of furniture in this joint.” He said, “Let me take you downstairs,” so he actually woke up the landlord and I explained to her and she said, “Sir, I’m sorry, but you’ve got it confused. Maybe there’s another apartment building.” I said, “Mam, I’ll tell you all about it,” and I started explaining about all of this heavy duty furniture and then I got to the mantle, and when I got to the mantle being hand painted and all, she said, “Come with me,” so we walked across there, went up the stairs and went in that apartment, on the second floor, and when we got there she stuck the key in the door and she said “Sir, I’m not going to tell you that you’ve never been here before, because you described the mantle, but the strange thing is” and she pushed that door open and she said “Where is that furniture at?” I said, “Good God. They were here last night.” She said, “It’s impossible. With the kind of furniture and the many rooms you’re talking about here, they would have had to have had a tractor trailer in here and several men moving this stuff. There’s no way in the world they could have moved that much stuff in that many hours.” I said, “Mam, they were here.” She said, “I believe something went on.”

Look we didn’t believe nobody then. We knocked on doors after doors after doors in that apartment complex. “Did you hear anything? Did you see anything?” Nobody had seen anything. They never seen these men. I said, “Did you ever see that black Cadillac?” One person said, “I thought that I might have seen it at one time.” But they disappeared. Now John Worth run an investigation, APRO run an investigation, trying to locate these people. They don’t exist. They didn’t exist then and they don’t exist today.

So the story is one hundred percent true. I just told a man on the radio today “I don’t care. There are skeptics in this world. I wish I hadn’t seen it because I really don’t understand it but I wish that I could see it again because I would like to get an explanation and ask questions about it because I didn’t know what I was asking at the time. But I would be willing to take another polygraph test on the men in black because these men in black are the most extreme thing out of all of it. They said “somebody like us” or “we will see you again soon,” and I believe that somebody like them was the men in black. I don’t think that they were government people because even government people can’t move that quick. They’re good but they’re not that quick. And government people, I don’t believe with all of my heart, would dress in a manner like the men in black like a Will Smith and a Tommy Lee Jones outfit every time they went to do an investigation. I think they’re too smart for this. I think they come in Bermuda Shorts and sun glasses or T-Shirts, or they might come in underwear, but they wouldn’t be in a man in black outfit. And I think these creatures or these aliens or whatever we call them are much smarter intelligent beings than some of these programs illustrate them to be. I believe that they’re far in advance of our knowledge. When they left me in that desert, when they unfroze me and I reached my car door I looked forward and the minute I looked forward in a flash of light they were gone and they were in that craft and that craft took off from a solid stand still to 4 to 5 seconds that sucker was completely out of sight. It was gone.

He said that our government is aware of them, and I believe that they are. From the soldiers I’ve talked to at Nellis Air Force Base they knew that kind of thing was real. The people that they seen in Roswell, New Mexico when that ship crashed was the closest re-enactment to anything like what I’d seen. They were pale, they almost looked human, they were body figured like a man, they had fingers like a man. These other little things I’m just a little bit skeptical of. Not to call anybody a liar. Maybe they’ve seen something I haven’t seen. But I just see these to be very intelligent, supernatural human beings. I don’t know if they’re from heaven. I don’t know if they’re from hell. But I believe they’re powerful. I don’t believe that they’re here to do destruction to us. I believe they’re here to find out our directions and I don’t know where we’re headed but if you’re a Bible believer we’re headed for destruction and I think they’re well-prepared and with knowledge to see and be aware and be prepared for the times of what is to come.

I may be wrong. I’m not a genius, but I do know this. It was told to me that it was eight and a half light years to Sirius. In the time that they told me the telescope to see Sirius had just recently been invented. They didn’t know what Sirius was. Yet Africa, and even before the Egyptians, talked about the star Sirius and they said that life-like aliens came from Sirius and they rotated down in a thing like an ark and whirled down to the earth. There were thoughts that there were Gods that come from the Sirius to earth, far beyond what we even knew what the star was, they knew. They knew more about our solar system than we know today actually. How did they know that? It had to be because there were creations above us and more life with knowledge than we could ever imagine that we’ve got.

So what I’m telling you is true. It’s not something that I’m making up. Yes, I wrote the song 33 years ago and didn’t put it out 33 years ago. I’m 64 now and looking for more, so yes, I think I stood the statute of limitations with them, I think I was a good host to them, I hope that they come back and see me once again. I think I’ve been a gentleman with them and I’d like to be that gentleman again. I’d like to answer any and all of their questions and see them on a first-hand basis. But the song told the story of my life, they helped me write it, and so I do have it. I have it on my web page: You can get the alien, you can get all the secrets of the story in a book that I wrote myself, and you get an 8 X 10 picture like I gave you absolutely free. I’m not selling it. All you pay is the shipping and handling. I just want all UFO collectors and people who are excited about it to see what my man looks like, to have a portrait of it, and the hope that we together and can see it sometime together.

Editor: Right after that happened, did you change in anyway spiritually, psychically, or anything like that?

Johnny Sands: Yeah. I never did believe in aliens. But since then, every day of my life, every time I see something moving in the sky, or blinking in the sky, I’m outside looking up for it. My wife says, “Won’t you come on in?” I’ll say, “No, I’m going out here.” And I talk to them. I talk to them! I say, “If you’re up there, I’m still here. I’d like to see you.” I don’t know. You see something and you don’t realize that you’ve seen it then you’ve seen it and you know it’s real and the more that they investigate it the realer it gets. I hate to see somebody destroy what’s real about this thing. It’s a great thing. There is knowledge inside of this that we need to be able to capture.

I don’t think that they’re here to harm us. If they was, they could have wiped us out a long time ago with the spirit and this power that they’ve got. But I believe that they are observing what we are and what we are all about.

As an Indian, we had spiritual beliefs. We seen things in animals that most people can’t see. We seen gifts and reality with things that people mostly can’t comprehend, but through those things there was a spiritual guidance that led us to a greater being and that greater being was a God, and that God was a God in heaven that was going to lift our spirit even through those sacred owls, or in some spiritual way to bring us to the being of the life ever lasting. And I think that these people are from that kind of a place. I don’t see the devil. I know that the devil loves me because he’s tried to kill me for years. He’d love to take me down and rip me up and tear me apart. These people would not do that. They helped me write a song. They took me out in the desert and kind of scared me a little bit because I had been in a place that most people haven’t been. I can’t walk up and down the streets everyday and say, “Hey buddy, how are you doing? Have you seen any UFOs lately?” They’d think you’re a kook! (laughs)

But I’ve been somewhere that most men and women would like to be, but for some unfortunate reason they’ve never had that opportunity. Was it a gift? Yes. Would I want to do it again? Yes. Am I glad that I am the man that got to see this? Yes. Why me? They said that I’ll know someday soon. I’m looking up, I’m still hoping, and I’m still going to believe that it’s going to happen, and I believe that there’s a reason behind any and all things. We don’t get big because we’re smarter or greater than anybody, we get big because life pushes us to reach certain destinations because we’re meant to be for the cause. What my cause is I don’t know.

Editor’s Note: We had finished with the interview, and then Johnny began sharing details about being miraculously healed. So I switched my tape recorder back on and caught the following:

Johnny Sands: I just made a cross, I said “It’s gone,” and my wife can verify it, the next day it was gone. I went to the Bahama Islands and I got so sick I couldn’t breath. I came back and they said “You’ve got cancer. You’re dying.” I said, “Oh God. I’ve got to get my life straightened out before I die.” And I went back to the doctor and he said, “Wait a minute. Let me do this one test.” He did this test and said, “You’ve got tuberculosis.” I said, “Oh God, thanks a lot. One death to the other.” He said, “No, no, no. We can cure that in eighteen months now.” I said, “Oh well, good.” So he brought me a sack of pills that was like a drug store and he said, “You’ve got to take these all day long, every day for eighteen months.” I took them for two days. My wife will tell you this is the God’s truth. I said I ain’t telling them no more. I said, “I’m healed.” She said, “That doctor ain’t going to buy that.” I said, “Well I mean it.” I went back to the doctor and I said, “Look Doc, I brought you these pills back.” He said, “For what?” I said, “Because I’m healed. It’s all over and it’s history.” He said, “Oh I wish that it was that simple. But it isn’t.” I said, “Well just X-ray me.” So he X-rays me, he X-rays me, he X-rays me, he X-rays me and he says, “Listen, something is wrong with this machine. I’m sending you across the street to the hospital.” So he sent me to the hospital. I come back and he clipped those X-rays in and he put the pills in the trash basket and he said, “You’re absolute right. You’re healed. I don’t know how. I don’t know what done it.”

How did they do it? Did they make that miracle happen in my own life? I don’t know. It was from God. It was a gift. Still I’m alive today. I’m 64 years old. I’ve done 15,000 stunts. Hanging under helicopters, crashing through walls, been on fire. You name it, I’ve tried it. I walked across the Snake River Canyon, upside down, on a cable, 1200 feet in the sky without a parachute. I’m still alive. Most stuntmen my age are dead. They’re not rocking, and that haven’t even rode. I’m rocking and still rolling so I’ve been blessed. Things have been happening for the good, and I’ve got a wife I met 30 years ago. Everything ain’t bad.